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  1. Someone had to say it... (and for a while, I was "Someone Else" so that basically means me)
  2. Well, there's actually one thing that could actually (potentially) "radically alter our understanding" of Conservation Laws, and that is the solution to whatever the heck Dark Energy is, because that already seems like it may be violating them on a Universal scale. As to the rest, no, WoT doesn't take place in our world's future, but in the future of a parallel Earth. That Earth is one of the seemingly infinite (but not quite infinite) parallel worlds accessed via Professor Burrough's "continua device" in Robert Heinlein's The Number of the Beast. Those who have read that book see why that is totally obvious and makes perfect sense. Those who don't should read the Wikipedia article, or better yet, read the book.
  3. Hey thank you! And I've never run into any issues posting links to external sites. In fact, if you look at the features across the top in the editor when writing a post you will see a button specifically for links (just to the right of the Strikethrough button). I've posted dozens of external links, links I know moderators have read and nobody has ever said anything to me about them. So no worries on that. Anyhow, thank you for the link, good to have the information at hand now.
  4. Could you share the link please, I'd like to see some corroboration on her age (not that I don't believe you, I just want to see it for myself, ya know? No offense to you, mate). Because she sure doesn't look that old. I tried searching for her age for a good amount of time, and got nowhere.
  5. Well, I contend that in the case of Verin, the "scatterbrained" Brown Ajah persona was entirely an act, that she was never scatterbrained or a nutty(professor) type person in the series at all, that she never really was distracted by something "interesting" that easily. I'd say she was possibly the most observant, sharpest (as you stated), quick witted and intelligent of all the Aes Sedai we saw during the entire series. I mean, she freaking outsmarted the entire Black Ajah, the entire White Tower, and Ishamael himself. And managed to get the entire roster of who was in the Black Ajah, when nobody, and I mean nobody, but the Head of the Supreme Council knew who all the members of the Ajah were. And she figured out who Rand was pretty darn quickly in Fal Dara (although, I concede, she may have been at the DF Social as one of the Aes Sedai we saw, or someone that was better disguised, and had seen Ishy's little One Power produced multimedia display, or had been flat out told who Rand was at some other point by one of the Forsaken or another DF, or even a Fade). That's why Verin = Badass
  6. I totally think Imelda Staunton needs to be in the show (even though she's gonna be starring as QEII on The Crown for the remaining seasons of that show apparently). I just think she is more Verin Mathwin material (even happens to be the exact same height as Verin). She even comes with a tad bit of "baggage" that fans of the Harry Potter movies will bring, them not knowing if they should trust her or not (I mean, Dolores Umbridge! come on! that's kinda scarring).
  7. Superfluous details like skin color, eye color, and hair color matter not at all outside of Rand and his similarity to the Aiel. The details with Rand are the only ones that have any plot relevance. There is no plot thread hinging on Lan's eye color, or on Fain's skin color. Nor is there any plot that relies upon the skin/hair/eye color of anyone other than Rand. Get over your superficial nitpicking of details that have no real bearing on the story. Concern yourself more with "can the actor chosen perform the part they were cast for better than anyone else that auditioned?" That is what is important here, not matching up every character perfectly to their physical description in the books. If that was the primary objective in the show, Rafe would be screwed, because I'm pretty sure there aren't many ~20 year old men with broad shoulders that stand 6'5"/6'6" tall with grey eyes and red hair (or blond with a red dye job) that can act well enough to be number one or two on the call sheet, and handle the demands that the role of Rand calls for down the road. Mostly because there really aren't that many men that fit that physical description, and very very few of those men have gone into acting. And Perrin? Hell, Jordan describes him as being more bulky and muscular than freaking Dwayne Johnson! How many guys with that build that stand 6'2" can act well enough to portray Perrin do you think there are? Are you willing to sacrifice acting ability just for physical appearances? If so, then you really want the show to fail, because bad acting is a sure fire way to get the show cancelled after one season due to poor viewer ratings. So use the brain evolution gave you and get over the superficialities. And none of those details are "large details" at all. They are small, minute details. A large detail would be Rand being tall, or Perrin being fairly strong looking, or them being from a small remote village. Or Lan and Moiraine being strangers who come into town dressed nicer than anyone had seen before, with Lan wearing a strange color changing cloak. Seriously, your priorities are considerably frakked, mate.
  8. Uh... what? I know I didn't smoke that much, that I'm not that high right now*, but I know you're trying to say something, and you used a lot of great words and phrases, but I don't get how they fit together and say anything as a cohesive whole. I'm totally lost reading that. Sorry mate. What did you say? 🤔 * It is legal where I live (as it should be), so please, don't kavitch. 😎
  9. Pretty darned interesting. Not sure I can totally buy into the concept just yet. I'll need to think on it, and perhaps get sold on it some more.
  10. You know, I think you're doing this on purpose. Initials for people's names are common across multiple languages. In fact, I have yet to hear of a language that uses the Latin alphabet that doesn't initialise people's names as in the example given (Mat Cauthon = MC, or Moiraine Damodred = MD, or Perrin Aybara = PA). Why the frak would "main character" be capitalised, it is not a proper noun? You say you never saw anyone do names like MC for Mat Cauthon, well had you seen anyone do MC for main character? I didn't think so. And again, how many frakking thousands of times did you see the name Moiraine in the books when you read them? I know it wasn't spelled Morain in the copies you read, unless you got some incredibly black market hand written copies in a back alley somewhere. It is Moiraine Moiraine Moiraine Moiraine Moiraine MOIRAINE MOIRAINE M-O-I-R-A-I-N-E. Do you get it yet "Eldir"? Huh Endir? Can you see yet how it is spelled Elnir? Say it with me... em oh eye ar ay eye en ee. If you want to be taken seriously and not as some crackpot who can't read or has no reading comprehension, spell the name correctly. And why are you talking about characters missing from upcoming books? The books are done and over with. Do you mean the television show? Television shows have seasons or series. Books are written word. Video, you know, moving images, are on the screen, and are different from books. Nobody else around here is talking about stuff in upcoming books, we are all talking about the first season/series and beyond. Why can't you? Okay, sure there could be a language difference, but follow the lead of others, the example others are setting throughout the forums here when talking about the show. That should be an excellent guide to teach you the appropriate words to use. You don't just get to make up your own terminology (or spelling of a character's name, or initialision of a term, "main character") as you wish. tl;dr -- MC is an initialisation of a name which would be a Mat Cauthon (in the context of the show). Moiraine Damodred is how her name is spelled. A television show is broken up into seasons or series (depending on which country you live in), not books. You have had it explained to you. This is how it works in English. If this isn't your native tongue, now you know. If it is your native tongue, what the frak is wrong with you. Use it correctly from now on please, or just keep it to yourself instead of making youself look silly. Twice now you've had this all explained to you. At least.
  11. When I read "MC" I read it as Mat Cauthon as well, just as Effete did. Typically, initials are for people's names. If you want to say "main character" (which is not capitalised) then say main character, or at the least don't capitalise the letters as one would for a person's initials. I've got to say the cause for this miscommunication was yours. Oh, and that Aes Sedai... her name is "Moiraine," not "Morain." I mean, how many times did you read that name with just one read through of the series? You can't lay the blame for that on any potential language barrier.
  12. For Be'lal, the most useless of all the Forsaken, I think Malcolm McDowell fits rather well. He's a great actor, excellent at playing the baddies, and even matches the physical description of the character.
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