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  1. Joss Whedon's Dollhouse was pretty decent. I rather enjoyed it, and wish it had gotten at least once more season. Was really happy to see Tahmoh Penikett (Helo on Battlestar Galactica) get a leading role on a show when i first started watching (I was a big Helo fan; I also thought 15 years ago Tahmoh would have been a great Tallanvor, but he's aged out of that role now). Yep, those commercials ran here in the States when I was a wee lad (which is approximately 150 years ago at this point). Didn't recall what coffee brand they were pushing, nor who the female lead of those commercials was. I just remembered Head being in them because when I first saw Buffy I was like "Hey, I know that guy!" All the more coffee for me!! ::slurpslurpslurp:: Me coffeemonster!☕ I rarely get exposed to commercials as most of the telly I consume is through an online streaming site like couchtuner or sockshare, or copies of episodes my mate hooks me up with a couple of times a week that he DLs, and those don't include the commercials. I don't even see the ads YouTube puts in front of videos since I use a downloader to DL all my YT shows to watch in VLC player, which gives me better controls than YouTube's controls do. I have to deal with the sales pitch the people in the videos do, but ::shrug:: oh well, they have to make some money too. I don't mind sitting through the ads that are paying "the little guy," but I hate sitting through them when they're helping the billion dollar corporations. Still, sometimes I will fast forward through the ones the content creator includes in their video, if at the beginning or in the middle, or if at the end I'll just quit the video before the ad gets much further. I mean, there is only so many times you can have NordVPN, Brilliant or Curiosity Stream pitched at you before you get totally sick of it.
  2. So I'm pretty sure anyone who's a fan of the MCU movies has already heard about Martin Scorsese's comments about how the MCU movies "aren't cinema" and are "theme parks." And you probably know that this sort of started a bit of an uproar online amongst geeks (you don't piss off geeks!), despite a number of actors and directors from the MCU trying to smooth things over. Well, Marty has now posted an op/ed clarifying his thoughts, and I thought I would share it here for any interested geeks to read and perhaps comment on. I'm going to think on this before posting my own thoughts. There's a lot to chew on here before responding. EDITed to add: not to insinuate anyone here should be in an uproar or pissed off. Or to try to get anyone that way. 😎
  3. ::spark:: ::inhales:: 💨::coughcoughcough:: ahhh!!! White Widow! ::coughcoughcoughcough:: wooooo!! 🤩 ::dizzyspell:: 💫 ::tunnel vision:: 😲 ::coughcough:: harsh s🤬it man! But good! Also got some Dough G which is great for my migraines and regular headaches. The Widow is purely recreational though.😎
  4. Speaking of Legacies I still can't figure out why Hope had Alaric burn all records and evidence of her at the end of last season. That only made it worse for her. She knew everyone would forget her, but having all those records and pictures would let them know there was someone they forgot, and who that someone was, so that her ::ahem:: legacy would live on. And oh boy is Alexis Denisof creepy af on this show! How about fans of serialised coffee comercials?
  5. I probably did take it too far, and for that I apologize to all, and especially to @David Taulbee. I was triggered by the term "social poison" and reacted as if he was someone of a certain... well, I'll just drop it. I'm sorry. I was wrong to make an assumption and then jump all over David, and I'm sorry for doing such and for bringing conservative vs liberal politics into it, which I've since removed from my response post. It's my natural inclination to see almost everything through a sociopolitical lense (I'd probably be a Blue if I was an Aes Sedai -- well that or a Brown with my scholarly leanings; I waver between the two, can't I just be both?!?!?). I've been a bit of a pain in the arse for @SinisterDeath in this aspect a couple of times now, and I apologize to him as well. Sorry Sin. I'll try to behave. All that said, I still think people just need to calm down, stop making assumptions of their own, and have a little faith in Rafe & Co. and trust that they know what in the Dark One's Prison they are doing. Just wait to see how the show plays out before you frakking freak out.span widget
  6. That 13% of me... okay okay, 14%!... will enjoy that!
  7. I don't know about other sites, but from what I recall, over at wotmania (or was it RAFO at the time? I can't remember when we switched over sites) it seemed that Taimandred was the dominant theory, or at least more people seemed to agree with it than argued against it. It was a pretty solid case for a very long time, so I wouldn't be surprised to find out that any given person had been an adherent to this particular theory; quite the opposite: I'd be surprised to find out they weren't an adherent if they were reading and theorizing back in those days. That's just my experience though. That other tidbit, the one about Asmo.... oh s🤬🤬t! That was actually who I thought dunnit for the longest time. I was like the last person in the world to believe the Graendal solution (even after reading the theories I wasn't convinced she did it until it was laid out for us in the books). i just didn't get that one right at all. See world, I can admit when I am wrong.
  8. Thanks @Sabio, good to know. Now the question is, was that the right thing for him to do? I'm not sure if I would do the same, but I haven't published any fiction yet, so I can't understand his situation. I do know that George RR Martin has said (and followed through) that he won't change his story because fans figure something out (namely the now famous formula of R+L=J).
  9. Over the years I've seen comments from people insinuating that Robert Jordan changed the Mazrim Taim storyline into something different because fans had deduced in their theories that he was actually Demandred (I was one of those many people supporting this theory back in the day, it was pretty convincing for a long time there). Obviously we now know the Taimandred theory not to be true, but is that because Jordan changed his plans due to the fans? Or are these rumors I've seen and heard just baseless rubbish?
  10. I think I saw that Harriet had input on the casting, but I doubt she had veto or final say. And I think Brandon said he only got to see audition tapes or something. I might be misremembering. I do not at all blame Hayden Christianson for what he did with Anakin Skywalker. I believe he just worked with the script he was given, the little (read that as "no") directing he was given by Lucas, and the fact that they had no rehearsals. I've heard numerous critics and entertainment pundits say that Hayden has put in great performances in many other projects, so I don't doubt that he is a good actor, he just had crap to work with (including working opposite an actor, Natalie, who didn't even want to be there). Oh, and Nae'blis is awesome. If the series becomes as big of a hit as we all hope, his channel is going to explode and he'll dang near be a rockstar LOL. Poor poor Daniel... I'm expecting a mix of practical and CGI for the Trollocs and especially on the Myrddraal. For the Fades the eyeless face would be practical makeup, but the cloak would be entirely a CG creation so that it only moves due to the movement of the actor. I've thought about this way to much (many nights laying in bed trying to fall asleep), and this is the only solution I can think of to keep the Fade's cloak from moving in response to the wind. Multiple Myrddraal would also require CGI; since all Fades look the identical they would all be played by the same actor (I really want Adrian Brody for this), and that would necessitate cloning him with a computer for shots of more than one. Large masses of Trollocs would be done in the computer instead of in the camera as well, that's cheaper and easier than making prosthetics and masks for dozens or more Trollocs. Wide shots of certain Trollocs, namely ones with highly non-human feet and legs, will have to be CG-ed to give them the appropriate legs (the actors would be wearing chromakey socks/boots). That doesn't require CGI at all. Peter Jackson did that with the Hobbits and Gimli in The Lord of the Rings movies with just forced perspective alone, although they did build some special sets so that they could have moving cameras while doing this trick shot. Check out the special features on the DVD set of the Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring to see and learn more. It might also be on YouTube by now, if NewLine hasn't had it taken down. For really close up scenes, when the characters are literally face to face with Trollocs and forced perspective isn't an option, the stunt performers playing the Trollocs would be wearing some sort of stilts or be standing on appleboxes. There are myriad tricks that they have come up with for this sort of thing over the years. You don't need a computer to do it. That said, as you can see from above, I do think CG should be used for some aspects of the Shadowspawn. I am hoping the show puts forward a feminist agenda, and is LGBT friendly. Rafe can throw as much of that first one in there as he wan-- What? Huh? Those are in the books? Oh! 😲 Okay... 🤔Yeah he can still push those agendas all he wants. I hope David is fine with that. But if he stops watching, sad as that might be, that's just one person lost. Maybe a couple more, who know how many friends he has, and how many would have watched in the first place. I'm sure the show will survive that tragedy. And so far, the only people I have seen raising concerns about this show have been worrying about some sort of pro-gay agenda from Rafe because he's gay and the showrunner. I've literally seen some idiot on YouTube say they are worried Rafe's going to have two of the Emond's Field boys get together. Basically, by bringing your baseless concern up, you outed your self (or at the least colored yourself) as someone frightened by the Progress and change our society has gone through over the past couple of decades when it comes to LGBT issues, as well as feminism. Doesn't matter if you are or not, that's the big ol' sticker you went and put on your forehead.
  11. I was pretty upset when they announced the show was ending, as I really loved W13 a lot. At the time it was one of the few shows I actually watched (Eureka was another at that time). It was such an ingenous show in so many ways, I really hated seeing it leave the air. A show I just started watching is Watchmen on HBO. I never read the comics nor did I like the movie based on the comics (hated the movie in fact). But this show, only two episodes in, really has me hooked. Damon Lindelof is a damned fine storyteller, something I totally realised after the seriously underrated The Leftovers (a show too many people haven't watched).
  12. Would I be correct in assuming that Zander? is one of that twosome, and Quibby is the other? If so, I totally see why you grabbed the popcorn LOL
  13. Well, Sin, you know it's the best form of entertainment, because it is entertainment in and of its self PLUS it enhances all other forms of entertainment. That's a twofer! Here... try this... ::passes one through the screen::
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