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  1. Imma just gonna pretend all that didn't happen. . . . . okay, so there was the recent casting announcement, and included in that was Maria Doyle Kennedy, who it just so happens I had picked last year for a certain role, and posted in that old, locked thread for that role. That role is Elaida (yes, I know, I've been pushing for Ruth Wilson, but that hit me when I saw her on His Dark Materials and recalled her on Luther). You can check out that page here, where the relevant post is the 20th down. Now they haven't said she is playing Elaida, I admit that. But, Elaida has not been cast. She is a major role in the series. Kennedy is a fairly significant actor, with some hefty experience under her belt. Kennedy is very solid and talented actor (unless she herself prefers actress, one never knows these days), and only enhances the talent of a cast. As far as I'm concerned, next to Pike, she's the most famous person on the cast (for me she's the actually the only one I've watched before, but I was vaguely aware of a few others). Anyone on this forum that has not seen Orphan Black yet, stop right now go start watching it immediately. That entire series and cast is a masterclass in writer and often directing. And not just from Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany, but from almost the entire cast. So yeah, my level of excitement just inceased (though still fairly controlled). And it will go even higher if they announce that she is indeed Elaida. She's the only person other than Wilson I'd be happy with. I loved her as Mrs S, and as Catharine of Aragon, but I'd love to hate her as Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan.
  2. I ask you to please read what I wrote again carefully and ask yourself where I actually approve anything. All I said was I understand, and in fact the quote you yourself use shows me, in bold print no less, stating my opposition to slavery, which the leashing is a part of. But to those people, the natives of Seanchan, their cultural truth is that channelers are the gravest of threats (think of the fear of male channelers on the Eastern side of the ocean), one can should be able to understand why they would want them controlled, whether or not you agree with said control. I can understand a great many things that I would not condone or approve of. That does not make my stance inconsistent in anyway. It just means I am capable of seeing things from angles I disagree with.
  3. I can understand the slaughter of armies brought out to stop them from getting at Laman, that's a given, arms were brought to bear, and battle was made. But the maltreatmen and disdain shown towards civilian commoners is what bugs me the most. Those are the people who had no knowledge of what Laman planned to do before he had the chora tree cut down, could not have stopped him from doing it when he did, and probably didn't even know about it afterwards. All they knew is suddenly these crazy veiled gingers come running down from the mountains laying waste to everything before them, calling them Treekillers. "What frakking tree?" They had nothing to do with killing a tree! Did the rest of the Aiel treat the Shaido who didn't put up with Couladin and Sevanna's BS like absolute crap and blame them for C&S's actions? No (they might not have treated them great, but they didn't basically kick them in the face the way they did to the common Cairhienin). I actually have more respect for the Children of the Light, partially because they stood for something, and partially beacause they were about 20% right (around 1 in 5 Aes Sedai turned out to be a Darkfriend afterall)*. I might not agree with most of their attitudes, actions or tactics, but as a whole they didn't perpetrate wholesale slaughter in the wetlands with poor justification. If someone thinks the death of a tree, not matter what sort of tree, no matter how precious or what it represents, is worth the lives of thousads, tens of thousands or more, then they are seriously messed in the head. One tree is not worth the life of even one human being. Period. And of course the Aiel knew there was no way they would be able to just come pouring over the mountains and into Cairhien to take and kill Laman without armies coming to stop them. Wwhy else would they have come in such numbers if they didn't expect resisitence? How many Aiel does it take to kill one wetlander after all? No, they knew there would be serious resistence, so they knew it would be a slaughter. In that same vein, the whole concept that honor is something worth taking or giving a life for... that's insanity. "Death before dishonor" (as I've heard some say in real life, and in some fictional settings) has got to be the most foolish, asinine, mentally unfit, nigh suicidal statement conceivable to me. That's not to say one shouldn't act and behave with honor, but honor should never be the "be all and end all" of life. Life should be. Life is what is precious, not honor. Honor is a goal to attain and try to maintain. Taking a life for matters of honor doesn't make you a noble warrior, it makes you a cold blooded murderer. Nothing more. Giving your life for honor, whether on the battlefield or in some sort of suicide, that's simply suicide. Nothing more. My take away from the series is that in addition to the tendency to blame an entire nation for the actions of one man with all the power, the Aiel have little care for human life in general, including Aiel lives. To them, like many real world cultures today, life is cheap. And I find that immoral. (Of course, there are a number of cultures/groups in these books that this could be said of as well, just the Aiel are the most egregious offenders in my opinion, but I'm willing to hear arguments for others.) * For that matter, in some ways I have more respect and understanding of the Seanchan even; I do NOT agree with nor condone slavery in anyway, but I understand why they leash the damane after the what?, thousands? of years of channelers ruling over their own petty nations as tyrants. Isn't that what the books tell us Luthair's fleet found when they crossed the ocean? (I'm including the Big White Book in that) Now, sure, the leashing of channelers was a political move by the ruling class, but in the mindset of the underclasses damane definitely needed to be leashed due to their cultural memory of history in their lands.
  4. In my opinion, the mentality of the Aiel is just utter stupidity on so many levels I could write another one of my long Walls of Text about it, but I'm not up to that right now. I just have to get this one point down and out of my head before it bursts. Aiel take great pains to point out to wetlanders that Aiel chiefs are not wetlander kings, and that any Aiel can talk to their chief. To me, this implies some sort of responsibility from the chief towards his clan members (even though the chief was chosen by the Wise Ones). And it also implies that the Aiel understand that wetlander kings have no responsibility towards their commoners, and that commoners have zero control over their kings. So why are the Aiel so stupid as to hate and blame all Cairhienin for Laman's cutting down of the chora tree? The have to know that no Cairhienin noble, let alone commoner, had any ability to control or stop Laman from doing this. So why hold all of them responsible for this man's act? Would the Aiel hold all Taardad Aiel to blame for something that Rhuarc did? And further, doesn't ji'eh'to revolve around the whole idea of personal responsibility for one's own actions? So doesn't blaming all Cairhienin and holding them to account for what Laman did fly in the face of ji'eh'to? How does the Aiel blaming all Cairhienin, and often killing Cairhienin, for what Laman did, fit in with ji'eh'toh? How did pouring over the mountains into the wetland and devastating everything in their way fit with this supposed code of "honor?" I say it doesn't, and that in the end, Aiel have no sense of real honor whatsoever, and only utilise ji'eh'toh when it fits their purposes. They are savages who have a serious problem with sado-masochism, and the only place they truly belong is in the Waste, as that is the sort of land that befits a people with so little regard for life and civilisation. To the Aiel, any concept of honor is, much as it is with many nobles in the wetlands, just an excuse to kill. And before anyone says anything, as far as I am concerned, 99% of all the nobles in the wetlands should be dumped into the Waste as well, Borderland nobles aside (probably). Prove me wrong.
  5. It was fairly cool, typical of the format I'd say. Just had a host and no resident audience, but some questions via social media. No questions that particularily stood out (but then, at this point I've watched a few hundred hours of Q&As from panels and cons over the past dozen years it seems for every show out there, so they all kinda blend together after a while). Only thing I didn't like about the Q&A was no Bradley Walsh (my favorite of the three current Companions, not to denigrate Mandip or Tosin at all though).
  6. Thanks, I thought it was something like that, just couldn't recall. Thanks for the input.
  7. Love the New Who, haven't watched much of the original stuff though. Just went yesterday (Sunday 5 January 2020) to see parts one and two of "Skyfall" the series 12 premiere at the local theatre, with a Q&A broadcast to all the theatres holding the event of Whitaker, Gill and Cole. Was pretty neat watching Doctor Who on the big screen, and seeing it a few hours before the rest of the States got to see it (I think the show started for us in the theatres about the same time it started up in the UK). And thanks for the How To on the spoiler tagging.
  8. Sweet! How long do you plan to let it grow, do you know? Do you see many guys in your area with long or long-ish hair, or does it seriously stand out?
  9. @Krakalakachkn that's a mighty impressive list! Especially the list of films. (I like your "Best of" lists, though I haven't seen the movies listed yet I have heard many good things on all the Entertainment News and analysis shows I watch). Which Doctor Who is that, the original or the 2005? And I ❤️ The West Wing, it is one of my all time favorites. I see a lot of familiar stuff in your lists, but also plenty that I mean to get to at some point. I do have to ask, how'd you do that thing where you hid stuff? That's gonna be handy in the future.
  10. Yeah, basically the topic says it all. If you were to go around to look at the back of a Gateway, the side opposite where everyone comes out, what would you see? I can't remember if this was ever addressed in the books or not, and if so, how. While I'm asking silly questions, how did Ba'alzamon kill all the rats in Baerlon? Did he do it somehow from the Dreamshard he had the boys in? Did he leave the 'shard to come to Baerlon in the flesh and then channel the backs broken of all the rats? What gives here, or is this just another of the wonky ways the early books don't match up to the rest in how magical stuff works?
  11. I'm definitely looking forward to WW84, that trailer was bloody cool! And I have this sort of crush on Gal Gadot, the best part of the whole DC movie franchise, really. Looking forward to the final two episodes of the DC/CW crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" in a couple weeks, which is the penultimate episode of Arrow and the season premier of (my favorite DC/CW show) Legends of Tomorrow. Season 2 of The Mandalorian is supposedly going to air in the Fall, so I'm a bit thrilled to see more of Baby Yoda The Child ?. I presume seasons two for both His Dark Materials and Doom Patrol will be released this year, and season 5 for The Expanse, meaning I'll have even more superb fare on the telly in 2020. I'm beyond excited to see Scarlett Johannsen finally get to be the lead in an MCU film with Black Widow coming out in a few months, and I'm looking forward to learning about The Eternals in their own MCU movie when it's released this Summer (Brian Tyree Henry as a superhero? Oh, Hells yeah!!!? Angelina Jolie in an MCU movie? Hell yeah!?). Brandon Sanderson finished the rough draft of "Stormlight Archive #4" on New Year's Eve, and tweeted that we should expect the book probably in November or so (at least that's according to the news vid I watched earlier today). So I am very much anticipating that. And that's all I can think of off the top of my head, without Googling for what is being released in this coming year.
  12. I'd love to see that! I warn you though... it can get tough to record everything. A couple years ago I tried to record what you saw above plus every internet video I watched that was over 20 minutes and it was just too much to handle as I watched a lot of stuff from the internet; if I had included videos shorter than 20 minutes it would have been beyond pure insanity! That's why I left anything that was just YouTube or Vimeo type stuff off of the list this year (however, if it was a TV series that was on something like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube or CouchTuner that I watched, I counted it as television). When I tried to record everything watched, short videos aside, it just turned into too much work, really. And eventually, usually in the middle of the year around convention season, I would realise I had missed recording somethings, often several somethings, usually convention panels. But the problem would be that I couldn't always remember which ones I had actually watched, since I would be watching so many panels around the same time, from that year's conventions as well as past year's. And I would just give up; "it's not complete and accurate, I'm not gonna record it at all!" was what I'd think to myself. That's why I've decided to keep it to just television shows (basically whatever the Emmys and/or BAFTAs would classify as telly), movies (feature length as well as shorts, documentaries and comedy specials, just for giggles...see what I did there??) and books (which would include graphic novels, comic books, academic papers, novellas and short stories if I read any of those formats). There are regular weekly shows from YouTube that I watch that I didn't include for 2019 that I am thinking of including as TV for 2020. Stuff like Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin's "Fatman Beyond" show they do from the "Scum and Villainy Cantina" in Los Angeles (the two of the BS for a while about what they were up to recently, then they BS about the recent geek news, and then they do a Q&A; episodes run 90-120 minutes), and "The Dusty Wheel" that Mat Hatch from TheoryLand does every Wednesday. But yeah, I'd love to compare my "2020 in Entertainment" to your's, and anyone else's. You'll have a whole category or two I won't have (unless I start recording my podcast feeds/shows, and I don't listen to much music, not even when I'm at the music festival I go to every September), but it will still be cool to see what everyone has.
  13. The end of 2019 has finally passed, and I can now look back and see the full picture of what entertainment media I consumed for the year. As has been the case the past few years, it has been dominated by TV (and YouTube, which I didn't include in this retrospective). Below you will find my list of the top TV shows of the year, the worst shows of the year, the books I read in 2019, the films I saw in 2019 (although not necessarily released in that year), and all the television shows I watched during the year (including the ones I only watched an episode or three of before giving up or just never going back). [You'll notice many TV shows get listed twice in the "Television Shows Watched" list; the first time is finishing the season that began in 2018, and the second time is starting the season that began in 2019.] In 2020 I expect a shift towards books, or I plan on one at least. I've already unsubbed from several YouTube channels that eat up a lot of my time, and I'm planning to cut back on the telly this year as well. I hope. But I've got a stack of books I'm determined to get through by year's end, so I need to find the time. Thankfully, but somewhat sadly, a number of the programs listed below had their final season/series in 2019. Top 20 TV Shows of 20191) Watchmen2) Doom Patrol3) The Expanse4) Luther5) The Boys6) Man in the High Castle7) Legends of Tomorrow8 ) The Mandalorian 9) His Dark Materials10) True Detective11) Black Mirror12) Cloak & Dagger13) Young Justice - Outsiders14) Good Omens15) The Punisher 16) Umbrella Academy17) The Planets (BBC docu-series)18) Daredevil 19) The Magicians20) Game of ThronesHonorable Mentions (not in any particular order)Jessica JonesVictoriaVeronica MarsStranger ThingsSwamp ThingWorst TV Shows watched in 2019 (#1 being the worst)1) Another Life2) The War of the Worlds (BBC miniseries)3) Knightfall4) Nightflyers5) RiverdaleBooks read in 2019 (in order read)How Star Wars Conquered the Universe by TaylorGenesis by Ken LozitoNemesis by Ken LozitoLegacy by Ken LozitoSalvation Lost by Peter F HamiltonSanctuary by Ken LozitoDiscovery by Ken LozitoEmergence by Ken LozitoKing of Ashes by Raymond E Feist (started, 65% complete)Films seen in 2019 (incl: documentaries & comedy hours; # is rating out of 10, in order seen) Aquaman (7.7)Captain Marvel (8.9)Annihilation (9.3)Dumbo (7.4)Shazam! (8.3)Avengers: Endgame (9.0)Game of Thrones: The Last Watch (BTS documentary) (9.5)The Atomic Soldiers (documentary short) (9.5)Dark Phoenix (7.2)The Lego Movie (7.8)Ramy Youssef - "Feelings" (Comedy hour) (9.4)Spider-Man: Far From Home (7.9)Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (9.8)Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood (8.7)Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (7.0)Downton Abbey (8.5)Mark Ellis - "Dog Stepfather" (Comedy Hour) (9.6)Aladdin 2019 (9.0)Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (8.0)The Director and the Jedi (BTS documentary) (8.5)Television shows watched in 2019 (listed approximately in order of beginning to watch)Daredevil season 3 (finished)Doctor Who episode 12.00 (New Year’s Special 2019)The Gifted season 2 (finished)Runways seasons 2 & 3 (finished)The 100 seasons 5 & 6 (complete)The Magicians seasons 3 & 4 (complete)Young Justice - Outsiders season 3 parts 1 & 2 (complete)Knightfall episode 1.01Star Wars Resistance season 1 (finished)The Flash season 5 (finished)Victoria series 3 (complete)Star Trek Discovery season 2 (complete)Supernatural season 14 (finished)Supergirl season 4 (finished)Death in Paradise series 8 (complete)Arrow season 7 (finished)Riverdale season 3 (finished)Luther series 5 (complete)Black Lightning season 2 (complete)Doom Patrol season 1 (complete)True Detective season 3 (complete)Legends of Tomorrow season 4 (complete)Cloak & Dagger season 2 (complete)Les Miserables (BBC miniseries, episode 1 only)Game of Thrones season 8 (complete)Warrior episode 1.01Agents of SHIELD season 6 (complete)iZombie season 6 (complete)Umbrella Academy season 1 (complete)Good Omens (miniseries) (complete)Swamp Thing season 1 (complete)Krypton season 2 (complete)The Planets (BBC docu-series) (complete)The Punisher season 2 (complete)Black Mirror season 5 (complete)Killjoys season 5 (complete)Man in the High Castle seasons 3 & 4 (complete) Nightflyers season 1 (complete)Veronica Mars season 4 (complete)Jessica Jones season 3 (complete)The Boys season 1 (complete)Stranger Things season 3 (complete)Hanna season 1 (complete)Carnival Row season 1 (complete)Pennyworth season 1 (complete)The Originals season 5 (complete)Space Command pilot episode (on YouTube) Legacies seasons 1 (complete)Titans season 2 (complete)Batwoman season 1 (started)Supergirl season 5 (started)Star Wars Resistance season 2 (started)The Flash season 6 (started)Black Lightning season 3 (started)Arrow season 8 (started)Riverdale season 4 (started)Nancy Drew season 1 (started)Supernatural season 15 (started)Legacies season 2 (started)Another Life episode 1.01Watchmen season 1 (complete)His Dark Materials season 1 (complete)The Mandalorian season 1 (complete)Harley Quinn season 1 (started)The Expanse season 4 (complete)The Witcher season 1 (complete)The War of the Worlds (BBC miniseries) episodes 1.01-1.03
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