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  1. For Be'lal, the most useless of all the Forsaken, I think Malcolm McDowell fits rather well. He's a great actor, excellent at playing the baddies, and even matches the physical description of the character.
  2. She's scary in Luther and His Dark Materials. She'd make a great baddie, that's for sure, if she was available, but it appears she'll be tied up with HDM for a couple years. So I'm settling on my original Elaida pick of Maria Doyle Kennedy (who many are thinking is either Verin or Siuan for some reason, despite not being anything like either of them in any way, whether in looks or roles played -- besides, Siuan is about the same age as Moiraine, and Kennedy's a fair bit older than Pike).
  3. I'm straight, but I'll concede he's rather pretty.
  4. A casting idea that has just occurred to me (while watching The Magicians) that I wish could happen, but probably can't (since she's involved in the above show, assuming she doesn't exit at the end of this current season) is Stella Maeve for Faile. And to forestall anyone potentially saying she's "too white" and that this would be "whitewashing" the role (this is the internet, that kinda stuff happens), she's Native American, Blackfoot and Cherokee to be specific. And I know her age, but she looks and plays younger than that quite readily. Pipe dream, I know. [Note: The imdb pic does not do her justice at all! It's probably the worst pic I've seen of her]
  5. 1) Only bigots have any reason to use the term "SJW crap," so you might want to reconsider using that phrase in the future. Only those threatened by the concept of equality fear social justice and those willing to stand up for it. So why do you have a problem with SJWs? How do they threaten you, what do they stand for that threatens you so much? You mentioned Storm, Superman, Wonder Woman. Basically all SJWs. 2) Please, provide textual evidence from the books showing where Perrin, Nynaeve and Egwene are all described as being white. I'll wait. We'll be here a long time waiting of course, but I'll wait. While I am waiting, how did you feel about Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine? You must really have hated seeing him play that character for so long, right? I mean, some guy, standing over 6' tall playing the 5'2", 5'3" character must really have gotten under your skin. I bet you never watched a single one of those movies, huh? And you probably never watched the television show Arrow, because Oliver Queen never had that mandatory goatee and mustache, or even that yellow-blond hair. And of course, The Flash is out, because we all know Barry Allen isn't some skinny 20-something, he's a well muscled guy a bit older than that, and Iris West isn't black either. Hey, did you find that proof in the books yet that the people in the Two Rivers are white? Why don't you go read the scene when Rand meets Elaida and Morgase in Caemlyn and see what they have to say about skin tone there; I seem to remember people bringing that scene up a lot when this discussion first happened in the weeks right after the casting occurred. I'll just go back to watching my telly until you respond with the results (I'm actually expecting you to go look: EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS REQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE, and claiming that they are white, just because you say so, is pretty extraordinary, so I expect evidence... all you need to do is find your copy of The Eye of the World and look for the scene in the palace in Caemlyn... shouldn't be too hard...) (((Ignore this Quoting Box above, I accidentally pasted something from another post I did and now I cannot get rid of this frame, only what was in it))) 3) Unlike most people on the internet, I'm adult enough to admit when I am wrong about something. I will take you at your word what you said about your screen name and your history (I know all about having a pretty unique screen name, and having it for a long time). For my assumption, I apologise. For everything I said directly connected to that assumption, I apologise. I hope you are adult enough to accept those two apologies. That, however, does not change my opinion of your stated opinion and attitude as it comes across in the text of your comments.
  6. This right here is a sign of emotional, mental and creative deficiency, the lack of ability to identify with "the other." The ability to identify with the "other" is a sign of maturity and humanity, it is what people should be striving for. I am a white, male human. Yet I never had trouble identifying with Hobbits, droids, Elves, black characters, female characters or even aliens with no gender. Why? Because am an emotionally mature human being with an open mind. If you can't identify with a character that is different from you (be it by race, gender, species, etc), it isn't a problem with the character, it is a problem with YOU. You are the one who has the flaw, not the character, or the one playing the character or the one who cast the actor playing the character, or the one who wrote the character. It is the person who cannot identify with that character who is flawed, who has the problem, who is deficient. If Jesus Christ existed up in Heaven he would be incredibly ashamed of you right now. And I find it telling that you only have what, two posts to your credit on this forum with this account. That tells me you are someone who just created that account so you could post on this thread and be and be a Trolloc's hind end without revealing your normal account. You're too embarrassed about your views to dare speak them publicly under your standard account because you KNOW how dead wrong you are. You know that this attitude is dispicable, something the likes of Louis Farrakhan or David Duke would say, and you're too ashamed of it to post such a comment under your real account's name. I dare you, come clean. Post this with your other account...
  7. Well, I've found that you can never be too cautious with people and the whole nonsense concept of spoilers (which at least one scientific study at a university has shown to be bull excrement; I can provide links if anyone is interested). People have said it was a spoiler that Perrin wasn't in FoH, or that Luke Skywalker was in The Force Awakens; yes, even though the press made a big deal about all three original actors being hired to reprise their roles for that movie, some people were still big enough idiots and crybabies to call that a spoiler. People will call just about anything a spoiler. And they actually believe it is true, even when the psychological studies done have shown that "spoilers" don't ruin movies or books or shows, but have the opposite effect in most cases. I know of people who refuse to watch trailers or commercials for shows and movies "because spoilers." ::smh:: (I guess you could call me a largitiophile, "largitio" being Latin for "spoilage," since not only do spoilers never bother me, but I often actively seek them out.) So other than the one you and I have already mentioned, which Black Ajah sister's reveal bothered you the most?
  8. Obviously, this thread has major spoilers in it, all the way through to the end of the story, so if you haven't finished and you are one of those who believes in the commonly held mythology of the spoiler, please navigate away from this thread now, before you see something that you will think ruins your reading (or potentially viewing) experience. (Even still, I'll be using spoiler tags, just so the more sensitive readers don't pick up anything.) . . . . So, we all know that in the end it turned out that was a Black sister, and I'm pretty confident that probably 95% of the readers shouted out a Vader-like "Noooooo!" and almost threw their book across the room at learning that fact (I almost did, just as I did when Ned lost his head, and when the Red Wedding happened -- ooops, spoilers for another franchise... eat it folks, I dunna care!). That reveal was pretty devastating since . But what other Black Ajah reveals bummed you out, or upset you? Made you feel bad, sad, disappointed, or angry? For me, I would have to say it was learning that was a Black sister. That was almost as big of a blow to me as was, as I really liked her character a lot throughout the series. I always enjoyed her scenes and her interactions with Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne. She had a nice personality, I thought, and seemed like a kind hearted person. But apparently her desire for political power within the White Tower was so great that she was willing to sell her soul to the Dark One and join the Shadow, becoming a member eventually of the Supreme Council of the Black Ajah (despite, supposedly -- according to the Wiki -- not holding their views). So which reveal wrecked you, or at least upset you in some way, other than ?
  9. YouTuber and WoTFan extraordinaire Daniel Greene has just made Rafe's television show with Amazon Prime Video moot with this brilliantly funny video recreating the series via Vine videos. Be prepared to laugh. Methinks he needs to do a few more of these.
  10. I fully agree, Dune (Part 1) will be frakking amaze-balls, but will probably flop so hard at the box office that the studio will end up chickening out and pull the plug on completing Part 2 as well as cancelling Dune: the Sisterhood (television series). Sure, it (the movie) has some stellar names to the cast, but that really doesn't mean anything when it comes to cerebral Science Fiction and the finicky North American audience. That said, I would not be surprised if the soon-to-be-Box-Office-flop rakes in several Oscar nominations and even wins. But that still won't get the studio to relent and allow the second half of the movie to be finished and released, nor actually produce the television show they are currently promising. My overall hopes for this project are at about 7/10 based on how poorly I think audiences will react to the film (hopes for the film, North American audience aside, are closer to 9.9/10). Sorry, but Dune is just over the heads of about 95% of Americans, including most of my friends (and probably about 90% of Canadians; yes, I just gave Canada the edge on overall intelligence, sue me)*. ---------------------------------------------------- * I know technically Mexico is part of North America, but is is not considered part of the "North American Box Office" when it comes to determining such figures, only the United States and Canada are part of that figure.
  11. The way I hope, and pretty much expect, it to be done is to use the RJ-cursing we're all used to from the books in all the situations where the equivalent dialog in the book is something like "'Blood and bloody ashes!' Mat said." But when it turns into something more like "Uno walked away spouting words that made Elayne blush." I expect there to be modern swearing, yes including f-bombs. And the reasons are best explained in the video below, which uses the show Deadwood as its subject. [CAUTIONARY TRIGGER WARNING: THE VIDEO CONTAINS A LOT OF SWEARING, I MEAN A LOT OF IT]* I firmly believe that if they stick to just Jordanesque cursing on the show, and nothing else, the show will shed viewers fast, and Amazon will end up cancelling it. We need some modern day strong language to be used on the show to make it believable to the modern audience and to keep their interest. We are already going to have nudity and graphic violence as well as scary as heck monsters, so it isn't as if the language will put them over the edge on any rating system, they're already R or TV-MA as it is. The Wheel of Time is not a kids show. It is easier to hide the darker and more unpleasant side of things (and those that others deem unpleasant) in a book than it is in film or television, you just don't put down in writing the descriptions of the thing you don't want seen. But in film, it can be much harder to avoid that thing from being seen by the camera. Robert Jordan took advantage of this with his writing in several ways, giving the series the veneer of being "kid friendly" (or at least teen friendly). Nevermind the crazy amounts of gore, amounts that would get a movie an R rating. Not that I'm complaining. ------------------------------------------------------------- * All swearing in this video is done for educational purposes only. And by the way, the video does go on a little tangent, at least for our purposes, about the people living in the historical Deadwood and their relationship to the rest of society.
  12. Imma just gonna pretend all that didn't happen. . . . . okay, so there was the recent casting announcement, and included in that was Maria Doyle Kennedy, who it just so happens I had picked last year for a certain role, and posted in that old, locked thread for that role. That role is Elaida (yes, I know, I've been pushing for Ruth Wilson, but that hit me when I saw her on His Dark Materials and recalled her on Luther). You can check out that page here, where the relevant post is the 20th down. Now they haven't said she is playing Elaida, I admit that. But, Elaida has not been cast. She is a major role in the series. Kennedy is a fairly significant actor, with some hefty experience under her belt. Kennedy is very solid and talented actor (unless she herself prefers actress, one never knows these days), and only enhances the talent of a cast. As far as I'm concerned, next to Pike, she's the most famous person on the cast (for me she's the actually the only one I've watched before, but I was vaguely aware of a few others). Anyone on this forum that has not seen Orphan Black yet, stop right now go start watching it immediately. That entire series and cast is a masterclass in writer and often directing. And not just from Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany, but from almost the entire cast. So yeah, my level of excitement just inceased (though still fairly controlled). And it will go even higher if they announce that she is indeed Elaida. She's the only person other than Wilson I'd be happy with. I loved her as Mrs S, and as Catharine of Aragon, but I'd love to hate her as Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan.
  13. I ask you to please read what I wrote again carefully and ask yourself where I actually approve anything. All I said was I understand, and in fact the quote you yourself use shows me, in bold print no less, stating my opposition to slavery, which the leashing is a part of. But to those people, the natives of Seanchan, their cultural truth is that channelers are the gravest of threats (think of the fear of male channelers on the Eastern side of the ocean), one can should be able to understand why they would want them controlled, whether or not you agree with said control. I can understand a great many things that I would not condone or approve of. That does not make my stance inconsistent in anyway. It just means I am capable of seeing things from angles I disagree with.
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