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  1. Sigh, I guess so. My stubborn ass can't seem to wrap it's head around the fact that Harry Potter really did bring a lot of people into the fantasy genre.
  2. I guess, but it just doesn't have that OG fantasy feeling...
  3. Hell yeah! I got the signed edition! It's taking a special place in my shelf.
  4. Wow, it'd be good to have a friendly (mostly) debate on who really made fantasy a mainstream genre. What the hell happened to J.R.R Tolkien?
  5. My top five are: WOT The Inheritance Cycle (Don't judge, I'm a kid at heart) The Belgariad Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn GOT
  6. And to everyone who chose Harry Potter, do you consider it a fantasy series? It seems kind of difficult to consider it to-the-bone fantasy when it has modern settings such as Great Britain. (I should probably prepare to get schooled, I'm not very knowledgeable concerning the world of Harry Potter. Having only read the books once)
  7. Hey, not sure if you know but book 4 came out not too long ago. It's called Rhythm of War, and I have to say it's pretty badass.
  8. Why not something like this. It doesn't have to be 3 dimensional. A helix-like shape. The dots represent time converging. The colored lines represent two Turnings. The should be much more than 2 colored lines. Apologies for my shitty drawing skills, I'm using a mouse.
  9. Blood and ashes, that's the longest post I've seen yet! Blood and bloody ashes, that's the longest post that I have ever seen. Anyways, yeah that does make sense. Although, doesn't the Horn of Valere call back heroes the have been in every Turning of the Wheel, doesn't the Dark One always comeback, which signifies the end of one Turning, and Bridgette is always reunited with her husband, Gaidal Cain?
  10. Yeah, that's a pretty good way to view it. I doubt that RJ and BS had put that much effort into making Randland's timeline converge with our Earth's timeline.
  11. Never have, but it'll happen from now on.
  12. Couldn't it be the same planet with a different model of time or is that not possible? The amount of intelligence in the topic is huge and I could only minimally understand what most of the stuff here meant. I still haven't read A Memory of Light so if there are any spoilers just try your best to keep them out. Thanks!
  13. Hi WoT Fans! I just joined this community and decided that some wallpapers of mine should be shared! (Both of these are completely original except for Mat's logo!) These are based on Matrim Cauthon's quotes. I hope you enjoy them! If you have any custom wallpaper requests I would be happy to make them for you (Just DM me you request that includes your: theme, text, and style of font (if any)).
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