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  1. There are a couple of notable ones that weren't yet announced. Ingtar, Angelmar, Anglemar's sister, and Uno. None are spoilery since most expect the show to get to Fal Dara by the end. There was a Twitter leak about May 12 being the date of the trailer release. If that ends up being true, I could see them skipping April altogether. The wait doesn't bother me if we end up getting something good instead of crumbs.
  2. I could see that scene be shot like in Bird Box, where we "see" Machin Shin through the rustling, lens effects and the whispers. It doesn't have to be a Lost style smoke monster to be present in the scene I would think. I like this. As long as we don't have a cheesy tentacle flailing a trolloc around. If we just see the fog appear and then hear the trollocs screaming offscreen it'd be pretty chilling. It might be hard casting a superb actor for such a small role. They might get lucky though. I'm just not sure Mordeth is needed if Mat is gonna be fi
  3. On screen horror is conveyed best in atmosphere and what you don't see and are inspired to imagine through subtle cues. I actually hope we never see Mordeth physically. That feeling of being watched from the shadows can be shown through masterful camera work and shadows that don't seem quite right... Horror usually sets the tone by putting the audience at unease through subconscious cues. My biggest issue is trying to imagine Mashadar looking anything other than a B-movie horror mist with tentacles. As for Machine Shin, I think that one would be far more terrifying as
  4. You want a goofy Aladdin treasure scene in what's supposed to be a prestige streaming drama? The Harry Potter movies had similar a treasure scene too. It looks cartoonish in live action, so I'm personally glad they cut it. The show is bound to be full of changes like this, because RJ wrote a lot of goofy things into the series. Dusty Wheel did a video where they deciphered the blurred the script in the teaser. The gist of it is that Mat sees a wealthy looking house in Shadar Logoth and enters it, which is when he finds the box with the dagger inside. Then there's an inhuman scream
  5. If you thought otherwise than you have some misconceptions regarding what adaptations are supposed to be. TV adaptations are very much supposed to be the vision of the showrunner. Movie adaptations are the vision of the director/scriptwriter. This show will definitely be Rafe Judkin's Wheel of Time, that's the job. It's funny to see Peter Jackson get praised 20 years later. Meanwhile LotR fans were scandalized by choices he made. Some of them even indicating he didn't understand Tolkien's work at all... But at the end of the day, those movies are Peter Jackson's vision. And lucky t
  6. I don't understand the notion that changes "don't need to happen" when it comes to visual details. I'd strongly disagree because on film/TV visual language is more important than it is in books. RJ could describe whatever however he liked it. Much of it would go over fans' heads in the text. Much of it could look jarring and ugly and could negate the visual narration. On film, so much of the story is told through subconscious/conscious visual cues. If you follow any blogs that delve into costumes or props, the way each department works to enhance the narrative is nothing short of incredible. B
  7. I'm extremely pleased with the casting. The level of talent they've procured is one of the reasons I'm confident with the show. If fancasts are indication of fans' headcanon, then I'm glad if they don't fit it. Fancasts are usually horrendous.
  8. SDCC is general nerd media nowadays, or at least since nerd culture became mainstream. In 2019 Witcher released a teaser trailer there and in 2019/20 His Dark Materials released their season 1/2 trailer. As well shows like Doctor Who and The Expanse making appearances with panels. The issue is that this year is so extremely oversaturated, that I don't see much benefit of leaving the WoT trailer until then. Amazon didn't bother releasing trailers for The Boys or The Expanse at SDCC last year. They only had panels for their shows. The trailers were kept to be released a month before
  9. As long as Rand doesn't go anywhere near White Tower it should be fine. Tar Valon is a huge metropolitan city and it makes sense that they would combine it with Caemlyn for the sake of the adaptation. They're gonna be using the Tar Valon set for years to come, while there's no need to show Caemlyn until TDR or possibly later. We'll probably meet Elayne and her brothers at the tower in season 2. Morgase in season 3 or 4 when Caemlyn will come into play in order to set up the Rahvin plot. Until then, I can't see them building these elaborate sets to use for only a few scenes when they can combin
  10. SD Comic Con is gonna be an extremely crowded affair this year due to all the big franchise releases that were backlogged to Q3-4 of this year. I'll be shocked if both Witcher and LotR don't release their trailers then. In addition, we'll likely get new trailers for Matrix 4 and Dune, as well as the DC and Marvel hype are gonna be the news with James Gunn's Suicide Squid, Spiderman 3, and Eternals that will be out within a few months. I can't see any marketing value in releasing a WoT trailer amid such madness, unless they want to make sure no one hears about the show. Dragon Con
  11. The Expanse was doing pre-production for season 6 before the renewal was announced, which was months prior to the first episode of season 5 even airing. It's become commonplace for streaming series to be renewed before premiering. I highly doubt the show isn't getting a second season, and it's a question of whether they're gonna be filming in the summer or in the fall. I would think April makes more sense, given the safety regarding Covid, but also given the climate needed for their story. There's also no sense in getting a whole expensive production started for a few weeks of pic
  12. I'm gonna be optimistic and assume they're gonna film season 2 in April. We really don't have confirmation of what they're gonna be filming one way or another. Assuming that much, the extended contracts for these voice actors could just be a result of having them continue their work for season 2. WoTUp says 6-9 months from "now" and the timeline would fall to July-October 2021. My guess is, the cast is gonna be filming as much of season 2 as they can before the season changes in Prague. They can't be filming in snow when the story dictates a heatwave. From April to aro
  13. I think a late April/May release is entirely possible given they really don't have much filming left. Could we expect a February trailer though? The Expanse final is airing on February 3, and the Super Bowl is on the 7th. Seems like a good time to start the promotion campaign for a spring release.
  14. I don't expect we'll get a main deaths until Morgase or Gawyn, but surely a lot of side characters might end up dying in the meantime to up the stakes. The Tairen Ferry man Brandon Sanderson's set pictures spoiled set a precedence in my mind. I could see the Grinwell family, Tinkers involving Aram's grandparents, and other named tertiary people dying. Darkfriends, trollock, and fades killing all along the boy's path would certainly damage these kids' psyche and kickstart their personal developments that much faster. I could also see a few Black Ajah kills to follow. But I'd think t
  15. That's a good point. Prime is still quite young and they may use WoT as a test show. However, I don't think they have so little value in the IP. To them it's very much a show that could be a huge hit so I do think they'll time it well. They will also have to think of season two, which we can hope has already been greenlit unofficially. If they have more or less finished season 1 then there's no sense in waiting around. I'm hopeful that whatever they have to finish in April isn't very much and the expensive resumption of the production is rather for filming of season two.
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