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  1. I don't think it's an issue now, but the cast salaries are gonna be a nightmare down the line. Unlike most shows no one dies in this series, leaving the character count to get bigger and bigger over its run.
  2. Now that we know the episode titles and that we only get 8, my new prediction is gonna be... 1. Leavetaking - Starts with Rand and Tam on the Road. - Ends with Moiraine and gang leaving EF 2. Shadow's Waiting - Starts with Ferry Crossing - Ends with Shadar Logoth split 3. A Place of Safety - Starts with Perrin finding land. - Ends with Perrin's escape from the Whitecloaks. 4. The Dragon Reborn - Starts with the team reunion at Caemlyn - Ends with the events at The Eye (no initial stop at Fal Dara). 5. Blood Calls Blood - Starts with the gang leaving the Blight and arriving at Fal Dara. - Ends with Verin explaining the Shadow Prophecy. Cliffhanger when she outs Moiraine/Siuane about knowing their secrets. 6. The Flame of Tar Valon - Starts with Rand meeting Siuan. (The EF5 parts ways within the first 15 minutes) - Ends with Rand's arrival in Cairhienin 7. Unknown 1 - Starts with Rand reuniting with everyone in Cairhienin - Ends with Egwene collared - or - Rand getting ready to travel using the portal stone (no stops at the stedding) 8. Unknown 2 - Starts with Flicker-Flicker sequence - Ends with the battle at Falme - or - Lanfear revealing herself to Min by Rand's unconscious body.
  3. The point isn't to replace her, it's to cut her and streamline the story. Rand's seduction, Galad's romance and Faile's jealousy are wasted screentime and simply don't need to exist. Her post at Cairhien can just be given to another character who is essential. Like Rhuarc.
  4. I hope she is cut. The time could be spent on more interesting characters.
  5. They wouldn't cast an actress with a substantial CV to play an extra. More so, the character has a well known Dutch actor playing her warder, so I expect we'll see some flashbacks. From a filmmaker's perspective, flashbacks of Kerene getting murdered by the black ajah in the race to find the dragon reborn makes a lot of sense. It's dynamic, exciting, and sets the stake for what Moiraine was up against and what the Wonder Girls will be up against when they take on the fight against the black ajah.
  6. I expect we'll get a glimpse of what she sees through flashes of images and see her startled face. I actually don't think she'll be telling people about the images unless it's to set up a plot point (or to hit on Rand). For example I don't think she'll go through the whole list of things she sees above everyone's heads to Rand, but rather we'll see those images firsthand. It makes for better TV that way, and I expect there will be a lot of short glimpses of character interaction in the show that weren't in the book because we were limited to one POV.
  7. I expect we'll see all the main characters in every episode (with some exceptions) for the fist season at least, but the focus is gonna shift around. For the episode titles we already know I expect something like this... Leavetaking - Rand/Moiraine primary focus Shadow's Waiting - Mat primary focus A Place of Safety - Perrin/Egwene focus The Dragon Reborn - Rand primary focus Blood Calls Blood - ? The Flame of Tar Valon - Moiraine/Rand focus
  8. Every time I read a Q&A with Rafe my faith in his vision for the show strengthens. He seems like a genuine fan who I feel confident will do justice by the series. If I could make requests, it'd be asking him to flesh out the Black Tower story a lot more than what we got of it in the books. He's already on the right track by building up Logain's role. I'd also like to see Perrin and Mat's other realities in the Flicker sequence and see how that shapes their decisions going forth. But that's a bonus.
  9. It sounds like we'll be in for a few announcements soonish. Potentially a Min casting. Perhaps they'll tell us who is playing Siuan or Ishamael, though I have a feeling the fandom has predicted those parts right just like they did with Tam and Fain. There have been a various leaked photos of caravan of wagons and costumes hinting at the Tinkers being included.
  10. I think they should junk it because it's a stupid plotline, terribly developed in the books themselves, and a waste of time to adapt when they have 14 books worth of material and limited screentime. I'll have to disagree with your earlier point about the 3 love interests playing a huge role in Rand's development, because (aside from Min) it was mainly Egwene, then Moiraine, and finally Nynaeve as the three women driving Rand's development. The roles Elayne and Aviendha played pale in comparison. Drawing comparisons to GoT and all the salacious romances there doesn't quite work IMO. The twincest drove the main plotline, and was a relationship that tied to the core of Jamie's character development. It was impossible to drop. Rand's harem in no way compares. If the show had unlimited screentime and the main plot of the series hugely depended on Rand's harem, I would see the argument for including it. But neither are true. There's also the difference of how fascinating and well developed Cersei/Jaime were (up to book 4), versus the mess that is Rand and his harem and possibly the weakest part of WoT.
  11. These are some great points. Especially about Rand coming across unlikable, and likely as a complete idiot who can't tell the difference between lust and love. The other issue is believability. A typical TV audience will likely care very little about Rand's flings from 4-5 years ago (possibly longer as time varies between season releases). Many would naturally assume Rand had moved past both Elayne and Aviendha, and a revisit that puts them at equal standing with Min would be an incredibly difficult thing to sell. Many book fans don't quite buy it.
  12. It wasn't much better than the most speculated ending for her by the fandom, which was to go off and live in Emond's Field as Rand's wife on the Al'Thor farm. Because up to AMOL Min had no real aspirations or direction in life beyond fulfilling Rand's wants and desires. It would have been interesting if she was allowed a richer existence beyond Rand, perhaps planning to continue her study of philosophy and wished to lecture at one of Rand's universities. Or even to trade horses, since that was an interest of hers earlier on that got dropped in the later books.
  13. I agree. The core concept of the series rests on the Dragon Reborn aspect, and the first episode should introduce this. It would be bad storytelling to postpone it to a later episode. The alternative would be to start with a scene that can stand in for the prologue, but I'm not sure I can think of one that's adequate.
  14. Every book that's ever published by a major pub house is written and (often heavily) edited with a certain audience in mind. The TV show's audience will be different than the book audience was in the 90s, hence the adaptation having to update the story to be suitable. It's not so much an agenda as a fact of producing marketable product, because at the end of the day, execs will have to make their money.
  15. I agree with the list of seven to keep, except I'll add Semirhage as a late season horror surprise, the way she was in the books. Blasting off Rand's hand and later collaring him. Her part is rather delicious, so I wouldn't cut her. Otherwise cutting out the excess will be time the show saves to flesh out the Forsaken they do keep. Does Rand even need to face Ishamael at the eye? Between Aginor and Balthamel (who can easily be replaced by no name Dread Lords) and a massive army of Shadowspawn about the massacre the Shienaran army, he's got his work cut out for him. I expect his confrontation at Falme with Ishamael will also be reworked, as it barely made sense in the book. They could reserve Rand's first face off against a Forsaken for Tear and Be'lal, a blademaster power up. I wonder if Ishamael needs to die at all.
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