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  1. I completely agree about the books, however, the books were hot in the 90s and the early 2000s, when the audience taste for fantasy was widely different than it is now. Just compare shows with similar genre aimed at the same age group from the early 2000s to now. Merlin and Cursed are both Arthurian legends aimed at a YA audience. While Merlin was cheesy and innocent, the violence never even showing gushing blood, Cursed is much darker and more gruesome. TV execs tend to cater to trends, and for WoT to match the current mood of fantasy, it will have to be TV-MA. Imagine it from their POV where they're primarily concerned about what is hot and selling, GoT first, then Witcher. They don't care if the trend is not book accurate, because at the end of the day, the show is gonna made to appeal to a 2020s audience. Also "broader audience" gets thrown around a lot, but at the end of the day, the only people who will be excluded from a show with adult themes are children, not teens. I worked with teenagers during the run of GoT and it was rare for a 14 or 15 year old not to be an avid watcher and fan.
  2. I expect that for every Wise One meeting in the sweat tents there will be one of the Clan Chiefs with Rand. Considering how conventionally attractive Lan and Thom actors are, I'd say the show is committed to equality.
  3. Cara Delevingne needs to never act. She's a gorgeous model who unfortunately is also a poster child for models who can't act. Watching her on Carnival Row was a struggle, and I thought I'd built up tolerance to bad acting having watched my fair share of CW shows. Looking at the body of work of the many actors playing lead roles on the show, I'm glad the producers are picking some truly wonderful talent. Rosamund goes without saying, but Marcus, Josha, Maddie, Alannah, Liandrin, Danya, Hammad, Johann, Alvaro... are all a joy to watch in the previous projects they've been attached to.
  4. As a big Merlin and Dr. Who fan, as well as many cheesy shows on the Sy-fy channel, I can tell you that the former (and a good many of the latter) are shows that target adults such as me, who still watch anime and children's cartoons. Basically people who can handle a sizeable serving of cheese. WoT is a high budget show and by all accounts aiming for that prestige TV audience and on a completely different ballpark aimed a different demographic. Every indication we've gotten from the show, from casting calls to quotes from the people involved indicate the show will be aimed at adults and will have a TV-MA rating. Both Rafe and Sarah Nakamura have said that those wanting a child/teen friendly show will have to find a version that's been edited online.
  5. I'm gonna raise my hand for this. A stolen macguffin cliffhanger is a low hanging fruit and far from a memorable final. My wish would be for something like, Rand/Loial/Hurin coming across the Trolloc statue where the Artur Hawkwing one should have been and realizing they're in a version of reality where the Shadow won. Even the Seanchan setting sail at Falme and beginning their conquest would be epic.
  6. It's given that Siuan is in season one if only because there's an episode called The Flame of Tar Valon and Leane, her Keeper is cast. But Elaida or Verin might not be. I'm not sure we'll be getting other big castings, because it can't be easy to make big name actors who stay constantly booked to commit to a decade long recurring role. I'm not really expecting anyone I'd recognize for Verin, Siuan, or Elaida. But the Forsaken are killed off within a season or two, and probably more likely to interest a bigger name.
  7. I could see that too. He can get killed during the fighting, or after, when Min/Siuan/Leane are trying to escape. One of the ladies can surprise him with a dagger to the back.
  8. No, but I do like this prediction. I assume they would choose a young contortionist to play child Moiraine if they're going to show her sneaking around the royal palace and maybe climbing windows or such.
  9. I would disagree with all these points, especially regarding the piling. There are many good aristocrats in the series: Moiraine, Faile and her whole family, the Shienaran royal family, Lan (every single borderlander noble house), Berelaine... The only bad nobles are the background characters. Regardless, the main issue is how the Trakands are written as a Disney version of aristocracy. If this was the 90s and the show was written for a teenage and up audience, I wouldn't see a problem. However, given where we are as a society and the general mood towards the elite, writing the Trakands as these inherently good, just and noble Disney type aristocrats will seem outright juvenile. It's easy to write the turmoil the dragon causes regardless of how the Trakands are portrayed. By the way, Morgase is not a beloved leader according to her own people (read TEOTW again and how unpopular she is in Caemlyn), but even if she's shown as a version closer to Cersei (extreme example) what happens to her with Rahvin will still be captivating and garner her sympathy. I rather he dies sooner, say around Dumai's Well.
  10. I would say this is most true of Elayne than anyone. At least with Egwene there's her time as a Seanchan damane and being imprisoned and beaten at the Tower. That may actually work against them. The narrative about the good and just nobles is unlikely to fly with modern audiences who are well aware of concepts like exploitation and privilege of the elite. If the show is aiming for an adult audience instead of a teen, those kinds of portrayals of nobles will come off as silly and old-fashioned. I actually wonder if they will make the most changes with the Trakands, making them all more brutal and calculating. Gawyn, for example will become less of an idiot and incidental "tragic hero" (in quotations because I personally believe him to be a badly written retcon to his early iteration), but rather an example of a overprivilaged spoiled brat who blames Rand for changing the world order and putting in laws where nobles can be punished for mistreating peasants. Maybe Morgase can be more brutal herself and the turmoil in Caemlyn at the beginning of the series could be due to her class exploiting the peasants. Even Elayne can be chasing Rand for her own power and political ambitions rather than a crush.
  11. I don't see why it's necessary to keep Morgase's basic story. All those points can easily be resolved with a few narrative changes. Lots of forsaken use compulsion leaving many opportunities to test its limits. It's not essential to keep Morgase's rape plot by Valda. If we're being honest, Galad avenging his step-mother's rape is not the most inspired storyline. Valda can offend Galad's sense of right vs wrong in a thousand different ways leading to the duel. They can find a much less convoluted way to have Galad make peace with Perrin. I'm not a book purist though, so I expect there will be all kinds of changes to streamline the story and minimize the massive cast list.
  12. I don't expect they will cut any major scenes outright. I'm sure the royal palace at Caemlyn will feature, but I doubt we'll see Galad or Gawyn, with the possible exclusion of Gareth Bryne and Tallanvor. They only need to cast Elayne, Elaida and Morgase. It's also one of the most confusing aspects of the books and something that's never explained. Why did they need to go to the Eye at all? Moiraine acted like it will be the end of the world if they don't, but much of what happens isn't in line with later canon. It's never explained what the purpose of the Eye was either, other than being a storage. But the body count was disproportionate for that purpose... In short, it's a messy bit of plot.
  13. I don't know about fancasting, but there are a lot of actors tied to the show without confirmed roles that I'm personally very curious about. There's also one with a new name I can't wrap my head around. Source Narg Danya - Naana Agyei Ampadu - she was at the table reading for episodes 1 (Leavetaking) and episode 2 (The Shadow's Waiting) - My guess is she's a member of the Black Ajah attending the darkfriend social, and under an alias similar to Bors, and that's why she has only the first name. Unknown role - Maria Doyle Kennedy - She was at the table reading for episode 5 (Blood Calls Blood) and episode 6 (The Amyrlin Seat) - I'm going for Verin. She feels too young and too thin, but fits the character more than say, Siuan. I wouldn't be mad either way. Unknown role - Daryl McCormack - He is going to be in for 3 episodes per a Deadline article. He was there for the episodes 5/6 table read. - My guess is a young Dain Bornhald or Aram. Look Unknown role - Lolita Chakrabarti - Table read for episodes 1/2 - Looks a lot like the actress playing Egwene, so she could be Marin al'Vere Unknown role - Stuart Graham - My guess is Geofram Bornhald. Unknown Role - Pasha Bocarie - He was filming for WoT sometime around late November. - I'm feeling Gareth Bryne personally. Unkown Role - Michael Tuahine - Table read for episode 1/2 - Physically he looks closer to Ishamael, but the actor's ethnicity (same one as the actress for Egwene) makes me think he's Master al'Vere. Unkown Role - Kate Franz - She arrived for the episode 5/6 block filming. - My guess is a small part. Maybe a novice at the white tower with the girls. Otherwise, she seems in the right age range for Min.
  14. Jordan's story as is wouldn't be fit for a compelling TV series. It's a wonderful read and it will always exist, but adaptations without a creator that's dedicated to molding a story with a specific vision turn out pretty awful (ie. the first two Harry Potter movies that are artless snoozefests). A visual medium can't sufficiently tell the story in the exact same way the book does. We won't be in the characters' heads, reading their thoughts, understanding their motives in such an intimate way. Adaptations have to be crafted with a creative head who does stamp their own mark on them in order to be cohesive and effective. Edit: I'm never certain what fans mean by changes that aren't necessary or cuts that aren't necessary. At the end of the day, we're talking about fiction and "necessary" plots or characters aren't objective, each fan will likely have different interpretations of what that is or isn't. Whatever changes or cuts the showrunner makes to tell his adaptation is IMO necessary.
  15. I don't think it's an issue now, but the cast salaries are gonna be a nightmare down the line. Unlike most shows no one dies in this series, leaving the character count to get bigger and bigger over its run.
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