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  1. That might be a slippery slop, because yes as book fans we’d be excited to see them. But TV-only fans will be left confused and find it an inconsistency when the cloaks don’t show up again. I expect the biggest rule they have will be to keep things consistent, which the books themselves suffer from. Overall I do expect the show will be different than the books in more ways than some of you are expecting. The problem with internal narrative isn’t solved by having characters blurt out their thoughts and motives at all times. Even if they did that kind of characterization and world building will be hollow. Instead they’re tasked with showing us things like Perrin’s struggle with and aversion to violence through scenes that explores his mindset and the reasons for it, making sure the viewer can relate to and understand him without the luxury of reading his thoughts. For me personally, what’s key are the character journeys. Not everything will have to be done as it happens in the books, and I’ll be sorry to not see aspects of the book I dearly love, but as long as the characters’ arcs stay true to the core of what these kids experience and the ways they change, I’ll be pleased.
  2. That’s your interpretation. Coming-of-age involves a gradual growth from childhood into adulthood and that’s simply not what we got in the series. Take Mat for example, he goes from pulling childish pranks and getting excited about treasure like a 12 year-old to gambling, drinking and seducing tavern maids. Did we see this change happen over the span of the series? No. It happened off-page. RJ fast-tracked his maturity akin to giving him a personality transplant from book 1-2 to the rest of the series. Take Perrin next, he goes from being grossed out by Faile’s cooties in book 3 to the start of book 4 where he has matured into a 20 year-old bloke with a girlfriend and a beard. Did we see this transition on page? Not really. Rand’s personality transplant happens between book 2-4, though mostly because he’s missing from the entirety of book 3 (his sanity got a massive retcon there). Now I think Rand’s journey between books 1-2 is great, and 4-on is also great. But again he loses his father’s sword and in the next book he’s missing, and the next time we see him he has massively fast-tracked into the Dragon Reborn. I can’t give RJ props for progression that’s left off the page. What we do see is the way these young men—not boys—become great mythical leaders. Sure there are fantastic progression regarding responsibility and sacrifice here. But the childhood part was largely an inconsistency RJ himself leapt over when the tone of the series changed in TSR. Logically, Rand, Mat, and Perrin are 19 at the start of the series, in a culture where they should’ve been considered as adults by 14. Their immaturity in book 1 felt like a mistake if anything. I don’t understand wanting the show to stay loyal to aspects of the series that seem largely inconsistencies.
  3. I don't expect any of them will be "boys" at the start of the show. It would be jarring for Marcus, Barney and Josha to act as immature as RJ had their characters appear in the first book. Furthermore, from the leaked audition tapes Mat seems to be a gambler from the start, spending his free time drinking at a tavern instead of a boy pulling pranks like he's still 12. Rand and Egwene's relationship also appears more mature, like early adults and not grade schoolers. Perrin being a young newlywed wouldn't make him so different in that case. I have no attachment to RJ's attempt at a coming to age story, since it was the weakest part of his writing. He essentially fast-tracked all the characters to where they needed to be emotionally, sexually, and regarding their physical abilities. Starting the characters off as a little older actually smoothens the transition from books 1-3 to the 4 and on.
  4. I phrased it badly. What I'm saying is that our first image of Lan is a cut that makes it seem like he just awkwardly whacked the sword in bad form. I've been excited to see Daniel Henney in action, and they did him dirty with that cut. If they're gonna do character promos I wish they'd pay someone competent to make it into something memorable and worth sharing. Compare the stuff we're getting to something just as brief and yet put together well.
  5. There was a leak about the show coming out in early November, though it's not certain how reliable they are. My hope was that the marketing would be speeding up more, for a late summer release. But looking at their slow crawl of marketing, a November release makes a lot more sense. I hope Amazon knows what it's doing, because late 2021 is gonna be jam-packed with big franchise releases and about the worst time to premier the show. I would almost hope they wait until the winter and release in early 2022 instead.
  6. As excited as I am for the show, these clips do more harm than good. I don't understand the logic behind giving us our first peek at Lan through a clip that's cut in a way that his sword moves look wimpy and plain bad. I didn't bother sharing the clip on my social media for fear of my friends, who aren't book fans but will likely watch the show, might see it and get a bad first impression of Lan. Moiraine's promo wasn't any better. The up close look accentuated the imperfections in her wig and with nothing to distract that was essentially the only take away. I would prefer if they show us behind the scene content if they don't care about making the characters look cool in action a proper 10-15 second clip. Whatever the controversy around DCEU, they constantly release these mini teases long before it's time for a trailer, but they take test footage cut them into these breathtaking clips that are actually exciting to share on social media. The first look at JP's Joker or Pattison's Batman still give me goosebumps, remembering them. Our first official peek at Lan and Moiraine should've been so much better than this.
  7. Good find. It's possible the show Mia Threapleton is filming in Prague is Wheel of Time. Winslet said it was a "little" show, but maybe she was being facetious. In another article Winslet says "[She's] 20 and acting," Winslet told Lorraine Kelly on her show recently. "She's away now in the Czech Republic about to start on a TV series over there." The timing would certainly match. Especially if the plan is to tag the filming of season two to the end of whatever that's left of season one. She certainly looks the part of Elayne or Aviendha, both characters who would likely be showing up in season two.
  8. There are a couple of notable ones that weren't yet announced. Ingtar, Angelmar, Anglemar's sister, and Uno. None are spoilery since most expect the show to get to Fal Dara by the end. There was a Twitter leak about May 12 being the date of the trailer release. If that ends up being true, I could see them skipping April altogether. The wait doesn't bother me if we end up getting something good instead of crumbs.
  9. I could see that scene be shot like in Bird Box, where we "see" Machin Shin through the rustling, lens effects and the whispers. It doesn't have to be a Lost style smoke monster to be present in the scene I would think. I like this. As long as we don't have a cheesy tentacle flailing a trolloc around. If we just see the fog appear and then hear the trollocs screaming offscreen it'd be pretty chilling. It might be hard casting a superb actor for such a small role. They might get lucky though. I'm just not sure Mordeth is needed if Mat is gonna be finding the dagger on his own.
  10. On screen horror is conveyed best in atmosphere and what you don't see and are inspired to imagine through subtle cues. I actually hope we never see Mordeth physically. That feeling of being watched from the shadows can be shown through masterful camera work and shadows that don't seem quite right... Horror usually sets the tone by putting the audience at unease through subconscious cues. My biggest issue is trying to imagine Mashadar looking anything other than a B-movie horror mist with tentacles. As for Machine Shin, I think that one would be far more terrifying as a sound effect, whispering the chanting with nothing more than a subtle lens effect for the visual aspect.
  11. You want a goofy Aladdin treasure scene in what's supposed to be a prestige streaming drama? The Harry Potter movies had similar a treasure scene too. It looks cartoonish in live action, so I'm personally glad they cut it. The show is bound to be full of changes like this, because RJ wrote a lot of goofy things into the series. Dusty Wheel did a video where they deciphered the blurred the script in the teaser. The gist of it is that Mat sees a wealthy looking house in Shadar Logoth and enters it, which is when he finds the box with the dagger inside. Then there's an inhuman scream before the scene cuts to outside, by the horses. It's clear their intent is to enhance the focus on the dagger itself and Mat's attraction to it as well as to amplify the horror element. If you step back and consider what's important to convey to non-book readers in this plot point--Mat's motivation for stealing the dagger, the audience's awareness that it's tainted and evil--those will be done much more efficiently the way the script lays it out. They also seem to use horror cinematography to convey the "evil" atmosphere of Shadar Logoth.
  12. If you thought otherwise than you have some misconceptions regarding what adaptations are supposed to be. TV adaptations are very much supposed to be the vision of the showrunner. Movie adaptations are the vision of the director/scriptwriter. This show will definitely be Rafe Judkin's Wheel of Time, that's the job. It's funny to see Peter Jackson get praised 20 years later. Meanwhile LotR fans were scandalized by choices he made. Some of them even indicating he didn't understand Tolkien's work at all... But at the end of the day, those movies are Peter Jackson's vision. And lucky thing, he (like Rafe) is a huge fan boy and massively creative (also hopefully like Rafe). The funny thing is, those awful Hobbit movies would have a chance to be brilliant if given over to Del Toro and let him stamp his visual take onto them instead of Peter's bored one.
  13. I don't understand the notion that changes "don't need to happen" when it comes to visual details. I'd strongly disagree because on film/TV visual language is more important than it is in books. RJ could describe whatever however he liked it. Much of it would go over fans' heads in the text. Much of it could look jarring and ugly and could negate the visual narration. On film, so much of the story is told through subconscious/conscious visual cues. If you follow any blogs that delve into costumes or props, the way each department works to enhance the narrative is nothing short of incredible. Book details are only ever gonna be followed in broad strokes when it's not absolutely plot relevant. As for the dagger, it doesn't look cheap or ugly to me at all. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love the Persian/Ottoman design which is also reflected in the Jali screen over the window. I get excited by adaptations when they use the visual language of film/TV to take the story farther. Shadar Logoth with eastern aesthetics is something I never imagined, but find rather exciting. It opens up the potential for eastern lore to tie into Mordeth's evil, something the books never really delve deep into. As for the flute, they just look dorky. I played the flute for years, and I stand by this. More importantly though, making actors play instruments they're not comfortable and natural with sets them up for failure. It never looks right. Instead, letting him focus on the guitar and play the hell out of it will show Thom's brilliance as a performer rather than something the show has to beat down on the audience. I really don't understand how fans can expect the show to follow RJ's play-by-play outline for props. That's not how adaptations work. When you move into the visual realm, artists and designers will use their knowledge regarding what looks good on TV screens to shape the aesthetics of the show. When it comes to costumes, props, sets, accents and performances, at the end of the day, everything has to adhere to is the visual language that works for the show. The one audience in 2021 will respond to. While RJ enjoyed his details, his tastes and preferences of clothes/props/etc. aren't gonna be fit for the screen in most cases. Certainly not fit for screens of audiences from 2-3 decades after the books. TLDR every choice the artists behind the scenes make is there to serve the show. There was no way this show was gonna follow RJ's exact instructions ever. That's not what adaptations do.
  14. I'm extremely pleased with the casting. The level of talent they've procured is one of the reasons I'm confident with the show. If fancasts are indication of fans' headcanon, then I'm glad if they don't fit it. Fancasts are usually horrendous.
  15. SDCC is general nerd media nowadays, or at least since nerd culture became mainstream. In 2019 Witcher released a teaser trailer there and in 2019/20 His Dark Materials released their season 1/2 trailer. As well shows like Doctor Who and The Expanse making appearances with panels. The issue is that this year is so extremely oversaturated, that I don't see much benefit of leaving the WoT trailer until then. Amazon didn't bother releasing trailers for The Boys or The Expanse at SDCC last year. They only had panels for their shows. The trailers were kept to be released a month before each show. They'll probably break the trend for LotR, and release a teaser trailer anyway as everyone in nerd media is expecting it with the Peter Jackson anniversary coming. But WoT is virtually unknown at the moment. Even a panel for WoT doesn't make sense if there's no trailer released prior to announce the show's very existence.
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