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  1. It wasn't much better than the most speculated ending for her by the fandom, which was to go off and live in Emond's Field as Rand's wife on the Al'Thor farm. Because up to AMOL Min had no real aspirations or direction in life beyond fulfilling Rand's wants and desires. It would have been interesting if she was allowed a richer existence beyond Rand, perhaps planning to continue her study of philosophy and wished to lecture at one of Rand's universities. Or even to trade horses, since that was an interest of hers earlier on that got dropped in the later books.
  2. I agree. The core concept of the series rests on the Dragon Reborn aspect, and the first episode should introduce this. It would be bad storytelling to postpone it to a later episode. The alternative would be to start with a scene that can stand in for the prologue, but I'm not sure I can think of one that's adequate.
  3. Every book that's ever published by a major pub house is written and (often heavily) edited with a certain audience in mind. The TV show's audience will be different than the book audience was in the 90s, hence the adaptation having to update the story to be suitable. It's not so much an agenda as a fact of producing marketable product, because at the end of the day, execs will have to make their money.
  4. I agree with the list of seven to keep, except I'll add Semirhage as a late season horror surprise, the way she was in the books. Blasting off Rand's hand and later collaring him. Her part is rather delicious, so I wouldn't cut her. Otherwise cutting out the excess will be time the show saves to flesh out the Forsaken they do keep. Does Rand even need to face Ishamael at the eye? Between Aginor and Balthamel (who can easily be replaced by no name Dread Lords) and a massive army of Shadowspawn about the massacre the Shienaran army, he's got his work cut out for him. I expect his confrontation at Falme with Ishamael will also be reworked, as it barely made sense in the book. They could reserve Rand's first face off against a Forsaken for Tear and Be'lal, a blademaster power up. I wonder if Ishamael needs to die at all.
  5. They could play up Rand's attraction to her as a redux of how LTT first fell in love with Mierin, assuming she retains some of those good qualities, and then falling sharply out of love when confronted with her cold ambition. Otherwise she's a slog to get through. I like to believe this is an arc the showrunners will gladly jump on. Egwene has bratty tendencies in the later couple of books that can be restructured to seem as her grasping to remain in control. The girls captivity in Tear can end with a threat of a 13 on 13 conversion and trigger her trauma and be an emotional hurdle on the lead up to their escape. Juilin and Hurin can be merged as they serve similar functions.
  6. I find it rather unlikely that they'd cast a young white actress with no other TV credits to her name to play an Aybara family member. If they were expanding on Perrin's family, the logical choice would be to cast a biracial actor to play his siblings, or older actors to play his parents. That along with her being named Laila is strong indication she's meant to play his wife. Where the story goes from there is up to debate. Seeing how this actress has the scantest resume, I'm inclined to think her character isn't meant to be kept around long.
  7. Lolita works much better as Marin. Naana looks rather young to me. Maybe as young as early 30s or late 20s. Hard to believe she would be a teenager's parent, but that might just be me.
  8. Sure, and that describes Josha Stradowski perfectly well. Tall, muscular built, slenderer than Perrin but fairly broader than Mat. There's nothing about him that doesn't fit Rand if we're going by realistic standards and not cartoonish ones.
  9. How? Perrin is a big, muscly guy with wolfish looks. And Rand is a tall, lanky dude with nordic looks. They fit perfectly. The recent video of Marcus, the actor playing Perrin, shows him with shoulders as wide as I'd expect on any young actor taking on the role.
  10. Being LGBT isn't a deterrent to Min being relatable. If anything, a non-binary character feeling like an outsider in Randland's strict gender divisions (which includes the quality of one's soul) will make her more relatable as opposed to less. I don't even think Min identifying as non-binary will be too much of divergence from the books. The Elmindreda episode practically read as her assigning more than comfort to breeches/short hair over pretty dresses. If it was only ever about the clothes, then she'd likely be inclined to put fancy gowns on rare occasions, as most fictional tomboys do. But even when Min dresses up, she chooses to wear fancy suits. And let's not conflate sexuality with gender identity. Min could very well be non-binary while exclusively attracted to cis men. It would certainly add an interesting layer to Rand/Min.
  11. I'm with Texas for the most part with a few exceptions. I expect Moiraine will take over Verin's part (who will be introduced later), because otherwise she's barely in TGH and I doubt Pike is getting sidelined. Since it sounds like filming will take 9 or more months, I'm expecting more episodes than 6-8. My version. Episode 1 Logain facing off against the Aes Sedai here prior to Padan Fain spreading the news. Episode 2 If Thom is not in TR, Baerlon seems like a natural place to meet him. Min could be his apprentice. Episode 3-5 - same as Texas Episode 6 Seanchan invasion experienced through Bayle Domon meeting Turak. Bornhald doing his "necessary evil" deeds. Suian/Moiraine reunion, likely with a romantic flavor. Episode 7 Rand portal stone and the boring Selene sequence. Moiraine/Lan researching in the Cairhienin library, since it ties to the Selene plot where that library is brought up at least 200 times. It's also a good place to delve into Moiraine's past. Ends with Nynaeve's accepted test. (they'll probably skip Rand getting the horn only to lose it again) Episode 8 Rand/Moiraine reunion with everyone in Cairhien. Daes Dae'mar. Liandrin sneaking the girls off to the Ways. Thom killing the king. Ends on Moiraine guiding Rand into using the one power on the portal stone. Episode 9 Starts with Egwene getting captured and collared, or with the epic Flicker sequence. Ends with Ingtar's confession and sacrifice. Episode 10 Final showdown at the end of TGH.
  12. I'm holding out hope that it'll be cut altogether. The White Tower intrigue is a different story, because it was always gonna be hugely relevant to the A-plot given their role in the last battle and their eventual clash with the Seanchan. It's also a mystery that builds up from the moment Moiraine appears on the screen and we're introduced to the concept of an Aes Sedai. Reading all those chapters wasn't super exciting, but I can see the plot turning out killer on the show.
  13. Both Mesaana and Be'lal are expendable imo, as their roles can easily be handed over to pad up the plotting load of more interesting Forsaken. It'd be a mistake not to increase Geofram's role. Not only for the sake of fleshing out the Whitecloaks, but also because he's a memorable character and his death is one of the few that resonates. Pedron not so much. As for Elaida, big no to her becoming Black Ajah. I can't see why that would be necessary. She's one of the best villains, and the perfect love-to-hate character. Expanding on her rivalry with Siuan/Moiraine and making that clash personal might be good narrative choices for the show.
  14. His face is perfect. He's fit, 6'2", nearly 40years old.... Now all I need is to hear him say, "sheepherder".
  15. I can just imagine the headache adapting the Rand/Min romance would be for the show writers. All the think pieces they are sure to inspire... A way they can avoid the wrath of modern TV audiences is by vastly expanding her role beyond his link to humanity and the gf he nearly chokes to death (light, that one's gonna be trouble). On that note I wonder if they're gonna make changes to Ilyena, merge her with Latra perhaps, because the whole fridged women plot doesn't fly so well nowadays. I'm not sure how a fictional character gets shortchanged if a romantic relationship becomes a platonic one. Are friendships considered less worthy than romance? I used to ship Rand/Min in the books, didn't care for his other romances at all, but the idea of them having that bond become platonic is actually kind of thrilling. There aren't enough solid male/female friendships in the books and while Rand had a lot mentors, he rarely had his friends close by.
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