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  1. I only recall one personal agenda article given a spotlight on this platform and prefer to not link it
  2. I've had Prime shipping for years but did not activate the streaming service until I heard about WoT. Not sure what you mean by "Amazon's misleading numbers" but I'd imagine they distinguish between their Prime members and the folks utilizing the streaming service ... not one and the same.
  3. Cheers Wolfbrother31 - hopefully it's an enjoyable ride. As long as they don't try to portray Faile as some sort of domestic violence inviting victim, the team will get enough rope to hang themselves from me. If the promotion materials and episode 1 present like a particular article on Dragonmount, I won't return for a second episode. Either way, it will be fun for me in the interim.
  4. I am going to enjoy my anticipation for the series each and every day. A little extra reason to smile and be grateful. Nothing anyone says here will deny me that enjoyment. Some folks come off as wanting to be miserable and offended that not everyone is as miserable as them. As I get older, I'm less and less willing to allocate my limited time on this spinning rock to those types of folks. If the show does not entertain me when released, I will not continue to watch but still will have added all those additional moments of joy to my days between now and then.
  5. EotW, Ch 5 "Winternight" eta: p 66 in my paperback
  6. It seems like a lot of readers completely missed, or ignored, or conveniently forget the savior complex fatal flaw so vividly on display in The Dragon as portrayed by LTT. Maybe the creative team struggled with how to best portray that conflict for Rand in an accessible manner and just said screw the subtlety, here it is in digital print. Granted, that might not appease the small subset you've referenced, but those folks have an agenda they're going to pursue no matter what.
  7. I could see S1 concluding with viewers having only seen T'a'R before knowing anything about it from The Big Mo. It's been a bit since my most recent read, but I think some doubt/confusion about T'a'R and the wolf dream being the same existed for a while ... at least in the minds of some characters ... so I do agree with keeping viewers in doubt. Assuming T'a'R makes it into the show at all of course ... might be a challenge to present in a manner that's both engaging and also understandable to a broader viewing audience.
  8. Appreciate the feedback but I agree with the interpretation this was a list of things requiring additional discussion once Baerleon had been eliminated. Maybe so or maybe not ....
  9. Success for the show as a commercial endeavor is a different question for me than whether I personally view the Amazon series as a success. At this point, I expect the show will be a commercial success and the folks within Amazon given credit for driving the project will be recognized as New Big Deals. On a personal level, "successful WoT series?" provokes a few reactions: - the nadir of my WoT fandom includes a substantial period of uncertainty as to whether the book series would conclude. The fact that we've reached a point in time where substantial resources have been invested to bringing the entirety of the books series to life on screen is already a big win - the transition from books 1-3 into the epic anthology that exists today created some internal flaws and inconsistencies. RJ would certainly have changed some things if given the opportunity to re-write, especially the first three. It's not beyond my imagination to dream on a streaming series that maintains internal consistency better than the books and thoroughly envelopes me while watching. If so, success on a personal level. - folks in my circle that are already book fans are chatting about the show and getting excited. If that excitement extends to folks that had never read the books but enjoyed LotR movies, that's success on a broader level - unmitigated success means folks that had never heard of the books are subscribing to Amazon just to watch and I'm chatting about the Seanchan view of the One Power during the family Christmas party in '23. Culturally impactful status is available.
  10. Answers, man Ogier, I need answers!! Old paradigms wither everywhere, despite grasping death throes of the status quo defenders. Curious to witness how Amazon leverages this treasured opus toward their disruption of prior industry standards. Wouldn't surprise me to see more of a Labor Day-ish push ... all the cool kids will be Saidar-stans, Gambler-stans, Goldeneyes-stans or Asha'man-stans. If it's up to me, the summer reading marketing would be humming along and visible everywhere by middle of June.
  11. Multiple Q&A sessions with Rafe and no queries re T'a'R that I have seen - anyone catch something I've missed on this? My thirst here is not limited to official releases : )
  12. Internal consistency is the one rec I would have had for the creative team. They know where the story goes and can set internal pacing based on whatever feedback they receive from Amazon re: likely number of seasons. As to the cloaks, I've yet to see a special effect that could effectively replicate the cloak as described in the books. "Cheesy" warder cloak would cool my ardor much more thoroughly than eliminating them entirely. Longer episodes = hooray for more time immersed in a wonderful story filled with familiar characters and universal/timeless themes. Not surprised at the qualification re: Trolloc footage - definitely posted by mistake and apparently raw. Thankful for confirmation on multiple recognizably different types of those foul beasts. Sure seems like a late Fall release, but I do have a question about the reliability of that conclusion based solely on the reported orders from book publishers. Not an area with which I am familiar, but given the recent anniversary release of the series, wouldn't the news about publishers be more tied into an expected successful franchise and the Christmas buying season? If the gen pop has only seen teasers prior to "Black Friday," why would publishers expect additional demand in time for the height of buying season? I'm really looking forward to this adaptation. At first, I had drawn some lines but the more I think about it and the more existing work of the cast I see, the more excited I get.
  13. Greetings Asha'man Shar'aman - while I agree with your conclusion re: infanticide as bottom of the barrel for Logain, Kinslayer-reincarnated did effectively provoke a legion of readers to begin the WoT journey. For me, the question depends on whether TV Logain will return for future seasons. The depth of taint-mania to which LTT fell would likely preclude an effective re-integration to the Logain role as depicted in the middle to late books. From what I've read since the casting announcement, the actor has a big following in Europe and probably required a decent cache of coin to sign. That would mean either 1) a relatively quick and near permanent departure and maximum flame-out potential or 2) an established framework for the character's inclusion in X number of subsequent seasons. All things considered, I'm really pulling for option 2 and a consistent Logain presence. "On the Road" starring Siuan, Leane, Min and Logain: S4E1 : )
  14. Don't forget their power; individually and as an institution. A big part of the "fear" the general populace expresses re: AS is the realization of their absolute need of women who wield the OP to literally protect the populace, and the resentment that engenders.
  15. Furyk "The Kaffiend" Karede could serve as soldier with a view into Seanchan high politics with a more intimate Tuon relationship long term. Methinks the Deathwatch Guard, especially the Ogier variety, will appeal to a large number of as-yet-to-know-they-are-fans-of-the-series folks out there.
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