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  1. Saw a Twitter thread about Rafe's participation in a live chat called The Dusty Wheel and some interesting excerpts emerged: - This is actually really early concept art from the process. There's a couple of them that are very close to final product - first piece of concept art for the whole show? Moiraine using the One Power! We hired about 15 amazing artists from around the world to just dig in on that idea of Moiraine and the One Power And then see what it looked like, and did that for a fair amount of things
  2. Love it. No idea what it means wrt release date but I'm reveling in the growing anticipation. Any reticence to change I had harbored has been banished. My ticket is in hand, will be there when the ride opens. Thanks for the link on the pics Elder_Haman.
  3. Thanks for posting that link, I love this stuff. My sound production knowledge/skills haven't been digitally enhanced so apologies in advance if I flub in that regard. Thoughts swirling in my head, no particular order (eta kind of in order): - the whooshing sound does not relate to the dialogue nor the additional background noise but is connected to the visual symbol as it forms and coalesces ...... maybe it's how the production team envisions the chapter heading symbology? - the clanging and raised voices sound like a "bustling Inn with dance floor" clip looped back
  4. Yes indeed and also a perfect vehicle to carry the red shirt Forsaken.
  5. Weekly WoT for sure - anticipation is at least half the fun for me.
  6. Michael D'Cruz casting speculation out there from rednianintellince: "In an unrelated note, we can can also confirm that actor Michael D'Cruz (Tyrant, Doctors) will play the role of Zahir in The Wheel of Time. The name seems to be an original one, but given D’Cruze’s Asian looks, we could see him playing a borderlander." Anyone else agree that he looks suited for casting as a Shienaran Lord? Lord Agelmar would dovetail with the photos of filming locations that would translate to Fal Dara remarkably well - banners and all.
  7. Since we're not getting Winternight but are getting Bel Tine, maybe the DO weather fix and BotW arc have been nixed?
  8. Definitely would limit the DO reincarnation shenanigans, maybe thrice but not more. If that requires an alternate method of elimination for some of the Forsaken, or making it a more precious reward and thus infrequently granted - either route works. Ishy, I would. Ar and Os -gar, maybe I would for the gender bender aspect. Do we even need the DO do-overs at all to craft a great TV series? /// Sure, they could include some of the Forsaken meetings and even allow Rahvin's exploits some individual development vis a vis Morgase, but every Forsaken can be port
  9. For you both, kudos on the replies and the patience exhibited.
  10. When I think WoT casting, I think Egwene's eyes. <check's Madeleine Madden IMBD page> Yes, looking forward to S1E1 very much, very much indeed.
  11. So much this. The uncertainty of young males as their exposure to the world expands is so much a part of the story that folks gloss over. Sure the big action scenes are fun, and will be impressive on screen, but the humanity so richly revealed in the books is just as important to me. I want to feel the depth of the bond shared between the EF5 as they take their collective leave from home. /////////// Dumai's has been persuasively argued as the one scene, and I am wavering on it's inclusion as number two on my list but the aerial assault on the WT keeps that scene fir
  12. Imagine settling in for that first episode, immersing yourself in the vision Rafe et al. have crafted and then hearing tell of the seven Forsaken ... or whatever other number ... screeching halt for book fans' willing suspension of disbelief. As has been mentioned already, the viewers (bookies and newbies) won't need a full dissertation on each, just a cogent outline that adheres to the fundamental persona. Bel'al and Agelmar need no more development than Moiraine and Loial provide along the journey. Sammael also need not appear on screen until the final confrontation. More indi
  13. "It can be learned?" has to be uttered by a Seanchan at some point. Not a noble nor a sul'dam. I see no reason for Egeanin to lose that role. Tension as to whether or not the Seanchan will cede primacy to the Dragon Reborn and fight against the literal forces of evil can be effectively maintained up until TG. Inclusion of 148 points of view has not been suggested by anyone that I've seen. Not sure how many we'll get nor how difficult it would be do for any particular character.
  14. So many fantastic scenes recounted here, I love reading through a thread like this. For the entire series, I really hope we get to see the attack on the WT, Egwene rallying the defense and through Elaida receiving a new name at the end. Cleansing would be a close second. Third for me would be the wonder-girls intro to the Aiel - from the first hello all the way through their dismantling of the fades. Also hoping for a worthy rendition of the First Sister adoption ceremony.
  15. Apologies, but I do not understand what you're communicating here. Maybe it's because I don't get what is meant by "The actual real reason" as you use it here. As a tenet, "Everything happens as it was supposed to because The Wheel/fate" precludes a lot of discussion on forums : )
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