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  1. Don't forget their power; individually and as an institution. A big part of the "fear" the general populace expresses re: AS is the realization of their absolute need of women who wield the OP to literally protect the populace, and the resentment that engenders.
  2. Furyk "The Kaffiend" Karede could serve as soldier with a view into Seanchan high politics with a more intimate Tuon relationship long term. Methinks the Deathwatch Guard, especially the Ogier variety, will appeal to a large number of as-yet-to-know-they-are-fans-of-the-series folks out there.
  3. Interesting thought ... and more appealing the longer it marinates. Nice foundation for the EF boys' dread at the possibility of being the DR and everyone else in WoT World's fear and resultant societal treatment of men who can channel. Maybe a quick intro to idealistic Logain, ready to accept the role of foil to the DO thus rallying followers. Next the viewer sees him in battle from a King's soldier's PoV and the loyalists get routed. A second victory with a little inside info help from Reds leads to a fretful King kissing rings, promising eternal gratitude on behalf of the nation
  4. Would that this depth of analysis proved the norm. 9/10 = it's the best b/c "Kneel ...." Thank you
  5. Honestly, those scenarios are not something to arise in my journey on this spinning rock and consideration thereof does not impact my impression of the work done by the prop team. To me, what we have seen works for the small screen depiction.
  6. Dumai's has always been an over-rated scene to me and it's funny how everyone just wants to overlook the fact that it's the coming out party for the new Dreadlords, i.e. the dark power wielding minions of the Dark One, the manifestation of evil. But "hooray" 'cause reasons especially that the head Dreadlord dominates the loathed women at the end and says the completely demeaning line that's a perfect line for the head Dreadlord to say to vagina bearing meanies who, through no fault of their own, have been the only gender able to wield the Power while maintaining sanity. So, hooray
  7. Cat Crosses the Courtyard? Pretty sure that's the name of the pose : ) THE scene of this amazing series upon which I most often draw irl. Straight spine, loose limbs; apparently at ease but poised to move in any direction. Think of me what you will, but it has served as en effective mental cue in various circumstances. The woman cast as Siuan blew me away in Flack ... If the pair cast as Rand/Egwene can hold their own with her, I think we are in for an epic ride.
  8. Cheers to that EH. For me, the released material has only escalated my enjoyment of this extended WoT on Prime foreplay and encouraged my belief in the series. For lack of a better phrase, "the tone" of this latest clip works both independently and as a visual manifestation of the books. Some of the complaints levied against what we've seen from the Amazon team require a great deal of speculative interpretation based on very small bits of data. For example, I've seen folks bemoan the lack of piles of treasure in the Shadar Logoth material even though we've only seen seconds worth
  9. Saw a Twitter thread about Rafe's participation in a live chat called The Dusty Wheel and some interesting excerpts emerged: - This is actually really early concept art from the process. There's a couple of them that are very close to final product - first piece of concept art for the whole show? Moiraine using the One Power! We hired about 15 amazing artists from around the world to just dig in on that idea of Moiraine and the One Power And then see what it looked like, and did that for a fair amount of things
  10. Love it. No idea what it means wrt release date but I'm reveling in the growing anticipation. Any reticence to change I had harbored has been banished. My ticket is in hand, will be there when the ride opens. Thanks for the link on the pics Elder_Haman.
  11. Thanks for posting that link, I love this stuff. My sound production knowledge/skills haven't been digitally enhanced so apologies in advance if I flub in that regard. Thoughts swirling in my head, no particular order (eta kind of in order): - the whooshing sound does not relate to the dialogue nor the additional background noise but is connected to the visual symbol as it forms and coalesces ...... maybe it's how the production team envisions the chapter heading symbology? - the clanging and raised voices sound like a "bustling Inn with dance floor" clip looped back
  12. Yes indeed and also a perfect vehicle to carry the red shirt Forsaken.
  13. Weekly WoT for sure - anticipation is at least half the fun for me.
  14. Michael D'Cruz casting speculation out there from rednianintellince: "In an unrelated note, we can can also confirm that actor Michael D'Cruz (Tyrant, Doctors) will play the role of Zahir in The Wheel of Time. The name seems to be an original one, but given D’Cruze’s Asian looks, we could see him playing a borderlander." Anyone else agree that he looks suited for casting as a Shienaran Lord? Lord Agelmar would dovetail with the photos of filming locations that would translate to Fal Dara remarkably well - banners and all.
  15. Since we're not getting Winternight but are getting Bel Tine, maybe the DO weather fix and BotW arc have been nixed?
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