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    I love playing Runescape, reading (mainly science fantasy/sci fi), and writing (hence the RP stuffs). I'm also a wee bitty obsessed with all things fibre related as I knit, spin, crochet, felt and sew. Distraction is likely when encountering sheepies, bunnies and alpaca.

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  1. *grins* Yeayyy!! Much happiness. A new Red Warder and a Red minty in one week, that's pretty good going I'd say. Mystykins would call that accent gibberish... I'm sure it's some kind of technical term. You know, we didn't even RP so much that Mumsy will feel a need to twap both of us upside the head! We're so well behaved.
  2. Very seriously, for once, it will be entirely my privilege that you agreed because you're the bestest. Nothing like further complicating our already tangled and twisted family tree here at DM, right? lol Let's do this before you get some common sense and change your mind. *lays hands on Dicey's head, channels the weaves required, and lets them settle into him* Burn me... I haz all kinds of stuff going on up there now! Myst is gonna hate this lmao. *adds special Reddie snugglebites*
  3. LINKY Just in case anyone else wonders what all the spamming led up to. *returns this thread to normal usage*
  4. *grabs Dicey's hand before he can leave the Red Quarters* *Pulls him down on a comfy bench beside her* *smoothes skirts down nervously* *... and finishes the sentence* ...I knew an adventure was going to happen! And what an adventure it's been... *grins* ... 13 years of an adventure in fact. And it's time and more than time, that I asked my Dicey a question (officially) that I've wanted to ask for years. May I bond you as my Warder? And if you don't say yes, I'mma make your life even more miserable than I currently do because, trust me, I've learned new tricks as I've got older lol.
  5. *ribs hurt from laughing so much* *kicks over several pieces of furniture in the process of flailing around* Ok....enough... of.... that!! *scoots free of tickling hands* *channels a barrier of air between them*
  6. The name is vaguely familiar but unless you were active in any of the Orgs or the RP, our paths probably didn't cross. Welcome back just the same. Many of us do the whole wander off and return thing, often multiple times lol. Been a lot of changes recently and you'll find some of the old boards and groups have been archived. The Debates and Discussion board is one of those so if that's where the Asmodean thread was...I can't recall offhand...then it's gone. If you want to talk Books and TV series, you'll find them below this one on the main index page. The Groups (Orgs/RP) have all moved over to Clubs format which can be found on one of the top tabs up there ^^^^. Have fun exploring!
  7. *shrieks and kicks* *wriggles* *lashes out in various directions with uncontrolled limbs* *manages to grab spork and sporks Dicey to make him stop*
  8. Seriously? You're messing up the rug. *crouches beside Dicey and thumps him heartily on the back* I'm most definitely not a Healer, you know. Do I need to fetch Nyn?
  9. Well done, that's nicely answered. The first question was looking more for what the members are expected to do i.e. what our purpose or role is, rather than what the White Tower is here to provide. The shortest answer is that we are here to Serve and part of your time as an aspie (Aspirant) is to find where you can do that best and in what capacity. Speaking of being an Aspie, you are allowed to post in the Aspirant Quarters board up there ^^^ too. Activity is limited to the aspies themselves and the White Tower staff. That's Kaylee, Elgee & James currently as our Keeper just stepped down and that position hasn't yet been filled. Ok *showers you with red confetti and hands you a strawberry daiquiri* it's all going well so far! Time for visiting! Here's Part 2. Ready, set.... GO! Part Two: The Subgroups What we normally recommend is that you start a post in this thread and, as before, go back and edit it over time. That the format is as follows: [Ajah/Guild Name] --[Who is in charge] --[general focus, if there is one] --[link to relevant post #1] --[link to relevant post #2] Rinse and repeat for at least 5 of the 8 Ajahs and the Warders' Guild. Now, I'm going to definitely recommend you make the most of a visit to the Warders' Guild because, even if you end up eventually choosing an Ajah, you may require the assistance of a Warder in future! Added to that they're all just rather lovely people so if you choose that route, it's handy to already know people there. And look out for Bob, he's very fond of eating random aspies.
  10. I'd say if you can handle watching it regardless of the ending, then it's still worth a watch. It's not quite P&P or Emma, but it's a typically lovely British period production and it's one of those things we just can't be beaten on. The cast are a delight to watch. I enjoyed the whole thing right up to the last 5 minutes lol. I still have to see the D Abbey film. I loved the series, which I binge watched after it was all over on TV, so hope the film lives up to expectations. Yeah. No. That's unacceptable. Get on that asap... I only have Amazon and standard UK cable TV so I'm not especially overloaded. I don't watch a huge amount of terrestrial TV outside of favourites we've been following for years or UK based documentaries. A lot of the shows I watch are either catching up with series I missed in the past or seeing US and Aussie shows that must be acquired lol. Chesapeake Shores is one of my current guilty pleasures in the "not available in the UK" category. Lucifer will now be in my "not accessible unless you pay for it" category as it's shifted to Netflix.
  11. Just finished watching Sanditon on Monday, and I'm torn as to my opinion. It was adapted by Emmy and Bafta award winner, Andrew Davies. He was also the force behind the outstanding BBC adaptation of Austen's masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Sanditon starred Rose Williams, Theo James and Jack Fox, (of the Fox acting dynasty; seriously, if you don't know who they are you need to change that), and was an unfinished novel. Sadly, despite superb acting from a stellar cast and some wonderful, scenic shooting for the backdrop, the series ended feeling like it too was unfinished. I didn't actually realise it was the final episode because it felt so much as if one more installment was required to complete the story. Austen is renowned for providing her protagonists with adversity yet always, ALWAYS, giving her readers a happy ending. Cue outrage and uproar across social media when viewers watched the end of this series last Sunday. I suspect it's, at least in part, due to it being a project for ITV (commercial channel) instead of the BBC but it was a huge disappointment and felt like a waste of 8 weeks. *le sigh* Favourites for me this year have mostly been Amazon originals. New Amsterdam, a hospital drama which had a knockout first season with brilliant casting, strong main plot and entertaining sub plots; Good Omens, (need I say more? Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman together are double strength genius, and the casting was inspired. Particularly the, always underrated, David Tennant); American Gods, (more Neil Gaiman weird genius plus mythology and a hefty dose of the ever twinkling eyed Ian McShane, what's not to love?); and Jack Ryan, strong casting again in this one with John Krasinski taking lead very credibly, ably supported by Wendell Pierce. I enjoyed all the movie adaptations of the Jack Ryan novels but wasn't sure how the action would translate to the small screen. The answer is, incredibly well... much to my surprise. Thank heavens Season 2 is out November 1st.
  12. The reading and chatting sounds good! The evening working... not so much. Hope you sleep well, Mumsy.
  13. *forces Dicey's jaws open and tips some scotch down his throat* *closes jaws again* *waits for the world renowned medicinal effects to kick in*
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