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    I'm interested in Sci-Fi (particularly Star Wars and Dr Who), fantasy, all manner of book, architechture, trees and history.
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    Oh wow, I totally forgot about stealing the Seat. Glad you liked them!
  2. Blank, have you read Inkheart? That book has a character that did exactly this.
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    Just my general stuff.
  4. I loathe the fact that my full name is shared by two gun smugglers. It doesn't feel like its mine, two other people are using and abusing it at their own disgression. Middles names mean something to some, especially if you have a common names. I know a few people who hate their first name, and go by their middle name. BB and I discussed names a couple of nights ago, its quite interesting. I'd shove her in this thread, but she's busy. Fantasy ability.... that's a tough one. I don't know if I'd want one. I'd be the guy stubbornly doing things despite a lack of said power.
  5. Don't sell it short. I have a friend who desperately wants to go to Kent for.... reasons unknown. I've got no clue, to tell the truth. I love where I live, I've lived in suburbia all my life! We've got beautiful beaches about an hour away in a couple of directions, and there are beautiful mountians and forests as little as 5 minutes away by car. I often just go wandering around, things are quite clear, I can wander through the mountains in the direction of BB's house, though that's three hours away on foot. You can get up on a mountain just down the road, and see all the way across the city to the ocean. And when I say city, I mean a tiny huddle of rather pathetic skyscrapers, surrounded by kilometres upon kilometres of suburbia. We really have an enormous suburban sprawl. And the futher away you go in any direction, the prettier things get, for the most part. Great big rainforests, and national parks, spectacular mountains and waterfalls and everything. Though you have to drive for that. A couple of hours away is a crater like area that I believe has the oldest rainforest in the world, it's pretty incredible. Went there on a biology camp. I should stop rambling.
  6. I have never read the Foundation series either. I can't remember if maybe I started on the first book, but I don't think I ever did. I remember that I enjoyed Asimov's "Robot" series though, as well as some of his short stories. One classic science fiction book that I have been hearing a lot about lately, and that I think I might finally read, is Ender's Game. Personally, I loved that series. I thought Foundation was brilliant. nooooo Colour of Magic! and I definitely agree about the ending of His Dark Materials. Loved the series, loathed the ending. I own the books, but will never reread them.
  7. Busy. Swept off my feet and buried in a mudslide. Figuratively.
  8. I'm so sorry, I rewrote the whole thing, and sent it off, but it didn't actually send, and I lost it, and there's been no time! I'll have it minus the second bloke in a week, max. Oh wait I'm going on a camp. Blast! Two weeks tops.
  9. *wanders back into the Sung Wood Pub and sinks deeply into a chair.* how are the Ogier?
  10. If the AS is going to be Raised to the Shawl in the Main Timeline and thus only going to the tower 20 - 30 years before and the Warder joined the Tower Guard at the same time he would still be 36-56 in the current year and if both want to play under the conditions and limitations of that I have no problem backing that. I'll have to poke BB, but I'm pretty sure this was exactly we intended.
  11. Right- sorry. I'll address those things; the bio was altered severely more than once, those are leftovers from previous versions.
  12. Welcome Lady ireland! I assume from your name that you are Irish? I think we have a couple of others floating around the place..... Definitely check out the social groups, Especially the Band of the Red Hand and the Wolfkin!
  13. Nice to see you back! I guess. You predate me by.... well, nine and a half years. I guess you already know your way around, but if not be sure to check out the social groups, we all have a heck of a time there. I think I'm supposed to try and convince you to go to the Band, but if you go anywhere you'll probably see me around. Your name would suggest that you're a BT fanatic though. Tell us a bit about yourself?
  14. *sneaks in* I just thought this quote was really relevant to this discussion: “A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” ― C.S. Lewis *sneaks back out*
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