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  1. Taco Bell's Superbowl Ad and new creation

    We have real Mexican food here... but it is not fast with a drive thru.
  2. Taco Bell's Superbowl Ad and new creation

    So it was the Quesalupa-- a cheesy chalupa. I tried it... not bad at all. Not something to rush home to tell everyone about, but one of the better items on the menu.
  3. The Beers of the Red Hand

    I'm expanding my horizons by dipping into mass market apple ales. I like Redd's green apple. Maybe not impressive to a "beer snob" but I finally found a "beer" that I actually enjoy drinking all the way through! There is some local beer with apricot flavor made here in Utah I've tried as well though that was pretty good.
  4. Taco Bell's Superbowl Ad and new creation

    Do you like burritos?
  5. Apparently Taco Bell is unleashing some new "creation" at us and announcing it during the Super Bowl. It's a mash up between two things, but that's all we know. They already mashed together Doritos and Tacos... what could possibly be better? http://www.businessinsider.com/taco-bells-mystery-super-bowl-product-2016-1
  6. When's the last time you read the books?

    Yes, you should! If you're needing a refresher though, encyclopaedia-wot gives great recaps
  7. This might seem odd for a musician, but I'm in the camp that hasn't really been keeping up with new stuff. I barely listen to the radio and don't really enjoy listening to new songs very often unless I come across a new band that I wish I'd heard of earlier, then I'll jump off the deep end. (I found Eisley in 2008 then suddenly bought three albums and overdosed on them.) I guess my favorite 2015 album was John Williams Star Wars soundtrack.
  8. I did a re-read preparing for AMoL. When's the last time you read the books? And would you ever be interested in doing a "book club" re-read? (Several of us doing a re-read, discussing every few chapters)
  9. A Look Back and a Glance Ahead...

    2015 was good but stressful - had a baby, graduated, moved to a new state, started a new job. 2016 is starting out well... at the very end of 2015, found out a company-wide $3/hr raise went into effect on new years day! Two weeks later, my new church is having its first service, and over the next week I'm working on some legal filings to make it official. I'm expecting a rewarding year on both fronts.
  10. Some more fun :D

    I"ve been trying to do these for a couple decades. Still can't, though I can usually make out where on the page I am supposed to see the image... it just never "pops" for me.
  11. Some fun 4 the BotRH

    I may have seen something like it before...
  12. Some fun 4 the BotRH

    haha I knew that was coming
  13. Now and Laters

    How do you handle being on stage then?