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  1. Sounds great! I should get the first post in tonight sometime after work!
  2. I accept. I'll look up my stats later and may not reply until tomorrow, but I'll be using whatever stats I currently have.
  3. It all depends on the specific genitive used in "of." They could be: The people who belong to the Dragon The Dragon's people The people who are devoted to the Dragon The people who identify with the Dragon etc. They are definitely the Dragon's people, in that they are the nation that spawned him. The others are more debatable though.
  4. So can a family in Denmark visit the U.S. for "vacation" for a couple months, give birth, and then name their child whatever they want before ending the vacation and bringing the newborn home?
  5. F Horn of Valere - der'Manshima Can't remember the details (not into D&D but I read the books about 8 years ago), but I want whatever cat Drizzt had.
  6. You still have warders. And I hear alcohol goes a really long way in distracting Band members...
  7. So curious thing about the names... if an Icelander goes to another country to give birth, is that rule able to be skirted? And does it apply to just first names, or also middle names? I like the list... though I can't get my head around leaving babies outside. I'm just too untrusting!
  8. Voted other. Yes, it sounds interesting, though it would go to the queue of books that I'd like to someday get around to. (I have to be picky until grad school is over.) It does sound interesting though-- if I picked it up in a moment of procrastinating weakness, the synopsis makes me think I might have to read further in the series.
  9. F Horn of Valere - der'Manshima - Renshai Since cheesecake is not listed, and cake is obviously inferior to the other options... any type of cherry or berry pie.
  10. After my GP is approved (and maybe after a purchase?), I challenge anyone to a duel!
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