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  1. It all depends on the specific genitive used in "of." They could be: The people who belong to the Dragon The Dragon's people The people who are devoted to the Dragon The people who identify with the Dragon etc. They are definitely the Dragon's people, in that they are the nation that spawned him. The others are more debatable though.
  2. So can a family in Denmark visit the U.S. for "vacation" for a couple months, give birth, and then name their child whatever they want before ending the vacation and bringing the newborn home?
  3. Perrin could pull it off. He is frowning there, and he has a bad habit of being a bit sulky...
  4. 26. Craziest ethnic food you've ever eaten 27. Favorite instrument(s)
  5. *glares at the algai* Aren't there some latrines around here that need cleaning?
  6. If by yucky you mean awesome, then yeah!
  7. *dives after it in the trash* 5 second rule!
  8. I love fruitcake... haven't gotten to have any in years though. No one remembers a time when it was considered a thoughtful gift.
  9. That is kind of an intimidating nickname.
  10. Interesting. Last I met Bob, no one knew anything about him. Except that his name is Bob. And he is a monster. That makes sense though... Verbal looks a little shifty, doesn't he?
  11. What he said. My advice on bonding is that you should wait six months after the point where you have decided you want to. Unless you have interacted with your bondee for many, many months first. Too many bondings are dissolved because of rushing into things.
  12. Not an aspie, but to me, the Ren'Shai way serves both as a reminder of where I came from, and where I'd like to be. Maybe a painful reminder of where I am now, I suppose... lost a bit of discipline and replaced it with added pounds when my son was born, followed immediately by grad school and a full-time job.
  13. So curious thing about the names... if an Icelander goes to another country to give birth, is that rule able to be skirted? And does it apply to just first names, or also middle names? I like the list... though I can't get my head around leaving babies outside. I'm just too untrusting!
  14. Returning Member F Horn of Valere Warder Der'Manshima (I was a Sword Lieutenant when I left) Ren'Shai
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