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  1. It all depends on the specific genitive used in "of." They could be: The people who belong to the Dragon The Dragon's people The people who are devoted to the Dragon The people who identify with the Dragon etc. They are definitely the Dragon's people, in that they are the nation that spawned him. The others are more debatable though.
  2. Yes, the social groups are great! I joined WoT mainly to hear about rumors about the upcoming Knife of Dreams book, but the social groups are what really kept me coming back!
  3. I love the other Brandon Sanderson books! Mistborn Trilogy is a great way to introduce his work... fun, easy to read, full of action from the get-go.
  4. Further reason why a showdown is not necessary: Nynaeve discovered how to heal the madness. After teaching the technique, all it would take is a quick delve to see no madness. Check the same guy a decade later, and you have proof that the taint is gone, not just the word of a powerful Amyrlin who already believes it. There is no reason to think that the WT's doubts over the taint would last more than a decade, even if some of the stereotypes carried forth a while longer.
  5. And not possible with the BT around. Ok little confused here. Why would anyone try to do so unless it was a criminal of either sex at this point? It was a very really necessity for thousands of years but that all changed with WH. Exactly... the Red Ajah no longer has any reason to do this. Thus, their entire existence is no longer necessary without a new purpose-- this was all to illustrate that although only one of the Reds converted to a new purpose survived the Turnings, the other Reds have to at least listen to her... either they fold up the Ajah, switch to a meaningless purpose and shrivel and die as an Ajah, or they embrace the purpose of bridging the Towers, which brings the topic back around to the thread's purpose-- the future of the BT. If the Reds continue their shift, then the WT and the BT stand a good chance at a real strong alliance. I could see a hitch in that alliance though with Logain, though his change of heart at the end makes me think he could be convinced if presented with enough evidence and persuasion regarding the extreme benefits to humanity.
  6. She still has some significant influence though, but even more, she has common sense on her side. The only thing for certain is that the Reds have to find a new purpose now that Gentling is unnecessary and reversible. The ajah will wither and die without an important purpose, and this provides them with an easy out.
  7. I'll buy that explanation if it is stated in the encyclopedia-- I think if that is the case, it is likely to be in there. If not... still plausible, but I still think it is more likely to end up being an extension of the WT, or related to non-AS female channelers. Somewhat unrelated, but I think it would be interesting if some men didn't want to become Asha'man and tried to join the WT as male Aes Sedai. It would create some interesting problems, and though don't think it will happen (just a random muse), that is not explicitly shot down by Brandon saying that hte Asha'man will remain separate.
  8. A palace is not the same as a tower... no way it would be big enough for long-term use. And with Tar Valon's history as being the White Tower's city, I don't see Logain ever willing to relocate there anyways. There would be no point in relocating either tower unless one were destroyed, since traveling makes the need obsolete. I imagine there will be a lot of examples of Androl and Pevera though, tying the towers very tightly together ideologically, though it will probably be a gradual transition, maybe not really fully realizing itself for a generation or two to give stigmas a chance to reinvent themselves.
  9. I don't think they will end up physically under one roof. Moving the men into the White Tower would be difficult, logistically, because the WT has 3000 years of tradition-- they would have to go through a very major renovation, and with the WT expected to return to its former glory in numbers, it would not be big enough. The only scenario where I see them physically going under one roof is if the White Tower were destroyed, perhaps by Seanchan invasion, and they formed an anti-Seanchan alliance with the BT and joined forces. I DO think that they will enter an era of close cooperation... just they will utilize traveling and remain their own separate entities, in their current locations.
  10. I loved the start of the construction of the tower. At first I thought it would be great if they truly became Aes Sedai again, but Logain vs. Cadsuane would never see any real unity, unless she saw it as a way out of the Seat. Also, with traveling, there is no need to have any geographical similarity as long as they set up a traveling ground or chamber. I also hope they change the name from M'Hael to something more impressive, and not a reminder of one of the Forsaken. I hope an epilogue-like blurb will be included in the encyclopedia, though only if RJ left something in his notes about its future.
  11. I guess to each his own then... I felt like the whole point was there was just so much death in such a quick amount of time, and satisfying every developed character's death with a blaze of glory would water down all the other bajillion blazes of glory that would also have to be included as well. In the case of Gareth, it fit the series much better anyways... it would have been far more scream-worthy if he had not had a typical warder's death, and a ton of people would be slamming BS for changing the rules just for his character. Besides, it would have also made it way out of character as well... whenever someone died, we saw it from someone else's POV, someone else who couldn't really care less because they are worried about their own hide or the bigger overall picture.
  12. I just think having some important minor characters (or minor major characters?) die off unceremoniously does a prime job at enhancing the atmosphere portrayed in the last battle. I'm not arguing for it being realistic, but that their deaths are done in the only appropriate way to truly convey the atmosphere.
  13. I have never been a fan of that type of thing either especially in a genre like fantasy. If you have things like trollocs then trying to establish that "Death can happen to anyone at anytime" just seems like a waste. I have been a huge fan of Gareth Bryne so reading "Oh and Gareth Bryne just ran into a bunch of trollocs and died" just makes you want to throw the book at a wall. What was the point of Siuan and Gareth's death? Just another "shocking twist"? The Wheel of Time didnt need "shocking twist" so I dont see why the last book had to catch up with a whole bunch of them. Isn't that the point? War is full of pointless deaths, even if the war itself is just... it would be pretty lame and pathetic if every character with a great arc died heroically. Dark One: DEMANDRED, LET SIUAN AND GARETH DIE HEROICALLY BECAUSE THEY ARE COOL CHARACTERS. Demandred: Of course, Great One. I will command a fist of trollocs to not fight back if the warder ever makes a suicide charge, so that their great love story is deep and not meaningless.
  14. the 100 soldiers come back with hinderstap people for the second battle : " with them came more soldiers of the band , like the hundred who had fought here before. Except ... except by the light of the dreadlord's dires , the faces of those soldiers were the same as ones who had fought here before ... fought here and died " it's p829 ( end of chapter 40 ) Ahh, my mistake. That's strange. It could make a funny scene. I wonder if they all killed themselves in the middle of town or something. They must have went back and gotten themselves killed somehow. No... All they had to do was go to bed the night before in Hindestrap. Hopefully that part of the pattern is fixed now with the DO no longer pulling on the pattern.
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