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    surfing reading rumbling with my kids and brawling with the Sarms!
  1. The Pool !!!

    it was nice of Belgium to recognize my magnificence....
  2. The Pool !!!

    you better hook up with me! thats my bday month!
  3. Just popping by to say HI!

    hey stranger! id say hit him HP at about 5 Wots probably a little too complicated til hes 7 or 8
  4. Happy Australia Day BBQ!!!

    lol the Karate Barbie!
  5. The Pool !!!

    comes up spluttering but with a firm grip on Tays leg i suggest u hold ure breath hun starts lifting you better not have been in Sydney!!!
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    literally all i did was right click on the pic copy then right click in the text box and pasted
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    just copy and paste darthe
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    what do ya mean blacklisted? I didnt do nuthin!!
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    this is gonna be SO much fun!
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    my GOD i hope one of u preferably u rands scum cass' meltdowns will be awesome to watch lol
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    dragoon huh??? welcome and please remember if you get divorced from cass because of Mafia it wasnt me who got her into it! oh and @cass??? why does he have an INFANTRY name???? glares
  12. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    if you died that would have solved the game for me
  13. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    i know you do but thats TWO games in a row that agreeable scumbag kaylee got me!!! Paranoia is now ON!
  14. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    I think Dice will be more of an asset than a stumbling block. He's going to make it easier to lynch arie or Darthe. So, is Nin the best shot then? oh @Ironeyes have you learnt nothing??? you DONT really want me around at end game lol theres never any telling when i will make a complete and sudden turn