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    surfing reading rumbling with my kids and brawling with the Sarms!

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  1. considering how irregularly you post i will thro it up wherever i see you that wolves of whatever game he ran
  2. dicetosser1

    Black Tower Roll Call: January

    im here
  3. oi!! u posted those mafia qts in ure game yet??
  4. well know u know different!
  5. missed this earlier. now im spewin i cant play! i was just saying last game that i missed you wifi!!!
  6. i cant. have just moved house and have the net linked but theres something wrong with the phone lines so i cant actually get on. due to time and money i have no idea when that will be fixed. sorry
  7. yeah today bugs bunny is thinking of making a left turn at seph st.
  8. @Cass are you town? how could someone tell that this game?
  9. i know u would. but hes not even in my thinking right now.
  10. im feeling like mafia want me leading. Cause they think they know where im gonna go. and thats not sitting well with me. and that time frame is gonna cause me problems im gonna have to work straight after dl really. #annoying
  11. i agree that town nyn votes for me in that sitch if only so she can tease me about getting her wrong forever more. kat... its hard to make a decision on what kat would do cause she can blow in any direction. i have the feeling im getting played. since when do people want ME to lead a lynch?? it may be gut time.
  12. i had already layed out my nyn case before i said that about clov. so you think im scum?? Why? lay it out for me. I cant remember lenlo going this hard as scum at someone let alone someone of AJs level/rep. He might do it at someone like me for eg but the AJs clovs atc of this site i dont think he would. I THINK their town town but i DO have a small thought that it could be w/t and id think the wolf is len over aj tbh. but thats a very small thought. and its coming out of lenlo being so tunneled in.