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  1. keep trying zander the more u talk the faker uree sounding. u couldnt NOT make a post like this bit over the top dont u think? especially for something that everyone knows is coming? @town i say we lynch zander
  2. im not tryin anything. u want a town read? then be clear towwn otherwise dont whinge
  3. im never lynching niniel im liking crush krak is always a wait and see how he goes thing for me
  4. i dont think i like where i am tbh im not sold on zander. theres times he feels forced. nyn seems town but its making me think of a recent game at jn of hers i looked at and got her wrong on. its pure tinfoil im probabvly going to stay on zander problem for me is im leaving in about 20mins and wont be here for dl
  5. can i lock crusher as town simply cause he's making me laugh?
  6. corys not the only one who can read her. they key to niniel is 2 things 1 is she asking questiona from a kinda weird angle 2 is she being careful or kinda bold with her voting
  7. I dont hide. i sometimes dont get to post but i dont hide locking niniel in Town
  8. nope. im not even caught and i know we rnt doing that i laughed
  9. go away im sleeping yeah sorry works been killing me im here now but not caught up yet
  10. wrong they call them Joe vote zander we didnt lynch him d1 like we were sposed to last game lets try again!
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