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  1. Dice grabds a bit of chair leg, spins and chucks it straight at Jea
  2. had to wait til a certain date passed now need not to be exhausted from work... will get to it in next few days
  3. Dice stands where he is watching as Cairos uses useless weaves and simply stares at the silly man...
  4. staggers in. Brew tea please Tay!!! plops in a chair
  5. Dice just shakes his head glad that all the shots are going there the one place he wont get hurt!! picks the tankard up and smashes it on Cairos' toes...
  6. owww!!! I didn't know when it was gonna happen i tell ya!!! SHEESH!! @Cairos me and Tay are getting Bonded!! Happy now? rubs head
  7. There already is one Was Land of the Madmen but I think they changed their name which sucks cause we got to read an excerpt from the dictionary especially on the Land of Madmen...
  8. hope you dont expect that good behaviour to last long.....
  9. Dice feels a sense of warmth. Followed by a.... sense of something other. After a moment he seems to hear a certain accent in his head of all places. Suddenly he looks at Tay and simply smiles....
  10. Dice sits besides a skirt smoothing Tay and wonders.... cause a skirt smoothing Tay means 1 of 2 things either he's about to get twapped (most likely option) or she's nervous (a longshot) As she speaks he realises which it is and is surprised. When he realises what she actually said he is stunned! The last line tho soothes him....this was familiar ground. He mulls over the wording of his reply. "Tay our friendship, like a great Scotch, has only gotten better and stronger with time and is something we can savour for ages, celebrating life with it, commiserating life with it, just HAVING life with it. Without it our lives would be missing something. It would be my honour to be your Warder."
  11. Dices hands hit the barrier of air and go no further Dice pouts. This WASNT what was supposed to happen she was supposed to channel AT me..... walks away sadly..... and muttering about overly clever Reds...
  12. grunts in pain keeps tickling while probably bleeding...
  13. Dice suddenly moves. Making sure to swallow the sweet scotch he grabs Tay and begins to tickle.....
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