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  1. :O:O:O:O:O:O You dont own LOTR!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Get the one volume edition with the apendices and you have to read those too!!!! how do u get a 5th Eragon book? Unless its a whole new set of his adventures... I suggest Anthony Ryan his Ravens Call series is aWESOME! or Brent weeks for his night angel series
  2. awesome congrats so now I can just chop you into little bitty pieces when ure unhelpful right?
  3. Hey @Hayl3y there a novice who is being unhelpful and not doing as she is asked... and her name is Lavandula...
  4. seeing as you know where it is how about you furnish me a link?
  5. well "favourite" im wating on that write up! Hop to it Recruit!
  6. So are you! SPOTFINE!!! Lava! You are spotfined for causing the spilling of a Band brew! Your punishment is to write up a post on Ale and its types. Cover at least 3 types preferably from 4 different countries. Cover things like ingredients, taste, how widespread in the world it is. SPOTFINE!! Jea! for allowing your drink to be spilt you are hereby sentenced to create a WOT based drinking game for the Band to play SPOTFINE!!! Cairos!!!!!!! You didn't REALLY think you were going to get away with this d
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