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  1. Vampire Lestat is ok but thats at thew end of the series iirc. Youve got Armands book and mmnoch the devil and stuff Queen of the Damned is pretty good book
  2. Walks in, empties the room of everything except Lava and the series, locks all windows and the door on his way out. Sets Bunyan on guard duty outside "Read girl!" sigh and your just hitting the better ones lol
  3. give Cairos a light shoulder as he walks past to million hey mills! you found this site? they hold games you can join. maybe even dm? https://roll20.net/
  4. Where are you up to with anne rice? im waiting on another werewolves one
  5. HOW DARE YOU!! for a long time Shadow Rising was my fav. stick with it and no going back until youve finished the lot including new spring either read that between 5 and 6 or when you get bored with Winters heart... Agreed. shakes head you have barely reread! i must have reread the series at least 30 times. first book i picked up the tDR from then on did a rearead before every book came out plus individual reads of books during the year. KOD is my fav
  6. Yeah im the wrong one to ask I tend to be a bit..... independent shall we say? cocks eyebrow "a FEW??"
  7. Read them all you need to get on that btw Fav band character obv Mat but taking him out Nalsean Music cause I dont really travel and i cant cook
  8. Watching Lav leave Dice wonders if she knows this task doesnt count....
  9. there comes the sound of clopping hooves in the hallway.... soon after a warder enters leading his horse he walks straight towards Hayl3y "What have I told you?? no matter how many times you change your name Boanded I will STILL find you." Letting go of the reins he engulfs the First selector in a bear hug. Turning to the others he says " Im dice and if you dont know who I am then your a newbie. This one" he jerks a thumb at Hayl3y is mine and im hers. Oh and he (points to the horse) is mine. Warning both hayl3y and the horse bite." Turning to the Aspie in the room Dice speaks again "only book four?? sigh . Well as you are an aspie you can do a job for me... Bunyan left something out in the hall. Can you go clean it up please? Oh you might need this too" hands Lav a peg for her nose then goes and sits next to Hayl3y while Bunyan glares around the room.
  10. wonders how Jea figured out she was bugged.... Hi Lav! hows you?
  11. Wha?? Of COURSE he would! He just didnt. THIS time...
  12. If he bites or kicks you remember its your own fault
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