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  1. You could become a Bartender and serve me drinks all Summer Jea!
  2. i showed. what i dont like about "clubs" is that i have to rejoin things ive been a member of for almost 19 years and the loss of that history of things. I also am not a fan of the separation of the books side and the show side that was put in place nor the restrictions that were placed on expressing your opinion of the show stuff you have seen.
  3. :O:O:O:O:O:O You dont own LOTR!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Get the one volume edition with the apendices and you have to read those too!!!! how do u get a 5th Eragon book? Unless its a whole new set of his adventures... I suggest Anthony Ryan his Ravens Call series is aWESOME! or Brent weeks for his night angel series
  4. awesome congrats so now I can just chop you into little bitty pieces when ure unhelpful right?
  5. Hey @Hayl3y there a novice who is being unhelpful and not doing as she is asked... and her name is Lavandula...
  6. seeing as you know where it is how about you furnish me a link?
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