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  1. yeah but im worthless remember?
  2. i simply picked one. Quite frankly I dont care which gets lynched. I didnt even look at who is on what train.
  3. i agree that you can kiss my a@@ you just had the gall to call the way i play to call ME worthless so I dont give a damn what you want. im out
  4. @cory i already told you im lucy. i dont know the lore at all
  5. im not discounting it. I cant, WONT fully trust Darthe simply because of the lovers role but if hes town there is NO WAY i see there being a t/t lovers pair AND masons.
  6. oh u mean one line of my 9 posts as opposed to your 7? cause a couple of ures are a little long? in a qt where i bluntly told you i wouldnt trust you? the same place where you disappeared for an entire day? yeah sure go ahead and continue to try and make ureself look good.
  7. because it makes you look good and me bad. pretty simple really.
  8. ure thinking is soooo bad im starting to think you must be town.
  9. except for the fact that he is EP and the usual scum tactic is to sit back and wait for jim to explode and screw the game up. and except for the fact that zander made such a song and dance about his na beginning day 2?
  10. excuse me? i did WHAT?? ohh you mean the ONE LINE where i said i think penguin is town? on like d or n 1?? thats trying to pull you off is it? as for wolf in the bag could i have stated ANY clearer that i didnt trust you because we were lovers? 2 way street bro. and its funny people havent had much problem with my game until you announed the lovers. So how exactly then have i not shown you thru gameplay? stop stealing my thoughts how does a mod/player with ure experience miss the fact that zander could have been directly targetted? would you like to contradict ureself any more? one second you point out the true fact that zander could have been targetted himself. but then you throw this up. why is this the most likelyexplanation?
  11. i think hes town. i think. so ive been wanting to avoid doing that first bit. I did threaten to lynch him over the leelou :follow me: thing if we didnt get a scum flip. hence my vote on him. but whatever. its not going to matter anyways. i expect it to be a race to lynch me tomorrow.
  12. well apparently theres no point me catching up on all those pages. Cory has decided im to die because, you know, you dont EVER get a Town/Town lovers pair. Completely out of the question right? Guess it doesnt really matter does it? Corys already decided. Im Lucy btw and yeah Darthes been trying when he doesnt ignore me for a full day which totally killed any small chance he had of getting my trust but unfortunately for him i dont trust Lovers. So i dont say much. lets see if dm lets this post this time
  13. and i thought i was ok at this game... what is it with this role lately?? Thank You both