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  1. Can I help it if she gave me the wrong plug? UK plugs are useless to me.
  2. sorry cant use that wrong plug throws Tay a bottle of water
  3. catches the barrel Cairos threw drinks all the bandy in it walks over and breaks the barrel on Cairos' head
  4. you were probably safer unconscious....
  5. I DO look after you sometimes you know!! takes the drink back
  6. Catches the table puts it in front of him like a Viking shield and charges BB this sort of schooner
  7. No Brid hasnt finished the series. Throws an empty schnooner at Brid
  8. Waits for Brid to break a Band Law cause he knows what the Spotfine is....
  9. throws an empty bottle at the running maroon Delusional sees Cass has walked back into range soooo SMACK! (cuff to the back of the head) "stop telling the newbie fibs!" And Maera you have NO idea how hard it was to get Cass started on the books again so my advice is DONT STOP!
  10. Think Id better leave DJ alone id have to mention the Packers Bears game and then he'd never come back lolololol
  11. Well you better do something like remember my bonus points!! Hi @Maera Welcome to the madhouse!! Jump in grab a Bandy (thats a drink) , don't walk behind the horses while hanging out with the Might Cavalry! , be careful of the Infantry members cause they bite, and always stand close to an Archer if your too far away they will shoot at you....
  12. shakes head and tries sending Stand Fast vibes thru this new Bond...
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