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  1. Sorry all I don’t have much time atm. I’ll try to answer any questions I missed tomorrow. But then I’m gone until Monday.
  2. The last post honestly makes me think kat is town.... as scum I just don’t see her making it. She would have problems either way but eventually she is going to try to blend in. Mans honestly I came in after yesterday wanting to lynch her but I think that I will fight anyone on it currently. It’s just a gut call but I think it’s a good one. Ugh I haven’t even had a chance to hardly read any since daybroke. I saw the flip 😞 and I still want to go back and re read clov. i saw one post about aj that I actually thought was townie as hell about lenlo coming at him. And regardless of what my thoughts were the ost few days I have actually liked most of his posts here and would not want to lynch there today. dice.... bro I love you but I really just can’t read you. I honestly think your scum. Your post before eod about nominating clov after you made your case to get a two for one... I thought was Wolfy as hell. You should be making cases if you have them... it’s how you solve the game, you don’t need to be a accuser... i have other problems as well but I feel like what clov and others are saying... well maybe they just have a better understanding than I do atm if you.
  3. I don’t really rememeber there interactions. was it day one or two ? Probably day 2 but I doubt I get a re read in before eod. why am I wrong?
  4. I did not type this last post? Wtf lol. was trying to type kat can you answer your own question
  5. Darc is there any reason you are not following up with me towards anything? I need to check what your doing with penguin but It honestly feels like your just carrying over your d1 reads with 0 evaluation after a wolf flip. i have tried to engage you multiple times and it seems you ignore my responses and in turn just end up accusing me of the exact same thing and it’s rather irritating. if I missed anything in my quotes from earlier you keep bringing up please show me because I don’t appreciate the low blow earlier. And I’m pretty sure I got your two reads from your day 1 before I asked you.
  6. So yea I guess you could view it that way lol. Not voting there didn’t really change anything, was just pointing out giving the towniest person control even if you were in danger would have looked good imo
  7. I was saying voting him(not saying you should have mind you) would have made me feel better about you.
  8. I’m saying day one not lynching the accused is extremely -ev as we end with no new information and the mafia get a nightkill and we start day 2 as a continuation of day 1 with no information to go off of. inhave talked to you about no lynch in some games so yes I find it disturbing. I actually want to reread here but I didn’t ever think he exaggerated while defending himself towards your wording. This post bothers me. It’s not that I don’t think cass would be a good choice, but clov has literally been diligent and then some this phase. If anybody literally thinks he is mafia then you have not been paying attention this game. if I’m mafia I’m clov is 100% dead (spin this how you want) he should be accused because no one in this thread is putting up half the effort this dude is and I honestly want him to get the final say, as well as hear his closing words before he is killed. he has been Suss of aj and I honestly would have felt better about aj if he had nominated clov here instead because it would have shown a towny mindset even in the face of accusation. I think I would prefer aj is on trial today. Ehhh I’m waiting for something here dice. It’s day 2 not every read can just be tone based alone. I would like some meat to it. The one where she talks about his tone after he only talked about set up. And he said hit take afterward. Each time I read it, it bothers me more. Dude I’m not sure if I’m in your head but I might be in you head right now lol. honestly this is where I am with hallia teammates. aj- likely imo, interactions d1 and my personal opinion he is mafia without those interactions. dice-possible but with recent aj interactions I feel like that could be the team. I think he has fallen off since d1 so not sure I want to lynch him today or anything but if aj is scum would look at. (Not teamed with nyn) kat- possible she could just be struggling which I have seen before. Content isn’t where I would like it. Wouldn’t oppose currently. nyn- slight possibility would want to lynch lynch if kat was a wolf, would need to look at aj/ her interaction but don’t remember anything i honestly don’t think I want to lynch anyone besides aj/kat today I will reread penguin now and see if what aj is saying was true. Maybe I am looking at the wrong side of the coin here but I haven’t been bothered by penguins posts. Soo During the interaction with tripped in regards to her post I didn’t like I had nothing to read her on darc, and I was more worried about the post influencing others when I didn’t think it held merit because it was like page 5 viewing me as mafia not on a team with so and so. So yea it irritated me a bit lol If you read just a bit afterwards I actually read her on her content before I drop my peek on her. a deep wolf is a town read that could be a wolf. So I’m confused why you think that’s weird. But as our reads are so different I’m standing by it 🙂
  9. Hey it’s always fun to try and figure out who the seed was. But I read clovs post about seer and was left dumbfounded and not sure how I even am able to put my socks in in the morning anymore.
  10. Ok... so I’m pretty sure I already told you i answered this. I know my posts have been long but if you don’t want to read them stop asking me questions 😜
  11. The darc part was on my last big post. as for penguin I honestly thought he could be town day one and his day two he came out strong asking and I have thought since day one nothin seemed off about his tone. If he keeps up with his play since the start of today I don’t think I’ll have any problems with him. This list was before darc came back in but I never really understood how she was so high just from the flip in peoples perspective?!?!? Yea someone who reads her well said she was town. But people can be wrong, it’s why we play the game. if I’m miss clearing anyone in my do not want to lynch I would guess cass as I don’t think you are ever in any scenario mafia. And if you are I would honestly high five you for playing this damn well. Cass s has been on point with her town game though sometimes while reading her wots I get the why was this needed thought. But generally I have been in line with most of her thought process and I am like 90% sure she should be town. i probably have dice a little to high if I’m to be honest... I thought I used to be good but i am just a terrible dice reader. Generally when we butt heads he is always town so I have a bit of reserve towards that spot..... if people had their darc reads after she came back in today I would have 0 problem. But I don’t think she really said much day one besides when I pestered her. The only person(clov) who has played with trip and her is the only one I don’t have issues with as you have meta on them both. And I think we can partially trust trippeds view on her. But others who are sleeping you or going along with it because tripped was town, and you are being strongly town read bothers me... especially when if there is no original content to add to the discussion. overall though yes I think darc is town and if I had to pick a deep wolf it would be her, dice or cass in my list.
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