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  1. also hi reds :) been awhile since i ventured over in these parts
  2. Hey sasquatch, I'm on 11, you just have to bear through some of the chapters.... I skimmed certain ones like Elayne lol. Check out some of our social groups I'm in the wt and band of the red hand. Hope to see you around!!
  3. Awww thanks myst, just hope I don't get helmet head! Haha but they had such a wonderful idea!!
  4. Thx alot for the help! I am trying to figure the starting point. I take It you have definitely hears of him before I posted lol
  5. heeyyy you made one :) glad to see it!!! welcome of course! hope you enjoy your time here, you can find plenty of discussion going on about the books. also the social groups are a really good way to get to know people on this site, so you may check them out.
  6. Barry wished he would be able to take his contacts out, while it didn't affect his enhanced vision too much, things at distance he could see clearly were a tad bit blurry and it was always frustrating. While headed down levels Barry was very jumpy at every noise, finally Nox said they are most likely rats. That eased his worry a bit, but not completely. as they round the corner he saw a oni "holy ****" as more creatures attacked the oni, and as some charged there way. Barry held his sword mustering all his strength and focus, "I will take the one on the left" he stepped forward, never appearing to leave his stance and moved into water under the bridge as he parried the claws and sliced the creatures underbelly. as he did the blood covered half his goggles, making him blind out of one eye. It was a mistake he shouldn't have made but he was rusty, and if the others were not there it could be costly. after his kill he stepped back towards his friends," my goggles are useless at the moment" he could still see, but he didn't want slade to get the hint he could see in the dark. Barry made sure to stay towards his backside for the time being.
  7. I was going to say I hate you for mentioning it, before I saw this post.... I forgive you, just a little bit though. ok ok I forgive you all the way,
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