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  1. Mine aren't really aware of it, so they haven't been asking, but we are planning to get it for a Christmas gift. Once we have it, I know they will be ecstatic :). The husband and I are just trying to avoid The Mandalorian spoilers for a few more weeks!
  2. Great, glad to hear it Krak! I'm also sorry. I totally thought I had responded to this and updated the OP. Maybe I dreamed it? lawl. Is that a sign-up @Katiora?
  3. Supporting characters are important! They don't always get enough time in the limelight, but the main characters wouldn't achieve their greatness or accomplish their goals without these fine men, women, children, and foals ( ;) ). Even the Oscars knows to appreciate a good supporting character. I know your first answer is Bela, obviously! But other than our favorite mare, who is your favorite supporting character in the Wheel of Time -- and why?
  4. Rules edited to be 36 hour days, save for Day 1, to better accommodate our multiple timezones :).
  5. Excellent! I will get you on the list. It might be Christmas by the time this game happens though ;).
  6. @Maera - I love Firefly! Regarding our Ajah, as Lily and Lii said, we are known as the Harry Potter Ajah around these here parts, but we love and welcome fandoms of all kinds. We're especially well-versed in sci-fi/fantasy series - both books and tv shows. I think our ability to "let our freak flag fly" so to speak is what binds us together. We are all quirky and we celebrate everyone's unique-ness :). We may be small right now, but we are mighty ;). We're one of those places where it always fits and feels like home, no matter how long you've been away.
  7. Keyholder21 & Hallia, Sister Bond, October 21st, 2019 https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/107785-this-one-time-at-jordancon/
  8. I understand; life happens. We only have 5, so I'm thinking this isn't going to happen anytime soon. I'll leave you on the list, if that's okay, and when/if we get closer to having a full list I will tag you to see if you're still interested.
  9. I will try on the day or two before randing. I don't have SOD/EOD set, but there will always be a countdown timer :).
  10. Wonderful! Thanks @Wildfire Sedai! Glad to have you :). Do you mean a PM before role PMs?
  11. Bookwise: Blue to me means freedom and information. The freedom to choose what "cause" you want to pursue, and information (eyes and ears) to help you do it. DM-wise: It means the ability to "let my freak flag fly" so to speak. It means that I can come here to discuss, geek out, debate a variety of fandoms and never be judged/looked down upon for my geekiness, my choice of "side" of a fandom/ship, my obsession with a book series. It means family -- where you can really be yourself and not have to worry about walking on eggshells or acting a certain way ?.
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