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  1. The clubs and internet are abuzz with talk of the Emond's Fielders, but let's be serious here, they have yet to announce the most important casting - Bela! Do you think they will cast a big 'mane' like Gideon, the miniature horse who played Lil Sebastian on Parks and Recreation, or will they find an unknown shaggy brown beauty? Feel free to join in on the speculation with your own pictures of famous, infamous, or unknown horses that could play our Bela. [Silliness encouraged] Gideon, aka Lil Sebastian:
  2. Official Vote Count 1.3 Dice (2) - Crusher, Krak Verb (1) - Niniel Zander (2) - Sooh, Dice Not Voting (5) - Nyn, Verb, Cory Cabo, NotBob, Zander Vote Count 1.1 | Vote Count 1.2 | Deadline: With everyone checked in, we can finally have a deadline! It is set for: Friday, July 26th at 11:30 PM, EDT (about 38 hours from now).
  3. Official Vote Count 1.1 Dice (1) - Crusher Verb (1) - Niniel Zander (2) - Sooh, Dice Not Voting (6) - Nyn, Verb, Cory Cabo, NotBob, Zander, Krak No deadline yet; still waiting for everyone to check in. If anyone knows NotBob outside of DM and wants to poke him about the game, that would be great :).
  4. Lol Nyn! I almost choked on my dinner bc I was laughing so hard.
  5. Game is open! @Nynaeve, @dicetosser1, @Sooh, @Niniel, @Verbal32, @The Crusher, @Cory Caboose, @Zanatron, @Krakalakachkn, and...I'll PM NotBob since the tagging doesn't want to work with my pasting characters 😂.
  6. The Players: 1. Nynaeve 2. Dicetosser1 3. Sooh 4. Niniel 5. Verb! 6. Crusher 7. Cccccory 8. NotBob 9. Zander 10. Krakalackalackalackalackan Deadlines will also go here:
  7. We are currently working on PMs. Game should be open today!
  8. @SinisterDeath - I enjoy the way you presented your ideas. I concur that having an Avatar, or momentarily inhabiting a person or object (i.e. statue of themselves) is something gods do often in fantasy tropes...and in religious mythos as well - at least in terms of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, etc. I had, however, never applied that idea to Bela. I am about to do a reread of the series and I will look at her through new eyes. I didn't know that was possible after reading it 14 times! Masterful writing by RJ to be subtle enough to not catch attention every time an event happened, but obvious enough so that people did eventually recognize/pick up on it. I love the idea that the DO being so hands-on/Creator hands-off is to show the duality of their natures. Not only in trying to shape and guide the world, but also in trusting "their" people. @Mrs. Cindy Gill - Ha! Fair enough. There were plenty of cats in the background of the series though. If only it were written in present day, maybe she could have had a cameo!
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