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    Reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic.

    I'm a movie addict/fanatic.

    Obviously I am a WoT fangirl (since I was a wee lil 9 years old).

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  1. It's official, so no getting rid of me now ;). ❤️❤️
  2. Dearest HALLY: I’m pretty sure it was soulmate-at-first-sight when we met at JCon. It feels like we have been soul-bonded since then. We’ve talked about this, trying to plan it out to make it extra-special-perfect for months, but the only thing we really need to make it extra-special-perfect are each other :). Would you do me the honor of becoming my Bondmate?
  3. March 2019 Dear Diary, Hey-o. It’s getting closer to JordanCon! I’ve got my tickets and a hotel room all set up. I’m looking forward to sharing a room with Tressie and Hally again. Tress and I always have a good time together and I loved meeting and spending time with Hally last year! I felt like we had this immediate connection. Today I’m booking my flights. Hally is a dear and offered to pick me up from the airport. That way I can save my money for hanging out/sweet merchandise rather than an Uber. Plus, it’s extra time with her! Last year we went out late to pick Kat up from the airport and missed karaoke...so we had karaoke time in the car. It was a blast! Can’t wait! Flight to Atlanta: $550. Love, Key
  4. January 2019 Dear Diary, I had so much fun at last year's JordanCon, that I have decided to go again. It was Wheel of Time mecca - everyone understood my references, wanted to debate/discuss major events from the book and bask in the greatness that is Robert Jordan. Oh! And the merchandise! It was SO cool seeing representations of my favorite characters and scenes. The best part, though was meeting all the great people. Especially one in particular! I will definitely be going again! Ticket to JordanCon: $50. Love, Key
  5. Otherwise it would fast be obvious who was town and who was scum. Yay for the sign-up! Thanks!
  6. Scum could get the tracker and doc too. They are randomly chosen from the entire player list each night.
  7. I read the Shadow and Bone trilogy years ago, but I just finished the sequel duology (Six of Crows and The Crooked Kingdom), and then the first book in the duology that further continues the story for a few of the characters (King of Scars) by Leigh Bardugo. Very good! I'm also in the middle of The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks. It's the second in his Lightbringer trilogy. It's a different take on magic than I've seen before and I'm highly enjoying it.
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