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  1. Was kind of active 2ish years ago, and now suddenly have lots of free time (silver lining of COVID?). Also just finished the series, finally, and was itching for a community where I could talk about WoT so here I am. This post is pretty useless reading it back, but looking at the title of the thread I'm assuming that's alright? Also also any recommended RPs? Sounds like fun to attempt a BT bio. EDIT: I just found out about the TV show today as well, and am very excited for that
  2. Ohhh, I see, Dragon Reborn as in the book. Yeah that makes way more sense.
  3. When you say chapter 10, which book?? Same thing for 'girl squad', no clue what you're referring to, I do have a hunch, but I won't say since I'm not sure where you are and don't want to spoil anything. As for Tar Valon and secrets, that's probably referring to the White Tower having very tight control on women who channel in the Third Age. Any woman found to have the ability is sent to the White Tower for testing. So, some women who can channel may/may not want to keep it a secret. I'll leave at that since, again, no idea how far along you are, and don't want spoil anything.
  4. Groggily, with a brain of lead, and a whirling stomach, Kaito opened his stony eyelids to a sudden throb of pain in his side. "Wake up", a gruff voice said. It was that Warder. His hand sluggishly reached for a knife, and found nothing, he had forgotten about his weapon situation. Blood and bloody ashes, can't they leave me alone?!. At least Kaito thought he said it in his head, but was given another kick and a dark stare by the man. "Watch your language boy, bad enough I had to waste time finding you, now get up off your sorry hide and come with me". Another kick.
  5. It could never be simple with Aes Sedai. They were the reason he crossed the DragonWall in the first place; with nothing but a vendetta on his mind. Somehow, he had ended up joining up with three of them, to reach his goal he thought. Three became four with a fifth unconscious, and the Warder who had spotted him, and to top it all off, a sixth had joined them. That was more than enough for Kaito. But even the white hot rage, smouldering inside was no longer easy to grasp. Oh, it was still there, quietly boiling away, he doubted it would ever disappear, it was just no
  6. The road after Baerlon was uneventful, and the landscape had changed to trees dotting the hills more frequently, rather than the rolling grassy plains they had traversed. Cover was easier than even before now, Kaito idly wondered how anyone could possibly be found here. After they had found a suitable camping spot, Emelda set down and another book appeared in her hands, while they all set up temporary camp. "So if Falme was Blue territory" Kaito asked, "which territory are we in now, still blue?". He had a vague idea of what was going on concerning Aes Sedai, as much as he needed to know
  7. Kaito had stayed as far away from Myrrhi after the confrontation as he could, well, as far away as their 'story' would allow anyway. The two Whitecloaks that had first came up to him were still following, and him and Myrrhi straying too far from each other would definitely arouse more suspicion. The woman did look as if she was ready to kill him though, more so than even before, which Kaito thought was impossible. He was not afraid, that rarely touched him, but he was definitely wary. If you had bought your supplies quicker, this might have never happened! he thought angrily to himself. H
  8. He flinched as Ialsa touched him, readjusting his garb, but kept his silence. He gave a small grunt at her apology; much good that would do. He gave a start when Myrrhi started shouting, he couldn't' possibly fathom this row over a piece of metal on a finger; all he saw when he looked at it was perhaps a means of food after selling it, and glowered at her when she yelled at him to turn around as she got changed. He complied anyway. Suspicion took him as he turned, back over the other side of the Dragon Wall, a woman wouldn't have asked for a man to turn around as she got changed, and he wa
  9. Kaito had stayed silent after Ialsa's question, and during Myrrhi's plan, ignoring the civilised bit, he thought he looked just fine! He didn't really know whether he was expected to contribute with anything either, the whole thing was unfamiliar to him; making plans for more than one person. Had he been on his own, he could've gone into the city without being noticed. Sure, his physique and face placed him as an outsider straight away, he just seldom gave anyone the chance to look. He often found hiding places that others wouldn't even consider. It was getting supplies that was the proble
  10. The words were barely out of Ialsa's lips and Kaito was on the run again. The first time of freedom since he was flung into the air, it had only been a day, but felt like an eternity. Companionship wasn't his strong suit, he had no idea how he'd keep it up all the way to Tar Valon. A day's ride she said, Light! I could run to Tar Valon and back and they'd still be crossing the flaming Arinelle! At least that's what he thought it was called, all this time here and rivers were still something he would much rather avoid, and any large bodies of water for that matter. Pushing such though
  11. Kaito just looked at Ialsa in complete bewilderment as though her head was upside down. "Part-wolf??? What does that even mean?" He hadn't seen much of the creatures and the question was absurd. He would have thought she was joking, had he had a normal sense of humour. It did spark a memory though, of a man howling, and bounding away into the night in one of the towns he was in. Kaito had just put it down to wetlander madness. He then heard Myrrhi's question. "I do not know, but the man with her...is quite observant, probably dangerous". That was as much as they needed to know, no need
  12. "There were two women and one man", Kaito replied. He didn't feel like saying much yet, and besides, he truly didn't know much about the people of that night. "People" was a nice way of putting it. Apparently they didn't need him to scout ahead, no doubt one they were using The Power somehow, and so he was stuck walking besides them, at what was to him, a gruellingly slow pace. It was a long time since he was on the move and not running. After their agreement, short introductions had been made. Ialsa, which he already knew, was the one with the sword, Emelda was the one who could not
  13. Kaito stared, awestruck, by the preposterous deal he had just heard. True enough, he did not necessarily need his weapons to defend himself, but that did not mean he would feel better without them. No weapons??! Easy for you to say woman, when you can fling men about with not so much as lifting a finger. The experience still rang in him, when he was so helpless. You still are helpless, you maggot, strung up and tied, with no other options. And that's what decided it for him. He highly doubted that if he were to refuse the deal, they would give him his weapons back anyway, they wo
  14. Kaito cursed under his breath when the woman stepped up and refused, crossing her arms. He was then surprised when the plump one defended him, and not much surprised him. The one that introduced herself as Ialsa then backed up the young one. The ways of men on this side of the spine she said, humph, all people are the same. Or so he thought anyway. The plump then had a conversation with her, gibberish to him, when Ialsa asked "How can we trust you?". Trust. An alien notion to him, one long forgotten, he did not know what it felt like, or looked like anymore. He had told them the truth,
  15. You do not deserve to know my name, Kaito though bitterly as Ialsa had asked for his, so he kept his silence. He would not forget her name though. Ialsa and the young one stepped back and were now talking amongst each other. The younger seemed to have a look in her eyes, an emotion hid behind it, when she looked at Ialsa, yet he could not tell what. Anger, eagerness, rage, these were emotions he knew. Beyond that much of the human emotions were beyond him, trust, empathy, love, were all unrecognisable or forgotten. The plump woman had then approached him. "I have done quite a lot of
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