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  1. Groggily, with a brain of lead, and a whirling stomach, Kaito opened his stony eyelids to a sudden throb of pain in his side. "Wake up", a gruff voice said. It was that Warder. His hand sluggishly reached for a knife, and found nothing, he had forgotten about his weapon situation. Blood and bloody ashes, can't they leave me alone?!. At least Kaito thought he said it in his head, but was given another kick and a dark stare by the man. "Watch your language boy, bad enough I had to waste time finding you, now get up off your sorry hide and come with me". Another kick. "Stop kicking me Warder! Or you'll be sorry", Kaito whispered, as he finally got up with a throbbing head. The fact that he threatened the man was just a measure of how intoxicated his brain was. Light, what happened last night?. Fragments were coming back, but a foggy haze was all his memory could muster right now. Elan merely looked at him, his face barely changing, taking the threat in his stride. "And why by the Pit of Doom were you looking for me anyway?", a little smirk appeared on Kaito's lips, "Shouldn't your head be stuck to your mistress's behind, or has she died and you felt a bit lonely?" delivering that last line in a dark tone. That earned him a punch square in the jaw, knocking him roughly to the ground. "Watch your mouth boy, that's the last slip I'll take from you". "You disappeared after the WhiteCloak incident, too much of a coincidence for my liking, so Bartha Sedai - which is how you refer to her from now on - thought it would be good to see if you had gotten us into any trouble, you knowing far too much to leave, and that is much as you need to know. So, have you gotten us into any trouble boy?" Kaito got up with a grimace, his side felt like it was bruising, and he suspected the punch would leave a mark as well. Usually he would be surprised at being found, but he suspected his track was more than easy to find after last night. "And what if I refuse to come?" "I knock you out and drag you there", Elan replied calmly, as calm as a distant storm could get anyway, his eyes were a thunderhead to match his tone. "But answer my question first". Kaito didn't doubt the threat, and was in no shape to fight. "Unless you count getting drunk in your wetlands and kissing a woman with a drawling accent, then no." Some of it was coming back now, a little into the night, the strange woman had approached him in his corner, he cared nothing for her or anyone, just the ale, yet she persisted on asking him questions, none of which he remembered, and he could not fend her off, drunk as he was. Elan made nothing of it, who cared who the boy kissed? A merchant from Illian perhaps, for an accent so strong an Aiel noticed, but still no reporting to more WhiteCloaks, which was his main concern. He was almost certain the boy wasn't lying either; he doubted he had the mental capacity to do so just yet. "Come along then, we need to get back to the sisters".
  2. It could never be simple with Aes Sedai. They were the reason he crossed the DragonWall in the first place; with nothing but a vendetta on his mind. Somehow, he had ended up joining up with three of them, to reach his goal he thought. Three became four with a fifth unconscious, and the Warder who had spotted him, and to top it all off, a sixth had joined them. That was more than enough for Kaito. But even the white hot rage, smouldering inside was no longer easy to grasp. Oh, it was still there, quietly boiling away, he doubted it would ever disappear, it was just no longer enough to drive him. He had even begun to doubt that the One Power was being used on him, to domesticate him; a repulsive thought. Even his plan was doomed, what was he thinking? Just walk into a tower filled with Aes Sedai and kill his prey? That plan had a healthy dose of stupidity and too much hope, a recipe bound to fail. So, that night, while he was lost in the embers of the campfire sitting on his own, he decided to leave. The women were no problem, they seemed to be so intent on the unconscious one, each for her own reason, that they paid him no heed. Aes Sedai and their plotting. Technically, he wasn't breaking his word, he was leaving his weapons, and if he wasn't around them, he didn't have to scout for them. Weapons could be made anew anyway. So, he waited until the Warder got up to make his rounds - sneaking away was nigh on impossible with him around - and left, as silent as the waning moon. As he was leaving he spotted those soldiers with white cloaks, hesitant on whether to go back to warn them or not, the clang of steel on steel announced their arrival had been discovered, so he swept away. With no purpose to guide him, he just ran away, no hindrance, no distraction, just running. His feet took him on the Tar Valon path, and soon enough he spotted a town near a bridge, as the sun was nearing its noon-day peak. He entered avoiding the body of water, and starting cutting purses; no honour in that but he was past caring. Sufficiently funded, he found an inn, "The Lions Pride" it read. Surprise painted everyone's faces with shocked murmurs being whispered as he entered. The innkeeper, a stout lady with a firm look asked what was his business, politely enough but with wariness filling her eyes. He threw a few silvers at her demanding the best ale, and for the flow to not stop. The coin worked wonders; she ordered the serving maids staring at him to fetch ale and get to work. And so, settling into a dark corner, Kaito drank and drank, like never before, drowning in the average ale. Memory was going by the time the sun set, and completely gone by the time the crescent moon painted the lands in a faint glow. The last thing he remembered was falling onto the dirt beside the road just outside of town, settling into the comfiest bush he had ever felt...
  3. The road after Baerlon was uneventful, and the landscape had changed to trees dotting the hills more frequently, rather than the rolling grassy plains they had traversed. Cover was easier than even before now, Kaito idly wondered how anyone could possibly be found here. After they had found a suitable camping spot, Emelda set down and another book appeared in her hands, while they all set up temporary camp. "So if Falme was Blue territory" Kaito asked, "which territory are we in now, still blue?". He had a vague idea of what was going on concerning Aes Sedai, as much as he needed to know to get to his next lead, but not much else. The politics of the White Tower were beyond him, and he quite frankly didn't care. But considering that they were headed there now, it seemed relevant to ask, to be prepared at the very least. "And which territory is yours?" he asked all three at once. "You can't possibly be blue, I saw what you did back there to their manor, so which is it?". It started to rain as soon as he had asked them; Kaito had gotten used to the rain now somewhat, but still found the eventual downpour unfamiliar, even if the trees did offer some cover. He felt quite uncomfortable. At least the rain would cover their tracks, he reckoned any pursuers wouldn't cause a problem tonight. There was also something else tugging at his mind. "The woman behind us" he said, "she had a man with her, one obviously used for protection, why do you three have none?". He wasn't really curious about the actual reason, he just wanted to make sure that there weren't any, such a companion could be potentially dangerous to him and his mission, not to mention three.
  4. Kaito had stayed as far away from Myrrhi after the confrontation as he could, well, as far away as their 'story' would allow anyway. The two Whitecloaks that had first came up to him were still following, and him and Myrrhi straying too far from each other would definitely arouse more suspicion. The woman did look as if she was ready to kill him though, more so than even before, which Kaito thought was impossible. He was not afraid, that rarely touched him, but he was definitely wary. If you had bought your supplies quicker, this might have never happened! he thought angrily to himself. He wasn't about to tell her that now, that was a death-wish. He had to admit though, she was the reason they were out without a fight, still, the thought did come very reluctantly. The gates loomed up ahead soon enough, and they emerged without hassle. The guards were more concentrated on those coming in rather than those going out. But even as they left the city, the two were still following. Do they not have anything better to do? Some of the other soldiers had followed them as well, apparently they did not realise that gleaming breastplates and white cloaks made them stand out like peacocks, no matter how well hidden they they though they were. A flash here and there between building was enough to give them away. He wasn't sure if they followed out of the city though, he had only glanced back when they were exiting to spot the two, and hadn't looked back since. He would give himself away if he looked back now, out in the open, he was a 'simpleton' after all. Simpleton am I? Wretched woman. He moved a bit closer to Myrrhi now though. "At least two are still following us" he said simply, and looked away quickly, to avoid her gaze. They found Ialsa and Emelda easily enough, knowing where to look. "There are at least two whitecloaks behind us" he repeated to the two women, standing far away from Myrrhi, without offering any explanation as to why that was the case. He thought that that piece of information was all that mattered now, everything else was irrelevant to him.
  5. He flinched as Ialsa touched him, readjusting his garb, but kept his silence. He gave a small grunt at her apology; much good that would do. He gave a start when Myrrhi started shouting, he couldn't' possibly fathom this row over a piece of metal on a finger; all he saw when he looked at it was perhaps a means of food after selling it, and glowered at her when she yelled at him to turn around as she got changed. He complied anyway. Suspicion took him as he turned, back over the other side of the Dragon Wall, a woman wouldn't have asked for a man to turn around as she got changed, and he was unfamiliar with customs here, leading him to think that they meant to do him some harm with his back turned. He tensed, but nothing happened except for the ruffling of clothes behind him, women were truly confusing, more so on this side of the world. What right does she have to yell at me like that?! And why in the name of Light is she shouting at everyone?! Loud noise made him tense, he kept feeling they'd attract some attention. Fool woman! He half-wished the other would have gone with him instead, she seemed more level-headed, but he kept his peace, he understood their point, their faces were ageless, Myrrhi's was not, for some reason or another. "Kaito, you're coming?". She was already a few paces ahead as the last word left her mouth, leaving him to trail behind. So, no weapons then, or money, he guessed he really was just a part to play then. He didn't approve though. She stalked away, fuming, and looked half-ready to cut his head off, disappearing beyond the thicket. He took one last glance at the women behind him, at where his weapons and belongings lay, and hurried after her. -------------------------------------------------------- "In the name of Light woman, slow down! Slow down, burn you!". It hadn't taken long to traverse the distance between their hiding spot and the city, and two camps of Whitecloaks lay on either side of them now. No one bothered them, he supposed that was the job of the ones standing by the gates, and they were getting much closer to those now. It was late in the day, and there was a steady throng of people milling towards the gate, wanting to get in before sundown. He hoped no-one would look at them amidst these people, it wasn't a particularly dense crowd, but not too thin either. "I said slow down!". The whole way here she had just marched ahead, like a bull charging, with a temper to match, only glancing back once to check he was following. Normally she held little calmness of what Ialsa had, but now she held none. "Unless you want us to be noticed, you need to slow down, I beg of you". They were awfully close now.., and suddenly she slowed down, glanced at him as if just realising he existed, and gave him an accusing look. "Don't be a fool" she said, "I know what I'm doing". Regaining some composure, she took on the look of what he supposed a farm girl would look like, and he followed her lead. The guards took a look at them but waved them through. Kaito wasn't afraid of them, but his body relaxed a bit as they passed through. They went to the nearest shop and he let her do all the talking while he skulked behind, keeping an eye on the street. A couple of Whitecloaks were moving down the street, the people around making an empty space where it was once crowded; everyone avoided them. As one of them was casually looking around, his eyes caught Kaito's and looked directly at him. Kaito suddenly realised he had been staring, he was so used to looking at people from hidden spots he had forgotten he was out in the open, the soldiers moved towards him. Abruptly he lowered his head, away from their gaze, but the crunching sound of boots approaching came nonetheless. "The Light shine on you, what is your business here?" Has she gotten all the supplies yet?? "I said what is your business here boy, are you deaf?!", "When your superior asks you a question, you answer" the other said. Light! Hurry up woman! Keeping his head down to hide his eyes he replied " I uh, am here to...buy supplies, for my parents..on their farm". "Look at me when you speak boy! Only Shadow Spawn and DarkFriends look away from the Light when questioned, are you a DarkFriend boy??", with that the first soldier took a hold of Kaito's chin and lifted his head up. He was met with an icy cold stare from grey dangerous eyes that did not belong here. He backed off quickly and drew his sword, followed by his companion. The crowd that had been moving about had suddenly disappeared. Kaito was crouched now, ready to pounce. "Burn me, you're not from here, you lying maggot! Only DarkFriends lie to us, to hide their evil deeds from the Hand of Light! You will come with us now, in the name of Light, we have some questions for you. Resist and you will die"
  6. Kaito had stayed silent after Ialsa's question, and during Myrrhi's plan, ignoring the civilised bit, he thought he looked just fine! He didn't really know whether he was expected to contribute with anything either, the whole thing was unfamiliar to him; making plans for more than one person. Had he been on his own, he could've gone into the city without being noticed. Sure, his physique and face placed him as an outsider straight away, he just seldom gave anyone the chance to look. He often found hiding places that others wouldn't even consider. It was getting supplies that was the problem, stealthy as he was, he couldn't steal food for this large a group, and there was no way he would be able to buy it, conversation would out him straight away. Not to mention that even if he did manage to get all those supplies unnoticed, he wouldn't be able to leave the city without a stir; he wouldn't exactly be traveling light. Which is why when he considered going in on his own, he kept it to himself, it was simply folly. Which left Myrrhi's plan, which she didn't even seem to ask his permission for. That had crawled under his skin, but he supposed he had no choice, unless Ialsa had something else in mind. He didn't exactly like the idea of going in with one of them, that meant depending on someone else, and he liked none of them any more than he did when he first saw them, but again, no choice. And none to blame but yourself. "If we do go through with this, whoever does go with me will do all the talking", it wasn't an order as such, more that he was simply stating facts. "I.. am not very good with speaking, and my eyes will give me away besides, which is why I'll keep my hood down". That much he was accustomed to, height alone was not enough to give him away, and a shy 'brother' seemed perfectly fine to him. His mind kept to returning to those behind, it was quite the situation they'd stuck themselves in. No one had followed their track off-road yet, but he grew wary. "Whoever stays should also be able to keep a good eye out, and be able to protect themselves, incase that wagon comes up from behind while we're gone". With that said, he waited to see what they would decide.
  7. The words were barely out of Ialsa's lips and Kaito was on the run again. The first time of freedom since he was flung into the air, it had only been a day, but felt like an eternity. Companionship wasn't his strong suit, he had no idea how he'd keep it up all the way to Tar Valon. A day's ride she said, Light! I could run to Tar Valon and back and they'd still be crossing the flaming Arinelle! At least that's what he thought it was called, all this time here and rivers were still something he would much rather avoid, and any large bodies of water for that matter. Pushing such thoughts out of his mind for the time being, he concentrated on the road, it was good to feel the ground racing under his feet once more, - even if he had no weapons - and looked for a hiding spot. At least I don't have to listen to that woman anymore, for the time-being anyway. Scanning the landscape was easy enough, and several times he found suitable spots, but had to remind himself that he was no longer on his own, and was looking for a spot for a large party. It would take time to get accustomed to this. Finally he was able to locate a thicket a bit off-road, that should be suitable enough to hide their mounts. As he was returning to the road, a flash caught his eye, something towards Baerlon. There was a shining speck on the horizon, not too far off, he decided to investigate. Quickly, he made his way to it, to realise it was a group of armed soldiers, the flash was the sunlight reflecting off of their breastplates, which were incredibly clean. Kaito was still a safe distance away, but even from here he could make out that the small group of men had white cloaks on, as white as the clouds floating above. Kaito had seen this type of soldiers before, yet he had never interacted with them, not yet anyway. The soldiers were moving towards him. Unseen, he swiftly ran back to the group. His scout had taken him less than an hour, the sun had reached its peak and was beginning its descent by the time he got back. Even at their current speed, Kaito felt they were slow, still, it was a huge improvement from the former. "There's a good hiding spot just under a league ahead" he said quickly, interrupting their conversation,"but there are soldiers that are probably a league from us now, and would probably pass the spot before we got there, they wore white cloaks". Whether that was of relevance or not, he wasn't sure, but caution was necessary. "At their pace, we will meet in an hour if we stay on the road, will they be a problem?" he asked.
  8. Kaito just looked at Ialsa in complete bewilderment as though her head was upside down. "Part-wolf??? What does that even mean?" He hadn't seen much of the creatures and the question was absurd. He would have thought she was joking, had he had a normal sense of humour. It did spark a memory though, of a man howling, and bounding away into the night in one of the towns he was in. Kaito had just put it down to wetlander madness. He then heard Myrrhi's question. "I do not know, but the man with her...is quite observant, probably dangerous". That was as much as they needed to know, no need to mention that he was spotted by him, much good a scout would do that's spotted! The very fact that he was spotted meant he never got a good look anyway. "Maybe we should move quicker?" he suggested, this pace was really driving him mad. And was it him, or was that wagon getting closer? Still a bit away. "Maybe you can fight them with The Power", slight disgust was welling up again, especially with that look Myrrhi was giving him, even more reason to be wary of her, "but I would do little good in such a battle, if you are confronting them, I can sneak around somehow, attack from behind, just tell me first". "Or" and he hoped they'd choose this option, he'd had enough of delays, "we can quicken our pace". Why was she giving him that look? "How far is the nearest town or city anyway?" he asked, he had a rough idea of the area, but had somehow lost track in captivity on how far they'd come, his mind had been consumed with other thoughts at the time. Another thought occurred. "If you came across them" he said slowly, "are they your friends then?" He had no idea why friends wouldn't know what was in the wagon, or why they would travel in separate groups, but then again he didn't know much about friends, or women. His first thought was that they may have been pursuers from Falme, he'd seen what happened, but if they came across them already, surely they were friendly??
  9. "There were two women and one man", Kaito replied. He didn't feel like saying much yet, and besides, he truly didn't know much about the people of that night. "People" was a nice way of putting it. Apparently they didn't need him to scout ahead, no doubt one they were using The Power somehow, and so he was stuck walking besides them, at what was to him, a gruellingly slow pace. It was a long time since he was on the move and not running. After their agreement, short introductions had been made. Ialsa, which he already knew, was the one with the sword, Emelda was the one who could not stop asking questions, the one asking him questions right now actually, and Myrrhi was the one who had human features. She was also the one that hated him. In a weird way, he was comfortable that he knew that, at least he knew where her intentions were, and he shared the feeling. It felt right. He did not know what to make of the other two though, there was only confusion there. Myrrhi shot him a quick glance, making him want to shuffle his feet, and returned it with a stare. "What colour were they wearing?". Even after his reply, the woman kept talking. He turned to stare at her with cold grey eyes, a stare that usually curdled wetlanders stomachs, she hardly seemed to notice, he doubted she noticed his silence thereafter either. Burn you woman, be quiet! But he would not say it, he was treading thin ice as it is, and he did not doubt Myrrhi would jump at the nearest excuse to throw him out. So he kept his silence, not a difficult task, he was accustomed to silence. His feet itched at how relatively static he was though, he just wanted to run ahead, he had every intention of keeping his word, but he didn't feel comfortable around so many people, especially these women. And so they walked, or rather he walked while they rode, until something occurred to Kaito. "There's a wagon behind us, with one of... with an Aes Sedai", it was still hard on the tongue, "and a Warder". It was no use getting ambushed now, he was with them, no matter how sickening the thought was. Besides, this might put him in favour with them, even if it is only a tiny bit. He wished they'd let him scout, or at least go faster as a group, at this rate he would be driven mad.
  10. Kaito stared, awestruck, by the preposterous deal he had just heard. True enough, he did not necessarily need his weapons to defend himself, but that did not mean he would feel better without them. No weapons??! Easy for you to say woman, when you can fling men about with not so much as lifting a finger. The experience still rang in him, when he was so helpless. You still are helpless, you maggot, strung up and tied, with no other options. And that's what decided it for him. He highly doubted that if he were to refuse the deal, they would give him his weapons back anyway, they would probably knock him out until they were a safe distance away. That meant two options: no weapons with no leads, or no weapons with a chance of a way in, maybe even somewhere down the line they'd let him cut the meat. The thought made him snicker. They would take his belongings as well, that meant no forkroot, which meant no putting them to sleep, not that he meant to do that to them, he truly meant them no harm, not anymore anyway, but still, it felt reassuring just to have it with him. He was a patient man though, and he would not throw everything away for a little bit of extra waiting. He seemed to tell himself that line a lot recently. And so, with a solemn look on his face, and a deep-set frown he did not realise he wore, he looked at them and nodded his head in agreement.
  11. Kaito cursed under his breath when the woman stepped up and refused, crossing her arms. He was then surprised when the plump one defended him, and not much surprised him. The one that introduced herself as Ialsa then backed up the young one. The ways of men on this side of the spine she said, humph, all people are the same. Or so he thought anyway. The plump then had a conversation with her, gibberish to him, when Ialsa asked "How can we trust you?". Trust. An alien notion to him, one long forgotten, he did not know what it felt like, or looked like anymore. He had told them the truth, near enough, he needed a way to get in and they were his only option. He looked up at them, only to become more confused, they had different looks on their faces. The one on the young ones's he could place easily enough, she wanted him gone, she was hostile and held no feelings for him. At least the feeling was mutual. Ialsa however, had another look, was that hope? He had felt it enough times, but never allowed himself to go too far with it, that way, disappointment was further away. The truth was he did not know what to say. The only reason he had made his proposition, trusted them, that they won't kill him in his sleep was because they haven't already. Is that what trust was? He was slightly confused, these women were a bit less monstrous than he had anticipated. No doubt a sham. Sham or not, he wasn't dead yet. He was always reluctant to give information but it seemed the only way now. "I need to get there, to get my information" he said. "And I can't get inside without you", he chose to leave out the bit that the only reason he couldn't get in was that drugging that many women was nigh on impossible, not because he physically couldn't sneak in, but he let them think what they chose to. Kaito may not understand them very well, but he wasn't stupid. Ialsa seemed doubtful however, and the young one's expression hadn't changed. He realised that he just said he wanted to exploit them. "And I can help you" he added quickly, "I have certain...skills, that may be of use to you on the journey, I can scout ahead, or back, and report to you" Report back! Light, I'm reducing myself to a servant to these women! "I don't even need a horse so I won't cost you anything", he still found riding the mounts strange. They were mulling it over but still the same looks. This was exasperating. "I have no reason to kill you!" he exclaimed. Kaito still very much hated them, but it was true. It was also extremely annoying that they doubted his word; he was tipping over. "I need to get to the Tower, I need to! My goal is the information, not you or whatever you're after, Light knows what. I might not be able to channel but I am still useful, and can be of help.." He realised he was pleading now, and felt disgusted with himself, but he could not let his goal slip away, even if it meant sacrificing his dignity. "For what its worth, I give you my word that...I will not harm you, not as long as you don't harm me. And if you accept, I will...protect you from things that you might..", be too arrogant to, "miss". Kaito could taste the bile on his tongue as the words came out. Have I just offered to protect them?! Burn me for a fool! "I tend to notice things, and having me around means less chance of an ambush". He was never a man of words, and he had run out of them now. With nothing else to say, he again found himself in the position of waiting for their answer.
  12. You do not deserve to know my name, Kaito though bitterly as Ialsa had asked for his, so he kept his silence. He would not forget her name though. Ialsa and the young one stepped back and were now talking amongst each other. The younger seemed to have a look in her eyes, an emotion hid behind it, when she looked at Ialsa, yet he could not tell what. Anger, eagerness, rage, these were emotions he knew. Beyond that much of the human emotions were beyond him, trust, empathy, love, were all unrecognisable or forgotten. The plump woman had then approached him. "I have done quite a lot of study into the Aiel.". His ears perked up instantly. Was she really asking him to ask his questions??! The ones he only dared ask when when they were near unconscious? They're mad! "I'm looking for two women and a man" he said, "Aes Sedai". He struggled to say that, calling them anything but monsters wasn't right. "They are...of an interest to me". The woman's eyebrows seemed to raise a little at that, he was surprised she registered anything on her face at all, they were usually colder than this.. "Well" Emelda said, " I personally haven't been there before, although I would love to one day, such a fascinating topic! Much of the conditions you live in are different to ours, not to mention the culture! My oh my, why even your.." she stopped abruptly at a cough and glares from the other two women. "Right, back to the point, I know a bit about Aiel, more than most, I'm sure the Tower would have kept record of any such ventures by our sisters in the past, assuming it was official of course....". "You know" she resumed, "we are heading there right now and.." and again she was cut off by the other two. She had given him information, Kaito thought she really was mad. He thought over everything in his head. Tar Valon, the place he had avoided. Tar Valon, the place full of women who could channel. Tar Valon, the place with the answers. They had left him now, the plump one in her books again, the two conversing. He thought it over and over and over. Light! I can't drug that many of them! Burn them all! ​And so Kaito asked something he thought he never would in his life, much less to a group of women like these, but how else would he get into the Tower?? He cleared his throat with a cough to grab their attention. " Can I.....travel...with you?....to Tar Valon". It was all he could do to not spit the words out, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not look at them, his gaze on the ground. Kaito had been wounded before, fought before, but this was by far the hardest task he had ever done. Finally, after he got the words out, he looked up at them and waited for their answer.
  13. Helpless, tied and trailing behind them like the day's catch, Kaito was dragged as they continued their journey. Several times he had tried to escape, wriggling about, but even when his captors seemed to focus on him the least, he was bound tightly. After it was apparent to him that escape was all but impossible at that stage, he blanked out not listening to a single word the three were saying, wrapping himself in the ever-growing bubble of rage and vengeance. He had done it before, the feeling was familiar, this was only more reason to let the wound fester. One seemed especially intrigued in him, he only stared idly when she waddled over, she seemed knowledgeable. Maybe she was the person to ask his questions. Kaito could not help but snicker on the inside, allowing a small grin to touch his lips. You're not going to ask any questions any time soon you wool-headed fool. His mind did wander back to the warder and his Aes Sedai though, he wondered if these three knew about them. He hoped not, seeing them fall into any sort of trouble would make his suffering just a bit more bearable. And so they journeyed until nightfall, and his captors sought out a campsite. They propped him up against a tree and set camp. He sat silently through it all. Suddenly, the one that was carrying the sword got up, threw a stick at the younger one, the one he could put an age to, and started fighting. The third alternated between watching and burying her nose in some books. Kaito thought it was a true brawl at the start, and perked up, waiting for his chance, but soon after realising that there was no contempt in those blows, he lost interest and returned to his sanctuary. The lack of noise brought him back, the couple no longer held sticks, and were in fact walking towards him, the third abruptly closed her book, got up and made her way to him as well. Kaito braced himself and stared.
  14. Kaito's father, much like most of the Aiel, were stony faced. They chose to give nothing away, usually never relenting into any sort of questioning, and only opened up to those they knew. His father however, had often been stony faced even to his son. Kaito had learnt the trait, even naturally developing it over his long solitary ventures, he was also patient, an essential trait for survival. This was different though, many things had crossed Kaito's mind in that blur of events, many emotions had roiled up inside him like frothing murky waters, but when the the realisation of his position hit him, hanging there, a helpless whelp, much like the day he was born, everything holed up inside erupted like a volcano. And so he cursed, and cursed, and cursed. He used all his muscles to try and thrash about to no avail, hung as tight as a sack of rice, and glared, glared into they faces of his captors, glared with a burning fury threatening to consume him. How many years?! How many years you useless wretch have you been doing this, to get caught like a mouse! Fuming he gaped at them, he was sure of his skills, sure of them! He had not made mistakes this time. How had they captured him? The Power, those wretched creatures must've used the Power. "Burn you! Burn you, you hear?! Bit far from the border you say? Aye I'm far from your border you wetlander witches, you Aes Sedai". He hissed that last part. "Drop me!", he was shouting now, "Drop me now! Or I swear upon the Light I'll make you regret the day you ever crossed me you vile creatures! Drop me now you cowards! You spineless goat spawn! Drop me I say!" This makes no sense! Aes Sedai are not cautious, has the world turned in over its heels??! The shouting continued for a while, Kaito consumed in his rage, confounded by the situation, and they just sat there. Unblinking, expressionless. He could not help but notice how he could not put an age to them, which made it worse, except for the one who seemed very young compared to the other two, she still looked human. But none of them are, Burn me! They're nothing but hounds that should have never spawned. And so he shouted, until he was drained both of breath and spirit. They held him, held him with an enemy he could not fight, at least not while they were conscious, he had lost. The thought suffocated him, and his every thought, and his already emotionally deprived mind was choked further, until only a flame of pure hatred remained. He fell silent and stared blankly into the face of his captors, holding on to that little flame.
  15. The sun had almost reached its peak now, radiating with the warmth of noon. Not so much as breeze stirred, adding to the heat. . The side of the road proved to be a very pleasant run, with more than enough shade, animals were about and the greenery was nor plenty nor sparse. Despite the lack of wind, this was a good day to relax. None of those thoughts had crossed Kaito's mind, except that the lack of wind meant his sound and smell would not run ahead of him. His brain was primed on catching his targets. Eyes always scanning the area while running, for enemies, good cover, where his step would be heard the least, where the shadows would cloak him best so to any passerby, they would hear or see nothing, and the tracks. Always the tracks, they would not escape his grasp this time, he will catch them. He hoped they had answers. He kept a regular pace, which was relatively very quick to any wetlander, with nothing but his mind for company. He liked it that way, life existed only for vengeance now, nothing else mattered, his heart held no space for anything else. And then he spotted them. Three horses with three mounted, from this distance he could not make out if they were women or not though, he had to be sure. Excited, yet calm, always calm and careful, he quickened his pace. Its them! He was close enough to make out their figures now. He silently strode along maintaining the distance he was at. A plan. He needed a plan, a trap to set just like with Vai, Aes Sedai were arrogant, not careful, yes he needed a trap. He decided he would wait until they rested next, even if it took all day; he had patience, stealth needed patience. But I will not let them out of my sight! Burn my soul if I do! And so he decided to get even closer, he trusted his abilities enough, and he wanted to get a better look, besides, no warder was with these women, even if one did carry a sword. He would silently stalk them until night time and lay his trap, then question them. Once again, with not so much as a rustle of a leaf, he quickened his pace once more, he could see them clearly now, contempt rising again, grey eyes glaring and studying with cold hatred. Closer....closer...and suddenly his legs were swept out from underneath him, and in what seemed a blur he crashed into a tree before finding himself on the road, hanging mid-air, legs facing the sky staring into the faces of what were his prey.
  16. Kaito sprang awake, face soaked to find a pair of eyes staring at him..... that belonged to a cow. Its tongue lazily drooping out of its mouth, it looked quite pleased with itself. Kaito was bewildered. How had a cow managed to sneak up on him? And what was a cow doing wandering this late at night? First a wetlander spots you and then a cow licks you, Light! The sun might as well rise from the West now... Kaito ushered the lost cow away before returning to his ditch. The sky had not started to brighten yet; he reckoned he could squeeze in an hour or two more of sleep. ------------------------------ Today I will catch them. Kaito had set off at the first break of light. He was still shaken by the nights events, luckily no warder or Aes Sedai had given chase, nothing would hinder his hunt. He was however, deeply annoyed by the cow, if something with that size managed to approach him that close, without him waking... had that been the warder, he would have been doomed. He told himself it was the fact that he was spotted in the first place that put him off of his senses. He was back now, running in the early hours of the morning was always refreshing. As usual he stuck to the side of the road, it was not long before he spotted some tracks. They fit who he was following, but this was a main road, they could belong to anyone, he resumed his run after covering his own. Not long after that, the tracks veered off to the other side of the road. He hurried across, following them into the tress. He silently stalked the undergrowth, not wanting to wake them, It must be them! He pushed the thought away though, concentrating all his efforts on stealth, he would not make the same mistake twice. The tracks disappeared just beyond some trees and bushes, he quietly pushed a branch away.. to find an abandoned camp site, the fire had not been put out long ago by the looks of it, ashes still smouldering. Burn them! Muttering curses under his breath, he followed another set of tracks away from the campsite and back onto the road. Once again, he set off running. I will catch them today, I will! Kaito kept repeating that to himself, as the sun slowly crept upwards.
  17. The cart was like any other. Or so Kaito thought. Immediately after leaving the small town he headed off to the side of the road, running parallel to it. He could find cover on this side of the world easily enough, and he always preferred to run unnoticed, even in the dead of night. It only took one person to spot him and his whereabouts would be known. The start of the road was uneventful, as he had expected at this hour. No reason to travel so late. As he was running he spotted a cart camped by the side of the road, initially he only saw one woman but knew there was a high chance of someone else being there and so switched sides a little way off. He slowed down his pace a bit to reduce his noise, it wasn't much to begin with, and kept an eye on the traveler and her cart. When they were directly opposite him, a man appeared out of nowhere next to the woman. What in the name of Light? That man had appeared out of nowhere, materialising out of thin air. Intrigued, Kaito stopped, safely hidden, and observed a while longer, to notice that the man wore a cloak that seemed to merge with his surroundings. He knew what the woman was now. Damn them! Are they everywhere?? The feelings of hate and disgust started to roil up in Kaito again, but he pushed them away. This woman was not the one he wanted, he was chasing three, and they had no man with them. Knowing that the man was a warder, her an Aes Sedai, Kaito was even more wary, and just as he started to back up to continue his run, the man turned his head and looked straight at him. Kaito froze up for a couple of seconds, and ran before the man had a chance to move to his Aes Sedai and tell her. He sprinted as fast as he could convincing himself that they had no reason to give chase. Fool! Why did you stay and watch? Fool! He considered himself extremely cautious, and laughed at his stupidity. He knew the warders were tougher than normal wetlanders, but he never expected to be ever spotted by one. He ran a good distance away and looked back, no one seemed to be following, for now. Veering off to the side even more, Kaito chose a well hidden spot, in a ditch by a thicket, shrouded himself with some leaves, checked one last time no one was around and laid down. His last thought was a hopeful one, that he would catch the three tomorrow, before sleep took him.
  18. Tar Valon. The name rang in Kaito's ears, resonating over and over again. Ever since he had began his vendetta, he had avoided that place completely. He had heard tales though, after venturing beyond the Dragon-Wall. Most spoke of a place filled with spiring towers, magnificent and beautifully built. All Kaito had felt was disgust, and caution of course. A city filled with Aes Sedai was not a place for a man like him, even other people seemed cautious of it, after some sort of split that happened a few years back. And now Tar Valon was his next lead. Or rather, those three were, and that was supposedly where they were going. The shortest and easiest way to reach that city was to head north-east and back south-east around a mountain range where a city called Baerlon would meet him. He had set off from where Vai's body lay, and pursued until he came upon a town, just as the sky had started to darken. He went into the streets with his hood up; he doubted the Blues had returned to Falme and spread word of his description, or those he was pursuing, but caution was key, and the darkening sky cloaked his features well enough. Too much time has been wasted with Vai.he thought angrily. He hoped that weariness would slow them down. To his surprise the only inn in town had not housed them, and tendrils of doubt started to creep in, had he got the wrong way? But as he roamed the shops, just as they were closing down, he heard what he needed to. Three women, two unmistakably Aes Sedai had passed through here. Kaito may have raised an eyebrow or two while he questioned, but conversation was never really his strong point, nor were people. They must be riding hard, to not rest for so long. He himself was considering resting somewhere on the road to Baerlon, just a for a few hours of respite. Stealing what little supplies he needed from the shops, people on this side of the world were practically blind, he doubted they would notice anything missing the next day, he took the north-east exit, running.
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  21. The sun had reached its maximum height, and was creeping back towards the horizon when the final sister came back. Nothing. They all looked flustered, and seemed quite complacent, sitting there together on the table with her. None had complained out loud though, not in front of Vai. "They're gone Vai". Vai glowered at her, "Sedai" she added hastily. "The damage is done, and I'm as mad as anyone sitting around this table, but if they've escaped this far then it is unlikely that we will catch them!" The volume of her voice had risen slowly through that speech of hers, Vai still glowered. She continued. "My point is we should head back to Falme, we've already been set back because of the collapse of the manor, Light knows what the Reds may plan when they find out, we should rebuild as soon as we can". "We control the West, have eyes and ears everywhere, we will send word of their description, Vai Sedai, no need for this chase". The other sisters slowly nodded in agreement. Vai wondered when it was that her sisters had lost their spine. Have we been planning, sitting idly, for too long in Falme?. Her sisters spoke logic of course, but sometimes emotion outweighed logic, especially when those they were chasing had killed one of theirs, maybe more. She talks about the collapse of the manor, and yet completely skirts the fact that it was they who had caused it. A look of contempt crept up onto her face. She could not bear sitting with them any longer and needed space to think. "You will stay here, all of you, perhaps on different tables, and keep a lookout for them, they may walk into here yet." She saw the sisters relax, perhaps they thought she was giving up. "I will go upstairs to think what our next move is, do not trouble me unless the building has caught fire, or you have found them. Report to me at nightfall." With that she headed upstairs. Her room was fitted with simple furnishings, an old four-post bed, a washstand with a basin, and a mirror with a chair underneath. It was quite cramped and yet the biggest in the inn. The serving girl came with the hot water she had called for, but no towels. The girl nearly jumped out of her skin when Vai pointed it out and by the time the girl came back with towels and a cup, she had just finished washing. "Complimentary tea Lady Mistress Aes Sedai". The fool girl obviously had no idea how to address her. The tea was not odd though. She was obviously a woman who could channel, their group had done nothing to hide that fact, not in the west, and were often served like this because of what they were. As soon as the girl was gone, she took three sips, quite soothing after the past events. Now, our next step is to.., our next step.., wait, what was I thinking again?. The blackness enveloped as her face rushed to meet the floor. ------------------------------ "Hello Vai". The voice was one filled with anticipation, and contempt. "You enjoyed the forkroot tea yes?". His fury filled grey eyes betrayed him as an Aiel-man. He was veiled. ​ But has he already killed, or is it me he plans to kill? ​She reached for saidar, but to her horror could not even feel it, she would have ran had she been able to move. "Two Aes Sedai and a man were in the Three-, the Waste some years ago, what were their names?". She thought the man was insane. "The closest to the, Spine of the World you call it?, are the Reds now, but I have since learnt that if there was a man, it was not a Red, so what were their names!" Has it reached nightfall yet??. "Wait until my sisters get here" she managed. Barely. "Oh you mean them?" He approached her, as she realised she was seated on the chair, and turned her around to face the bed, where four limp bodies lay, dead or simply unconscious, she could not tell. Fear started to grip her. "You don't venture out into our land much, and you seem to know everything, keep record of everything, so surely the brave leader of at least part of the Blue Ajah, would know something". He sounded as if his logic was the only one, no other possible alternatives existed to him. "I don't know". She would not weep, she was not even sure she could. "Don't lie to me!" he shouted. How is no one in the inn investigating this noise?!. "Otherwise you will outlive your usefulness.". She knew nothing of a venture into the waste by any sisters, but she always prided herself on her thinking. A dagger appeared in his hand. Someone must come to help, only if I stall him long enough. "There are two women and a girl!" she said suddenly, "We were chasing them, they know. I think they were heading for Tar Valon". That was a guess, but anything to stall. He looked at her doubtfully, she hoped he would take the bait. "One of them is of the Brown Ajah, she mentions the Waste frequently". Two out of the three with her had not taken the oaths, she had, unfortunately, but this was no lie, Emelda always wanted to know more about the Waste. And after you leave, I will be sure to hunt and kill you first Aiel-man, then Emelda. She had never known the Aiel to dislike Aes Sedai, she knew now. "They are not dead". Relief washed over Vai. "I overheard their conversation, they have no intent of completing a chase". His voice was void of any emotion now. "You however, seem to be willing to go to the Spine and back". Panic consumed her. "That would be dangerous to myself, and my goal". He said it simply and with no room for argument, the dagger moved. The last thing Vai Sedai saw was his eyes. Hate, passionate rage, vengeance, all in those grey determined eyes.
  22. That's enough excitement for one night, Alric though to himself as he stared off after the Aes Sedai. Just as he looked back, a pair of grey eyes made of fiery determination were staring right at him, through him. The outlandish man was impossibly - I heard nothing!- only a few paces away heading towards the gate. Alric started to speak, held his tongue, and waved him through. Only a fool messed with Aes Sedai, and only a bigger fool messed with someone giving chase. Chuckling to himself, he decided to head home for the night, not wanting to see what the night may yet hold. ---------------------------- Kaito heaved a sigh of relief, he had not wanted to kill that man, and ran. He had never ridden a horse before; it was not the way of the Aiel, and he was not willing to start trusting them now, not in a chase so precious as this. The Blues were still in sight, and arrogant as they were, did nothing to hide their tracks, although Kaito doubted he would need to resort to tracking. They were slightly outpacing him, but he estimated it would be quite some time before they were out of sight completely. Fury fuelled his run, and he concentrated on keeping them in sight. Soon, soon I will have my vengeance. He allowed a slight smile to touch his lips and ran. ------------------------------ ​Vai was still in disbelief, as they rode on. Emelda, a spy!. She knew the Browns were scattered throughout the different Ajah's but spying was not one of their traits, their noses were too deep in their precious books for that. You shall pay Emelda Sedai, this I swear upon the light. She had not thought the Brown even capable of deceit, and was secretly impressed, still, that did nothing to suppress her rage. "The tracks either vanish or mix here!" one of the sisters shouted back. She was the best in the group in tracking, Vai had never bothered herself with that skill; there was always someone else to do that. They all stopped their mounts, waiting for her command. Vai scanned their surroundings, trees lay to either side of the road, a bit far off, and a small village just ahead. She had always been logical, picking which Ajah had never really been a decision for her. They are scared, and made a quick escape. To allow their speed, they must have not had much on their backs, meaning they must not have many supplies. Vai smiled, she prided herself on her thinking. "The village" she announced simply. She did not have to speak very loudly for it to be a command. Other sisters nodded in agreement, apparently having come to the same conclusion as herself. No one argued, and with that they once again set off in pursuit. ------------------------------ Kaito stared at the small village ahead, they had gone in a short while ago. The sky had started to brighten now, and before going in, he picked a few wildberries in some bushes a few paces from the road. The morning was rearing its head and he expected the Blues were tired, wetlanders never had much stamina, even riding a horse. He expected whether they found who they were looking for or not, they would end up at an inn, either to rest or interrogate, or both. And in a village as small as this, there would not be many inns, hopefully only one. Popping the wildberries in his mouth, he checked that the forkroot was still in his pouch and headed into the village, preparing to set his trap.
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  24. I was wrong, Kaito thought to himself. Fool Aes Sedai do not leave tracks, they left destruction. Of course they do, He thought sourly remembering that fateful encounter. Tracking down those three from the rooftops of Falme proved much easier than he had anticipated, and fruitful. He had caught up with the trail easily enough, following their criss-crossing that inevitably delayed him, but it was easy. And on the way he had spotted her, the one he had sought coming here, the one who might have the answers. Light, please let her have the answers!. She was leading a group of others down the streets with unnatural calmness, like she had all the time in the world. Not the for the first time Kaito wondered how long they actually lived. Too long, was the answer that slammed into his mind straight away, filled with a passionate rage for all their like. He jumped again onto the next roof, any occupants underneath would not have even felt it. She was however surrounded by too many of her so-called sisters. Too dangerous to approach out in the open, too dangerous for him. Caution was what he lived by, he had to. He did not know what he would do if she didn't have the answers, if something befell her before he could ask. No time for those thoughts. He knew where she was heading; after those three, and the best way to catch a viper was to stay ahead of it, set a trap if possible. The trail ended at an inn, the onlookers seemed to have vanished by that point. A man with a wide foolish grin on his face was standing right outside looking off in another direction to that which Kaito had come from. He saw no opportunities for a trap. "I hope you track well Vai Sedai" he hissed to himself. With that he waited for the members of the Blue Ajah to appear. He would wait and follow their group, wait for the opportune moment. Already images of him finally getting justice were seeping back into his mind.
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