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  1. Never managed to get one in your rotation of sigs but such is life, I suppose. Full of disappointments 😛
  2. I made Lii one. I don't make them often anymore, I admit, but if anyone ever wants one, hit me up in PM and I'll get around to it. 😃
  3. doesn't it clear whoever gets the PRs? or can scum get the tracker and doc PR too?
  4. Oh yeah? What's the other part? Lol Anyways I knew I'd have to use wiles cause you seemed to catch on.
  5. By the way, Zander, irt not getting all mad and intense, I've tried not to do it anymore in general so I wouldnt use it as an indicator if I were you. Been better at letting go in that sense. Or so I hope lol
  6. Lol well to be fair your slot was easier to handle when it was inactive.
  7. Scum qt lol I'm much less confident in there lol A true introvert Gemini 😛 https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/XGVGfy6DNtB
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