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  1. How about making this happen? @Cass
  2. This is the third time someone says that to me in the span of a week.... apparently I exude it lol oh well. They say you get meaner when you get older... and I was pretty up there to begin with xD
  3. Well if you want something light on the verge of ridiculous, you can always try Rivendale. A small town that somehow has multiple killers, drug dealers, gang wars and worst of all... high school kids.
  4. Aw thanks doll ❤️ I'm still enjoying the high of my new septum piercing. I keep looking online at jazzy bling. Yes I have problems 😛
  5. So I'm not just a pretty face? Good to know 😉
  6. Yes. You know in a different context that post would be hysterical. I'll just put it out there lol
  7. Veronica Mars is brilliant. And they also did one of those "10 years later" movie. Was also good. Warrior Nun is only 10 episodes so finished it in like two days with the bff lol
  8. Warrior Nun - TV shows Sounds ridiculous but it wasn't half bad!!
  9. 1. How did you first hear about the Wheel of Time and what made you want to read the series? My best friend recommended it to me when we were 15. It kinda stuck. 2. If you could join an Ajah in the White Tower which one would you pick? (Lucky us!) It didn't matter what site I ended up in, I always found myself in the Yellows. I don't even like the color! 3. If the Black Tower has Ajahs, what might some be? I'd sooner gentle the lot of them before trying to come up with a witty response 😛 4. Who is a character you love, but would hate to meet
  10. 20 years of lurking on DM? Impressive What other things do you do in your spare time?
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