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  1. Well koreans are actually pretty good at being unsettling and stoney so he might surprise us.
  2. LOL is that via snapchat or just a random pic off the net?
  3. And my maternal instincts are limited to tiny animal babies.
  4. so it's not just me. I also suck at cooking.
  5. Sweets has always been a problem >.>
  6. So I have to come clean irt Daniel Henney. I came across Daniel over a decade ago in a Korean show called "My lovely Sam Soon." I was mostly hung up on swooning over him vs the main actor cause... well... come on look at him! I've watched that series several times cause he was just so dreamy and his character kept speaking English in the show cause he did't know Korean and it was the sweetest thing ever. After that I came across him in American TV shows here and there. Hawai 5-0 and then of course the Criminal Minds variety. It reminded me he also has a very distinctive voice and of course in Criminal Minds they had his character ride a motorcycle which of course made it all worse lol (in a good way!). And then I found out he was going to be playing Lan in the WoT TV show. Does he have the physique I imagined for Lan when I was reading the books growing up? Probably not. But I'm excited about it nonetheless. Would have been worse off if he didn't look like Lan and I also didn't appreciate the actor put in place. When I was reading the books Lan was always one of my favorites. He was a hard man, but he was also very kind. Always seemed like a dreamboat to me cause he was deadly and essentially a human rock, but with a soft filling, which is my favorite kind. So having an actor that makes me smile like a goofball is a good deal imo! 😄 Can't wait for the show to come out!!!!
  7. So this is something that sort of makes me laugh a lot when I look at it in my daily life. For instance I can't park well or go reverse with the car if my life depended on it xD (and I've been a driver for over a decade). HOWEVER, it is said that women can multitask, while men cannot. But I can't multitask for the life of me either so... Maybe there's some truth to some of them but it's not a slam dunk 😛 Is this similar for everyone else or am I just a weirdo???
  8. Come on, dish them out. If you don't wanna post selfies of yourselves, grab your pet and make them SUFFER!!! 😄 Or wear a mask. In the Corona age it's totally normal!
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