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  1. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    For some reason my net on my phone is acting up. Its been going up and down all day. Might be the weather. If someone can manage some unofficial vcs, id appreciate it.
  2. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Its prolly cause my intentions are seldom good
  3. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Fyi if I see fit I'll lift the post limit farther away from EoD. We'll see how things play out and I'll make that call if needed. Good day!
  4. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    I have faith in you overcoming this most trying moment, grump mc'Eld'puss.
  5. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    He really is
  6. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    It ranges between me pulling my braid and pulling the trugger of a genital taser shocking gun. Give it a whirl, see what happens.
  7. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    no editing or anything, just try to keep it in mind when you post.
  8. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

  9. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    if anyone who was supposed to get a pm didn't get one then... well.... it means you're not very memorable.
  10. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    It is D1. With 9 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.
  11. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    You may post, but remember... you must wait for the opportune moment :P
  12. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Please read the rules carefully prior to posting in the game thread. Some of the rules are new due to circumstances and have not really been used here before.... so you should all take a moment to inform yourselves.
  13. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Players: 1. Darthe 2. Eldrick 3. Calder 4. BG 5. Amega 6. Kat 7. Cass 8. Dragoon 9. dice Game rules: - In order to allow ISOing, tag the bottom of every post you make with the appropriate player number above. - THERE IS A POST RESTRICTION. You MUST post at least 5 posts per phase. You may only post up to 50 posts per PHASE. Post limit will be lifted an hour before every DL. - No editing posts without my approval. - Off thread communications are not allowed, unless provided by me. - No quoting, screen shots or PM matching of role PMs. If I see any of this, you will be modkilled, no questions asked and your team punished. Likewise for playing outside of the spirit of the game. NO MERCY. - Don't refer to communications with me in the game thread. Any and all questions will be carried out via PM and clarified by me in the game thread if I see fit. Any in game questions towards me will be ignored. - BOLD your votes. No need to unvote. - You may self vote or vote for no lynch. - Deadlines: On Day 1 you will get 3-4 days. After that Days will be max 48 hours and Nights max 24 hours. (deadlines might be shortened or extended pending on if I ******* feel like it :D). - Hybrid hammer game. Person with most votes goes boom. Tie is decided by random.org. - Scene flavor is just that. Flavor (assuming I have time to do flavor :P). - Tress will be co-moding. - I have the right to change the rules. Normally I wouldn't, but I CAN. - If you know you're gonna be away, please let me know. - I own your asses. - See Above. -Rule 14. -Wincons: Town: Eliminate all baddies. Scum: Achieve parity with remaining players. Third Party (if present): Be one of the last two surviving players.
  14. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    Work is impossible atm so Thursday is the starting day. Sorry guys. I can do a n0 before role pms if you want lol
  15. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    Sorry guys. Crazy day at work. Ill do my best to start the game tomorrow.