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  1. Sorry for your losses. I'd usually make a smartass joke about my mom but I'll spare you....
  2. Spinning out. Enjoyed it. ^_^ There are 10 episodes out ie one season. An ice skater that gets injured and the trauma of it keeps her from doing jumps and competing. The cool part is that she's hiding her and her mom's condition. They're both bipolar and on lithium. I just found a lot of her struggles pretty relatable and just plain interesting. It seems like a pretty awful disease. Recommend it!
  3. The Outsider. Watch pls. There are 3 episodes out so far... and I'm normally not a Stephen King fan.... but this show is really engaging and it keeps me guessing... still don't quite know what the hell is going on... i love that.
  4. We seem to be in the same boat. We should start a club or something lol hope it all goes smoothly for you!! You deserve it.
  5. Hey guys! how have you been? I'd love to hear what you did in Xmas and New years! Anything special? (pics too) Things have been pretty hectic for me. Between work, 2nd degree and buying an apartment it's been hard to come up for air. But I'm doing my best. Here's hoping this ends up being a pleasant flight and not the "my god my god we're all gonna die" variety lol Which reminds me, I really need to rewatch Serenity soon. So... what's new????
  6. If its chill i can but my activity will be low.
  7. I might have to bow out. Got really limited time and I dont want that to hurt the game. I'll play if you cant fill the game but if there are players who can be more active prolly best to prioritize them
  8. Never managed to get one in your rotation of sigs but such is life, I suppose. Full of disappointments ?
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