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  1. As long as they’re active ghosts? Lol
  2. Somebody @Jason Wait. I can do it. lololol Jason, you ghot ghosts!
  3. I should have thrown socks at you while we were at JordanCon...
  4. Congrats, Lessa!!! What a delicious loo - Um, an adorable baby!
  5. *should be working*

    *checks DM right quick*


  6. One strange thing I like to - *gets smacked by the PG-13 sign* Uhm... I *don't* like steak. So there's that. I used to eat cinnamon graham crackers and salsa. And grilled cheese with lemon juice squeezed on it while it was cooking.
  7. Well, I went to JCon! Didn't stab Leelou, though I had a couple of chances.
  8. Well then. 


    Hello, @Mashiara Sedai

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Songstress
    3. Elgee


      I hear Elgee's vowed to not set foot in the Cookie Mines until the 5th of May, so my advice would be to hide out there. Doing some reports.

    4. ed2funy
  9. I think you know the answer.
  10. #ICouldTeachYaButIHaveToCharge PAY UP
  11. Lol, what he said. If everyone tweets or Instagrams with a hashtag, you can search by the hashtag to see those posts. Doesn’t work on DM or sites that don’t use them to track anything, but you can search or use them on FB, Twitter, or Instagram.
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