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  1. The Blade's End Tavern

    I think you know the answer.
  2. The Blade's End Tavern

    #ICouldTeachYaButIHaveToCharge PAY UP
  3. The Blade's End Tavern

    Lol, what he said. If everyone tweets or Instagrams with a hashtag, you can search by the hashtag to see those posts. Doesn’t work on DM or sites that don’t use them to track anything, but you can search or use them on FB, Twitter, or Instagram.
  4. Which makes me think of...

    Not Verb and Barm
  5. The Blade's End Tavern

    Thanks, mama! Hashtags? >_>
  6. The Blade's End Tavern

    JB, sometimes that’s totally the case! “Go here so someone else can do it,” or “go here so I can send the request to someone else.” Ooooi!
  7. Which makes me think of...

    Adella made out with a hot dog.
  8. October 2017 Roll Call

    I will be in New Orleans this weekend! And then idk if I'll work on Halloween or not. But I'm considering dressing up as Eddie Munster.
  9. The Blade's End Tavern

    I do love what I do (I work in IT support for a building on an Air Force base), but it does get frustrating having to deal with certain aspects of it. We provide a higher and more direct level of support than most people experience in the military (the joys - read: one of the cons - of large organizations centralizing their network infrastructure, but I digress), so people love us. The downside is that they also rely on us so hard because we coddle them. I talk too much.
  10. Never Walk By a Mistake

    Hep. I get into stumps where I get overwhelmed and then don't want to face my own negligence. And then I finally do and kick myself. *kicks self*
  11. Whoa....

    I know I've heard of so many, but I can't think of them right now!
  12. The Blade's End Tavern

    So, yeah. I a promotion at work on the 2nd. Not much room for movement because we're a small team, but I've been there 2 years and got picked ahead of two others who have been there 8 and 10 years. And ahead of two others, one who started a couple of months after I did and one who just started earlier this year. #payraise #dohashtagsworkonDM #notabigpayraise #butenough
  13. So, I adopted...

    A cat! Last Monday. Aria (I totally missed my chance to rename her as Arya - I'm an idiot) is 3 years old and comes from a home that used to have 2-3 dogs and at least one other cat. She is SUPER friendly and loving and will lick your hand for scratches. I'm working on getting her comfortable with my very hyper dog, Kimbo, who is half German Shepherd and half Siberian Husky. I don't know Aria's breed. Because cats, man. Her old owners, who surrendered her only a few weeks ago, had her declawed on all of her paws. She will definitely be an inside cat. She's comfortably been using her litter box in my bathroom (it's small, but I have a litter genie and clean it every day) and eating and drinking and taking free roam of my room. She's been out in the living room and front area, but only a couple of times while Kimbo is in his kennel.
  14. Period Cramps?

    o_O O_o Well, I'll be damned.