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  1. As long as they’re active ghosts? Lol
  2. Somebody @Jason Wait. I can do it. lololol Jason, you ghot ghosts!
  3. Hi. Shame on me. Thanks. *runs out to scribble notes in the Guild*
  4. Congrats, Lessa!!! What a delicious loo - Um, an adorable baby!
  5. *should be working*

    *checks DM right quick*


  6. Well then. 


    Hello, @Mashiara Sedai

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Songstress
    3. Elgee


      I hear Elgee's vowed to not set foot in the Cookie Mines until the 5th of May, so my advice would be to hide out there. Doing some reports.

    4. ed2funy
  7. Sorry you have to deal with Ade - Oi oi, okay. Congrats, bro!
  8. Wait, the Warders are announcing something? Hold up, hold up, hold up! Come again? Yes, you’re darn tootin right! *watches as Aiel Heart leads Turin in and a grin* I honestly don’t know what a Turambar is and should really investigate it; but that issue aside, Turn is a fantastic member of the Guild and is well-respected. For good reason, too! He is a steady voice and a reliable leader. For those who don’t know, Turin is a member of the Me’Aneneneneme. *Aiel Heart comes up, punches Eddie, and whispers furiously in his ear* Ahem. Pardon me. Me’Arearth. I
  9. I know I've heard of so many, but I can't think of them right now!
  10. Check your messages for your personal birthday pho - uhhhh, message. Happy birthday, you beautiful woman!
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