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  1. Congrats, Lessa!!! What a delicious loo - Um, an adorable baby!
  2. *should be working*

    *checks DM right quick*


  3. Well then. 


    Hello, @Mashiara Sedai

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    2. Songstress
    3. Elgee


      I hear Elgee's vowed to not set foot in the Cookie Mines until the 5th of May, so my advice would be to hide out there. Doing some reports.

    4. ed2funy
  4. I know I've heard of so many, but I can't think of them right now!
  5. Check your messages for your personal birthday pho - uhhhh, message. Happy birthday, you beautiful woman!
  6. *saunters in and shoves his wand in Shad's mouth and shouts "BOMBAROONIO!" but nothing happened* Huh *shuffles up close to Elgee where no one can see where he puts his wand and shouts "VIBRATANIO!" but again nothing happened besides a slight whimper from Elgee* This thing is useless. *looks down to the key stone and points his wand at it, shouting "Wingardium Leviosa" as loud as he can* Ayyyyyy [v]Charis[/v]
  7. Hep! *didn't do any game set up planning so oops but it's okay because Shad does well*
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