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  1. Minuet

    October Roll Call

    I'm here. For some reason, the security on my computer is blocking DM. I overwrote it for now. I am not dressing up or doing anything for Halloween this year. Hubby is working and the granddaughter is with her mom.
  2. Minuet

    October 2018 Roll Call

    I am going to North Carolina later this month. Mixing business with pleasure and I am seeing a friend of my from childhood. No big plans for Halloween as my son doesn't have his daughter this year and we are gone during the towns trunk or treat event.
  3. Minuet

    October Hangman: Spook and Mystery

  4. Minuet

    September Hangman: Fall/Autumn

    Awesome, I am sure that is it. Does that mean you get to start October's thread?
  5. Minuet

    October Roll Call (2018)

    Putting away dishes Changing or sifting the cat's litter box.
  6. Minuet

    October Chitter Chatter

    I am about to call it quits for the night and head to a Christmas Tea planning.
  7. Minuet


    Welcome, R0st3r! I third what they said. Glad you found the Wheel of Time books and our beloved DM.
  8. Minuet

    Hello (from the Philippines)

    Welcome, Kevala. The social groups are a lot of fun. Here you can be an Aiel, a darkfriend, a wolf, an Aes Sedai, and the list goes on. It might help you glean some insight for your book too. Hope to see you there.
  9. My daughter lives in Seattle. She hates the heat in Arizona. She is the only kiddo living out of state. The other 2 live 6 miles and 30 miles from me. I love forests.
  10. Minuet

    August Game- Who Am I?

    It was Kublai Khan. Game over.