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  1. August Game- Who Am I?

    You got it!
  2. August Game- Who Am I?

    I had 9 children I was deeply in love with my husband and after his death, the country mourned with me until I died some 39 years later. I lived a life of near isolation and was controlled by my domineering mother until I took the throne without a regency at age 18. I started the fashion trend of wearing a white wedding dress.
  3. Number 3 is the winner, take it away Cross. I was a Cubs fan prior to AZ getting a team. Mind you baseball is the only sport I really like. I will watch the rest, but not a big fan.
  4. I have been using aromatherapy for over 20 years. I am going to an Arizona Diamondbacks Game in Septemeber I am a New York Yankee's fan.
  5. #3 because coconut cream is the best
  6. August Discussion: Pixar

    So, UP is my favorite. However, it is close behind a lot of really good ones. My granddaughter loves Finding Dory. I really love their shorts too, like "For the Birds" and "Geri's Game". Brave was such an awesome movie. I love her bushy, curly hair. Mine looks like that if not properly tamed and trimmed. I have not seen a Pixar movie that I have not liked.
  7. What does he mean by "cookpot"? I thought he said hot tub.
  8. August Chitter Chatter

    I am still coughing up a storm, but doing better. The muggy weather doesn't help. It feels like a sauna outside. I am so glad I am in the office today and don't have to be out in it like yesterday.