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  1. Hey Aiel Heart I love you!

  2. Codenames is fun. It gets a bit competitive with my family though :P
  3. I'm not going to lie, I'm going through one of my Minecraft phases. It'd be easier if my new laptop had a disc drive, as I have most of my games on disc and don't want to re-buy them as a digital download. Suggestions on that front, anyone?
  4. ~Our Roll Call asks for something that makes you smile~ ~Our Monthly Discussion is sharing a Song to Know You~ ~Our Monthly Game is Song Face Off: Eye Color Edition~ ~We may still have a Culture Fair this month~ ~The Advisors have the Wise One thread~ ~The Far Daries Mai have the Siswai thread~
  5. You will be given a random topic. You will write and angry rant about said topic, starting with "Don't get me started on..." You will give the next person a topic to rant about. Please make rants and topics alike light hearted and humorous in nature. Our first rant shall be on... Rubber Ducks!!!!
  6. If you had to choose ONE song to have someone listen to to get to know you or understand you, what song would you choose? Why? And fine, you can post options :P
  7. In many songs (particularly romantic ones) there will be a line about blue eyes, or brown eyes, or occasionally other ones. What we are doing is gathering the data to see which eye color wins in songs. You'll post the song, artist, and whatever line has the eye color in it as well as how many points this song is adding (see below). If an eye color is mentioned once in a song, it is +1 point If the eye color is in the refrain/chorus, it is +5 points. If the eye color is in the name of the song, it is +10 points So, example: Lonely Eyes Chris Young "From the little bit I've seen They're (her eyes are) the perfect shade of green" +1 to Green Hmm... I suppose I could put 10 points towards "lonely" but then again that's not a color :P Current points Blue: Brown: Green: 1 Hazel: Gray: Any I have forgotten?
  8. Be it video games or board games or Magic type games... What are you all doing?
  9. Hmmmmmmm.... Post something that makes you smile, be it a picture or a song or a situation/story. Rainshine. Aka when the sun is shining and it is raining at the same time. Love it love it love it
  10. Oops, I actually put in the request already, I just forgot to post here or send her the welcome email
  11. There are a lot of awesome shorts as well (though the one with the mother and a food baby kind of freaked me out... a lot...) I really really really liked Inside Out and the different ways they showed inner processes. Like, a literal train of thought, and how depression was shown as essentially feeling nothing, and how actually feeling the sadness healed that. Plus the explanations of how memories fade and all of that. I just love how overall Pixar takes things that a lot of kids might think about or believe in and make it into its own little reality. Your toys ARE alive, there ARE monsters in the closet, a vehicle IS a sentient being that you could form a relationship with, there ARE little "people" inside of you controlling your actions. I just love the way they go about so many of their movies. I think the only one I haven't been fond of was Ratatouille. It just didn't do anything for me. Though let's note I haven't seen most of the Cars spin-offs
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