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    Too much stuff to put down. my brain would implode if I even tried to think about all of them.

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  1. I finally can see! Ive been trying to login for weeks x.x
  2. Welcome Pup. *Sprays with Tequila, then dunks in the ever-making vat of chili*
  3. I will try... depends on if I work or not. Which hey I got a job. I am a Game Tester Yay!
  4. Lets BlomBesie help him up, then with a mischivious grin. Pops a Bright blue balloon on her back. Before taking off and vanishing in the smoke bomb cloud*
  5. Is splattered with purple paint* AHHH THEY GOT ME! Pretends to die all dramaticly*
  6. Totally a tail... Here by the way... for the first time in like... *Pretends to look* Eh too lazy to actually look. But.. IM HERE!!!!
  7. Edward Kenway totally beats Jack Sparrow
  8. And..... I GIVE UP ON BEING AN ADULT!!!! *makes a blanket fort, and dresses in my old Algai clothes. Before standing in front of teh fort* none shall enter without the password.
  9. oh that? Thats um... Its... Um... Honestly... I dont know what it is... *grabs book of secret plans* OH! thats the Color changin Paint. Its not done yet. But when it is, we'll load the cannons with it!
  10. Heya! Sorry I havent been around. Just dealing with a lot in life. Been really really busy and stressed, and honestly just havent been wanting to be around. Even stopped playing games on my PC. I know right? the Horror. anywho... I am semi-sorta coming backish, and wanted to say Hey Y'all. Also... I brought nummies.
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