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  1. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    DIY and DIP

    Cool thread idea! Got a load of stuff I could share from my phone but can't work out how to add images directly into DM any more and haven't uploaded them online as of yet!
  2. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    Altered Carbon

    Altered Carbon is the absolute dingdongdanglys! I'm talking about the Netflix series.. just binged it over the weekend. Anyone else watched? Anyone read the books? (*disclaimer* not for the young or the faint of heart)
  3. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    Now I can tell everyone!

    Wowza! Congrats!
  4. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    While the members are away...

    Hey! Who you callin a huge member?! (Okay, I added the huge bit myself)
  5. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    Back in the Saddle again!

  6. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    Amyrlin's boots?

    Came here to post vey similar comment
  7. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    My sister died

    *tight huggles*
  8. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    My sister died

    Hemoglobin is part of the red blood cells and carries iron I believe. Low hemoglobin is usually indicative of Anaemia which can be a side effect of the chemotherapy as it inhibits your bodies ability to produce more red blood cells. No sure about the ulcers. Thoughts and prayers coming your way my dear *big hugs*
  9. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    My sister died

    Sounds like he needs a visit from a few warders.. or at least some of your Nigerian friends.
  10. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    My sister died

    *tight hugs* sorry to hear your news my dear. Much love.
  11. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    The Blade's End Tavern

    There were times when I had responsibility around here I made 5 minutes stretch into 6 months.. so I'm improving..
  12. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Honestly, I leave you all alone with Ed in charge for five minutes...
  13. Working hard with a broken hand. Hoping not to have operation. Business picking up all the time. Starting to pay people to do my donkey work for me
  14. The_Fnorrll_Reborn

    Spying on the Ajahs

    This is a very different type of leadership to the one I attempted.