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  1. DIY and DIP

    Cool thread idea! Got a load of stuff I could share from my phone but can't work out how to add images directly into DM any more and haven't uploaded them online as of yet!
  2. Altered Carbon

    Altered Carbon is the absolute dingdongdanglys! I'm talking about the Netflix series.. just binged it over the weekend. Anyone else watched? Anyone read the books? (*disclaimer* not for the young or the faint of heart)
  3. Now I can tell everyone!

    Wowza! Congrats!
  4. While the members are away...

    Hey! Who you callin a huge member?! (Okay, I added the huge bit myself)
  5. Back in the Saddle again!

  6. Amyrlin's boots?

    Came here to post vey similar comment
  7. My sister died

    *tight huggles*
  8. My sister died

    Hemoglobin is part of the red blood cells and carries iron I believe. Low hemoglobin is usually indicative of Anaemia which can be a side effect of the chemotherapy as it inhibits your bodies ability to produce more red blood cells. No sure about the ulcers. Thoughts and prayers coming your way my dear *big hugs*
  9. My sister died

    Sounds like he needs a visit from a few warders.. or at least some of your Nigerian friends.
  10. My sister died

    *tight hugs* sorry to hear your news my dear. Much love.
  11. The Blade's End Tavern

    There were times when I had responsibility around here I made 5 minutes stretch into 6 months.. so I'm improving..
  12. The Blade's End Tavern

    Honestly, I leave you all alone with Ed in charge for five minutes...
  13. Working hard with a broken hand. Hoping not to have operation. Business picking up all the time. Starting to pay people to do my donkey work for me
  14. Spying on the Ajahs

    This is a very different type of leadership to the one I attempted.