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  1. *Enters Mother’s Skirts* Ah, a lifelong goal finally realised. Didnt realise there was so so much traffic in and out of here, mind. Not a fan of bumping into other people unexpectedly.
  2. Cos it’s been too lonnnnnnnnnggggg!

  3. Whatcha stalking me for? *winks *

  4. Mills. I only just caught up on all of this and just reading through it all was an absolute rollercoaster. Much love and respect to you and yours for bearing up under all of that and of course to your little man for showing what a fighter he is. I'm sure we are all proud as can be- which is still a fraction of how proud you must feel. I'm so glad things seem to be improving and pray they continue to do so.
  5. Hey! Who you callin a huge member?! (Okay, I added the huge bit myself)
  6. It was very confusing getting a notification about this thread and a couple of PM's while DM was down.
  7. Someone said spanking and Accepted all in one sentence, so, naturally, I am here out of nowhere.
  8. Hemoglobin is part of the red blood cells and carries iron I believe. Low hemoglobin is usually indicative of Anaemia which can be a side effect of the chemotherapy as it inhibits your bodies ability to produce more red blood cells. No sure about the ulcers. Thoughts and prayers coming your way my dear *big hugs*
  9. Sounds like he needs a visit from a few warders.. or at least some of your Nigerian friends.
  10. Where are you going? We were just about to do some tricep dips!
  11. *tight hugs* sorry to hear your news my dear. Much love.
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