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  1. It seems we have an Aspie shortage. *pours a drink and slides it down the bar* But we can make do
  2. Hello! I am at work constantly 😂 and occasionally here and reading, you?
  3. Well then. Yep. I also missed this. Will need to look into it.
  4. Welcome to Dragonmount! Do you have a favorite character/book/thing you look forward to seeing in the series?
  5. Welcome to Dragonmount! The books are definitely addicting. What do you love most so far? Whose your favorite character thus far?
  6. I also really loved whomever is playing Liandrin. Very much what I pictured. I think I'd be a book Blue/Grey lol
  7. *pours a drink* Checking back in, how's everyone over here? Do we have any fresh mea... um, Aspies/newbies hanging about?
  8. @CaddySedai I was a LOT watcher, not reader, so unfortunately no personal insight there, but I definitely get where you're coming from. I love DM, and the Red is home here. I would never be a Randland Red, nor would I ever want DM to change. Different weavings of the wheel. Also completely agree on the stole/collar 😂 it didnt really even occur to me how badly that could have went!
  9. @Arie Okay, I actually completely love that viewpoint on it. Right about now I'm wishing I had gotten the double band in gold so it could be as "real"/"accurate" as possible lol @CaddySedai I'm not going to lie, I'd probably buy it myself 😂 but it still feels wrong. It makes sense for the show and for simplicity (the stone/ajah) but .. bah.
  10. I was really excited to see the trailer. A few thoughts: The Tower: Not what I imagined. I'm sure a lot of things wont be, but this one was a little disappointing. When I think Ogier work, I think powerful, intricate, and at once delicate. The rings: What the bloody hell happened there?!?! No. Just absolutley no. Overall: *SQUEEEEE!* It's finally happening! As @Arie said, as long as they dont go too off base, I'm going to enjoy it.
  11. Best of luck to all, it's a scary time for surgery!
  12. I'd hate to see what your bad tenants are like 😳 bless you, I would not have the patience. Hopefully it sorts out soon!
  13. *snugglebites Mother and hands her a stiff drink* I got a headache reading this... also, Sean is a Trolloc, as is Debbie 🙄
  14. I generally take a vacation in August myself but it's been put off to October this year and I'm really feeling it lol Glad to hear you will have a break soon!
  15. *Snugglebites the lot of them* Hopefully this week went well @SableSage and @LilyElizabeth I feel like I keep telling myself the same, except it is constantly extended by yet another week *sighs and sips drink*
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