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  1. Dear Ryrin, Sorry! I hope you are/get to feeling better soon! Dear Reds, I'm scared. I'm sitting here at work, five hours until it's time to leave. Seven hours until my appointment at the dentist. I'm so anxious. *sigh*
  2. *pokes* Where'd ya go?!

  3. Dear Elgee and Ryrin, No, just Novocaine but luckily they are not impacted. I've heard that is an entirely different level of hell. I'm going to ask for the gas. My appointment is the 14th so I may be around more (if I'm laid up) or less (if I'm in pain). We'll see how it goes! Thank you for the well wishes!
  4. Dear Panchi, Hope it doesn't hurt! Congrats! Some cultures think of it as a right of passage Dear Reds, Speaking of teeth, I'm having two of my wisdom teeth removed. Plus another tooth that doesnt belong in my mouth that randomly decided to grow. I'm a little scared. I've never had teeth pulled. *snugglebites with the extra tooth while she's still got it*
  5. Sorry to hear this! This cold/flu season has been a rough one. Prayers and *snugglebites*
  6. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays all!

  7. Dear Moon, Thank you! Dear Reds, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
  8. Please sever the bond between myself and Aldazar Ashan from 11/27/09
  9. Dear Bcxanth, Welcome back! I'm returning after two years, and I agree its great to see some familiar faces. Dear Dar *SNUGGLEBITES* Dear Reds, Hi :-) I missed you all. I just finished reading AMoL and couldn't help but find my way back.
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