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  1. I will gladly speak on behalf of Pankhuri. I remember when I first met Pankhuri, she had just joined the WT and was one of my first mentees. Consequently, I think we were both pretty nervous about what to do at the start. However, as we emailed each other more often and got to know each other, I came to realise that I had gotten really lucky on the mentee stakes and she would be a real asset to the WT (and Red Ajah (I'm still so chuffed you chose us, btw! ). The members of our Ajah are often associated with being very out-spoken. However, there are many other qualities that, to me, define a true Red and Aes Sedai such as loyalty to a cause or a group, independence, determination and, perhaps most importantly, an open mind. From what I have learnt about Pankhuri over the last few months, she possesses all these traits in abundance. She is one of the most genuinely lovely people I have ever met and I feel that she will make a fantastic Aes Sedai. *Steps back and realising the moment where she has to be all serene 'n stuff has passed, goes and joins the group of excited Reds*
  2. In the Black Tower chapter in ToM, Androl mentions two new members of the Tower (Taim's favourites) who have become very powerful very quickly. It's unlikely that Demandred would act as someone who has to take orders from someone else, but still possible...
  3. First time I read that, I thought it said, 'Tam', not 'Taim'. Slight difference...
  4. *hugs her mento* im good thanks,havnt heard from you in awhile so just making sure your still alive. : )

  5. *Pokes back* I'm good, how about you? =)

  6. *Pokes* Hello, hope your well.

  7. Do I smell cake? *Noms* 'Sup Dahmir? *Sits down next to him, and offers her Red Ajah Popcorn (insert TM symbol here)* So... when did these two get married?
  8. Melissa? *Knows that somewhere, somehow, Myst is watching so mixes in some red and throws the confetti again* ;D
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