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  1. In the Black Tower chapter in ToM, Androl mentions two new members of the Tower (Taim's favourites) who have become very powerful very quickly. It's unlikely that Demandred would act as someone who has to take orders from someone else, but still possible...
  2. First time I read that, I thought it said, 'Tam', not 'Taim'. Slight difference...
  3. *Pokes back* I'm good, how about you? =)

  4. Hello! Welcome to the Asylum! :D *Gets shushed up by the people in white coats* Oh... We aren't allowed to call it that anymore? Welcome to DM! ;D Make sure you check out the different parts of the forum, I'm sure you'll find something that you love ;)
  5. My Knife of Dreams is black, I think they completely changed to granite with the Gathering Storm. I'm kind of gutted, I have all the rest in the black orbit style.
  6. *Applauds Corki's idea* Best of both worlds! ;D Welcome to DM, Mooker! Be sure to check out the Social Groups when you have a break from reading!
  7. I had a double take when I read that, then I remembered that 2 haven't been published yet. :D ;D
  8. Heh, gatecrash one of her tea parties and then tell me that she isn't insane... ;D :P
  9. Little Miss, would your favourite colour happen to be green? ::)
  10. And no, that was not an example of the sophistication of the Chosen... ;)
  11. If you join the right faction, you will avoid cookpots completely. However, I'm not sure if a 'Little Miss' will be evil enough for the Org. Prove me wrong?
  12. ^^^^ You may be currently thinking, "But, I can't see that board!". However, as Gerr is demonstrating, by joining SG you will gain access to Thakandar AND many other boards. You will also gain inside knowledge of how the most evil Org on DM (and indeed most of the web) operates. As you rise through the ranks, you will gain access to more boards and more information. What do you have to lose?
  13. These dungeons sound... interesting. Do they have spiders?
  14. I just realised something: When Rand is on top of Dragonmount (and holding the CK) (paraphrased :P) Lews Therin must have been way more powerful than Rand! 8)
  15. I'm personally hoping to see someone massacre that 300 year old, meddling woman... >:D
  16. Welcome to DM, Sakaea! :) Which book is your favourite so far? ;D
  17. *Cries* I won't have internet access when the press release comes out! :'(
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