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  1. No worries I am still around! I've just been too busy to keep up with my duties here and IRL!
  2. *Lifts a cup to toast* To the new First Reasoner! May she be reasonable and logical in all things!
  3. Rhea - First Reasoner I really don't like any of the ones listed but I can't think of anyone else atm.
  4. Rhea - First Reasoner Swimming! We had a pool in the back and my mom would tell me I was part fish! I was always in it!
  5. I hear you kukaso! I can't do it on my own. I've gotten very out of shape over the last 3 years of grad school and since I'm done, passed all my exams, and on to a new job soon (fingers crossed) it's time for me to get back to where I was before school. So today I went back to Weight Watchers.
  6. Rhea - First Reasoner I'm with James on this one! Molly Quinn is my choice too!
  7. I am trying to focus on behaving better as well. I have been on too many "diets" in the past. I know that I need to pay attention to my portions, eat healthy and exercise. I've been sooo tired lately though. Anyone have any tips for boosting energy?
  8. We're back! For those who are continuing from 2018, let's not grow weary! Keep up the good work! For those who are joining us for the first time this year, read on so you can see what we're about: How many of you have resolved over and over again to lose those extra pounds and get in shape? How many times have you made the same New Year's resolution only to quit a few weeks (or days!) later? I know I have... and I'm SICK of it! In 2012 and 2013 I lost over 80lbs. I got a new job in 2014 and since then I have put all the weight back on, and then some!!! 2018 was actually the worst for me because I was in grad school and out of commission for surgery over the summer break. I really need to make a lifetime change. Its not easy and I can't do it alone. So here I am and I hope you will join me! Lets try to keep on this theme from last year and post at least once a week: Meal Plans: This will be to help us decide what we'll eat for the week ahead of time so we'll avoid as many temptations as possible. We can share recipes and strategies to cut down time in the kitchen. That's especially important for those of us who are working parents! Weigh-in: Yea, it's gotta be done. I wont pressure anyone into revealing their weight if they don't want to. What I'd love to see is a post on whether we lost 1lb, 3 lbs or stayed the same for that wk. If we know what your goal loss is then we can help you count down. Fitness: Tell us what you did this week to get active. Give tips and suggestions to those who are struggling to find time to fit in some exercise. Other topics will also be posted each month in Rhea's Health Living Digest to help motivate us as we get fit in 2018! If you're game, stick with me here and watch as we finally make good on these long overdue fitness goals!
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