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  1. How did I not know this before @kukasö ? Are there any pictures of your designs? I’d love to see!
  2. I always have music playing with a really calm background. I generally go to YouTube and choose Live stream with the ocean or light rain with a beautiful live scene. Here is one of my favorites! I office computer has two screens, so I can have my calming YouTube video playing on one screen, and I make it fullscreen so it feels like a window, and then I work on the other screen. It really helps to keep me focused and calm with my very stressful and difficult job. I’ve also changed my diet this year. I’ve gone to a whole food plant-based diet, and I am trying t
  3. Coronavirus: Practicing Wellness While You Stay at Home Harpreet Gujral, DNP, FNP-BC In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home these days. Under normal circumstances, telecommuting can offer a pleasant break from your daily routine. You can enjoy freedom from a long commute and the luxury of working in your sweats. But this situation is far from normal. Harpreet Gujral, program director of integrative medicine at Johns Hopkins’ Sibley Memorial
  4. I do crossword and word search puzzles. I have them in books and newspapers, magazines and of course, online!
  5. Gosh I hope you aren't using duct tape! LOL That is a great article! I might have to try that too. What do you use for tape? One thing that I also tell people is not to let their pets sleep with them. I know it helps in some cases but if they are larger, like bigger dogs who like to take over the bed, it can definitely have adverse effects. (Of course I sleep with my dogs, but when I need a good night sleep, they get put away!)
  6. Healthy Sleep Habits I often talk to my patients about how they can sleep better. And since all my patients have cancer they really do have issues sleeping! Sleep hygiene is very important for everyone. (Except my husband who can sleep anywhere at anytime, which infuriates me because I can't!) Your behaviors during the day, and especially before bedtime, can have a major impact on your sleep. They can promote healthy sleep or contribute to sleeplessness. Your daily routines – what you eat and drink, the medications you take, how you schedule
  7. 1. Why did you choose your Ajah? (If you are a Warder, I'd like to hear why this Ajah, as well as why you chose your path) I chose the White Ajah because I am a very logical person and when I was a novice I felt more at home here than anywhere else. 2. Where are you from/where do you live? I was born and raised in the Napa Valley, California. I moved with my family to Arizona for a while then to Minnesota where my family was originally from. Currently living in 2 places in MN due to my job being 2 hours from my main home. 3. What do you do for a living? I am a Nurse
  8. Essential oils have been getting a lot of buzz recently for helping with everything from headaches to sleep to sore throats. But do these concentrated plant-based oils work? "Essential oils don't work for everyone, but there's no harm in trying them as long as you use them in a safe way," says Harpreet Gujral, program director of integrative medicine at Sibley Memorial Hospital. "Even if they just boost your mood, it can make a positive impact on your health and well-being." What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are basically plant extracts. They're made by steaming or p
  9. So I started the whole food plant based diet a month ago and I feel a ton better! Can’t say I’m losing weight super fast but it is coming off slowly.
  10. Hi all! I have been remiss in my duties to our lovely White Ajah and the WT&WG and I do so miss you all! I have been working now, 6 months, in my new position as a Nurse Practitioner in a rural cancer center in southwest MN and love it! Its been crazy with everything going on and in my search for healthy alternatives that would boost my immunity and help prevent cancer I stumbled on a documentary recently and was blindsided by the revelations that it hit me with! Have you seen the FORKS over KNIVES documentary on Netflix? No? If not then I challenge you to watch it
  11. Same. Love you all. Im also working in a new job as a Nurse Practitioner in a brand new Cancer center that is 2 hours away from my home. So I am commuting and trying to stay safe and healthy for my patients and my family.
  12. This is too funny! So my love is my husband, good thing that worked out! The song that goes with the one I love is Hotel California! I’m trying to figure that one out! The song that I sometimes feel about myself is Back In Black! Haha! The song that says how I feel about life is Shake It Off! Mashi...you are my lucky star!
  13. Have you ever taken a CHINESE HOROSCOPE? well.... THE YEAR OF THE RAT, WISHING YOU PROSPERITY AND GOOD FORTUNE IN THE CHINESE NEW YEAR PLEASE FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS - As they come up. Don't cheat, because you'll miss out on something fun and accurate. 1st. Get a PEN and PAPER 2nd. remember-WHEN CHOOSING NAMES, MAKE SURE THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE THAT YOU ACTUALLY KNOW 3rd. GO WITH YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS !!!!! It's very important for good results. 4th. SCROLL DOWN ONE LINE AT THE TIME
  14. Great work everyone! I saw Oprah on this morning too! Positivity is really helpful. sometimes it is hard to stay positive but I think it really helps with getting that consistency too. I am starting a food log. I have a coach that is helping me with both my diet and exercise. I really need the support and accountability!
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