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  1. *🎤 ice ice baby 🎵🎶* Oh! I love this song! uhhhh.... Distractions! Yes, indeed! A lovely distraction! *sips on frozen cocktail* Cheers to distractions! Lets dance!
  2. That one’s perfect! That really is the ultimate frozen movie!
  3. ROUND ONE WINNER IS CROSS The question was : What is Loial's occupation? Feel free to discuss! (we know the answer already! 😉 )
  4. Mashi is in!!! Sign up anytime and we will keep going!
  5. Round One has Started! 1. Cross vs 2. Asha’man
  6. Sweet! I will send out your private invitation and we’ll start round one!
  7. *Scanning the room* I see Cross! *waves and runs over with a fresh appetizer tray* *wipes crumbs from face* These are delicious! How are you?
  8. WELCOME! Please enjoy yourself! Shall I take your coat? Would you like a Frozen Beverage? We also have a lovely buffet! The DJ is spinnin' some fresh tunes for dancing too! Would you like to dance? Or you can check out some of our entertainment!
  9. I freeze Fresh Ginger to use later. Other fresh Herbs as well. https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-freeze-fresh-herbs-1403399
  10. I love all those! As an 80s kid I love the original Star Wars over them all and my all time fav is The Empire Strikes Back! I would add The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause . Martin Short is my most favorite Jack Frost ever!
  11. Have you ever been Bobbing for Apples? This is similar, except we'll be BOBBING FOR ICE CUBES and you will have to answer a Trivia Question correctly for each cube to stay in the game! (don't worry, they are bite size!) RULES: 1. You will receive your own private game invitation after you sign up. 2. You can play alone or invite others to make a team, up to you. 3. You will not get extra time or turns if you play with a team. 4. Each round will require TWO participants. Whomever answers the Trivia Question correctly wins the round and earns a point.
  12. Merry Christmas mother and everyone! Love you all! Stay safe and healthy!
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