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  1. I like gunpowder green tea, and I buy it in bulk from the whole food co-op. I also like some chai teas, but mostly stick with the greens. I don't like mint though. You definitely should try that, you are going to need something to soothe the beasts!
  2. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    As I am still in grad school (and feeling very old these days) I don't really go anywhere. However.... I am going to be traveling with some of my classmates in May/June. We will be in Kenya and Tanzania for a medical mission trip. We do plan on having some fun along the way with a stop in Paris, plus a short safari and some other site seeing. So there's that.
  3. I prefer pink milk, if I have to drink milk. Mostly I drink water. I like diet sodas well enough. I also like to have a nice cup of tea in the morning.
  4. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    That's why I called it "white" in quotes. LOL Millon will drink it anyway, me thinks.
  5. Odd-n-ends

  6. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    Happy Birthday Millie! *hugs* Now drink with me! *hand Mills a "White" beer*
  7. Long Time No See

    Welcome back Damon...I joined after you left apparently!
  8. Thank you blank! <3
  9. Not this year...instead I was given roses and taken out for dinner! I did have ice cream and this might count for chocolate, it was two scoops of white chocolate raspberry truffle!
  10. Yes we must! And now I must eat that cake! *nom nom*
  11. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week: Recipe Hub!

    I want this right now!