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  1. Hi @LilyElizabeth! @SableSage sorry we were hiding in the garden! Vanilla is my favorite! Here’s a treat for you!
  2. Yum! Cake!! My husband and I just got back from Jamaica! We needed some sun! Living in Minnesota is like spending six months every year in Ragnarok! LOL
  3. *🎤 ice ice baby 🎵🎶* Oh! I love this song! uhhhh.... Distractions! Yes, indeed! A lovely distraction! *sips on frozen cocktail* Cheers to distractions! Lets dance!
  4. That one’s perfect! That really is the ultimate frozen movie!
  5. ROUND ONE WINNER IS CROSS The question was : What is Loial's occupation? Feel free to discuss! (we know the answer already! 😉 )
  6. Mashi is in!!! Sign up anytime and we will keep going!
  7. Round One has Started! 1. Cross vs 2. Asha’man
  8. Sweet! I will send out your private invitation and we’ll start round one!
  9. *Scanning the room* I see Cross! *waves and runs over with a fresh appetizer tray* *wipes crumbs from face* These are delicious! How are you?
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