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  1. ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) Der'Manshima. Hayley Atwell would make a fine Lanfear IMO. She's a great actress and very pretty.
  2. *Runs in from the late shift apologizing for the delay* I, too, stand here and highly recommend this young man for promotion to Der'Manshima. Ever since I first met RTE, we were playing a mafia game and the power went out at my house. He pretty well had me dead to rights but I just kept blowing smoke until he, finally, started liking the smell of the BBQ and didn't have me lynched for the wicked little mafia fiend that I was. It was only then that I learned of just how clever, bright, and witty that this young man was even then. It was only after then and well on be becoming friends on FB that I truly found out what a remarkable and intelligent young man that he really was. We both love our food and dream of traveling the world. His moral fiber is without question and I have FULL confidence that he will more than bring high praise, acclaim and honors to both the Warders but the entire White Tower. He is cooler than the other side of the pillow. *Winks over at RTE* That was a little long winded but I get ya waiting. Hope that made up for it. *Bows and steps off the platform to stand next to Heart*
  3. Hullo hullo, dear, Aes Sedai. I felt those tugs that can only come from one lady. Plus, I can so Gateways now. Glad to see you! *Hugs*
  4. I thank you so very much! I have learned so many about both myself and life in general. What I have done is nothing compared to what I think you can do.
  5. Thanks again, you guys and gals. I went ahead and typed a little more in depth Blog here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/blog/33/entry-10936-my-real-life-a-memory-of-light-a-comeback-story/ I really like meal prep and staying busy most days. I got all kinds of recipes and things I learned along the way.
  6. Thanks, Fnorrl! It's been so crazy. When I started out I didn't even really have a plan. I had never been athletic I had high blood pressure, horrible self esteem. I had to have emergency hernia surgery in 2012 due to me being so overweight that the fat actually cut into the wall of my intestines. I'll spare you all the details of that but it was either lose weight or probably not wake up one morning. I tried to diet in 2013 but it failed...miserably. I was just basically tired of saying someday and being a whole bunch of talk. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I didn't want another diet. I needed a lifestyle change. So, I got up on February 28th, 2014, I said I'm never looking back and will not ever quit another for the rest of my life. Then, my father got bladder cancer and so I had to stay with him while eating all-natural organic foods and teaching myself how to exercise. I need to write it all down in a blog or something now that I'm back. Dad had surgery and is, thus far, cancer free. I enjoy spending time with him as I neglected and took that for granted before.
  7. Well, I'm a Libertarian so I'm pleased indeed. There are so many things our country could be fixing of greater importance. Our school lunch food programs are a joke and I have been going into local schools attempting to show kids that they can choose foods that are both tasty and healthy. I just want to see people happy and healthy. I don't believe in placing labels on people or claiming that one group of people know best over another group of people. They deserve be able to apply for benefits and retirement, etc., just as all of the rest of us.
  8. ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) Der'Manshima and Scrabble!
  9. *Snuggles back* Thanks Rhea. I hope I haven't missed too much.
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