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  1. Haha! *Is Happily Snugglebitten* Ah yes it is good to be back! Yeah, I seen the new logo was released yesterday but still no date on it. I'm thinking Fall of this year now.
  2. Welcome back, Sistah! It's good to see you. I hope the TV show brings in a lots of fans new and and old.
  3. No prob at all! Yes, I try to only eat things that are organic. Every time I get a chance I make a little trip to the Whole Foods Market or Sprouts. It really seems like all those preservatives in the food haven't done us any favors over the years.
  4. My sincere apologies folks. We've been trying to reopen the Resort that I work at for the past week due to the pandemic so I've had some odd hours but let me take a stab at them questions. @Lavandula -What do you like to eat, and drink (are you conscious about eating healthy)? Well, I usually stick with just iced tea or water with the occasional Coke Zero. Up until recently I had been on the Keto Diet but now I'm transitioning to a Mediterranean Diet because I do love my meats and cheeses....and the pasta but I do try to stay healthy. Also, I quit drinking alcohol about 7 months ago but, beforehand, I loved my whiskey. (you can blame that on my Scottish ancestry). -what do you/do you like to do to keep your body strong? I work out 7 Days a week but I alternate the workouts I do every other day. I have a Shake Day for basic dumbbell free weights and a Bake Day (get it...Shake n Bake? 😄) for cardio workouts. - what do you/do you like to do to keep your body flexible? I like to utilize my ankle weights and use them with the edge of my bed to due various leg scissors and other workouts including a little basic yoga....maybe a little aerobics to work my abs. - what do you/do you like to do for fitness? Anything that keeps my heartrate up and targets the intended areas. Nothing too harsh on the joints. I'd say that it's more of a toning routine to keep my body limber and ready for anything. - what do you like to do to destress/relax? OH, I'm a big fan of just watching my various streaming Apps like Hulu (gotta love my Perfect Strangers and Family Matters) and Netflix (way too many to count). - what kind of tv (if any) do you watch? I'm obsessed with anything to do with ancient and Medieval Times. If it's got a castle in it then I'm probably gonna like it. Right not I'm very big on Bernard Cornwall's The Last Kingdom as I really enjoy those kind of books but I like shows that make me think like The Blacklist as well. - what hobbies do you have? Other than doing lots of reading, I really like watching YouTube. Some of my favorite channels are Food Challenges like Randy Santal or Food Reviews like Ken Domik. They're both really nice people.
  5. Very Nice! I'm here and I'm bringing some pals. 😄
  6. Well, I work at a Casino Resort Hotel and they've been closed for a couple of weeks due to that COVID-19 going around. So, I'm catching up on Netflix shows and a few good books.
  7. Haha! My apologies, ladies. I had to pull a 7 Day workweek and missed this but I'd like to help in any way I can. @Lavandula I'm sure you'll like it here.
  8. Haha, yes indeed, my old friend! That was quite an exciting day. @Lavandula Yeah, I really enjoy cooking. I spend a lot of time in Whole Food Stores, Sprouts, and a few other local organic markets. It was hard to find things to begin with but after finding these places it was a lot easier. I actually made organic stuffing for Thanksgiving one year.
  9. Well, I know I sure am. I enjoy watching and competing in sports as it helps keep me relaxed and focused. One of the things that drew me into the Ren'Shai Discipline was finding other people that felt the same way. Competition is good because if makes you better.
  10. Hello to you as well! I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have and welcome! Yeah, I try to live a well rounded lifestyle. I eat organic things and do my best to keep a proper exercise routine.
  11. Right now I'm planning on going back to school and taking classes in Hotel Management. Hopefully, that'll pay off someday.
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