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  1. Well, I work at a Casino Resort Hotel and they've been closed for a couple of weeks due to that COVID-19 going around. So, I'm catching up on Netflix shows and a few good books.
  2. Sorry for being late to the party (I've only been back for a short while) but Congrats Tay! I always enjoy a visit to the Reds. *Tries to dodge spork*
  3. Haha! My apologies, ladies. I had to pull a 7 Day workweek and missed this but I'd like to help in any way I can. @Lavandula I'm sure you'll like it here.
  4. Haha, yes indeed, my old friend! That was quite an exciting day. @Lavandula Yeah, I really enjoy cooking. I spend a lot of time in Whole Food Stores, Sprouts, and a few other local organic markets. It was hard to find things to begin with but after finding these places it was a lot easier. I actually made organic stuffing for Thanksgiving one year.
  5. Well, I know I sure am. I enjoy watching and competing in sports as it helps keep me relaxed and focused. One of the things that drew me into the Ren'Shai Discipline was finding other people that felt the same way. Competition is good because if makes you better.
  6. ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) Der'Manshima Of all the things I'm looking forward to, I'd have to say Nynaeve tricking Lan in a memorable moment towards the end of the books but I don't want to ruin or spoil anything so I'll just leave it at that.
  7. Hello to you as well! I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have and welcome! Yeah, I try to live a well rounded lifestyle. I eat organic things and do my best to keep a proper exercise routine.
  8. ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) Der'Manshima and I just wants some candy!
  9. Right now I'm planning on going back to school and taking classes in Hotel Management. Hopefully, that'll pay off someday.
  10. Oh now that DOES look nice! Especially that pool as it reminds me of the Moat on the old forums. How's everyone doing?
  11. *Is Happily Hugged* Well, it's good to be back. It's nice to meet you all as well. I used to visit the Greens quite a lot back in the day. Hope your 2020 is starting out good.
  12. I'm just getting used to the new system but I've been gone a while. Once I figure out how to update my sig than I'll be happy. ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) der'Manshima
  13. I'd like to know too. I used to use Photobucket but now I'm on Imgur finally.
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