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  1. How are you Edward Elric-kun :D

  2. To me, Prettying was always a term of endearment like when your friends roast you on your birthday except with sparkles and fingernail polish. Haha. It's all about having fun and enjoying oneself.
  3. I'm totally down for this! 1. Eastern Oklahoma 2. Anywhere and anytime. 3. Peaches
  4. Greetings Jarran and Welcome to DM! Being a Sheriff's Deputy is a very awesome thing. You may enjoy the Band of the Red Hand as we are always in need of some law and order. You'll have a blast and make meet some amazing people along the way. I'm Thorkin!
  5. Hey there Maurelle! Thanks for joining the Aiel. I'm sure you're going to like it there. It was my first Group to join. I think you may also enjoy The Band of the Red Hand. There are endless amounts of fun to be had ad you'll meet some amazingly awesome people. Welcome to DM! I'm Thorkin or just Thork if you'd like.
  6. Hello there Azoth! Welcome to DM. You might want to check out the Band of the Red Hand Social Group for lots of fun and for meeting some really amazing people. I'm Thorkin.
  7. +1 Very well said Thorkin. Thanks! I was at work so I didn't have much time to type. I think sometimes we can be overcritical when it comes to things we've invested so much time in such as this series. There were a few things rushed and lots more dialogue. I felt a nice sense of things coming together around The Last Battle. I'm very glad that Demandred wasn't too much of a disappointment. I laughed when he basically pimp-slapped M'Hael. I remember from way back that people would try to match the characters in the books to their assumed counterparts in the Forsaken and so it was interesting to see many of those not even coming close. For example, one was that Nynaeve and Moghedien would square off...which wasn't even close. The one thing I knew was paramount for this book was that the Shadow needed to seem invincible, It needed to seem like a miracle that the Light prevailed because, up until this point, the Forsaken were just balefired or taken out quite easily. I would have liked to see more paranoia after first discovering the Compulsion or maybe one would actually be a Darkfriend. That could have led to some intrigue....who's going to be next? Who's the Darkfriends? Who else could have Compulsion-induced orders and doesn't even know it? Also, I thought it would have been a far better idea to have the people of Emond's Field all ganging up on Padan Fain right there at the last due to him basically bringing the first attacks on them to begin with. Oh, and The Last Hunt with the returning anicent wolves was rushed as well. All in all, I was pleased and am thankful we all got to the top of the mountain at last.
  8. Well, I've finished and let it set in a little bit. It left me with a smile. It was the ending but I can't help but wonder. Sanderson did a commendable job finishing an overwhelming project. I do fill that Jordan would have let some things marinate if he could have lived to do so but it was important to have an ending to the series nontheless. So, basically we got there to the summit of the mountain but we took the straight line. Jordan would have took us around it and let us see all of the trees....and teach us how to properly wash silk. lol. It's not always the destination but it's the journey. Jordan was best at the journey part. Sanderson gave us the destination. Which was better is left to us to decide. I say thanks to both men. Well done.
  9. Well, I haven't wrote one of these in forever! There has been lots of changes this year but I've had a few goals that I wanted to accomplish coming into this year. I wanted to finish the first book in my trilogy and I did. I know the ending now and I think it's going to be good. I think people will identify with the characters and the underlying stories within the story. The first book will be called Roots to Branches. I'll have to give credit of inspiration to an old Jethro Tull album for that name. But that is for another day and another column. Last night, another of my goals was to finally get back on stage and preform with the band. And, not just any band, but the one I formed back in 2003 called the River Valley Madmen. It was the first time we were all back together. That alone would have been significant enough for me if were not for the fact that the last time we were together on stage, my grandfather was there and not in a wheelchair. It was the last time I was able to see him walk around and try to make faces at me while on stage before the cancer made him too weak to see us. He taught me everything I know about all these hole-in-the-wall places people go to listen to music. Ever since I was able to walk, he took me all the way up Brushy and Wildhorse Mountains to hear him sing when I was little. I knew all of his songs by heart. I had heard them so much. Some of the people remembered me from way back then and, to be honest, I thought I'd forget the words but.....it all came back when I grabbed the microphone. The only thing that had changed was that it was a rock n' roll crowd and not Country Western "singing." It was so awesome to finally be back up there, trying not to cough at the cigar smoke, and feeling that adrenaline rush of standing in by the amp and hearing Lee start it off with the electric guitar and that all to familiar backbeat of Drake on the drums. I was given one of the best things a preformer could receive in this atmosphere tonight and it rendered me both humbled and honored. After our set....our only set as this was for free....we waited in anticipation in the back. It was quiet and we were a little disappointed. It was so dark in the back but, slowly we noticed the glow in the room. They had held out their lighters and flicked them on signaling they wanted an encore. One more song and the perfect way to end the night. Yes, sir! These are the moments that remind you you're alive. The music never ends and I think, somewhere in the back of the room, grandpa was smiling. I'm pretty sure I could see him there. Rock on peoples and Goodnight! -Thork
  10. I see Egwene more as Latra Posae Decume due to her being in a position to once again stop Rand from using the Seals to seal up the Dark One's prison. She was in favor of a big wall and use the Choedan Kal. She refused to let any female channelers participate and Lews Therin's plan failed, of course, due to that.
  11. I've been so obsessed with finding out who Demandred is since the The Dragon Reborn. I somehow knew that he was going to be the last one to be revealed. Robert Jordan said that he hasn't appeared on screen yet but that was during some interviews after Knive of Dreams (which he autographed for me and got me to read his other stuff). So, it would have to be someone either mentioned but not in the actual action pre-Crossroads of Twilight.
  12. Well, I've never actually heard this theory before but it's interesting. You made some very good connections I think. The stasis boxes are very unique as it can hold a gholam but I don't know it if can sustain human life. That would be the only hole in the theory but I don't want to be discouraging. There is no evidence of human life not being sustained within a stasis box but it's kind of one those things....it cannot be proved or disproved. *shrugs*
  13. The Ishamael/Belza'man thing freaked me out intially because, for the longest time, I couldn't figure out if he was the Dark One (being present in all those Portal Stone worlds and being able to view the Pattern so well) or not. Semirhage is kinda cool and kinky but, I'd have to say that Demandred is awesome because we don't know who he is due to just entering the picture in the 11th book and beyond.
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