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  1. Flying across the Atlantic to Edinburgh today. Woke up at 5:45 am this morning, got to Newark half an hour ago, and am trying to figure out what to do between now and 8 pm, when my plane to Edinburgh leaves. Fun stuff.
  2. I'm flying up to Owensboro, Kentucky, to attend my grandfather's 90th birthday. He's still flying a Sonex.
  3. Thanks, haven't heard back yet. I asked for 31 May, and I'm guessing I won't end up knowing until January. But there's another reason to hope that I get the extension, now I looked it up. Tuesday, 25 February, is a rather special Tuesday. You might remember us Warders did a few things to celebrate it last year. I still have the essay, complete with the gifs, saved on Word. If I can get the extension--maybe, just maybe, I can dress weirdly, grin broadly, and smoke a cigar late into that night? And you all can celebrate with me?
  4. *Quickly walks in, slides down on couch.* Hey everyone. I actually haven't read/listened to anything for several months. This morning, though, I started listening to Paradise Lost. That book meant a lot to me as a kid. It took some time getting used to the poetry, but you can see it very well because of that, and after a bit I was actually laughing: Milton is soooo British! Listening to Satan and his mates scheming--I almost thought they were at a pub.
  5. *Sprawls onto couch.* Hey y'all. Just got in from swinging a golf club. Fallen in love with the sport. Planning on gaming tonight: Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The quest is that I'm courting a young lady. We're due for a walk.
  6. I've read somewhere that there are so many science papers being published now that's it's very difficult to repeat experiments and verify a paper's results. I don't know if that's true, but it's not hard to believe.
  7. Thanks! The flight wasn't smooth, alas, but I made it. Jetlag is taking hold as I'm writing this.
  8. That depends very much on what type of science we're discussing.
  9. Today I'm packing up for the flight home tomorrow.
  10. Well, Alan's been gone all November and I'm not entirely sure I'll see him before I fly home next week. I've been trying to polish everything, but I've not been at my best lately. When you've got no one to say "this looks better," you don't really know which way to go. Today I've begun trying to begin to making an appendix, even though I'm not sure how much I need one and what I should include. That's an enormous amount of data dating back to when I started this all five years ago, and back then I wasn't collecting the data with the idea I'd have it organised at the end of it. I did a lot of that while I was still finding my way. So, Friday I wrote Alan floating the idea of an extension. Maybe get a bit more Clausewitz in there if it works? And that Vikings tended to get horses just as soon as they could find them once they established good naval bases, and with a base, fine ships, and horses, they controlled both rivers and Roman roads? Or nearly everything? Way back in 810, Charlemagne was about to go to war with the Danes, but he had a cow plague come along, which would have devastated any supply line, and, (coincidentally!!!), that was the first big attack, when a Dane came along and pillaged Frisia, now Friesland, on the mouth of the Rhine. Charlemagne was wise and kept away from the Danes afterwards, but his son, ol' Louis the Pious, was not. He tried to force his way into things by sponsoring an exiled Danish "king," Harald Klak's, invasion to retake control of the Danes in AD 819, and Harald won...for a few years. He was kicked out in 826 and Dorestad was sacked a few years after that, when the next clear natural disaster had come along and Louis had briefly lost power. I sometimes wonder if Louis brought the Vikings on himself. Wish me luck on the extension. If it comes to naught, it comes to naught, but I do think I deserve one.
  11. Mulled wine can be fairly good depending on how you make it. A couple of years ago the Scandinavian Studies department here at UofE had a party, and while all the undergraduates were partying us postgraduates were mulling wine. I've got to say, one of my favourite alcoholic drinks ever has to be hot: Irish Bailey's and coffee.
  12. Hahaha, you can never go wrong with a coffee break.
  13. Yup, got everything. *Puffs away.* Good Kaf, and I haven't brought any Seanchan with it. *Grins.*
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