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  1. Haycraftd

    @ChaelcaThe challenge on Asia--well, I've been working on a story since early July. And the story has become MUCH longer than my last and the short story covers a LOT more ground than "The Dream and the Bargain"--it's not just part of a novel like my last--my last was an element of the climax of one--I'd have to write a story around "The Dream and the Bargain" for it to become a novel. in the next week or so the short story I'm writing--when I finish--will become a summary of a novel. And so I won't have written it as well.
  2. Black Tower Roll Call: August 2018

    I'm reading a Memory of Light right now. I find it somewhat tragic, now I'm so close to the end.
  3. Welcome Haycraftd

    Thanks everyone! And welcome Lessa--I'll consider it.
  4. Welcome Haycraftd

    Thanks! I won the fight!
  5. Welcome Haycraftd

    Tomorrow, I'm having my own little dance with a Jak of the Shadows--one I have once every year. Tomorrow I need to prove that it's worth allowing me to go forward to finish my flaming PhD.
  6. Trump FP

    As a side-note on this discussion--I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone here, but I don't see how the fact that the UK is leaving the EU is relevant to a discussion of NATO. If they spend 2%, that's the key.
  7. Trump FP

    I'm never exactly sure what to think about NATO--and of how strong it is in fact. It's an old alliance, but that doesn't mean it's a strong one. NATO was an agreement between all our nations with a very specific purpose: to stick together so that we could fight a war with the Soviets throughout the Cold War--to work together and be be ready if it became hot. So it was expressly designed to fight Russia. Many European militaries are shadows of what they once were during the Cold War. Germany would be able to contribute almost nothing if we had a real war with Russia. The United States would have to do most of the work. (I'm American even though I'm living over here). An alliance is a commitment--and if not everyone is committed, how strong is it in fact? Just pointing out that not everyone is committed, as Trump has done repeatedly, is useful--to gauge everyone. If it's no longer beneficial or useful, we should get rid of it--to clear things out.
  8. I have a serious problem.

    When this song gets in my head I can never get it out. Ever.
  9. Hmm....I'd have to say children, maybe? Really, I have no idea. I'm not a foodie and don't pay much attention to it.
  10. Welcome Haycraftd

    I haven't replied, yet, my apologies! The past few days have been tumultuous. @Daruya I've half expected to see roaches scurrying around here recently. It's actually warm up here in Scotland and so people are going insane. People are unfamiliar with clothing like shorts and there is no air conditioning up here. Roaches would love it--unless they came near me. If they come near me--they're suddenly dancing with Jak o' the Shadows! @dicetosser1 Thank you. We'll see. I've been away from here a few days so I've got to catch up with everything.
  11. Welcome Haycraftd

    Yup. And I've gotten to your post on me.
  12. Welcome Haycraftd

    Thanks for the drink! I remember one night in April 2012 very well because I was rereading LoC at the time. We're used to gigantic roaches in New Orleans and periodically have to clean them out. That night I was home alone, had finished dinner, and had opened LoC, when I heard a sound in the kitchen near our trash can. I went there, found a gigantic roach there, and smashed it. But that was just the beginning. I ended up killing about twenty that I saw and I heard quite a lot of rustling in places I poisoned--so I think many more died. Why do I remember the night so well? Because I was the Lord of Chaos! Mat is still my favorite character. He's so dynamic! I've always liked Lan as well though--he's always seemed so tragic. My favorite musical genre--I really don't have one. I've picked up songs from many different musical genres. My favorite living musician has to be Jimmy Buffett, though. What are you looking into for your PhD?
  13. Welcome Haycraftd

    I forgot to give my name--I'm Dan. And happy to meet you, Kat. I haven't been assigned yet. I just joined the band after hearing "If You Go to be a Soldier" from troops marching along. I had to join up to see if the song was accurate! I'll ask questions as I come up with them, but right now all I can say is thank you!