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  1. haycraftd Der'Manshima 333 Milkshakes. But that's year round.
  2. Yes. It's complicated! But more importantly, Saturday I was able to practice golf again. It was AMAZING!!!!
  3. Sorry I've been absent lately. I'm still working on the abstract and my final chapter (8). One of the things I've found incredibly frustrating throughout this is the ideology that there are just "oppressors" and "victims," naturally scholars choose sides, and the side's almost never the one that ended up dominating. Things are rarely so simple, however, and I can't think of anything more condescending to the (often formidable) people who lost. My final chapter is filled with criticisms of the current theories because of this: the underlying assumption is that the Vikings were passively reacting to something, and had very little to no agency of their own. But wars are cruel and ugly, and the only people Charlemagne was never able to bend were the Danes. This does not suggest that the Danes were slowly and passively giving in to the Carolingians (or another "oppressor"), and responded with a final hissy fit. I might be exaggerating somewhat by saying the Vikings won, but I'm not far off.
  4. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Members of the White Tower/Warder Guild! Hath thou notyced any strange goinges on in the Tower? Do any of thy sisters have newe or inexplicable markes upon their bodyes? Does thy Amyrlinne Seat have one too many cats? Is this a kinde olde ladye bathing her pets, or turned her systers into iguanas! Is this just a fun costume partye, or a typical gathering of Deville's spawne in the Browne Ajah? We ask ye to bring forward your accused, and lette us know why they should be burned as wytches! We will feed them wytch cakes, dunke them in the Moat, and weigh up your accusations to see if they shoulde be burned!
  5. A week when we all return to our medieval tendencies. A week when we speak in olde English. A week when we eat mutton. A week when witches are burned. This is Knightmare Week. Come and join in the festivities! Battle Music by Hayl3y Cage Match by Liitha Lava's Food Stand by Lavandula Paired Quiz Game by JamesBrown Make Your Own Crest by Liitha Witch burning! by Haycraftd Women in Medieval Times by ATuckerMorin
  6. I never really had any doubt when I joined. However much I said it was a hard choice in my graduation thread, it wasn't. I knew I was a Warder from the beginning. How I knew that...well, as Arie said above, there is a very different mentality to a brotherhood than a sisterhood, I fit quite nicely into one but observing the other...I don't. I've almost always connected to soldiers I've talked with. And I am a bit of a lone wolf. While I'm very extroverted now, I haven't been always. So yeah, it's an honour to serve.
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