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  1. haycraftd

    Black Tower Roll Call: December

    Peanut butter kisses--excellent cookies.
  2. haycraftd

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Yup, I'm home in New Orleans twice a year--once to celebrate Christmas and then to have a month in summer. Then I'm back in Edinburgh for the rest of the year, gnawing at my degree. But February 2020, I'm winning it! 😏
  3. haycraftd

    [Yellows Winter Wonderland: Classics]

    Wasn't there so much more wonder to the world when we were children? And those stories invoked that wonder. I'd agree with you %100 except I don't like the word "magical." I'm still somewhat convinced that magic does exist. It's just more subtle than we think of it as.
  4. It depends. In Edinburgh, there's actually a "Christmas Market" that starts in late November and continues until Christmas--it happens in, I think it's called the Royal Botanical Garden?" It's goes up and even has a Ferris wheel. The most famous road in Edinburgh, the "Royal Mile," becomes covered in lights. It's truly amazing to see. New Orleans also gets covered in lights, although not to the extent Edinburgh is. And so a favourite activity is just going through there to see everything.
  5. haycraftd

    [Yellows Winter Wonderland: Classics]

    My reasons are that they're so sentimental and are always in the spirit of giving. A Christmas Story" is my favorite, although some come close--(my family was surfing for what to do the other night, started streaming "White Christmas," and had a very difficult time stopping it, even though the DVD is in the mail). They always remind me of being a child watching it. Even more, in some cases, say, "A Christmas Story," I find I was the narrator. And they're excellent stories anyway, without holidays.
  6. haycraftd

    [Yellow's Winter Wonderland:Christmas Carol Contest

    Mother, that was wonderful! I have this to say-- Well Tarmon Gaidin's frightful but your eyes are so delightful. 🙂 As long as the battle flows-- Let it go let it go let it go! Now balefire’s streaks aren’t stopping Mat’s dragon’s keep things rocking! 👍 With the fireballs you must throw-- Let it go let it go let it go! When the Dark One’s shut up tight I’ll dance with you under the sun. 😉 But since you and I must still fight My sword is as sharp as a thorn!😁 Now Demandred is dying Mat’s luck can be surprising.😏 The battle’s over, no? Let it go let it go—no let’s go! 😜
  7. haycraftd

    [Yellow's Winter Wonderland:Christmas Carol Contest

    I just can't stop laughing, Elgee. I...can't. 😁
  8. haycraftd

    [Yellows Winter Wonderland: Classics]

    A Christmas Story knocks every other one out of the park. It's just soo funny. I could totally relate as a kid.
  9. haycraftd

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Yes, there are. I don't think many friends could leave, really. In Katrina's aftermath, the parents couldn't think of anywhere to go if New Orleans was actually gone and the parents aren't natives. I've led a fairly good life in Edinburgh, but I can't stay and since I have a good job waiting for me in 2020, I'm coming back.
  10. I've always liked cookies--especially peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's kiss in the middle. These have gone out of fashion lately because baking enthusiasm has waned, but it seems our youngest likes baking and we've tasked him with baking a MASSIVE amount of cookies. And so, peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses are coming back.
  11. Alright, I'm giving you a challenge, the Christmas "Carol" Contest. So the contest is to write a WoT themed Carol, with emoticons encouraged 😉 It can be substituting some lyrics for another--(Well Tarmon Gaidin's frightful/but our soldiers are so delightful. 😁/As long as the battle flows/ Let it go let it go let it go.😉) Or you can write something original. So let's get started. 👍