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  1. @ATuckerMorin I don't do it always, but meditation is actually a pretty simple skill, but incredibly difficult to master. Get an app like "Simple Habit" (I like) or "Headspace" (another major one) and listen to the introductory lessons--yeah you might eventually want to subscribe, but for just learning, the first few lessons are free. The first step is to control and deepen your breath and then focus on something intently enough to disconnect yourself from your thoughts. Focusing on your breath, visualising a color, so on. Yeah, it doesn't last long...a second or so if your lucky before your mind begins to wander again...but be gentle with yourself. It's a skill you develop, just like any other. Off the top of my head, here are a few exercises I can give you right now, although I don't advise you to try hard. Just try them out. None of these are meditations in full...they're to try to help you understand what it's like. Your job is to get into the present moment and then stay. I'm not sure how well I'll explain this: 1. During the day, occasionally listen/pay attention to the infinite silence all around you. Don't focus on the noise, focus on the silence. 2. Another thing to focus on is the infinite space around you. 3. When I'm making something, (eg lunch in a minute), I occasionally focus on counting down from 100-0 and repeat 100-0 a few times. If I stumble, I start over. If my mind wanders, once I realize it I get back to the counting. It takes practice, but you'll begin to feel really peaceful once your mind is quiet. Hope this helps.
  2. I can't tell you about diet, but I have had some experience with meditation. What do you want to know about it? It does allow you to gain much more control of your mind. Learning how to think is one thing, learning how not to think is even harder. You've got to start slow, though.
  3. A belated Happy Halloween to you, too! I hope you had a good time yourself.
  4. My guess is that I'll be smoking a cigar a couple nights from now, but nothing else. Scotland is still very much in a semi-lockdown, with gatherings of more than six people prohibited.
  5. @Grachus No worries, you'll be fine. @StarRiskWelcome to the White Tower! You should have gotten an email from me.
  6. @Grachus, @Cyfedia, welcome to the White Tower! You both should have received an email from me
  7. Hi there, @PiedPiper welcome to the White Tower! I've sent you a PM. @JamesBrown Thanks! It was tough out there in the Blight, but I've been trained by the best. XD
  8. @LavandulaI'm looking at my heavy books and trying to decide which one would suit best if I needed to take measures. I think I told you no pranks. We were Aspies together once upon a time, but now I'm supposed to be "responsible". (Whatever "responsible" means). I'll update Haycraftd's PhD in a few weeks. I'm turning it in on the 31rst, then packing and leaving for New Orleans two days later. Then I can tell you all what this summer's been like. My mother's giddy, the only pre-lockdown friend I've been able to see in person since March is worried, and I finally became afraid a few days ago.
  9. No, Lava, you kick a ball in real football. How do you kick it off or make a field goal? So, yeah...your criticism is invalid. And pwetty? That's a matter of personal taste. A real football is beautiful. Especially when you've thrown it so it's spinning through the air. Far better than that boring black and white patched excuse of a ball only half-filled with air. And all you do with a soccer ball when you take it out is abuse it, kicking it around. I always wonder why they never just leave.
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