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  1. Well done, sir! I would have also accepted Jain Farstrider. You're up.
  2. I know from first-hand experience that @StarRisk is a dogged player. He will escape, if only by pressing his forehead against a wall until it yields to the pressure.
  3. That...doesn't sound right to me. I've always seen it as Rank, Name. But around here we're mostly informal, so just names are usually all you'll need. As for Bob? Well, amble down by the moat and see if you can spot him. He can be shy sometimes, but he loves new recruits.
  4. I should be able to lend a hand. How are you on displaying pics of that little twerp in violent scenarios?
  5. Hello, Aman, welcome to the Warders' Barracks. Lately I plowed through The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Fantastic drama about a female chess prodigy growing up in the sixties. I play chess every day, but the show has motivated me to up my game. I also am finishing up the fourth season of The Last Kingdom, an epic tale of the rise of Arthur the Great and his struggle to unite warring tribes into one country we call England. Great action scenes, but also some stirring examples of duty and reputation. Also on Netflix. Feel free to poke around, ask questions, and
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