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  1. Also, I made some bookshelves for my room.
  2. This week's experiment in baking involved these: Chocolate-covered almonds and pecans.
  3. Sorry, Ryrin. I'll have to owe you some beads for a time when I can post images again. But thanks for your participation.
  4. Agreed. Since I can't post images anymore, I won't be able to present any more King's Cake for guessing. So I suppose we'll call that a wrap. Thanks everyone.
  5. And how. No more cold. No more worrying about always having a warm enough coat handy even though I'm indoors most (but not all) of the time. No more slipping into a cold car. No more scraping ice off the windshield. No more curling up in a ball in my bed, and if I move an inch my bare leg hits a cold spot and wakes me up. No more cold!
  6. Well, I'm stuck again. Trying to upload a file just gets me a 200 error.
  7. That's better! Ah man, I can't post images again. I'll keep trying...
  8. This parade just keeps on coming! Look at the colors! The lights! The pageantry! But hey! I've still got a bunch of beads and candy and fun surprises. I'm not feeling any love here! Who wants goodies!
  9. I'm glad you shared, haycraftd. This has been great.
  10. Oh, Ryrin. You're gonna have to do better than that! C'mon!
  11. You found it, Cross! Congratulations! Feel free to enjoy your-- Uhh, Cross? Can I offer you a napkin?
  12. Sorry to both of you, Lily and Cross. But one of you is sooooooooo close. 😀 Feel free to guess again, but I'll let someone else take a stab before I consider your next guess.
  13. That will do nicely, haycraftd. LOVE that enthusiasm. Here--catch! Anyone else want some goodies? You gotta WANT it!
  14. All right! Let's try it again with a new King's Cake. Pick a number, any number. Who's gonna win? Who's gonna find the baby?
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