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  1. Welcome, @Maera This will be your personal class as you become acquainted with the White Tower. Your mentor, @Taymist will guide you as you explore both the Tower and yourself. Best regards, JamesBrown Sword Captain
  2. Welcome to the White Tower, Maera. As is our way, we'll be assigning you a Mentor shortly who can guide you as you explore our little world. We'll also create private threads for you in the Lecture Hall and the Aspirant's Quarters. Enjoy, and feel free to explore the White Tower.
  3. @Taymist, you are up for Mentoring newly-arrived Maera. My gracious thanks for your service. @Kaylee, can you cross off Cross and Taymist off the Mentor list on page 1, please? Or, even better, give me access to that post (if that's possible) so that I can edit the Mentor list without bothering you.
  4. Attention all White Tower Aspirants. Here are the Aspirant Requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to progress through the White Tower. Your Mentor will assign these requirements to them step-by-step in their private Class thread until you are satisfied they are fulfilled. The first requirement is for the Aspirant to read the 'WT/Warders 101' thread and reply that they have Read & Understood the rules. Once done, a Mentor will be assigned to the Aspirant. This person will guide him or her in training, be available to answer questions and provide feedback. Next, a class thread will be created especially for the Aspirant that will be private to only to him or her and the Mentor. Finally, in the class thread the Aspirant will need to answer the following questions. The Mentor will assign them one group of questions at a time, not overwhelming them with too much at once. Part One: The White Tower 1)What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do? 2)What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you? 3)What in the heck does PG13 mean? 4)What is Thread-Hijacking and Spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that? Part Two: The Subgroups So what we normally recommend is that you start a post in your class thread and go back and edit it over time, and that the format is as follows: [Ajah/Guild] --[Who is in charge] --[general focus if there is one] --[link to relevant post #1] --[link to relevant post #2] Rinse and repeat for at least five of the eight Ajahs and Warders Guild. Part Three: Keeping Up 1) Do you have any questions? 2) Do you have any suggestions on how to tweak this class in the future?
  5. Thanks, Lily. Having fun so far. The set is mostly built--it just needs to be painted and decorated. We rehearse three times a week, and sixteen shows are planned. Apparently Christmas plays are very popular here, because the first show isn't until November 22nd, but the tickets are already more than 75% sold. Gonna be a full house, looks like.
  6. They've been moved to the newly-erected Lecture Hall.
  7. I'll be appearing in a play in my local theater. We're putting on A Christmas Story, and I'll be playing two or three bit parts. We've started rehearsals last week, and today will be the first of Set Builds.
  8. Boating. Travel by Train? Or by Car?
  9. I finished another painting today. "C&H" Acrylic on canvas. 18"x24" I hope the reference is obvious. Extra credit if you know the source image on which this is based.
  10. I love Inigo Montoya's sword. "I've not seen its equal."
  11. Thanks, @Kaylee The Class Requirements thread is here, so Mentors should be able to pass them along to their Mentees. I've created classes for the recent arrivals in the Aspirant's Quarters.
  12. I wrote this two years ago when I was a new Warder, and my feelings haven't changed since, so I'll repeat it here. Throughout the RJ novels, Warders appealed to me more than other groups. This may sound strange--it sounds strange when I say it--but I've always wanted to be a sidekick. My first experience with this was watching Star Wars when I was 9 years old, and the character I liked the most was Chewbacca. Han Solo was the guy in charge of their duo, but Han would have had a short life if not for Chewie watching his back. The story supposedly went that Han saved Chewie from an Imperial prison, so the Wookie swore a life debt to him. When I was a teenager I wanted to swear a life debt to my best friend. There have been other terrific characters like that. Samwise Gamgee to Frodo Baggins. Binabik to Simon Snowlock. Robin to Batman. Today, I'm still the same. I'm a terrible leader, be it in work or in social activities, but I feel most comfortable being the trusted Lieutenant, the capable Right-Hand Man, the one who plays the supporting role to the central figure. So in the Wheel of Time, Warders support their Aes Sedai, and in the bargain they gain kick-ass fighting skills, quick healing abilities, and a color-shifting cloak, all things that would come very handy in real life.
  13. Welcome @Caldazar al'Aemon This will be your personal class as you become acquainted with the White Tower. Your mentor, @Dar'Jen Ab Owain will guide you as you explore both the Tower and yourself. Best regards, JamesBrown Sword Captain
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