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  1. Looking forward to this. The backstories of the publishing world are fascinating to me. Often all we see are the polished finished products on the shelf, with no clue about the circuitous, torturous path the books took to get there. What with the egos, the personality conflicts, the crushed hopes and the serendipitous successes, the history of a novel can be as interesting as the history of an "ordinary" person. By the way, I believe the word meant is 'disdained.' Thanks for letting us know about this.
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    It's not too long. Welcome, Butt punch. Be sure to poke around the social groups and ask questions.
  3. JamesBrown

    The Blade's End Tavern

    I don't fly yet. Getting my license is also on my bucket list. But I've been considering building airplanes as a hobby (if I can ever afford it) so I've done a lot of reading on kit planes. Sonex is one of the most reputable companies in that industry.
  4. JamesBrown

    The Blade's End Tavern

    I love the Sonex line of aircraft. Owning my own plane is on my bucket list, and Sonex is on the short list, along with Zenith aircraft.
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    JordanCon Anthology

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    99 Good News Stories in 2018

    99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2018 Nice pick-me-up for a Sunday morning. 5. The United Nations said that the ozone hole would be fully healed over the Arctic and the northern hemisphere by the 2030s, and in the rest of the world by 2060. 22. India registered a 22% decline in maternal deaths since 2013. That means on average, 30 more new mothers are now being saved every day compared to five years ago. 33. New research revealed that in the last two decades, female genital mutilation has fallen from 57.7% to 14.1% in north Africa, from 73.6% to 25.4% in west Africa, and from 71.4% to 8% in east Africa. 53. Bangladesh revealed that it had reduced its child mortality rate by 78% since 1990, the largest reduction by any country in the world. 66. The United States set a new record for coal plant closures this year, with 22 plants in 14 states totalling 15.4GW of dirty energy going dark. #MAGA. 74. Following the collapse of ISIS, civilian deaths in Iraq decreased dramatically. 80% fewer Iraqis were killed in the first five months of 2018 compared to last year. 89. Four years ago, China declared a war on pollution. It’s working. Cities have, on average, cut concentrations of fine particulates in the air by 32%. 98. Following a ban by two of its biggest retailers, Australia cut its plastic bag usage by 80% in three months, saving 1.5 billions bags from entering the waste stream.
  7. Done, kusaso. I hope someone can do something about this.
  8. Hello, Lethira! Welcome to the White Tower. I'm the Master at Arms around here. Please do the necessary at this thread, and we'll get you started. Once that has been completed, the next step is the White Tower class, at this link. You may not have the rights to see it yet, so be patient. In the meantime, feel free to look around and ask questions.
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    Male Fashion - would you wear this?

    Put down the knitting needles, Grandma. You're drunk. This one's not bad, in a "Admiral Lord Nelson hits the clubs" sort of vibe.
  10. JamesBrown

    Male Fashion - would you wear this?

    Yes, definitely has a cutting-edge scifi aspect. Which is fine. That first one, though...?
  11. JamesBrown

    Male Fashion - would you wear this?

    The first one....Hard Pass. The second one? Now that actually works.
  12. JamesBrown

    January Chitter Chatter (2019)

    I've not played any of those games. Catan sounds fun, and so does Cards Against Humanity, although I've heard that one can be rather rough. Which is more difficult--finding games to play, or finding people to play with?
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    What Are You Watching?

    I presume he did his Airborne Training in Fort Bening, GA? My son got lucky, in that there's only one Airborne Unit in the Texas National Guard. Theoretically, he could have had to report for his weekend drill duty somewhere in Texas, as much as a nine or ten hour drive away. But the unit is stationed in a small town just a fifteen-minute drive from our home.
  14. JamesBrown

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Moscato is a white wine, properly considered a dessert wine, although I don't like dry wines, so I drink it with my meal. And had I eaten as much of the bourbon fudge as I desired, then I would probably have not been able to drive home. So I held myself down to only two small pieces.
  15. I recall reading an interview with RJ where he said that when he finised WoT he was going to start another series set in Seanchan. This was obviously before he fell ill.