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  1. JamesBrown. Der'Manshima. I survived the IceMageddon of 2021 basically unscathed. Now I'm busy busy getting the house ready for a wedding shower in a week, plus rehearsals for a community theater play starting in two weeks.
  2. I'm here. My life has become busy with work and play rehearsal. I'm still reading, though. Of course I'm still reading. Just not as much as I'd like. Lately I've been on a Lawrence Block kick, enjoying the early Matthew Scudder novels. He makes me want to live in New York City and hang out in dingy bars until all hours of the morning.
  3. Yes, we were definitely impacted here in Texas. As you said, Lady, we're not prepared for temperatures this cold for this long. Perhaps you've seen in the news all the finger-pointing that's been going on, as one group or another tries to fix the blame on someone else. I had rolling blackouts for four days. We'd get power for fifteen minutes or so, then no power for twenty to thirty minutes at a time. I work from home, so I got work done in short spurts. Our kitchen pipes froze, and we didn't have hot water, but we had cold running water in our bathrooms. We have a gas stove, so my
  4. This year for Valentine's Day I hand-made a small gift for my wife. Just in case this was a dud, I also gave her a book and a card. And together we made brownies.
  5. I know some readers who won't pick up a series until the last book has been published. No matter how raving the reviews, no matter how much they want to dive in, they won't touch it until the author is done. I'm not that hard-core, but I can sympathize.
  6. I'm open to either. I also enjoy recurring character series, so that I'm not constrained to read them in a particular order. One risk of reading series is the author not finishing the series **cough--George R.R. Martin--cough--Patrick Rothfuss--**
  7. No. Watching a few of the episodes of that show with my wife was enough. Stay With Me, by Eve Elliot
  8. I read a romance novel, not my usual forte. Steamy.
  9. Oh my goodness, Cross. those cookies look delicious. Hey look over there...
  10. I eat it because it tastes good. I'm just a simple country boy...
  11. Un long dimanche de fiançailles Warner Brothers, France Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet The French film Un long dimanche de fiançailles, translated as 'A Very Long Engagement' is a romantic mystery set during The Great War. The film stars Audrey Tatou, who joined forces with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet in the international hit Amelie. But their two films could not be more alike. Tatou plays Mathilde, a quiet, unassuming young woman who is engaged to Manech, an innocent young man drafted to the Eastern Front. Manech is one of five French soldiers accused of self
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