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  1. I'm re-reading Patrick Rothfus' The Name of the Wind for about the third or fourth time. I have mixed feelings about it. I really, really enjoy the series, but I'm bummed that the author seems to have let the series drop for other projects. I hope I'm wrong about that.
  2. We had a lovely time. My wife and I flew to Atlanta, my first time away from home since Before. But we're vaxxed up and masked up, and all went smoothly. On Friday my wife attended a women's-only luncheon. I took the time to myself to visit the zoo, browse a bookstore (found an Epictetus work I've been looking for) and had a shrimp poboy for lunch. Friday evening was a nice dinner at our friends' home with the wedding party and extended family. On Saturday my wife and I worked out in the hotel's fitness center, then spent the day strolling around the shops
  3. I googled my name once. The results were about what I expected.
  4. I'm hoping that we'll be able to see at a glance if a particular area has new posts. I miss that feature from the old days. Looking forward to the new digs.
  5. I, JamesBrown, Der'Manshima, will speak for Asha'man Shar'aman. From the time he first arrived at the White Tower, Asha'man Shar'aman has been engaged and proactive. He's not been shy to participate in the activities and events, and has demonstrated eagerness to get involved and interact with other members, new and experienced. The Ren'Shai should be proud to claim his as one of their own. Thank you, Asha'man Shar'aman for your service and your dedication.
  6. JamesBrown, Der'Manshima. I'm good. Extremely good. Suspiciously good, actually. Have I been overlooking something that's about to bite me?
  7. My wife and I are flying to Atlanta this weekend, the first time I've left home since the shutdown. We're going to celebrate the wedding of the daughter of some friends of ours. They were supposed to get married in May of 2019, but of course they didn't. They rescheduled for August, thinking the worst would be over, but of course it wasn't. Then they went ahead and got married privately in the Fall, and now they finally feel they can have a reception. This year has been weird.
  8. Congratulations, Azshaya. The Warders are lucky to have you in the role.
  9. Congratulations, SableSage! Welcome to the Warders!
  10. I'm glad you like it. I used different tubes.
  11. "Shore Lines" Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 20"
  12. JamesBrown, Der'Manshima. No pranks from me, this year.
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