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  1. I've found my new goal

    Orville Rogers: 100-year-old man sets world record in indoor track Julia Hawkins, 102, also set a record in less than 25 seconds. All of these runners are very inspiring.
  2. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    Happy Birthday, Millon.
  3. How was "the fifth" calculated? Wouldn't it require a careful tally of the entire amount of wealth, to be then divided into five parts? Who was in charge of the accounting? Were they trustworthy? And was the fifth then divided equally among the conquerors? So I walk away from a battle with a diamond necklace as my share of the Fifth. Is that equivalent to your gold bar or to your silver cup? What if I want a sprawling mansion for my share?
  4. All the World's a Stage

    Not a bad idea. I'll have to explore that. My day job is technical and almost entirely non-verbal. I basically look at a computer screen all day. Theater could be one way to explore a creative side.
  5. All the World's a Stage

    I just heard that I wasn't chosen for a part. Oh well, I still had fun at the audition, and I'll try again for the next one.
  6. Parenting tips

    Here's another one I wish I had known about twenty years ago. "Be careful!" Have you ever said that to your kids, or heard it from your parents? A while ago I read an essay that argued that such advice does more harm than good. "You're about to do something really really dangerous, so don't screw up!" Such a line can instill fear in what may very well be a valuable, albeit not trivial, experience. Climbing a tree or crossing a street should not be fraught with peril. Instead, when a child is about to do something that is within his or her experience level (key point) but could potentially cause a mishap, a better line would be: "Pay attention." This conveys the message that what the child is about to do can be risky, but not if he or she stays focused on what you're doing. A healthy child should be able to climb a tree without falling--IF he or she doesn't lose sight of the potential risk. Grab the branches firmly. Don't over-reach. Watch your hands and feet. And at the end of the day, you'll have conquered the challenge and be just fine. Just pay attention.
  7. Altered Carbon

    I gave it an episode and a half. The high-level concepts are interesting, but I was a little put-off by the atmospherics. I'm one of the few science fiction lovers that's not in love with the rainy crowded streets of Bladerunner. P.Z. Meyers thought it was okay, but with too many bloody breasts.
  8. All the World's a Stage

    No, I've had no training. I played a minor part in a middle school play mumbledy years ago, but nothing since. This just seemed like something that might be interesting "one day" and that day has apparently arrived. The play is called "Lend Me a Tenor", an award-winning Broadway play, and based on a handful of snippets I've found online, I really played the characters low-key in my audition. This is apparently meant to be bombastic and out-sized, as most farces are, so I don't know if that hurt my chances. On the other hand, the other auditioners played their roles at about the same level as me, so who knows? I truly was just feeling my way along there. Soon as I hear something, I'll let you know.
  9. All the World's a Stage

    Well, this was a new experience. I auditioned for a play last night. I had thought about doing this for years, but my work schedule prevented it until only lately. Then, yesterday on a whim, I checked out the website of the local theater and saw they were holding auditions for a romantic farce I'd never heard of--in an hour. I cleaned myself up and ran down there, filled out a form, and wondered what would come of it. I told myself that if I was too late to the game that I would just watch and learn, maybe catch the next one in a couple of months. I felt like such a poser standing next to the other folks who were carrying their headshots and resumes (or whatever the actor's equivalent of their work experience is called.) But wow, it wasn't five minutes in when the director was handing me a scene snippet to study my lines. And five minutes after that, she called my name to come up on stage. Talk about not having enough time to psych myself out! I did a scene with a woman who was a a little nervous about having to kiss me--gulp. I wasn't exactly comfortable myself, either, but we pulled it off. Later the two of us did another scene (different characters) only this time she was supposed to grab my head and really plant one on me. (She only kissed my neck, which the director said was fine.) Apparently in this romantic farce, "everybody kisses everybody" and I'm really wishing I could get clarification on that. All in all I did three scenes. The director's assistant confirmed my contact information and I was free to go. I drove home, my heart still pounding from the adrenaline rush, critiquing my performance and wondering what are my chances. Even if nothing comes of it, I am so glad I had the experience.
  10. Parenting tips

    Inspired by a post by Daruya in another thread. She wrote of an excellent strategy for giving gifts to her kids: "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read." Made me wish I had implemented something like that for my own son, who's now grown. My chance for much parenting is long gone. Here's another tip I wish I had known about while he was young. When eating out at a restaurant, tell my son, "You can order a soft drink if you want, but if you order water, I'll give you a dollar when we get home." (For our international readers, in most restaurants where I live, ice water can be ordered for free, and a soft drink with free refills typically comes to three dollars after tax and tip. So he potentially drinks healthier, I save money, he gets control of his own choices, he learns delay of gratification--nothing but win.) Any others?
  11. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Movie Game

  12. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Chocolate Delivery

    Thank you, blank. This was a fun event. And thanks to the mysterious stranger who sent me a Warder cake.
  13. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Valentines Day Riddles

    In the dictionary?
  14. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Movie Game

    #1 is Phil and . . . Clara? . . . in Date Night. (Hilarious movie) #2 is Gene Kelly and Debby Reynolds in Singin' in the Rain, but I'll be durned if I can recall the character's names. #3? I have no clue.
  15. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Valentines Day Riddles

    I'm stuck on you.