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  1. Watching bears get fat as winter approaches. https://explore.org/livecams/brown-bears/river-watch-brown-bear-salmon-cams
  2. I haven't. Isn't that wine with chunks of mushy fruit floating in it? It doesn't sound appealing.
  3. Moscatos and Reislings are the only wines I'll drink.
  4. The novice @Phaedra has completed her requirements to be Raised to Accepted and may post her Arches when ready. Please hold your congratulations until the Arches have been posted.
  5. As I do not enjoy beer, I have never had the desire to make it myself.
  6. Lavandula, if you're willing to mentor new recruits, I'll add your name to the rotation. If so, let us know how many mintees at one time you're willing to abuse nurture. As Arie can attest, watching a little peep grow and thrive is rewarding.
  7. Hmmm. This thread has become remarkably mud-free recently. Perhaps the wrong players were voted off the island? Hmmm....?
  8. Oh, we're bringing up old games? Okay... I dedicated a measurable percentage of my life to LucasArt's Star Wars: X-Wing (1993). I've wanted to be an X-Wing pilot since approximately May of 1977, and that is the closest I've come so far. There's an MMORPG coming soon called Squadrons that looks very tempting. In the here and now, I play chess every day at chess.com.
  9. I can't do that. Pushups are four-points on the floor, three if the theme song to 'Rocky' is playing really loud. Ask me again when I'm a slim 120-pound woman.
  10. I should be able to lend a hand, although the end of the week I'll be pretty busy with personal matters, so I can't overcommit.
  11. "No, Doctor. I hab no idea how I broke my node, honedt. I judt woke up thid morning and it wad like thid."
  12. The Bonding rules are here, in the "WT/Warders 101" thread in the White Tower Public Forum. However, the link points to the WT Staff club, which is not open to all, so we may have to fix that. An artifact of the WT Re-org last year, I believe. Actually, the links in the upper-most post point to the WT Staff Club, but readers can scroll down and read copies of the original posts. Thus, only the links need to be fixed, I believe. The relevant section for the current discussion:
  13. Starting a new painting. and Finishing a new painting.
  14. * Mutters at Mother: "About time. My arms are on fire." *Sheaths his sword and pins the Der'Manshima pin to Lavandula's collar* Welcome, Lavandula, to the ranks of Der'Manshima!
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