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  1. JamesBrown, Der'Manshima. No pranks from me, this year.
  2. Eep. I would definitely have to work up to something like that.
  3. And that's the last of 'em. Poor Bob will go hungry this Easter. Congratulations to Cross for dominating the category, and thanks everyone for playing.
  4. With just two Easter Eggs still to be found, more clues have been added. Will they be found before Easter morning??? If not, they'll be tossed into the Moat for Bob to enjoy. 😔
  5. Nice going, my peeps! Four eggs have been uncovered, but three remain tucked away in the dark recesses of the Tower, I've added more clues for the missing multi-colored ovoids, so put on your thinking caps and good hunting!
  6. You are three for three, m'lady. Well done! Anyone else? Cross apparently has a nose for this sort of thing. @Cross, I'm not saying your nose is egg-shaped. I only meant you are good at finding stuff. Seriously.
  7. Geez, Cross. Do you ever leave the Brown Ajah library?!? No, seriously, I'm asking, because work and stuff is always pulling me away from my books. Congratulations to @Cross for finding this lovely Lego Easter Eggo.
  8. *straps on new unitard, admits he doesn't look half-bad in it* #4 Blue for me, please.
  9. Awright, all you Easter Beasters, time for... Easter Egg Hunt Throughout the White Tower, I've hidden SEVEN precious Easter Eggs. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find each one. First one with the link gets to keep the eggscellent goodies. I'll provide clues to their locations, adding more each day for those particularly well-hidden orbs of golden delight. READY??? #1: Clue #1. For some reason, Warders seem to suffer from amnesia.
  10. I usually follow the Rule of Threes, so #3 for me, please.
  11. Please roll a 2, a 4, or a 6 for me. I'll be verrrry disappointed if anything else turns up.
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