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  1. A walk. Do you prefer day time or night time?
  2. @Lavandula, are you able to choose a winner for your movie pic? Whomever you choose will get to post the next image and judge responses.
  3. I liked The Last Ship. I think that Michael Bay should have stuck with television series like this rather than try to blow up the world in action movies. Five seasons, as I recall, and the last one was the weakest. But yeah, overall it was a fun series.
  4. Sorry to hear that, Lilly. Hugs. Your cat was lucky to have you taking of him for so long.
  5. Oh DJ that is so true. I sometimes wonder where in the world my adorable three-year-old boy went. The one who would run at me when I came home from work and tackle me in the kitchen. It doesn't seem right, somehow.
  6. It is indeed, Lilly. I've been a Nathan Fillion fan since Firefly. As for The Rookie, I too was initially skeptical, but it's grown on me. It's got humor, action, some romantic drama, moral stories, something for everyone. I encourage you to check it out.
  7. Interesting. Some use books to meet other people. Others use people to find new books. Whatever works.
  8. I rather enjoyed this essay, written by Frank Crane in 1920. It's been a hundred years, but the lessons here are still relevant, I think. I'm curious what my fellow Warders (and our Barracks visitors, of course) think of these. Do any of them speak to you? 10 Things I Would Do If I Were Twenty-One I Would Do the Next Thing I Would Adjust Myself I Would Take Care of My Body I Would Train My Mind I Would Be Happy I Would Get Married I Would Save Money I Would Study the Art of Pleasing I Would Be a Thoroughbred I Would Make Some Permanent, Amicable Arrangement With My Conscience
  9. A couple of TV shows that I've been enjoying lately: Young Sheldon The Rookie
  10. Thanks for dropping by, @Calindra What got you started reading the WoT? (Just realized I'll soon have to amend that well-worn opening question with, "Or what got you started watching WoT?"
  11. You're the first person to mention that.
  12. What's the latest on your mother, DJ? I'm sorry to hear she's still in the hospital.
  13. Okay, @Lavandula, Ryrin picked your movie title. Your turn to post a movie image and judge the wrong answers for the best title.
  14. I was going to knit an afghan, but then I decided to make it a bookmark instead. (Sorry, old joke.)
  15. I've been teaching myself to paint over the last year. I have Cross to thank for valuable pointers.
  16. I AM NOT DISTRACTED! I was just keeping a close on on this plate of chocolate-chip cookies that somehow appeared at my elbow. I'm going to need to eat another one to make extra extra sure they aren't spoilt.
  17. Ryrin, have you selected the best movie title for your image? Whomever you select gets to post the next pic.
  18. I'll share this with you on your birthday, Tay. As the video explains, red stars will outlast everything else in the universe. Which is fitting, I think.
  19. I'm a fan of both the Firefly and the Python.
  20. Ryrin, my Bonded. Don't listen to Cross! She's using the very power that she's being accused of against you to disband the trial! *** But my goodness, isn't Cross looking rather fetching today? Wowzers. Anyway, what were we talking about?
  21. Tie her to a chair... Open her favorite book before her... Then dog-ear a page and crack the spine.
  22. Mine was Captain General @Ryrin, and I'm glad for that, as we bonded almost a year later. That makes my GrandMentor Raena of the Brown Ajah, whom I've never met.
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