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  1. All the cobwebs in my house have suddenly become decorations. Thanks, Halloween!
  2. You have taken the oaths, and duty now binds you. Kneel, Manshima Lavandula of the Me'Arearth Gaidin, and await your fate. *Draws sword and stands behind Lavandula* Mother, I present to you a woman who has served honorably and loyally. Duty binds her. Her fate is yours. What is your choice, Mother?
  3. Manshima Lavandula, you have been well spoken for. Speak now your oaths of service if you accept this position within our ranks.
  4. Manshima Lavandula has been well spoken of in the dispatches as one worthy of promotion to the rank of Der'Manshima. Who would speak on Lavandula's behalf?
  5. I'm pleased to announce that @Lavandula, after much thought and introspection, has decided to join the Me'Arearth discipline. Congratulations, and welcome, Lavandula!
  6. I had forgotten about this guild. My latest: Circumnavigation Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 36"
  7. Those are fantastic! My wife would drool to lounge on those beaches.
  8. I'm the opposite direction, near Dallas. Although I love San Antonio. Wouldn't mind living there one day, I think.
  9. Today I'll be driving to Austin, Texas (about a three-hour drive) for a fifteen-minute interview with Homeland Security. I applied for the Trusted Traveler Program a year ago to the week, and my number finally came up. If I pass, I'll be able to skip the security lines at the airport, having to disrobe, being felt up by an old man with hair coming out his ears, etc.
  10. Thank you both. I look at them and see nothing but flaws and mistakes. But that's just me. Despite the flaws, I'm glad I made them. I just finished my last piece intended for the art show, and I'll post it here soon.
  11. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes The Whites had a monthly logic puzzle going for a while, but the member driving it ( @Gentled Ben ) has been on a dangerous mission. I would typically carve out time from my schedule to finish those puzzles, because I enjoyed them very much.
  12. For me personally, an emphasis on the mind means love of reading, love of logic, love of philosophy (often called the "love of wisdom" which works out to be the "love of the love of wisdom.") Why beat your way through a problem when you can think your way around it? Easier on the joints. Were I to choose the Aes Sedai path, I'd definitely be a Brown or a White. But my innate desire to protect and support a strong woman demanded that I choose the Warder path. That my Bonded is the Captain General of the Green Ajah just puts a bow on that package. Other Me'Arearths will say different, I'm sure. And Discs have evolved over the years, no question. All I can say is what felt right for me. You'll have to ask yourself what feels right for you.
  13. Sorry to hear that, Lily. That's a tough condition to live with.
  14. Are you sure you aren't Black Ajah? There's not much difference between Brown and Black on the color wheel.
  15. Hmm. Since you claim to like mud so much, Cross... I wonder how you'd feel about a little of the good stuff in your books!
  16. I rose through the ranks during what I think of as a simpler time. A prior Sword Captain said it best: Ren'Shai::Body Me'Arearth::Mind Cuen'd'eren::Soul That was all I needed to know that Me'Arearth was right for me.
  17. Thanks. This is one of my pieces I'll be showing, that I finished last week. Transcendence Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 20" I also finished a pair of small pieces which will be offered as fund-raisers. Both Untitled, 6" x 6":
  18. Okay, Cross. That's it! You talk a big game for someone from the Brown Ajah.
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