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  1. Just finished "A Fire Within the Ways" (https://dragonmount.com/news/book-news/unfetterediiirelease/) a must read as it fills in a gap (at least to me) in "A Memory of Light" even though it is not strickly "canon" to the final story. But it is close enough to make me very happy to read or rather listen (now available on Audible) to these deleted chapters. And as an added bonus, it is preceded in the anthology, Unfettered III, by a short story from Dragonmount's own , Jason Denzel (The Stone Golem of Qual'Jom) which is also quite good. Highly recommend both!
  2. An interesting set of actors announced today for the new TV series. It looks like they are all pretty qualified and talented, though we'll have to see how well they play off each other. Interested on seeing Lan and Thom, but the big question remains, who will play Loial?
  3. u? No, but I'll check it out. Also, I used to get email notices when someone posts here, but I may have turned that off myself while I was exploring the site.
  4. Don't know what I was looking at! Of course there are s's! And L's and n's too! Lo_al son o_ Aren_ son o_ _alan
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