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  1. I feel like I am old for both!
  2. Sure! Welcome haycraftd! I'll go ahead and forward your request. Feel free to post to the boards that you can see for now.
  3. Doing OK, tough getting old though. So, how are you doing?
  4. Yep, still here and still pouring for all who thirst!
  5. There is a special group for rping - I don't know how active it is.
  6. Hi Liam! It's been a while since anyone has posted here, but maybe you can bring some life to our boards. I'll go ahead and put in the membership request. In the mean time, feel free to post in the boards you can see!
  7. *pours Ryrin a tall frosty mug* Good to see new and old faces in here!
  8. Yah, still living here as well - barely. Good to see things picking up in here! * pours everyone a round of their favorite beverage*
  9. Hello Bard Babe!!! It has been a while! So how are things? *refills his old stein with vintage Ogier Ale*
  10. It's so slow around here, even for a peaceful Ogier stedding! Anyone want to share what they are doing this Spring? Anyone planting a garden? I know my brother's Spring planting has been postponed by a late season blizzrd. Anyone else being affected by the weather?
  11. I'll always think of the Ogier as with the feelings I got when Rand first met Loial.
  12. Never too far from the Sung Wood!
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