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  1. Hope you are getting the responses you need. Took the survey - not painful at all! 🙂 Good luck with your project!
  2. Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
  3. Hope the tea was soothing! Time is passing so quickly can't believe that it has been two weeks since I started this thread. Hasty world outside! How is everyone doing? Staying safe? We've been very busy at work! I've been working day and night for months now - finally hired a helper last week, so maybe I can finally slow down and enjoy some tea myself.
  4. And hello to all of our old members! Hope all is well with everyone! How is everyone doing? Keeping safe and busy?
  5. Looking good! I went out to take some pics, but all I saw were weeds. Guess my little green houses were too hot for use during the summertime. Oh well. My other little garden is going strong though with daily batches of tomatoes coming off. And it looks like we have enough for another batch of salsa as well. I'll try to take some pics of that one soon.
  6. Tomatoes went nuts with all of this hot weather we've been having in SoCal. We made a batch of salsa with a basket full last week. Turned out pretty tasty. Other plants not doing so well, but hopefully will recover after I repaired a major leak in the irrigation system. The weather has cooled down quite a bit this week with all of the smoke in the air (a bit of a "nuclear winter" going on), but I could do too much as the air quality was so poor. Maybe things will settle down this coming week and I can get back out there.
  7. Well, my winter greenhouses didn't turn out all that great. Ended with only one zucchini and a handful of tomatoes. I'll have to rethink things for next winter, but for now it is time for summertime planting. Putting in tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and what ever catches my eye. I'll post some pics when I'm done. How is everyone else doing?
  8. Sometimes I wish we could spread the peace of the stedding around the world. Hopefully, things will change and things will get better. Hopefully! Stay safe everyone!
  9. Another trip to Target this week. Still a lot of empty shelves, but I was able to get a bottle of isopropyl alcohol for the first time in what seems like months, also some paper towels, both of which I use quite a bit at work. I got pretty sick last week, but although I had a lot of the symptoms , I had no respiratory problems, so I'm chalking it up to food poisoning. My sister-in-law is a elementary teacher in San Diego. They have been video teaching for a while now. I guess it is going smoothly now, but at first she needed her kid's help in even getting the connection to w
  10. Not too affected by the stay home directives myself as my business is classified as "essential" and "critical". In fact, I have to report to the state if I can't come in to work. I did have to go to Target for supplies yesterday. What a mess there. Besides remodeling, they are not allowed to sell most things "in store" so they have the aisles taped off. Half of the items on my list were available though limited quantities, except no limit on water, while the other half were empty shelves or in the forbidden zone. Most people were wearing face masks and practicing social distancing, wh
  11. 15 minutes at the DMV and I was able to renew my driver's license and get a Real ID - it was basically deserted - kind of scary actually, but the people there were upbeat and friendly. Had to go to the local Kaiser for blood work - also deserted, but prepping for an onslaught. Work is slowing down, but still open. I was asked by the state how long I was keeping the doors open and I replied as long as I can, (I have a small environmental testing lab that conducts regulatory required testing). We'll see. Anyone else affected yet? Hope everyone is OK.
  12. Looks like the filming on the TV show has stopped (wheel-of-time-production-delayed) 😞 Anyone affected by the outbreak directly or indirectly yet? We had a little surprise at the supermarket on Friday. Never seen empty shelves like that before! And my son just told me about an online friend who is being confined with his family. Plays computer games full-time now, but no fun for us older people. How is everyone doing?
  13. It's been a couple months - harvested one nice zucchini and have some tomatoes, but they are not ripening 😞 Maybe I'll bring some inside.
  14. Sounds interesting. I'm in the middle of the "Undying Mercenaries" series myself. What is everyone else reading these days?
  15. Welcome Fantomboo! It certainly has been a while! How have you been? As you can see, I've tried to keep the place much the same, but you are right, it sure has been slow around here. Spend most of my time watching the tomatoes grow.
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