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  1. Failed isn’t the problem. the problem is she treats Perrin like a lord and he starts to act like one its heartbreaking to have the alpha wolf turn into a very confused beta at best and having to compensate in wolf land for this uptight rebellious anxiety prone wreck of a woman. She is a things person in a people world and the only thing I like about her are her disciples
  2. Going out on a limb here the rules I’ve developed haven’t been been playtested if anyone wants to proxy and test them out that’s cool with me i have not gotten far enough into the game mechanics to have come up with phases and such so what I want to know is what kind of game do you want to play? It’s skirmish size for obvious reasons no one wants to move 150000 models but that aside what board games do you enjoy most?
  3. Ok so we’ve establshed that there are some people who want a miniature range. Do people want to paint these? Do they care if they are made of whatever? Are we going to ask for this to happen? Is the Seanchan.vs Sea Folk starter I’m planning going to sell? If we are all that serious I would like us all to work on it. If replaying the epic battles from wheel of time isn’t going to sell maybe we are all just dreaming here. But hey there’s nothing wrong with that,
  4. Would you be interested in giving me some example skirmishes from the books I could create model sets based on?
  5. Matrim Cauthon taveren durability 12 speed 8 range 1 power 12 taveren special rule; this character may retool any on failed die roll.
  6. Trolloc Fist Shadow Infantry durability 8 speed 6 range 1 power 8 a trolloc fist is a unit of 50 infantry models Trolloc Pursuers Shadow Infantry durability 8 speed 6 range 3 power 8 armed with nets (you may choose to have them attack and if they hit target unit is tied up for d4 turns) trolloc pursuers consist of 1 to 20 infantry models Shadow special rule; units within 6 inches of this unit must roll 2d6 on double 1’s they must flee. This range is increased to 8 by forsaken.
  7. We have a common goal. As you know the tv series is coming up and it got me to thinking why isn’t there a WoT tabletop game? so using 3D printing technology I’m going to make a prototype. So if you want to get a license for miniatures please go ahead but may I ask a favour? Would you please let me use the range excluding the non-combatants? Something marketable like resin would be ideal. Very interested in in collaborating with you. I have rules. Stats everything except minis. They would have to be in boxed sets let me know how it goes
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