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  1. There's someone in my town that has a very sturdy looking green house, well a passive glass structure, but it doesn't look like he does anything with it. I had a tall narrow light cheap thing that I would roll out of my garage a little after sun rise and roll back in when the sun was setting. It got hot in there. But where I am, it is really windy. It is strange in that it seems to come in years. Some years are windy, some aren't. But the year I tried this, it was windy. It was blown over more days than it wasn't.
  2. I was going to work on some things I have started already. I began looking for ways to edit and improv a one act play I wrote a while ago. But I had no time on Nov 1st, and on Nov 2nd after the end of my day I had a new idea. I think it is a pretty cool idea so I wanted to share as a way to make one's own prompt or to jump start a thing. I sat down specifically to start a game civilization, to use the geography and early explorations to set up a world to write in. After two days of writing I realized I was creating a story that takes place within a world I already created, like 3 or 4 g
  3. Yes! After looking at the various clubs I see they are not dependent on having finished the books. I ended up joining two. I may even consider starting one, if I feel like what I'm thinking about serves a need and if I can like commit the time to it.
  4. The thing for me was having room to cure it. I am in the north where we get a good winter and we have to grow "hardneck" garlic. I can't speak for warmer climates like SoCal where they grow softneck. Basically hardneck goes in the ground in well-drained soil (raised beds are great for garlic) in October or November with a good watering. Keep it weeded and fertilize in the spring, cut off the scape for a bigger bulb, and depending on how much rain you get you might not really have to water it very much. When the leaves turn to brown, around late july or august, you take it out, shake loose
  5. (Hi. I'm new around here, but jumping in on this thread anyway). I am glad this thread exists, as maybe it will serve as some peer pressure exerted on me to keep up with my garden tasks. I'm pretty sure for most of us here it is time to get beds ready for next spring or to be planting things that like to out in the winter, like the garlic I have yet to put in the ground.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the Stedding. I'm a gardener who is very inconsistent in tending to it, and maybe I'll share some really unhealthy recipes or worse: share some cheats to legitimate recipes that make things I can't seem to do doable. Also yea books!
  7. I have to admit, I clicked on this video for salacious reasons, but what this writer went through and his own insecurities and his journey is worth hearing about. It is very much about standing up for yourself in what you write and what you won't write. He mentions writer's processes but only towards the end and not really in any specific way. I guess you have to pay him for that ;^) I hope this kind of content is welcome.
  8. There are so many ways improv is used for writing, but it definitely comes from performers and directors more so than writers or English majors. It is not much different than turning improvised music into a written piece, and their are as many routes from i to w as there are people or groups. The oldest way I know about goes back to the Compass Theater and early Second City days, that's how it was told to me. It was taught to me as an exercise called "screen writers" but I don't know if that is a great name for it. Basically a director, or just someone, has a notebook and pen, and abou
  9. I agree 100%. When I used to write songs I felt like I had to get the bad songs out of me, or the bad ideas or the bad ways of saying things out of me, or they'd weasel their way into everything I was trying to do. So I definitely agree with the idea of continuing to write even (or especially) if its bad not just with the idea that could be changed and edited and save but to get it out of the way the way we throw out bad food rotting in the fridge every once in a while or less. Another teacher I had talked about keeping a folder on a table (really, table, not a computer he said) where a
  10. Hi! I'm new in town. I do a bit of writing, and am supposed to be doing more. I got into it writing sketch comedy which I would perform in ratty little basement theaters in NYC, and for classes in that kind of thing. That was an outgrowth from acting an improv. I'm very big on using improv for writing and co-creating, and I've taken a few classes on that and have been on like a low-key look-out for people to like direct in that kind of thing. I have two drafts for pilots that are in need of writing and editing. One needs a big overhaul actually in terms of the vocabulary in the world
  11. I had a sketch writing teacher who told us it's better to see "writer's block" as the normal state of affairs instead of seeing those moments where the ideas and dialogue are coming faster than we can write them down. If we treat writer's block as the normal state, then we don't get hung up about it. She also gave the same advice everyone else does: just write anyway. I think forcing ourselves to write just one word and stick with it and then finish the sentence is important. Then just deal with the truth of what ever you wrote. Is it stupid? Deal with it, but leave it on the page and
  12. Thanks, yes I started checking them out, but I feel like I will be most useful only after I actually finish the books.
  13. very cool that you were just randomly searching and found this place and found out about the up coming show. The show is part of why I started reading. I saw how people who loved the AOIAF books got into the GoT show (till the last season or two when ... opinions differed) and I figured let me try to read all these large books before they air the show. I better get back to it.
  14. Ich komme aus dne USA. Nein ich spreche kein deutsch, weniger als ein bisschen. Ich versuche aber zu lernen. I come from the US, no I don't speak German, less than a little bit. I am trying to learn though. (I hope the above is right. I would have typed Ich spreche nicht die deutsch, I'm not sure which is right) For where I am in the books (tonight I might finish CoT) I think Egwene has a a tough set of choices to make but up till now she's managed masterfully. The only thing I can fault her for is not letting Bryne go in and take the fight to the tower right away when the surprise
  15. Very cool topic! I too am on my first read through and I understand why we say it that way because there are so many characters and things that it really is much blurrier in my mind than it is in the books. I have to reread it to see it more clearly the same way I would look at an impressionist's painting from different angles to take it all in. WoT has changed me in, so far, in small ways. I started thinking about writers in a new way in that I see Jordan as a writer of chapters. Like his complete thoughts are chapters, his paintings are the chapters. Some writers I see as writer
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