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  1. Characters spent a lot of time traveling in first book. It gives us time and space to get to know them, but it is also means less events. The WoT start to use switching between groups to skip less interesting traveling and when Rand find how to travel with saidin, it changes dynamic of books completely. Time spent with Rand and Mat gives as important pieces for their personalities, but It can be tedious at first, when you don’t look at such depth of character.
  2. I don’t think, that mistborn82 asked that Egwene should suffering PTSD from captivity. It serves more as example, where can Egwene arc get some humanity in. Egwene Mary Sue characteristic, and lack of empathy for her friend at the end, dehumanized her. It serves well for picture of Amrilyn, but It serves ill for her character arc. We see Nyn and Rand struggle with their demons, and it give their characters human side. Egwene miss this flavour and experience with Seanchan could serve here as well as something else.
  3. Nyn is in picture, not only because of her deeds, described in OP. She is second also in character development (after rand). Bela as creator can has accomplished most, but she didn’t developed, when she started already perfect. It takes her out of picture from the books point of view. Egwene accomplished a lot, but against mortal enemy, not against dark one or probability itself. Egwene also go in negative way of character development. She lost more then she took by her way.
  4. I would choose Highlander, but I had to go with Bayle Domon's aged grandmother. It was near enough.
  5. I like Moiraine and Siuan character, blue color and Blue Ajah moto as well. So, my answer is clear.
  6. I would point out to the author of OP that LTT led armies of light against the dark and totally screwed it up. If you put in Rand place somebody like Arthur, he'd screwed it up as well. Rand has a lot of weaknesses, but he's strong enough to deal with them. LTT may have had few weaknesses, but he was overwhelmed by them (arrogance for example).
  7. I'd just like to comment on paragraph abou Halima. The character of each person is composed of thousands of pieces. Sexuality defines only a few of them. Halima may be transgender, but she is also the Forsaken. She, like all Forsakens, creates the worst picture of what she can be. Just as Rahvin is an evil image of a heterosexual man and Lanfear is an evil image of a heterosexual woman, Halima can be nothing more than an evil image of transgender women.
  8. Many people here didn't understand the need to reduce the amount of scenes, not the amount of characters, to get the plot into the series. The moment we have reduced scenes, we find that we either don't need some characters at all or we don't need to name them. Do it the other way around, get rid of the characters and find ways to keep the story together... I do not find very wise. Let's imagine, for example, a scene where Rand meet 7 High Lords of Tear. Replacing it with a scene with one or two Lords affects story how? To me, it feels like a low-budget substitute. Just highlight o
  9. I don't understand why so many fans want to cut different characters right away. You don't need to cut Jaichim Carridin, just get rid of his POVs. Whitecloks will appear in the book, why should one of them not be named Jaichim Carridin and be in the places where he was. If the corresponding arcs of the main characters do not change. Bayle Domon and Egeanin are in similari situation, if we keep the arcs of the main characters, then these characters will be there and can be called Bayle Domon and Egeanin. All you have to do is get rid of their separate chapters. Another case is
  10. I agree, the Well is in the habit of compensating for the Dark one's interventions as soon as its direct influence wears off. That would mean a sharp turn for the better after the Last Battle. In addition, people are now motivated to showcase the best in them.
  11. After the conquest of Cairhien, Rand did not trust any of the local nobles. Dobraine would be a bad replacement. Suitable replacement would certainly be found for all her tasks. Appropriate replacement in stable roles can be more difficult. The whole thing is to have fewer actors, not more. The moment you hire an actress to push Elayne to try to seduce Rand, it can be anyone, even First of Mayene. Elayne can also get into the action without pushing. The Cairhienins may accept Aiel as steward, and Faile can be jealous without rival. None of this breaks the story. But does it hel
  12. I agree that Berelain is a character that can be cut off. However, she has an influence on the story. Although it does not fundamentally affect events, she quite often affects events of a local nature. All her actions can be attributed to someone else. As a result, it may be easier to leave her at serial than to replace her in ten different places.
  13. Aviendha's vision is already averted. When Rand made Aiels peacekeepers, he significantly changed their behavior in the future. They demanded their involvement in Dragon Peace, because Aviendha's vision. Their honor will not allow them to disturb peace if they are to guard it.
  14. No real Aiel (from the point of ages of legends view) lives during Rand’s life. I tend to see that the Aiels are the ones who serve (through Aes Sedai) to everyone. Which are the ones who follow Rand to the last battle.
  15. Okay, since you're asking the question repeatedly, I'll tell you about it, even if it's off topic. I read the series 4 - 6 (first 6 last 4). I do not know how many times I came across the name Moiraine and how many other names. Nothing less, I always have to copy the name from somewhere to make it right, except a few short name. The correct order of letters has never been so important to me when reading. I refer to the books because I do not know for sure what the series will contain. Are you satisfied? And now more on the subject. The reasons why the visit to Ade
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