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  1. YouTu.be ??? Odd placement of dot. Think I’ll pass clicking on that.
  2. They all look amazing - except the Aes Sedai banner. Meh...
  3. My Aiel set is complete except for the cadin'sor. Spears and belt knife made by different blacksmiths. I made the shield with some help from my friends - unfortunately the Dragon's fang and flame were reversed, but you get the idea. The TV show will have everything looking completely different, but I'm liking them right now... Spears - from socket to spear tip is 12" The blade on the belt knife is 12" long (not counting the genuine trolloc finger bone handle: And the shield is 10" in diameter and is made of two buffalo hide discs. It straps to the forearm so that I can carry the extra spears in my off hand.
  4. Is he tall enough to tower over Pike? Or will they need filming tricks?
  5. I can definitely see him as Lan. I’m guessing he can handle a sword based on his Wolverine credit?
  6. Nice article, Gina. Next Pulitzer winner there. Don’t worry about minimal research or facts. Just go with how you feel...
  7. Just as a soldier can learn to fire a rifle accurately with a little training, but to work as part of the unit from squad size to army size takes practice. That is not easily done from books. It takes drilling and practice in the real world. In this case, where the monsters are.
  8. A tour of duty at the border forts for several months would have to show them shadow Spawn at some point. Textbook theory would only take you so far at the white tower.
  9. I agree the the AES Sedai didn’t do much to prepare for the last battle. At the very least they should have been up there preparing for the real thing on occasion
  10. I was thinking more an error on a re-write. The first books came out quickly. Was wondering if in a first draft the horn was blown in the first book maybe at Tarwin’s gap? But then as the series started coming together it got blown at the end of book two...
  11. I didn’t know most of the actors when GoT started. Think that is a good thing
  12. In chapter 7 of the Great Hunt 'Blood Calls Blood', after the attack on Fal Dara, Mat had just been healed after Fain made off with the dagger. As they carry him off, Moiraine considers that Mat is no longer necessary now that the horn is gone. But he hadn't blown the horn yet. When did Moiraine come to the conclusion that Mat was the Hornblower?
  13. I think the Sharans showing up was not set up well. I like being surprised, but it can’t be cheap. There have to be clues I missed that are like glowing arrows after the fact but could have meant something else when first read. I still find no foreshadowing of an entire Sharan army.
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