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  1. I liked Wizard's First Rule when it first came out but gave up on the series by book 3. Went back to re-read book 1 about a year ago and the 'magic' was gone. I threw it out after finishing...
  2. Carbon is solid in the form of charcoal which blacksmiths have known about for hundreds of years if not longer with no formal chemistry training.
  3. You can bet he would have done it if that fireball had taken out Min.
  4. A hand plus whatever else she had set in motion...
  5. Again, my issue wasn't that they didn't balefire her - but that they didn't even consider it. The 'good' characters did consider doing other bad things but then chose not to, or were overruled. Using balefire on Semirhage not only would have restored Rand's hand, but who knows how other many 'evil' actions/plans it would have undone - she is a Forsaken after all. But my arguement isn't for or against actual use in this instance - but that an obvious choice was overlooked.
  6. It doesn’t bother me that they didn’t do it, just that it was never brought up
  7. When Semirhage was captured and Rand lost his hand, why wasn’t balefire considered to restore Rand? I understand ruling it out - after all having a captive Forsaken could be quite valuable. But it never was discussed in either KoD or tGS. Anyone else find it odd? Just never came up...
  8. Guess I'm just paranoid. LOL
  9. YouTu.be ??? Odd placement of dot. Think I’ll pass clicking on that.
  10. They all look amazing - except the Aes Sedai banner. Meh...
  11. My Aiel set is complete except for the cadin'sor. Spears and belt knife made by different blacksmiths. I made the shield with some help from my friends - unfortunately the Dragon's fang and flame were reversed, but you get the idea. The TV show will have everything looking completely different, but I'm liking them right now... Spears - from socket to spear tip is 12" The blade on the belt knife is 12" long (not counting the genuine trolloc finger bone handle: And the shield is 10" in diameter and is made of two buffalo hide discs. It straps to
  12. Is he tall enough to tower over Pike? Or will they need filming tricks?
  13. I can definitely see him as Lan. I’m guessing he can handle a sword based on his Wolverine credit?
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