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  1. Between 3 and 4 months to curtain… Nice to have it narrowed down. I like the poster.
  2. Don't buy them like I did. Think the books were $35 apiece. 'Fire in the Ways' was very good I thought. Liked it much better than all the jumping about Perrin did with Slayer in the books. But it wasn't that long - and , of course, is not canon. Bao the Wyld - just okay. Glad I bought them for completion's sake, but you're really not missing anything if you don't. Might read the rest of the short stories at some point to see if there is another series for me to get into. Long reply shorter - borrow them...
  3. I've read the entire series twice through. And probably read the first 6 books at least five times. Will probably take a few years off and just enjoy the show. Would probably have read the entire series more times, but 7-10 are just so bloody hard to get through... Will spend my time on other books/hobbies for a bit, but WoT will be read again in its entirety at some point (after the show is done with its run).
  4. Yes, the books become enjoyable again when Brandon takes over. And the finish is satisfying.
  5. I know what the books are. I've read the Sanderson ones twice. I've never seen or heard of what was in Jordan's notes and doubt many people do. Do you have links to this information? Of course they are different books than what Jordan would have written - Jordan didn't write them. So guess I don't see your point. To be honest, Jordan's last books were a hard slog and Sanderson coming in was refreshing to me. Did I have problems with certain aspects? Yes. Would Jordan's version have been significantly different? Probably. At this point, no one's opinion on the show matters - we'll all make up our own when we see it. Until then, all opinions are just speculation and something interesting to talk about until the show hits the small screen. Nothing Harriet, Brandon or anyone else says is going to keep me from watching an episode or three so I can make up my own mind on going further.
  6. I don't know how you can't consider the Sanderson books canon. All signs point to a much heavier involvement from Harriet and the team in the books than in the TV show. But in the end, who cares what you think (or what I think) - the show is coming!!
  7. Agreed. We didn’t ‘see’ much nudity in the books. I’m fine without it. But also not opposed to it where it makes sense. Like Rand walking in on Aviendha or a scene with Graendal’s pets…
  8. I think the logo looks great - really like it. The music is fine. Don't hate it, but not particularly stirring either. Hard to tell from such a short clip though. Will know better when we hear the whole thing on the first episode! Waiting patiently for an actual date. We know it will be here in less than 6 months...
  9. My comment was about Amazon's prioritization regarding the WoT - not if it is going to be different than the books.
  10. I've looked just for giggles and can't makes heads nor tails out of what an accurate value would be. I'd say to determine what you want out of them and see if the market will bear your price.
  11. You have to have priorities. Amazon's is definitely not WoT.
  12. The way things seem to be dragging, you have plenty of time to read the first several books before we see the show.
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