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  1. I expect nothing at this point. All the anticipation has been drained out of me. I’ll continue to check in for news, but will reserve excitement for something other than a 5 second tease...
  2. Never had any problem getting into the first book, but everyone is different. If they don't like the first, they probably won't like the rest...
  3. Did anyone else like 'Fire in the Ways' better than all the jumping around Perrin did with Slayer in the Dreamworld? Obviously couldn't have both, I much prefer the Ways and Ogier. Plus replacing that Slayer arc also eliminates the silliness with the dream spike and his meaningless encounters with Lanfear. Lord Luc/Slayer could have been killed at Shayol Ghul. I think they went the wrong way; how about you?
  4. Good observation about Aram. Glad I wasn’t the only one that shrugged at his death - was feeling guilty about not caring more, but guess it was by design.
  5. You liked this book way more than I did. It did have some great events, as you mentioned, but the build-up was too long on delivering. The scene with the gem dealer in Saldea was very emotional for me as well. Between Nynaeve's passion and hope that Lan was not riding to his doom, I choked up as well. One of my favorite scenes in the series. But the Amayar did nothing for me. I recognized their mass suicide as a tragedy, but there was no investment there. Could have been powerful, but was not set up well - at least for me. As for Perrin's assault on Mal
  6. Will give you $14 for it if you cover shipping.
  7. Toss up between brown and green. Brown because I’m a homebody that likes reading/studying - I have some very hobbit-like characteristics. Green because I love martial arts and blowing up trollocs
  8. I think Sanderson did an incredible job finishing someone else’s work. I also think Jordan would have had a difficult time finishing considering what we had to slog through in the middle books. We’ll never know. But I for one am quite happy with how almost everything was tied off.
  9. Aiel shield https://imgur.com/sR7BZcF https://imgur.com/MciFAL7 Aiel spears https://imgur.com/2e2h0HU https://imgur.com/DiImt4Q Aiel Knife https://imgur.com/eKcbrng https://imgur.com/HgPeX0b I had a blacksmith make the knife and spears, but I made the shield.
  10. I posted some pics in another thread I started of Aiel weapons I had a blacksmith make. Spears and a belt knife. Just my vision... I’ll try to post a link.
  11. This is what I have: New Spring Books 1-14 WoT companion Unfettered 1 & 3 The World of Robert Jordan's WoT Legends Anthology (where New Spring was born) Am I missing anything?
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