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  1. Dune to WoT

    “God made Arrakis to train the faithful.” A reference to the Waste...
  2. July Roll Call

    I am currently re-reading Dune.
  3. July Roll Call

    Words of Affirmation is mine.
  4. The Fremen were an obvious inspiration for the Aiel, but found another reference while reading through 'Dune' today. When Gurney Halleck was considering whether to sign on with some smugglers, he was offered some advice. Don't rush into revenge - "Speed is a device of Shaitan." That name sounds familiar...
  5. Series pacing, thoughts?

    You’d be better off hoping for a million dollars. Personally these pacing/arc problems don’t bother me like they did now that there a bunch of good books on the other side.
  6. They wouldn’t have had their abilities from the past - compulsion, balefire, traveling. Nor old allies like dark hounds and trollocs. Or at least would have to rediscover.
  7. May Roll Call

    Huge fan. Obi wan
  8. Never thought of it, but I’m not embarrassed. I’ve enjoyed the books many times without that insight. Maybe it will be different on the next read through...
  9. Where would you love to live?

    Somewhere in the borderlands with a stedding close enough for vacations
  10. Hi from the Philippines

    Welcome. And I would not waste money on The Companion.
  11. I don’t know that her behavior is pschopathic, but she is definitely a bully. Power gone to her head big time.
  12. Aiel belt knife

    Most of my weapons are of traditional martial arts design - mostly Japanese. My Aiel set-up will be made by 3 different artisans I hadn't worked with before. The spears by a blacksmith in NJ. The shield by a Plains Indian expert in CO. And the knife by a master bladesmith in Canada. And as I live near Cleveland, OH - none of them are close to me.
  13. February Roll Call

    Congrats. That’s very exciting.
  14. February Roll Call

    A little before Spring I'll be promoted to sandan rank in karate. Been a 10 year journey. For Spring itself, I'm looking forward to continued terra-forming in our yard. We're really getting it in shape since moving in 6 years ago.
  15. Aiel belt knife

    Got some ideas. But I'm waiting for the lady that's making my bull-hide shield to find a good blank to get started. She has to wait for a buffalo to die first though... Once I find out what that is going to cost, then I can get serious about the belt knife.