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  1. I was thinking there might be some action from 'New Spring' or with Logain battles to kick us off - which could push back Winternight. But as someone pointed out, the title for episode 1 is 'Leave Taking' so now I'm thinking Winternight will be episode 1.
  2. Interesting thoughts. I like reading the speculation - my mind usually doesn't go to all the 'what if's'. Will be interesting to see how much the folks on DM can guess before the series airs
  3. Is it ever described how the link between Fade and Trolloc is initiated? I don't think it is covered in the books, do you think they will cover it in the show? Does the Fade have to 'lay hands' on each one to establish the link?
  4. Nice little tease. "And you can't outrun a Fade" But you can kill one, if with some difficulty...
  5. I was just thinking that if we had a bunch of action surrounding Logain, Winternight would push the action component over the top for the episode - not that I'm personally opposed to lots of action. Do we know Logain's capture is episode 1?
  6. Yes, but as of Winternight, Moiraine doesn't know who the Dragon is yet. She was even looking at young men other than Rand, Perrin, Mat...
  7. Also, the look on Moiraine's face. Like she is looking at the body of a young man - did the Dragon Reborn just die? Assuming this pic is Emond's Field on Winternight...
  8. If true - all the more reason we won't see Winternight in episode 1.
  9. Don't even bring in politics - LOL. I have a hard time fathoming what $10MM even means. Add that to my total ignorance of production costs and I don't know if the money is plenty or abysmally inadequate. Guess we'll have a better idea in about 36 days...
  10. Agreed, trolloc is dead. But she would not want its sweat/stink, much less blood, on her dress. And why would she be carrying a trolloc head? If the Emond's Fielders had been giving her a hard time about children's tales - Winternight has already happened, they know. Realize you were just joking. But the poster doesn't make sense to me.
  11. I don't see Winternight until episode 2. Gotta spread the action out...
  12. What's with the trolloc leaning against her dress?
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