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  1. Where would you love to live?

    Somewhere in the borderlands with a stedding close enough for vacations
  2. Hi from the Philippines

    Welcome. And I would not waste money on The Companion.
  3. I don’t know that her behavior is pschopathic, but she is definitely a bully. Power gone to her head big time.
  4. Aiel belt knife

    Most of my weapons are of traditional martial arts design - mostly Japanese. My Aiel set-up will be made by 3 different artisans I hadn't worked with before. The spears by a blacksmith in NJ. The shield by a Plains Indian expert in CO. And the knife by a master bladesmith in Canada. And as I live near Cleveland, OH - none of them are close to me.
  5. February Roll Call

    Congrats. That’s very exciting.
  6. February Roll Call

    A little before Spring I'll be promoted to sandan rank in karate. Been a 10 year journey. For Spring itself, I'm looking forward to continued terra-forming in our yard. We're really getting it in shape since moving in 6 years ago.
  7. Aiel belt knife

    Got some ideas. But I'm waiting for the lady that's making my bull-hide shield to find a good blank to get started. She has to wait for a buffalo to die first though... Once I find out what that is going to cost, then I can get serious about the belt knife.
  8. Aiel belt knife

    Nothing? Cool, I can get what I want then!
  9. Aiel belt knife

    Does anyone have a description of an Aiel belt knife. The only thing I remember from the books is that they are almost long enough to be a short sword. Anyone remember any specifics as to length, heaviness of blade, type of handle and sheath...
  10. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    It is the only thing that makes pumpkin pie edible +4
  11. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    Any dark hounds to slay...? Heard they like pumpkin. -16
  12. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    The only worse flavor is banana -12
  13. November Roll Call

    Lost some skin from sparring at karate. One of the kids gouged me with a thumbnail.
  14. November Discussion: To Do Lists

    I don't do the lists, because often I don't cross them off. Then I'm sad...
  15. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    -10 Its all about the Cool Whip anyway...