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  1. It doesn't seem like Samm would have a need to build any hillforts until Rand took Tear, then Samm would see the need for them. Samm would see Tear as a big threat once Rand held power there. When was Moiriane described as Tar Valon's spy master?
  2. Moiraine's note even said "Men of the two Rivers, it seems, retain much of the storied Manetheren in them, traits shared with men of the Borderlands. It is said that a Borderlander will take a dagger's wound to avoid harm to a woman and count it a fair trade. " So it's bit unfair to call Rand sexist. Simply that was the way many were brought up. This is mostly a modern view of right and wrong some are trying to project into the series. Back throughout history the view of one shouldn't harm a woman and protect ladies was perfectly normal. Rand with his list may of taken it to extreme But history is full of examples of men can kill men but shouldn't kill a lady.
  3. I'm guessing Lions were known at one time since Andor's throne is known as the Lion's throne. Described to have huge lion paws and the end of the legs. So at some time lions were around.
  4. I don't see a problem, would it be better of people just kept starting new topics about mostly the same stuff?
  5. Halima main goals were to stop the WT from being united, prevent any alliance between the rebels and BT, and keep watch/manipulate Egwene so Egwene would depend on Halima. Which is why all of Egwene's attendants that were know spies for different factions in the rebels "vanished".
  6. RJ had said the Whitecloaks were partially influenced by Nazi's. A group that thought if you didn't act and behave exactly how they thought you should then you were evil. Who thought only they knew the right way one should live and think. Like the Nazi's they could also do pretty dark deeds and totally justify it as protecting the world.
  7. We know with the stone it increases the range of her eavesdropping. My only issue with that as an answer would be trying that trick at a whole palace would mean you need to know where exactly the person is in that place at that moment and we know she didn't eavesdrop on Be'Lal. I still suspect with his lack of a straight answer it was sort of an oops type thing.
  8. The companion expands some on Eladia going to Andor. Elaida assumed like everyone else Tigraine vanished so probably was dead, so why should she suspect she went off and had a son? Also fortellings are vague, all she knew is the royal line of Andor would be key to the LAst Battle, when it became clear Morgase would take the throne Eladia ran to be her advisor. The like most fortellings it was vague and never said how the royal family would be key. I sort of enjoy people assuming they are right because that's how most people in real life are like. You think you know something so believe it's truth. Not to say some folks like Tuon aren't just plain stupid. Where she believes in all these omens and immedietly shoots down anything Mat says as dumb superstition.
  9. It basicly come down to if you die to balefire the DO can't being you back since he doesn't know when you died. Depending on the strength of the balefire used to kill you, the person may of been burnt out for a minute or when Rand used the sword a really long time. Not to mention it destroys his link to the forsaken. So he has no connection to the soul anymore making it so he can't simply locate the soul. Balefire just burns you from the pattern it doesn't destroy the soul. So even if you die by balefire you will still get reborn. I see it as a failsafe by the pattern to make sure someone like Ishy doesn't just blast everyone with balefire age after age in hopes to end all existence by finally killing everyone off. Only a few souls get spun out again and again for special purposes so with free will it means most of the main people on team light and shadow will be different people. Since if your soul was always destined to be evil you have no free will. RJ confirmed LTT and Ishy's soul are connected and will be spun out again for major events.
  10. A good game would be trying to unite the land after Hawkwing's death.
  11. I just assume she got alot from the dreams the forsaken were projecting then research on the little known about each forsaken. If they weren't hiding their identies in the dreams she might of guessed from known descriptions of the forsaken. It always did seem like something RJ put in before really thinking that out. There doesn't seem to be anything in the companion on how she figured those two out. Since the BWB was written to be from a researchers point of view I always took it as what is in the BWB about the forsaken is the little that is known.
  12. All RJ had of the Mat Tuon series was a paragraph. If I remember right it was of Perin on a ship sailing to Seanchan hoping he didn't have to kill a friend. That was pretty much it. So any author would have to pretty much make up the entire thing, which Harriet would never allow. RJ also had planned a prequel about Tam finding Rand but he never started it. I think he also had planned a prequel about Moriane's looking for the dragon and heading to the Two River's.
  13. Exactly, Halima like the older Aes Sedai assumed Egwene would be easy to control. She didn't want a puppet since that might draw suspicion or be detected. She had the BA cause problems but Halima's main tasks were to make sure the rebels didn't unite the divided white tower and the rebels didn't join with the Black Tower. She needed to be close to Egwene to know what was occuring and to keep an eye on Egwene, so the mysterious headaches only she could fix.
  14. Some of his powers were as he explained because the pattern demands balance. The DO was doing all the evil stuff so the pattern was using him to do the good, like turning the grain good again. He no longer has that ability. Rand doesn't have Moridin's power. At the end Rand tried to use the one and true power and both didn't work. Rand only has Moridin's body and channeling is tied to the soul. He can't channel the one power and the true power has to be granted by the DO, who is sealed away. We simply will never know the extent or limits of Rand's new power.
  15. Not when you are in an enemy camp with only Min, he would be concerned his trying to kill Fain might bring harm to Min. That's the main thing is he was alone with Min, he had no idea which way Cas would side surrounded by rebels and Aes Sedai, may of those were Reds.
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