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  1. Shaido were considered the most dishonorable clan, but just seems like they tossed away all their beliefs rather quickly. Taking wetlanders captive etc...
  2. I think RJ got a lot of people right. It makes sense that just because the LB is coming doesn't mean people will change who they are. Some will want more power, some will be kind, some will think only of themselves. A lot of people didn't understand what the LB would really be like, many thought Rand would go confront the DO, they fight, problem solved. How quickly the Shaido simply changed made no sense to me, but I think many people acted like people do. After all in a real war there are still people who try to profit from it, look to advance their career, gain power etc.. Hate from the light side simple Egwene and Gawyn, with Elayne being highly annoying.
  3. It is a dumb system but Nyn and Elayne complained about it, but they didn't hestitate to use the i'm more powerful to try and put the Aes Sedai in Ebou Dar in their place. Siuan was young, but her being promoted young was intentional. From 973 - 988 (when Siuan was raised) there had been 3 Amyrlin's. So the hope was promoting a young Amyrlin that she would be in power for awhile. The companion also explains that during the time the BA learned the dragon had been reborn that they were killing off any Aes Sedai known to be looking for him and those suspected to be looking for him. Since they assumed the oldest Aes Sedai would be involved in the hunt, they were killing off older Aes Sedai. Which meant there was a youth movement going on in the tower, younger sitters etc.
  4. We know MIn told her all of the viewings, so it could of been something she saw in Nyn or Lan.
  5. Yes, just seemed really early for Moiraine to be planning that to me. When Moiraine told Lan about the bond passing she mentioned something about maybe a newly raised Aes Sedai might have need of him (forget exact words), then he angrily said something about so you plan for me to be passed twice. So she clearly meant for him to be Nyn's warder down the road. Just seemed too early to me for her to hatch such a plan. I can understand her knowing death may come at anytime, but after arriving in Tear after the near death encounters and knowing for sure Lan loved Nyn. The bond passing thing would of seemed better. Or maybe after the draghkar attack she does it before going to Falem.
  6. Well I think by book 2 she knew Lan cared for Nyn, my guess is she could probably tell through the bond. Just seemed odd timing to me for her to already plan for Lan to be Nyn's warder around book 2. To where she was going to pass him to someone to pass to Nyn. I don't remember if the Aes Sedai she was going to pass Lan to was even part of the delegation to Shinear. Which would lead to when did she do it? The timing of that seemed rather early. In Tear she knew for sure Lan loved Nyn, that's when such a plan would of made more sense or after she knew for sure she was going to fight Lanfear.
  7. Not sure you can severe a link, but you also have to remember one has to also defend. She has to defend against a linked pair while trying to attack them.
  8. In straight up fights, it just not power strength, but knowledge of weaves, ones agilty and how quickly they can form a weave are just as important. So in a 2 vs 1 fight you need to be fast enough to counter two people at once. Even if you are stronger than both of them.
  9. According to the companion Siuan was: Born 957NE Went to the WT in 972AE 3 years as a novice and 3 years as an accepted. Rasied to the shawl in 978NE and became Amyrlin Seat in 988NE. So she was about 21 -22 when raised and around 32 when she became Amyrlin. Elayne Born 981AE and raised to the shall 999AE. Nynaeve Born 974NE, Raised 999AE. For comparison Moiraine was born 956AE, went to White Tower 972AE. 3 years novice, 3 years accepted. Raised to Shawl 978AE. Siuan and Moiraine were considered to be rare cases, rising so fast. The companion says the average is 10 years as novice and 10 as accepted. So many wouldn't achieve the shawl until late 20's or early 30's. The companion also says Nyn appeared younger than she was because she slowed at age 20 and didn't age appreciably afterward. So she should be suspicious of two ladies looking 20 or younger claiming to be full Aes Sedai, since that would be extremely rare and here are two at once.
  10. I think she was promoted too fast, but the Aes Sadi hoped being so young and inexperienced they could manipulate her. Siuan job was to stop her from getting made a pawn. It was a loophole, since nowhere in the laws did it state you had to be Aes Sedai, like a lot of things it was assumed you would be and no one ever thought anyone would try to nominate anyone who wasn't a full Aes Sedai. After all in normal times a full hall would be voting on it. No one would normally be crazy enough to nominate an accepted to the job.
  11. Yep no women would help LTT with his plan so it was all the male half.
  12. They hate Faile because she turned him into The world can burn I must rescue Faile and she never really added much to the series. I mean honestly if Faile was removed from the series would it have any impact on the series?
  13. Actually a really interesting theory, but Lan was suffering the effects of losing his Aes Sedai. The fact he was suffering from that means it wasn't her simply releasing it. His new Aes Sedai was bedding him and stuff to try and keep him alive. I feel RJ made a mistake with Moraine having the bond transfer. She told Lan about it in book 2, it would of made more sense for her to do it after going through the doorway and entering Rhudiean.
  14. The "Aes Sedai" over in Seanchan were also described as backstabbing, power hungry where alliances were constantly changing. The ones over there never took an oaths. So Luthair, who already distrusted Aes Sedai, had good reason to see there people collared. So some can argue what he did was bad, but others could argue he did what was needed to be done to stop these power hungry people from using the power like that.
  15. They basicly are self taught, it like when Rand first started channeling he wanted something and it happened. He didn't know how he did it or why it happened.
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