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  1. Just bringing it up since it's a moment I had forgotten all about, I had always assumed they left Fal Dara and went to the WT. Since it would seem to fit, Moiraine knows Lan is in love and one day wants him to be with Nyn. But this conversation got me thinking about how that wouldn't make any sense.
  2. Also another make you wonder moment in TGH pg 322 Moiraine says "Before we left Tar Valon I made arrangements, should anything happen to me, for your bond pass to another". So when was this? We know it wasn't when she was at Fal Dara since she said we and no word of Lan leaving Fal Dara for any length of time, also highly unlikely she would ride to the WT and the ride back while beating the Amirlyn coming by ship. Also since she slipped off again and the Amirlyn was annoyed, we know she didn't go there after leaving Fal Dara since there is no way she could of beaten the other Aes Sedai there. They were going by ship and using the power to speed their journey, so no way Moiraine could of beaten them there. Unless Lan and her snuck in the WT. So when was Lan and her and the WT?
  3. It's clear she didn't have the angreal in New Spring, since she would of used it in her fight with the BA. Also after the Dragon was reborn the companion goes on to say a lot of older Aes Sedai were dying (being killed off by the BA since they suspected only older and experienced Aes Sedai would be involved in the hunt). This caused a big turnover in things like sitters. So after a few years Moiraine leaving the tower without permission was a small thing, especially since from 972 to 988 when Siuan took over there had been three other Amirlyns. With such a turnover Moiraine was hardly a big priority or going to be arrested on sight for leaving the tower as a young Aes Sedai without permission. Tamra Ospenya was Amyrlin when the dragon was reborn and wouldn't allow Siuan or Moiraine to go out on the hunt. As the companion said Moiraine was held by Tamra's command to stay in Tar Valon and do various make-work. With Tamra's death, Siuan and Moiraine were freed to take part in the search, since each had a list of names to go by. Moiraine went off alone because Siuan was being groomed to be the Blue' eyes and ears. Sierin Vayu took over for Tamra but was assassinated by reds because she was about to put an end to the male channler program and then Marith Jean took over. Siuan never said Moiriane has never returned in twenty years, just twenty years of planning and two messages since you left the tower. But as someone else pointed out she never said when Moiraine last left the tower. We know they have spoken since Moiriane left the tower because they spoke in New Spring. Moiraine coming and going as she pleases, without asking the ajah head or anything, would also explain why she needs to be taught discipline. It's unlikely after so long they would simply be upset about Moiraine leaving with out permission. But Moiraine sneaking in or coming in and getting an angreal would or simply leaving without saying a word. Also it would seem a bit odd in that long of time Moiraine never gave one status update until saying she was going to the Two Rivers. She probably sent where she was going each time so Siuan would at least know where to send any important messages through the Blue's eyes and ears. No one seemed surprised she bonded Lan, so how would they know if she never contacted or been to the tower since she left?
  4. Once Siuan became Amrylin any fear of Moirane had for being made to take the Sun Throne would be gone. Aes Sedai come and go from the tower al lthe time, the Amrylin doesn't approve every Aes Sedai who wants to leave.. But the White tower does worry when newly raised Aes Sedai want to run off into the world. Especaily someone like Casudane would be the type to think you need to spend a lot of time at the WT before venturing out. Tamra refused to let her leave because she wanted only experienced Aes Sedai on the hunt so she had Siuan and Moiraine doing tasks like getting names of people who gave birth etc. Once Tamara died Moriane was free of her oath and left as soon as she could. Once she had been gone for a time its was unlikely anyone would forcer her back. Especially once Siuan took over. Also the tower had other things to worry about. Two Amiylins had died, a lot of older Aes Sedai were dying (by the BA), false dragons appearing etc. So after a time the fear of being forced back would of been gone. Was she visting every week of course not, but unlikely in 18 years or so she never visited once. If for nothing else then to spend few days to catch up on information or to grab an angreal .
  5. Again from https://www.tor.com/2015/10/27/the-wheel-of-time-companion-strength-chart-of-major-channelers/ Here’s the relevant saidin One Power strength chart, with accompanying life expectancies: Strength Level (Saidar Strength Level Equivalent) Saidin Channelers Life Expectancy (Years) ++1 Rand, Moridin, Rahvin 800.00 ++2 Aginor/Osan’gar, Demandred, Sammael, Logain, Taim (possible) 785.70 ++3 Balthamel/Aran’gar, Asmodean, Taim (possible) 771.60 ++4 Be’lal 757.69 ++5 743.97 ++6 730.43 7 1(+12) 717.08 8 2(+11) 703.91
  6. Lanfear is second to Rand and Ishy, since in the power they are stronger. But strength in the power doesn't always mean the best channeler or that they would win in a fight. Knowledge of the power, how quickly you can form a weave, and how agile you are with using the weave all come into play. Unless you were so powerful you could overwhelm them such as having callador or a statue. It even was said in the series that men were stronger, but women had other advantages such as when it came time linking and forming a circle, which men couldn't do by themselves. But in terms of channeling strength, Rand and Ishy were the two most powerful channelers in Randland.
  7. Moiraine was never in line for the throne. The companion shows she had two older sisters and her cousin Lady Caraline succeeded Barthanes as high seat., She was actually almost considered an outcast from the family since her dad married for love instead of for land or gaining more power for the family. Her family had a dark reputation. which is why she rarely used her house name, it was clear she really didn't want anything to do with her family because the family had such a dark reputation. Also until you reach Aes Sedai you can't leave the tower, so it means no running off to see your family. That would be too big of a risk for someone to runaway. Even Elayne couldn't simply leave anytime she wanted to. If she had that angreal in New Spring why not use it when she was fighting the BA? Also as pointed out Lan would need to get his cloak etc. So she had to of visited a few times, some possibly by secret. But also would of seemed odd her trying to speak to Siuan, so when she was there it would make sense not to contact Siuan. Rand is like 18 at the start of the series, so they couldn't of started the search for him almost 2 years before he was born. Also she didn't start the search immedietly, Tamra wouldn't let Moiraine leave the tower to go hunt. So she couldn't leave the tower to go searching until Tamra died.
  8. Ummm well we know that isn't true, They saw each other in New Spring , which is after the Dragon was reborn and Rand wasn't 20. I know it was said she should visit more but nowhere do I remember seeing that Moiraine never went to the WT for short visits. She has reasons for not going there too often, as she can't be 100% sure the BA doesn't have her name. But I think it stands to reason in 18 years or so she is going to stop by a few times, if nothing else to catch up on the latest information. If you think about it that would mean since she got raised as an Aes Sedai she would of never of gone to the tower once. Since right after getting raised she set out on her hunt. So it should stand that Lan and her visited a few times in those years.
  9. We know she visits since the WT knows Lan is her warder etc, there is no need for her to sneak in the WT since no one knows what she is up to. Also something like 18 years pass from the Dragon being reborn and EOTW. So she is bound to visit time to time in that time.
  10. Rand admitted, I think in the last book, that he now understands their society wasn't as perfect as they thought it was. Those in power convinced themselves that everything was perfect, when in truth there was a lot of inequality.
  11. Well they're not really opposites, it oddly only seemed to harm bad people and it didn't seem to bring any of the people the bad guys killed back. If it was the opposite then it would have the same limits, it would all depend on the strength of the power used as to what happened. Balefire works because it removes something that had already occurred, the pattern can't add something that has never happened yet. Flame of Tar Valon IMO was the dumbest thing added in the series.
  12. That's what it seems like to me is if you're born into a family with 3 names you inherit the three names. Sadly the companion doesn't say if Ilyena could channel or if she was an Aes Sedai.
  13. My guess is she couldn't, the companion says she was born Ilyena Moerelle Dalisar. So she was born with three names. When she got married she became Ilyena Therin Moerelle. The third name was given for deeds. important research, great achievements etc. Mesanna went over to the shadow because of her failure to earn a third name. Her goal in life was to do research at the Collam Daan, and her failure to achieve that was a key part of her going to the shadow. Moghi was another who never earned a third name. So it was a mostly a thing of status.
  14. RJ was way off on it being obvious who killed Asmo, regardless of who did it. Since before Asmo was killed, Dem wasn't in the series much and with a lot of work you could come to Graendal doing it but it was in no way obvious.
  15. A post from Terez back in Novemeber 2105 titled Bits from RJ's notes shows that Taimadred was actually true in LOC. So RJ did a little Aes Sadai play with words when he said Tain and Dem aren't the same. There is nothing from RJ showing why he changed it but my guess is too many guessed it and he felt like it sort of ruined it or he figured having Taimadred would pose a problem for how to get the Shara people involved later. https://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=8767, There is also another big shocker in the notes.
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