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  1. Ishy sent them, remember Ishy mentioned allowing some Aiel to flee and letting one survive in order to carry the tale. The trollocs were chasing the Aiel.
  2. Well there might be a few, but remember people born able to channel are rare. Most people don't travel to Tar Valon to be tested, either Aes Sedai find someone or if someone shows the signs of being able to channel they are sent to the tower. But few people actually travel to the tower. The Red Ajah was the largest Ajah and they only had 200 members. So you might have around a 1000 Aes Sedai total. So there is bound to be some from Tar Valon, but the numbers would still be tiny. Many who can learn but wouldn't channel on their own are simply never found.
  3. But you don't need to get to their worlds through the gates, the gates just make sure the rules are enforced. You can enter through the tower but they aren't bound by any rules.
  4. He didn't see the gray man until after and wondered where the guy came from. Mostly it was these people traveling that late at night out in the middle of nowhere when no normal merchants would be traveling that late. She also didn't seem very surprised to see him there.
  5. Book 7 on can really be condensed, yes even i nthe first few books there is alot of fluff. But I just think it will go too fast if the first season goes from finding Rand to Falme. 8 episodes just isn't alot of time, if they made an episode 2 hours it would help. I would rather it go a bit slow for the first couple of books and then pick the pace up. My guess is it will be like GOT so maybe 8 seasons at the most. But to do it justice I would think you will need at least 6 seasons.
  6. Maybe later out they can combine 3 books per season, If there are only 8 episodes and if each episode is 1 hour there is no way they can go to book 3 in the first season. Even trying to get book 2 would be rushing it. Later on they could easily combine multiple books into a season,
  7. Ahh thank you, that was some good reading.
  8. Back in the Forsaken time, they were always trying to find better ways and new uses for the power. In Rand's time the Aes Sedai strongly discourage experimenting with the power. In the Big White Book it even says the Yellow Ajah believes that what they know about healing is the best that can be done, So there is little desire to risk burning yourself out to explore new weaves. So most simply never try. It is also a failure of the Seachean, where their channelers are never allowed the freedom to find better weaves. They are mostlly used as weapons or finding stuff like ore,, there is no desire to find new weaves unless they capture a channeler with better knowledge.
  9. LTT is unique because not only will he come out again to be a main player but he is also one of the super rare souls to be linked to another soul. I'm curious if LTT is a hero of the horn if that means so is Ishy? Since LTT doesn't have to be good and Ishy doesn't have to be bad if they are linked to be champions in the Last Battle it should mean Ishy is also a Hero of the Horn. I see it as both the Shadow and Light need a champion so somehow LTT and Ishy became the chosen. Which would be this eternal struggle was planned from the beginning. I accept full blame.
  10. What really amazes me is when you look at the Companion is how much detail and information RJ had for the series. Yet you discover some stuff seems oddly left out like why the Oath Rod limits a persons life. You would think that since he came up with that he would of put something down as to why.
  11. So it was said had Rand died a new Dragon would of been appointed. But here is my issue with that, the pattern might connect to the new person but Rand needed LTT's memories. knowing LTT's mistakes helped Rand form his own plan. All those memories wouldn't suddenly get transfered into the new Dragon, The pattern can't suddenly stuff a new soul into someone. So without LTT's and Rand's memories the new Dragon would have no idea how to properly seal the DO's prison. Not to mention Rand had hidden the seals and only he knew how to safely remove the "sword that wasn't a sword". So with all of that would a new Dragon simply mean delaying things? The new Dragon goes and temporarily seals the prison again and delays the final battle until LTT's soul can be spun out again? And quite possibly causing the male half to be tainted again? I just don't see how the new Dragon could possibly have the knowledge to get things done. Assuming all of Rands followers such as the Aiel would of even followed the new guy. Without LTT's memories Rand would of failed the Borderlander test and they would of killed him. So how would the new dragon of passed the test?
  12. LTT soul can be reborn and not have to be the dragon. Hawkwing metioned how he had fought LTT countless times. So it's unlikely LTT soul only comes when a dragon is needed. it could be LTT's soul will always be reborn to be important or play key roles but seems unlikely he might not reborn for thousand of years until a dragon is needed. Only Ishy seemed to have a grasp of what was really going on, Rand and him meaat to fight it out over and over. You noticed a few times the other Forsaken mentioned his claims about how this has happened over and over and they really didn't believe him. They didn't even understand what it meant, as you saw time and again they assumed LTT being reborn meant LTT was back, and not simply his soul would be in a new body and controlled by Rand. I see it as it's cyclical in that specific events happen every time. The Seal is whole, people must forget the DO exists, the hole gets drilled and there is a breaking, Dragon is reborn and seals prison. What happens in between can vary and the amount of time between each event is never the same. But the main events will happen again and again.
  13. According to the companion Oath Rods could be used on non channelers. They weren't necessarily used to stop you from channeling just to prevent you from commiting your crime again and to also make you possibly spend the rest of your life, if necessary making restitution. They were used on the worst criminals those incorrigibly violent, because of personality flaws, or madness. The older one was when bound the more it restricted. It was considered the death penalty since it was going to cut your life short. A forsaken strength channeler could live to 800 but with the oath rod it was around 300 so it could really cut your life short. Sadly RJ didn't leave much explaining why it cut ones life short.
  14. There will always be a Dragon and a dark champion. Those will be LTT and Ishy, as they are the few souls who are connected. But if I remember right RJ said LTT isn't always the dragon. Few are born again and again for heroic roles, which is why there will be Forsaken next time but the chances are they won't be the same souls. It would go against the free will theme if everyone was always forced to be on team light or team shadow. The people helping the dragon are likely not to be the same souls either.
  15. Actually Siuan was picked because she was young but not to be a figurehead. I'm sure some may of thought she could be easy to control, but the BA had been killing off older Aes Sedai thinking they would be the ones involved in the hunt to find the Dragon Reborn. The other factor was in the 15 years before Siuan was raised they had 3 Amyrlin's, so the decision was to pick young Aes Sedai. Elaida wasn't going to lead the toppling of Siuan just to watch someone else become Amyrlin, besides the BA wanted her as Amyrlin knowing she would be a disaster.
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