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  1. Cad also has a lot on her plate with trying to rebuild the WT since she is going to be forced to be the Amirlyn. So the last thing she really wants to do would be going after or harassing Rand. @Ascended is right, he did what she wanted him to and probably does feel he earned the right to ride off into a quiet life somewhere.
  2. Seems like to me in the borderlands that one monarch does the ruling, you never hear about the king and queen of this nation. Seems like it's just the king or queen. So my guess is one rules and the other has leadership duties.
  3. Also sounds like the Seanchan attack any ship that comes near their land. I feel bad for the Sea Folk, yes they are arrogant but they are one group who aren't out looking for a fight or trying to expand their empire. They mostly just want to be left alone so they can trade.
  4. What did Rand reveal to the Aiel? That they were once followers of the way of the leaf. That what was so shocking for the Aiel. Nothing about them and guarding trees.
  5. Effette is right, guarding the tree and such were tasks Aiel were given, but the Aiel were expected to follow the way of the leaf. That is what it meant to be Aiel. Until the Aiel basicly had almost no contact wit the Jenn at all, had the Jenn not made the Aiel visit them to be told they had to send clan chiefs to Rhudiean, the Aiel would of never had anything to do with the Jenn at all, it's the Jenn who maintained the tree. Because the Aiel betrayed who they were, is why they are to face such a harsh punishment when the Dragon was reborn.
  6. The Aiel were about the way of the leaf, which the Aiel abandoned and the Tinkers kept. The Jenn tended to the tree of life, not the rest of the Aiel.
  7. The shadow didn't have endless amount of Fades and the Fades were needed to keep the Trollocs under control. No one knows how their power works so we will never know if there is a limit to their ability. Not to mention we have no idea how many fades there really are. Fades aren't assassins, their main purpose is to command trollocs and spies.
  8. If you go by what the Aiel use to be, then the Tinkers are the true Aiel. The tinkers are the closest thing to the Jenn.
  9. I would like to know why Mat wasn't at Rand's funeral. Always seemed like an oversight to me. I always thought Rand somehow brought Lan back to life.
  10. RJ wasn't a fan of typing up loose ends and he wrote the ending. So seemed like a very RJ ending where not everyone gets a farewell. My feeling always has been RJ never fully explained the body swap to BS so when Brandon made it he didn't really get into much detail.
  11. Hence why is was probably a AOL saying before Aiel became the Aiel we know and the sea folks took to the sea to escape the breaking. It would make sense their ancestors were interacting with each other.
  12. Fades still need a shadow/darkness to do their travel. You saw Fain stop one from leaving.
  13. It's the fear and their speed are their main benefits, not to mention just a scratch from their blade could be fatal. I wouldn't say their sword fighting ability is awesome, it's more they are quicker than most humans is how I saw it.
  14. That explains it, book 4.
  15. Could of been a common saying in the AOL. As the breaking happened and time passed it could be most forgot the saying. I need to reread, it has been awhile but I don't remember Sea Folk in book 3. Was it in Tear when Mat was checking inns?
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