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  1. Yes but there is opening yourself to channel and then there is a quick unintentional use. If you notice before Rand became a channeler, fully aware of what he was doing and willing try to embrace the power, all you get are the side effects from channeling (the taking chances etc,,) but not the filth feeling. After book 1, when the using the power and the side effects happened near the same time, all he gets is the filth. The difference is he knows he can channel and needs to embrace the source to channel. Just like the women who are starting to channel never seem to notice the warmth of touching the female half until they survive the side effects and become aware what they are doing. A wilder like Nyn, had she stayed in the Two Rivers, never would of felt the feeling of opening herself to the source since she had built up a block, so it might have to do with you have to open yourself up to the power to feel the good or bad. In one of Rand's lives in book 2 I believe he was a member of the Queen's guards and was lucky, he thought later he understood why but he didn't care. He was suffering from touching the male half but was basicly a wilder and it was never said he was feeling the filth. So I think a lot has to do with someone who channels but doesn't really know it or is never trained how to do it aren't fully opening themselves up enough to feel the filth or warmth. They are incapable of doing anything more then a quick touch of the surface. It's possible Rand would of started to feel nausea when he accidently channeled and not probably not understand why. But there seems to be a difference between inadvertently channeling and intentionally channeling.
  2. The end of book 1 is when the channeling and reactions happen almost at the same time. After that he doesn't get the side effects of starting to channel such as taking chances, trouble moving his limbs, etc anymore and starts to experience the filth/taint. So my guess is a channeler doesn't feel the taint until they survive the channeling and side effects happening at the same time part.
  3. You saw how quickly the blight was changing just after the last battle, while RJ confirmed shadowspawn die if the DO gets sealed away. So just going by the speed that was seen right after the fight, without the DO's influence it shouldn't take too long for the blight to be gone. Also will Rand share the growing song? The interesting question will be what is done with all the land freed from the blight. We know Malkier is going to be reformed, but what of the other land? Will new nations arise or will the border nations expand?
  4. You forget Ishy had a big hand it all the major anarchy after the bore was sealed even the civil war after Hawking's death. Ishy goal was to ensure the land never unified and stayed weak to make the DO's job easier Without Ishy interference and with the Dragon's peace the land finally has a chance to build up to something. Galad lives and with no blightborder to defend anymore the border nations no longer have to worry about the blight. Not to mention the deal Tuon made with Egwene about channelers who wish to leave Seanchan could have a big impact. but 200 or 300 years down the line who can really say. It's possible 300 years down the road now that the Seanchan might not even be a whole nation anymore. But I will say I think Rand's biggest accomplishment will be setting up randland for success. With the Dragon's peace, opening academies, even reminding Asha'man that they aren't weapons but people.
  5. Its not the sensation of channeling, he channels with no idea what he is doing. All of that is reaction to channeling, everytime he channels the reactions come closer and closer to the actual channeling. But he has no sensation to channeling everything he feels is the side effects. After killing Aginor in the blight is when the channeling and reaction happening close together. His having a hard time walking was a reaction, after they happen almost at the same time, the reactions to channeling stop.
  6. Sabio

    Theories After aMoL

    Isam is the hunter hence why Perrin mostly sees slayer is Isam form. I think Slayer thought something like Isam mostly thinks about hunting so Luc is more of the having to deal with people form.
  7. Pretty much what Elgee said, honestly I think its pretty good considering how hard it would be to pick up a series like WOT and try to continue the story. There are some things I think BS did better than RJ and some things imo got worse. For instance I find BS didn't get so overly descriptive which RJ always fell into but many will agree he didn't do a very good job with Mat. I didn't really notice a huge difference that would of prevented me from enjoying the books.
  8. Sabio

    Morgase’s Justice

    He was never attacked, they can demand to know who is hiding in order to determined if the people hiding are a threat. They had a right to be wary. They weren't in a town or near a town. It might of been Andor on a map but it was no mans land they were in. A place where any stranger may be a bandit and not patrolled by any guards etc... So it's not unreasonable they would ask people they found hiding to come out of hiding. Perin's own words "I killed those men, but they attacked my friends (wolves), I wasn't in control of myself. I was ready to surrender. But with the wolves in my head.... I felt their pain. Then he thought to himself "He hadn't wanted to kill those Whitecloaks, but he had. And he's done it in a frenzy, without control. but the honest truth was he had lost control." Morgase then even read Andor Law "The law is very clear Perrin may feel the wolves were his friends, but the law states that a man's hound or livestock is worth a certain price. Slaying them is unlawful, but killing a man in retribution is even more so." So being an Andor citizen doesn't mean one can kill at the slightest provocation against an outsider. Perrin had no right to kill two people because of a wolf. Andor law doesn't allow you to kill for animals being harmed. Also using laws and logic from today doesn't work in a series where in many nations a noble could murder you on the spot and not face justice. Using todays stand your ground laws and such doesn't work in a fantasy series. Perin was in the wrong because by his own words he killed to defend wolves, not because of threats from the Whitecloaks. and admits he wasn't in control of himself. He didn't kill because he was attacked or thought Egwene might be harmed, he attacked because a wolf was killed. Whitecloaks were allowed to pass through Andor, we saw in the first book they were allowed in towns in certain numbers, even the capital. No where does it say Whitecloaks were banned from Andor. So they weren't an invading army that was trespassing. Later in the series yes, you could say the whitecloaks in the two rivers were invaders and Perin would of been justified to try and drive them out had he wanted to.
  9. The fact most the povs of the three are from Rand and Tam's fever talk let's the reader know it's probably Rand. But it was left vague for the characters since they aren't sure why the DO is seeking them. it makes the story better having the three worry and all three have something happen to them that might get the DO's interest.
  10. Sabio

    Morgase’s Justice

    But that isn't why Perrin attacked them. The Whitecloaks also had a reason to be wary, you come across people hiding it stands to reason you will be suspicious. They had no idea who was hiding there or their intentions. But it comes down to why Perrin attacked the whitecloaks, and it wasn't to defend his Egwene or his life. Not to mention Perrin would admit he didn't at that time consider himself a legal citizen of Andor, no one in the Two Rivers did.
  11. Sabio

    Morgase’s Justice

    Umm he attacked them for killing wolves, he wasn't protecting Fgwene or himself. He went crazy because they attacked wolves. Wolves have no legal protection, Perrin commited murder.
  12. Like in Randland, not everyone wants to be a warrior. Aiel blacksmith don't follow the way of the leaf, they will kill if they have to. If trollocs attack the hold they would defend the place. Aiel rules for who couldn't be harmed were designed to ensure if a hold was raided that it could rebuilt. Only Gaishan were forbidden to do any harm ever.
  13. Sabio

    am i miss remembering something

    There is no proof but I have always suspected she did. I mean Lan and her have been exploring the world a lot for the past ten or so years and I'm sure Lan taught her stuff while they were camping during their travels. But the fact she did it so easy and got such large fish always made me suspicious.
  14. Not if you go by the last couple of books. Androl was extremely weak in the power yet was a gateway master. It always was the stronger you were the bigger gateways you could make. One didn't have to be strong in the power to make one, though it was possible to be so weak you couldn't make a gateway or a gateway that was of any use.
  15. Sabio

    Lan argues on day 2

    We have seen Lan openly disagree with Moiraine in the series. TDR in Illian he openly disagrees with her wanting to go alone. I think it was more of the Lan thinking this was a really really bad idea. There are Trollocs out there and they have to get three people to the white tower, now with no planning or preparation Moiraine decides at the last moment to allow another to come along. Another untrained person they will have to protect on what could be a dangerous journey. I think it was just the suddenness of the decision coming as a shock to Lan.