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  1. Mirrors of the Wheel

    It isn't that Egwene is bossy, as you saw with Gawyn she expects him to change for her. There was never any attempt by her to also change for him. The way two rivers men behave towards women, Perin wouldn't meekly stay in the shadows as Egwene recklessly put herself in danger.
  2. Mirrors of the Wheel

    Ughh poor Perin gets screwed again. First he has to deal with Faile and now you want to stick the poor guy with Egwene? I doubt Egwene would change for anybody, you saw in the series she was expecting Gawyn to change for her.
  3. My guess is the tea Min spoke of is simply a lot easier than trying to figure out how to prevent pregnancy with the power. Especially in Rand's age the Aes Sedai are not big on experimenting with the power.
  4. You don't see them just running about seducing people for information. Also how one dresses varies from where that Aes Sedai is from. Many retain the style and mannerisms of the nation they came from.
  5. The green is about being ready for the last battle. how does the Green use looks/sex to get info?
  6. Bur the Seanchan knew his army was there and weren't going to simply let his army ride away. He knew what was happening, all of the rooting out DF's in the villages was a lie and it was the questioners stirring up the trouble. He wasn't happy his men were being used to murder villagers. The real enemy was in Falme. Not to mention once Perin was spotted and vanished he assumed word of his men would reach the bad guys. That's what really forced his hand was seeing Perin. Had he simply left and went back to Niall, chances are he would of been in trouble for disobeying his orders.
  7. Forsaken aren't about trust, they are selfish and self serving. I could see a warder bond but it would have to be something where they would be fully in control, more like a willing slave. But in the end why would they want to risk themselves if something happened to that person. Easier for them to just use compulsion. It's different for the BA, a warder is still protection. Many of the BA outside the Reds had warders, many were also DF's but for BA, the world is still dangerous and warders come in handy. But this is why a lot of thought gets put into warders, since your life depends on making good choices. Had the forsaken just of been people from Rand's age it would of lost a lot of it's impact. Their reputation of being all powerful boogeymen helped drive fear into the story.
  8. I think this shows we are running out of things to talk about.
  9. When you might live to 300, 70 isn't that old. Their bodies aging slow down with the agelessness look. Aes Sedai would be rather ineffective if they could live to be 300 and age of 70 they were bed ridden from old age. Maybe its just me but I don't remember a lot of Aes Sedai seducing people in the book. Only the Reds really found men repulsive. So it doesn't mean Aes Sedai don't get urges.
  10. From the POV we know he understood he would lose, which is why he made sure there would be a survivor. He understood good doesn't always win. He was disgusted by what the questioners were doing and wanted to fight the invaders. When he got there and saw what he was up against he understood he was going to lose. The one fight he had with the patrol and Damane let him know hoe tough of a fight he could expect. It was too late to retreat, he believed these to be evil and shadowspawn, so win or lose it's unlikely he would of fled. The Seanchean weren't going to simply let him go by that time. Had he fled they would of pursued and attacked. But his death mostly pushed the Bornhald/Byar vs Perin arc.
  11. Mazerin Tain

    No he wasn't always a DF. Basicly Dem gave him a choice when he was captured to join the DO or stay captured. With Taim's personality and the thought of being gentled the choice was an easy one for him. He was a DF when he went to Rand but he wasn't one until Dem freed him. Rand wasn't horrible to Taim, Rude yes but for the most part he left Taim to do his own thing. Even Rand didn't understand why he disliked Taim so much, but part of that was also the madness. You also have to remember he kept disobeying Rand's orders. He fired the guy Rand hired to teach the men the sword, he never tried recruiting for the legion of the dragon, and he was way to obey about his recruiting which Rand sort of wanted kept low key.
  12. Bornhald wanted a fight, he was upset the questioners were using them, so he gathered his army to go fight who he felt the true enemy was. He had no idea of their true strength before arriving. But he felt al lthe questioners tactics were wasting his time, he wanted to go after the DF"s. His army also provided a distraction for team Rand to try and escape.
  13. Moiraine saw a whole bunch of stuff that could of happened, she was even shocked by it. The Wise Ones were tossing Avi at Rand because the companion confirms some of the Wise Ones knew of her vision of falling in Love with Rand. You don't see many Aes Sedai running about seducing men to make them trust Aes Sedai.
  14. By then it was sort of too late to turn back. He knew he was going to die, but his belief that they were DF's and shadowspawn meant he wouldn't retreat.
  15. That's why I say the pattern set up poor LTT to fail no matter what he did. Plus LTT really had no idea what he was doing, it was memories of his failure that helped Rand puzzle it out. The original posters what if idea is interesting, but the Pattern would of made sure no matter what LTT did that he was going to fail.