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  1. Wheel as in circular, the concept that time repeats itself in WOT. Hence never a beginning or and end since the ages repeat themselves over and over without an end. Just like if you walk in a circle you will arrive where you started.
  2. Sabio

    Rand's magic pipe

    My guess is the shadow was corrupting that over time. Since we saw Rand was forced to fulfil prophicies whether he wanted to or not. I think that Dem needed the TP to fulfil it shows that it was going to be impossible for Rand to do.
  3. Sabio

    Rand's magic pipe

    Why does every prophecy have to favor the Dragon? Clearly the part of the prophecy had Bao not being able to channel. Hence the TP coming into play, since in Shara a man who can channel is tattoed, can't read or write. forbidden to leave village, is used as breeding stock and killed as soon as they show signs of starting to channel. So Dem couldn't show up channeling. Dem hijacked the prophecy but there nothing saying Rand was meant to do it, could be it was destined for Dem to do.
  4. Sabio

    Was Masema insane?

    There is no smoking gun stating it, but the fact we know a forsaken was in touch with him does make it seem one might of been manipulating him at times. The companion says Masema was possibly mad so seems likely he was just insane with a forsaken pushing him here and there when needed. Being mad they wouldn't need to do much since he was creating alot of chaos all on his own. The companion also states BS confirmed the "Dragon Reborn" Masema saw was a female forsaken. But he won't say which one.
  5. Sabio

    Was Masema insane?

    From a Q&A this is the only hint BS would give: Matt Hatch This has to do with the Luckers’ Shiny Dragon theory. Masema mentions having a vision, someone tells him to kill Perrin. So, my question, was the individual telling him to kill Perrin a male or female? Brandon Sanderson He saw a male. Matt Hatch He did, but was the individual a male or a female? Brandon Sanderson (Laughs appreciatively and pauses) Yes, yes he was a male or a female. Matt Hatch (Laughs) Was the individual a male? Brandon Sanderson (Thoughtful, deep intake of breath, pause) Matt Hatch …as classically defined by his physical…(laughter) Brandon Sanderson (Says, yes I get what you are asking)… Matt Hatch ...I’ll say it this way, does this individual have the soul of a man or a woman? Brandon Sanderson mmmhmm. (pauses looking up for a good twenty or thirty seconds) Brandon Sanderson Female. Matt Hatch Excellent.
  6. Sabio

    Was Masema insane?

    I have always thought gren simply because she was operating in that part of the world. she also was the one tasked to watch and kill Perin. Masema was a nobody in TGH, even in TDR he would of been nobody the forsaken would of cared about. Once he started gathering mobs and was clearly a bit mad could I see anyone seeing him being of any use. The companion at least makes him sound mad and obsessive on his own, so a lot of his mob stuff was his own doing. All a forsaken would of needed was a little guidance here and there. Once Perin appeared is when he really gained use. I did find this on a fan site" Masema planned to escape from Perrin and his army, and then return to kill Perrin as ordered by the "Dragon Reborn", actually one of the female Forsaken" The fact he was ordered to kill Perin makes me think Gren and not Lanfear since she was helping Perin later. While Gren was told to kill Perin.
  7. Sabio

    Was Masema insane?

    I think he started on the path of insanity the moment he found out Rand was the Dragon. If you remember him in book 2 and 3 he was already very obsessed with Rand. So it probably didn't take much of a push or compulsion to get him to go totally over the edge. I think some of his decision might of been forsaken commanded, like his refusing to use a portal but then saying he would use a portal because he wanted to stay with Perin. That seems like a forsaken manipulating him to stay close to Perin, probably to get Masema to murder Perin. I did a quick look in the companion but I didn't see anywhere a confirmation on who was speaking to Masema.
  8. I agree, I think on equal footing, Lan would be the better man.
  9. Still at that time, I am not sure Mat would of been capable of taking down all the darkhounds like Rand did. At that time Rand was practicing a lot where we never really see Mat train.
  10. Songstress is right. She knew she would be trapped there and that Matt had already been there. Not to mention Matt would gain the knowledge how to get to her. Hence why it was so important for Thom to wait till Matt asked about the letter. It's unlikely Moraine even knew what that tower was.
  11. Does Thom know that's the tower of Ghenjai? It's unlikely she knew for sure Thom had seen the tower. Mat had the advantage of being able to speak to Brigette about the place.
  12. RJ confirmed the DO had won but doesn't consider that he has won. Also RJ admitted that time repeats itself. DO is sealed away, people forget about the DO, hole is drilled into the DO's prison, and repeat. The DO doesn't really want the pattern destroyed, if everyone is dead then who is there to worship the DO. Rand was right, the DO true goal is to make people beg for mercy, to lose hope and give up. But we see each time the people instead are willing to fight to the end. That's why the DO never feels like he won, since he has never been able to crush everyone's hope. I always felt the other worlds are the patterns fail safe deive to ensure the pattern is never destroyed. SInce if the DO wins on this planet it means in another reality he lost. So thing's should continue there.
  13. Lan annihilated Dem instantly? Lan sacrificed himself to get Dem to open his defense. We know Dem is better then Galad and Gawyn. if you fight a channeler you should expect tricks to be used.
  14. If you mean the Slayer killing those old people in their sleep, according to the companion he was trying to kill Rand. I always thought his target was Lan but the companion said it was under orders of Taim to kill Rand. Which explains Slayers confusion as to why a Chosen would conceal their identity when trying to give him an order.
  15. Sabio

    Rand's magic pipe

    I will always believe it's a side effect from his stepping outside of the pattern when he fought the DO. it would of been nice had more of been written that showed the extent of this power. Could he manipulate things at will say will someone alive? Or is it simple small things like he thinks of a ham sandwich and poof one is in his hand? Or can he will say dice to land how he wants them to?