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  1. The main thing about Avi's vison is the Aiel went to fight alone, then a few nations at a time joined the fight, then a few more etc. That was the big key was there was no unity to fight the Seanchan. Now the Aiel can't go off and attack and if the Seanchan do attack now all the nations must fight.
  2. In TGH Rand noticed there were more then a hundred. But Perin really didn't do enough IMO to earn hero status. I think it's unlikely any of the main characters except Rand and Ishy are destined for future roles. Next time both the good and bad people will be all new folks.
  3. Shades are defenseless against channelers and stands to reason places like the WT would be warded to detect any shadowspawn who came near.
  4. It's possible but you have to remember some nobles came over with Tuon so it's possible they have just a random noble ship.
  5. My guess is they will slowly die off. They aren't part of or protected by the Dragon's peace, they have a blood feud with pretty much every other clan now, and most importantly they will be left out of all new weave and technology discoveries. So as the other clans advance the Shaido will remain isolated and alone.
  6. Well the Sword of Truth series basiclly ripped off the Aes Sedai.
  7. Eventually the Aes Sedai will vanish when the world loses the abiltiy to channel. But nothing suggest it will be anytime soon, especially with all the contacts they now have with other groups of channelers. Some speculate it will be the Seachean who cause the world to lose the abilty to channel.
  8. The companion confirms Ishy was free but not totally free of the sealing. When the rest of the forsaken were sealed Ishy was still free to roam about and thought he had escaped the sealing. He assumed the DO was sealed away forever and had lost his chance at immortality while stuck in a world that was quickly destroying itself. Which started to drive him mad. He then discovered he hadn't escaped at all and was slowly being pulled into the trap of the seals. After 3000 years the process reversed itself and he was spun back out for about 20 years in which he caused the Trolloc wars, when h
  9. Well you seen with the Asha'man, the cleansing stopped further insanity but didn't fix the damage already done to them. So is possible the cleansing stopped further damage but might not fix what has already happened. Since no one knows exactly why the ways started to darken, was it the corrupted Saidar used to make them, was it DO influence like you saw happen to the blight etc. If it was the DO then they should clean up like the blight did after the DO was sealed away.
  10. Fades top job was to keep Trollocs under control.
  11. The Whitecloaks are basicly bullies, they cause trouble in places that can't stop them. You never really hear about them in places like Tear. They recently had fought a war with Illian so they wouldn't be welcome there either. So most rulers have to tolerate them, you see them stiring up unrest in places which means rulers won't say much in order to keep their thrones. Some people like them becuase their dislike for Aes Sedai but most stay quiet simply out of fear of a dragon fang appearing on their door.
  12. Only Rand with the sword could of balefired Semirhage for any useful amount of time and he never would of done it. You saw Rand at full power in Fires of Heaven maybe set things back an hour or so. Is it really worth it for a hand? So no one really had the power to undo much of anything she had done.
  13. So as long as you can justify a murder it's ok? At what point do all the good people simply become like the whitecloaks? Going about torturing, killing, intimidating anyone they don't feel is good enough? But justifying it as ok because they claim to walk in the light? Do the good characters act stupid sometimes, yes. But WT law states they must go to the WT for a trial, and not simply executed on the spot. Look at the male chanelling program where Aes Sedai were just gentling and often times killing men on the spot, against tower law. Many times the man was killed for trying to "escape
  14. You notice most of the places they are causing trouble in are nations with weak governments. You don't see them in places like Tear, Illian or the Borderlands. Andor is a strong nation but is under chaos, so the queen can limit how many come in town and such but can't really keep them out of Andor. RJ said he made the Whitecloaks after groups like the Nazi's. People who assume they know how you should live and such and anyone who doesn't think or act like they want them to are deemed evil. They can do extremely dark things but somehow can justify it as it's ok since they walk in the light
  15. It doesn't seem like Samm would have a need to build any hillforts until Rand took Tear, then Samm would see the need for them. Samm would see Tear as a big threat once Rand held power there. When was Moiriane described as Tar Valon's spy master?
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