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  1. Ogier were planning to leave this world to escape the Last Battle, a stedding can't be entered through the world of dreams, trollocs won't enter unless forced, and the companion states even die hard DF's have hard time staying in there. Even abandoned steddings retain their properties. The companion states places like the blight, a stedding, and the lands of the Aelfinn/Eelfinn are not part of the normal universe, it was not reflected in and could not be entered from Tel'aran'rhiod. The companion also confirms Ogier did not orginate in this world. So a stedding must be in both worlds. I would think a a'dam would work to where you could sense their feelings and such but trying to make them channel would be impossible. Since all a stedding does is act like you have been severed. We know during Nyn's testing of Siuan a A'dam still works for her. So it's the same as putting it on a severed person.
  2. I think it was said when you were in their world you can't trust what you see or distance. Both doors don't lead to the same spot a door specifically leads to fox or snake. Entering through the tower allows you to go to either place. The companion does say the snakes inhabit a parallel world and the foxes true location is unknown. But my guess is both live in separate worlds connected by the tower.
  3. The WT is also good at covering stuff up. If you look at the male channeling program, they killed a lot of innocent men and broke tower laws. Only punishments given were sending out of the tower for penance. But the WT covers is up for the good of the tower out of fear people will turn against Aes Sedai. So some might feel Alric was murdered but they would never speak out about it. Some of the people were Black Ajah so they don't care and the others if they felt Siuan really betrayed the tower would think her warder was in on it to, so would they hesitate to kill him? Egwene wanted the tower whole again so she wasn't about to open an investigation and start punishing, Cas is going to be focused on rebuilding the tower after the last battle so it's unlikely she will pursue anything.
  4. One reason because is that is where Rand was, so the Aiel were coming to him. The big thing is unless you were going to be a wise one or clan chief there was no reason to go there. How would anyone support themselves there with no food or water available there? Rhuidean is also neutral ground, so a clan couldn't simply claim it and occupy the area. After Rand the clan structure pretty much goes away and now Aiel from every clan can come and live there. But now the fog is gone, there is a large lake to help grow crops and support people, and Rand is there. It's now the capital of the Aiel nation.
  5. But again we don't know when and where he died. If he was alone and Aes Sedai around maybe, but we saw Aes Sedai and Warders died during the fighting and there didn't seem to be any desire to wrap anyone in air to spare them. As for justice, remember the Aes Sedai are judge and jury for anything that happens in the White Tower. So they have no qualms about killing a warder trying to rescue her. Now if before the took down Siuan had they walked up and killed her warder, that would be harder for them to defend or justify. As it is they can simply say he was rebelling against the tower. The bigger question is how can they justify putting Siuan to the question using the power?
  6. BS mentioned with the amount of notes RJ had he easily could of made another book, but was determined not to drag the series out. So for me the last book was good but some parts imo seemed rushed.
  7. Or his non stop sniffing of emotions.
  8. Verin wrote Alanna a note, so it's likely she sent her into a trap. Alanna wasn't a DF, Verin was. I always suspected since her wound wasn't massive and designed to slowly kill her that she wasn't in a lot of pain as to not warn Rand. Also with Rand secretly being bonded to three others it's possible that may of lessened any effects of her dying. There isn't much about 4 women sharing the same warder.
  9. It's hard to say since there was no on screen time given to it. Since she didn't feel him die before they came into her office, it had to of been after Siuan was captured. All the companion says is he was killed the day she was deposed. We also don't know who actually killed him, So remember an Aes Sedai can use the power as a weapon in defense of her warders or her life. So more then likely he felt her in distress and came to rescue her and was killed. So Siuan considers him murdered while they can say self defense. The tower also covered up the murders of thousands of men during the male channeler program. The Reds murdered the Amrliyn Sierin Vayu simply because she was going to put an end to the male channeler program. Killing a warder and covering it up or justifying it would really be no issue. Just another that died in the fighting they could claim.
  10. Gawyn is one character that wouldn't be missed if he was cut from the book. I honestly can't figure out what Gawyn was for except to give Egwene a love interest. None of his logic or actions ever made sense, even putting on those rings to go fight Dem, made no logical sense, he knew those rings would kill him even if he won the fight.
  11. Mat knew where the tower was, Mat knew how to get in, Mat knew about bargaining with them, Mat's luck allowed them to find the right spot in the tower, and Mat was needed to get out of the tower.
  12. One thing we know from the BWB and Companion is it states "the Seanchan exotics were not native but descendants of beasts brought back from parallel worlds via portal stones, sometime during the first thousand years after the breaking, probably in an attempt to find aid against shadowspawn." I assume Lanfear knew what they were since being from the AOL she would of heard about them or seen them, since Aes Sedai would of been traveling to other worlds using the portal stones. So maybe Rand went to the grolm native world.
  13. Remember the way someone is taught is how they believe it is. It simply could be that's how Moraine was taught. The one thing we learn about Aes Sedai is they don't really experiment much to find better ways for things. Nyn was told off for experimenting with healing and informed it's dangerous to experiment. So few Aes Sedai are willing to take the risks to find better ways to do things.
  14. Most of the time authors have little say in the movie/series (ask Stephen King). So as long as they have the books. notes, and Harriet there is enough source material for a series.
  15. There were two different type of hounds. The one that reformed was a new type, If I remember right Perin killed one with a bow. But the BWB mentioned rumor of a new darkhound that could only be killed with the one power.
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