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  1. They mentioned some go to the blight, maidens etc to fight trollocs. So I took it as Janduin went with a group and died, and the survivors came back and told the tale. I see it like a raid, he went up there to die but most aren't going there to die, just to fight some trollocs and return,
  2. Yes we don't know the exact questions Moiriane asked Ny or other people. Imagine a stranger walks up to you and starts asking for personal info about people you know. You would probably be like who is this lady. Especially the stubborn Two Rivers people. So Moiraine had to ask questions but make is so the people wouldn't get suspicious. Moiraine may of had an idea it was Rand, but could she risk it? Could she simply ignore the other two and focus just on Rand? Maybe if she had a few more days in the Two Rivers she could piece it together, don't forget she hadn't been in Edmods field very long so it was limited what she could learn. The when the Trollocs attacked and it was clear they were after all three, I'm sure that added a little doubt in her mind which boy it was.
  3. The companion even says all Trolloc females do is breed and protect their young. They never leave the blight they just stay there and have babies. They don't travel or fight. Where did you get the "The percentage of Trolloc births which are Myrds matches the percentage of human births which are channelers. "? Or that Myrd can touch the source? I didn't miss anything, in an earlier post I mentioned "Yes it's born a myrddraal. They are the twisted offspring of Trollocs in which the human stock used to create Trollocs resurfaced, but tainted by the by the evil that made the Trollocs." Trollocs also can have babies that are mostly human, but those die or are killed soon after birth. Because the blight is their ecosystem. Like the waste, there are things that live just in the waste, so there are many things that can only live in the blight. Other shadowspawn only leave the blight on orders. A worm lives in the blight.
  4. Trolloc and Myrddraal can enter a stedding but need to be forced to. So there is no reason a trolloc couldn't give birth in a stedding and that any offspring would die. Myrddraal cannot channel, the OP and TP were used to make trollocs, but it's not needed for them to have babies, they have babies like everything else man trolloc and female trolloc get together and make trolloc magic. Not sure where you got "Myrds are the result of Trolloc fetai which can channel" from.
  5. A stedding would have no effect on a trolloc birth. Trollcs breed like humans, the companion states females are mostly just used for breeding so they are never seen outside of the blight. The OP and TP were used to create trollocs and shadowspawn, but they don't need it to reproduce. But yes it's born a myrddraal. They are the twisted offspring of Trollocs in which the human stock used to create Trollocs resurfaced, but tainted by the by the evil that made the Trollocs. So basicly when a Trolloc gives birth it's usually a Trolloc, but sometimes a Myrddraal happens
  6. BS was never going to get it right when Rj even got a few things wrong in the later books. I always said it seems like 5 or 6 years should of gone by,
  7. Well Moiraine arrived in the Two Rivers in 998NE, there seems to be nothing stating the exact date of the last battle. But It seems like 2 1/2 years or so and things ended late 1000NE.
  8. They didn't know what the TP was. They sensed a power that both men and women could use without the limitiations of the male and female halves. They had no idea it was the DO prison and that it was the TP they discovered. Could be it had weakened enough to where he could allow access without them knowing it was the DO doing it.
  9. Df's and BA are now no more then simple evil folks. With the DO properly sealed there is no chance of breaking him out. They can't sense his prison so no way to drill into it again, until the age comes where it has weakened enough again for them to sense it. You saw Moghi planning to go to Shara and carve out a kingdom for herself. Basicly they are free to do whatever they want.
  10. I can say Far Maddening does not substitute as a steading, Not being able to channel in Far Madding is because of devices not natural.
  11. Everything with Perin moved slow. rescuing Faile, learning wolf dream, accepting leadership, getting Bearlon to leave him alone etc.. Everything was drawn out with him.
  12. I think he meant in the matrix Neo could fly, but in real world he couldn't. In Tar you could make yourself fly etc if you die in the matrix you died in RL, die in Tar and you are dead in RL.
  13. But you notice it was the new people who discovered stuff. One of the things Aes Sedai were taught is it's dangerous to experiment with weaves. So is it worth trying to find a new weave at the risk of burning yourself out? So few Aes Sedai risked it. The Companion also states the Yellow Ajah didn't really believe there were better ways to heal so they had the mentality that what they knew was the best you can get. And no one was going to examine a man or woman to see if stilling could be reversed.
  14. Are you saying Randland is really the matrix and Fain is Agent Smith the wildcard trying to mess everything up?
  15. No not destroy, remake. The DO is smart enough to understand if everything and everyone is dead then what good is he? He would basicly be a god of nothing. But the DO ultimate goal is to make people lose hope, he doesn't care about the actual fighting, as long as people are fighting he has failed.
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