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  1. Faile pushed him to basicly be a Lord in the two Rivers. That is one of my issues with Faile, she constantly tries to force Perrin into becoming what she wants him to be. It's hard to like her because she seems so manipulative. Like tricking Loial to take her in the ways, forcing Perrin to become Lord in the Two Rivers, she basicly forces how she feels the Two Rivers should be run on the Two River folks. All the nonsense of traveling the ways on way to the Two Rivers made me dislike her.
  2. I sort of assumed it was a mistake ,that RJ meant with the dagger gone. Without the dagger they could basicly of let Mat die without any risk of him infecting anyone. With no dagger she might of been thinking he really had no purpose.
  3. There isn't a lot of detail but Ishy used him somehow and then for a time he was made one of Grendals pets, she deemed him too ugly and sent him down to Ebou Dar. But I believe it was because of how he was used by Ishy.
  4. IMO it should of been impossible for her to do so since I believe he was using the second most powerful item for men and both should of been tired. Taim should of been able to overpower her. I always felt like RJ and BS pushed Egwene too much to be the super girl sort of the female LTT. Her sudden weave that only killed evil channelers was a WTF moment for me and overpowering Taim seemed too much like we have to have a female super hero to counter Rand. That weave she used has to be the worst thing in the series.
  5. She did show her true appearance in the stone of Tear, and Rand also saw her as she was fake drowning. LTT reconized her.
  6. I got the impression she stopped by Tar Valon before heading to the two rivers. One of the main reasons she avoided the WT and only went there when she needed to was she knew the BA had killed most the people involved in the search for the Dragon. Without knowing if the BA had her name it was best to avoid the WT as much as she could just in case.
  7. My guess they are dead. What we know of Tam is born 940, ran away from home in 956, returned to the Two Rivers 978. So if last battle happens in 999 Tam was almost 60. My guess is his parents might of died sometime after he left the Two Rivers or shortly after returning, most than likely before Nyn became Wisdom. All the companion says about his family was Tam was born to a sheepherding family. Kari was an outsider so her family wouldn't of been around. So if say his parents were 20 when they had Tam, that would mean born 920, Tam returns in 978. So they would already of been at least 58 when he returned, early 60's if they had Tam later. In those times it's probably not uncommon for people to die in their early 60's.
  8. I agree BS are really valuable to the hold. But there is a difference between a BS going out fighting and the hold about to be destroyed by something like a Trolloc. Something like A trolloc wouldn't simply ignore the BS. So that's the big difference, if the Aiel attacked they wouldn't try to harm the BS, if for some reason an Aiel did try to harm the BS he would try to defend himself. If it's life or death for the hold and the people there, the BS wouldn't hold back since something like a Trolloc would kill anything it came across. You can't make weapons if everyone in the hold has been whiped out.
  9. Which means she was probably Jenn, Far from clan yet very near, Rhudiean after all was home to the Jenn and could be Avi saw her when she entered the rings in book 4.
  10. I think its more of if the hold was raided by say the Shaido a Blacksmith wouldn't pick a spear up, but if trollocs and Drakghar attack a hold they would jump into action. I think the only people who would stand about and do nothing is the Gaishan. I remember Avi being offended that rumor said some Gaishan had picked up the spear to fight in the last battle. I just couldn't imagine a BS chilling by the forge as trollocs ran by.
  11. I don't mind the Shaido being bad, it seemed rather realistic that one or two clans might not accept Rand as the leader. I understand the Aiel leaving Team Rand for the Shaido over not beliving what he said, after all only 1 in 3 men survive Rhudiean, so it makes a lot of sense some will join Shaido. I just thought the Shaido tossed away all their aiel beliefs rather quickly and without question. At least maybe some more Shaido should of been disgusted what they were doing and switched sides, but the book said only some maidens came over.
  12. Shaido were considered the most dishonorable clan, but just seems like they tossed away all their beliefs rather quickly. Taking wetlanders captive etc...
  13. I think RJ got a lot of people right. It makes sense that just because the LB is coming doesn't mean people will change who they are. Some will want more power, some will be kind, some will think only of themselves. A lot of people didn't understand what the LB would really be like, many thought Rand would go confront the DO, they fight, problem solved. How quickly the Shaido simply changed made no sense to me, but I think many people acted like people do. After all in a real war there are still people who try to profit from it, look to advance their career, gain power etc.. Hate from the light side simple Egwene and Gawyn, with Elayne being highly annoying.
  14. They hate Faile because she turned him into The world can burn I must rescue Faile and she never really added much to the series. I mean honestly if Faile was removed from the series would it have any impact on the series?
  15. The "Aes Sedai" over in Seanchan were also described as backstabbing, power hungry where alliances were constantly changing. The ones over there never took an oaths. So Luthair, who already distrusted Aes Sedai, had good reason to see there people collared. So some can argue what he did was bad, but others could argue he did what was needed to be done to stop these power hungry people from using the power like that.
  16. They basicly are self taught, it like when Rand first started channeling he wanted something and it happened. He didn't know how he did it or why it happened.
  17. Not sure what inner most circle he is talking about, nothing listed like that about Far Madding in the Companion. There is an outer circle that's stops men described as extending a fair distance from the city and women were cut off at the city. Nothing about a area that not even a well would work.
  18. Nyn channeled in Far Madding using a well The one holding the leash just needs the ability to channel, she doesn't need to use the power to inflict pain on the leashed one. If the one who is leashed stays inside then shouldn't be able to channel. The question should be if the Damane was outside (so can still touch the source) and the leash holder is inside the stedding, could she use the power inside? Since the link requires the leashed one to be able to channel to do anything.
  19. That's one of the flaws with the Aes Sedai. When you join the White Tower you are forced to their way of thinking. Experimenting with the power is bad, this is how something is done so do it like this, and even the BWB says the yellow is suppose to "find new cures and methods of using the one power to restore health, though in truth, few believe any better method exists than the one known since the breaking." It was going to take new channelers with open minds to advance things.
  20. Why? Nyn has proven she is probably the best healer of the age. She healed being stilled, she can read compulsion, so how is healing madness not a logical outgrowth?
  21. Sort of. Basicly Rand was the only one who mattered, had he made the wrong decisions he would of screwed everyone. But Moriane was the one needed to get the ball rolling as they say. The little he knew of the prophicies was because of her, she might of been wrong on stuff but without her he would of been clueless. I also have a feeling had he decided to stay Moriane was going to take the three out anyway. The DO might of been after him so I don't see her simply saying ok fine, have a good life and walking off.
  22. I think the opposite, Rand disagrees with their collaring people but even he admitted they did make life better for most of their people. They were to seem like these pure evil monsters at first but closer look shows that they are bad on things like collaring channelers, but they actually did bring order and stability. In many ways they are no worse than the Whitecloaks. Randland nations seem like nice places but you see nobles are basicly above the law in most the nations. Aiel basicly murder anyone who enters the waste. I think Rj meant for them to be a place where people can argue they are evil and others could argue they aren't so bad.
  23. He is described as Dark with grey at his temples and vert dark eyes. So I don't think he is black where Semirhage is described as skin as dark as one of the sea folk.
  24. The companion confirms it was Lanfear.
  25. Wouldn't of mattered if any of the others had left, if Rand stayed he would of died and the world would of been screwed.
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