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  1. Well Lan and Moraine were also trying to downplay Rand saving everyone around the group since that would of brought up a lot of questions. Nyn and Egwene had to deal with the shock he could channel, like the forsaken a man who could channel were stories all had heard growing up and few things were as terrifying as a man who could channel. They also weren't really in the loop of everything Rand did, except his claiming to of killed the DO.
  2. It has to do with one pf them was using the one power the other was using the true power. They are their sperate souls, since the girls warder bonding Rand had no effect on Ishy. It seems to be more like a sort of warder bond. No one can sense the true power and only the Do can give you access to it.
  3. The Green Ajah holds themselves ready for the Last Battle, they don't go out seeking fights. If they die in fights with shadow spawn then there wouldn't be any left for the last battle. There was around 180 Green at the time of the LB. 180 total. Also many leaders didn't have an Aes Sedai advisor. Seems like only Andor, the borderlands, and Mayene did. if you look at the fight in the Gap in book one, a few Aes Sedai might give the defenders a morale boost, but they wouldn't of made a difference against that large of an army.
  4. If this helps the companion states "during the AOL Shayol Ghul was an idyllic island in a cool sea, a favorite escape for those who enjoyed the rustic. After the breaking it became a mountain in the blasted lands, where the DO's prison was located. More precisely Shayol Ghul was sort of a focus point, a place where the DO's prison lay close to the world - there was a thinness in the pattern, allowing the bore to be detected - so the focus of the DO's strength lay there." So the mountain/Lava came after the breaking. Shayol Ghul also wasn't the place the Aes Sedai orginally drilled a hole into his prison. Shayol Ghul was simply the place where it was easiest to detect the bore, so it was the place easiest for the DO to influence the world/ speak to him/ or reach the bore to seal his prison.
  5. Remember what Moiraine said "The Dragon is one with the land and the land is one with the dragon". Some of it like the apple trees isn't just him being a Ta'veren it's him being the dragon also. Being the dragon means Rand has a strong connection to the land and the land reacts to him. BS had said he was trying to avoid Rand being jesus thing, so some of the things like his meeting with Tuon before the Last Battle was him using the growth song and not any power. Rand said the pattern is balance. So with the DO so strong and influencing the evil stuff towards the end, Rand's Ta'vern things no longer were creating bad stuff like before. All his Ta'vernness was simply making good stuff happen.
  6. They don't execute gentled men, basicly he would of been kept at the WT until he lost the will to live is my understanding.
  7. Its a good book, though only goes to the first seven books I think. RJ wanted it made like a scholar had made it from notes, so it has some intentional mistakes in it, but a few accidental mistakes like when it describes what dreadlord and chosen were. But it does give some background for each forsaken.
  8. She was a sadist. The Big White Book describes it as "a little extra physical and mental pain was a small price to pay when compared with survival. Those people she felt society could do without however, were no so lucky. If they did not die from the torture she killed them after. She thoroughly enjoyed giving them their just deserts - until the Hall of Servants discovered her perversion." So basicly she made sure when she healed someone it hurt them a lot more then it needed to, Sort of like a doctor who might operate on someone without giving them any anesthesia. She wanted them to suffer and she enjoyed it. Or if she felt you were just some nobody she would just cause you a lot of pain then kill you.
  9. Yes balefire allows you to be reborn later. Think of it as sort of a fail safe by the pattern to make sure someone like ishy doesn't age after age just balefires everyone he sees to end everything. Sooner or later the pattern would run out of souls. The forsaken aren't bound to the shadow forever. RJ said only a few souls are spun out destined keep being important, like LTT and IShy or the heroes of the horn. Though Brigette did mention once she was a farmer and it was the most boring existence ever. Just like next time most of the champions will be different. Next last battle most of the champions and forsaken will be different folks. I assume it's part of the free will theme.
  10. I can think of two reasons. First her babies, no telling what effect her swearing on an oath rid would have on them. But secondly being a queen and trying to secure her rule I'm sure being able to "bend the truth" was going to be needed. Elayne is going to be a queen and not an Aes Sedai in the white tower so should she have to swear?
  11. I think we can rule out Nakomi being any forsaken, Why would any forsaken help her and not simply try to capture or kill Avi? They would be unlikely to help Avi like Nakomi did.
  12. At the end Moghi has her own mindtrap, Moridin only had Lanfears. No the DO is fully sealed away, he no longer can touch the world for now. Their souls will get spun out normally and might never play an important role. Since RJ said only a select few souls are spun out for intended purposes over and over like Ishy and LTT. Next time most the forsaken and champions of the light will be new people. But now the ages will pass until the DO is forgotten about entirely. He has no ability to put souls in bodies etc. until the next time they drill a hole in his prison.
  13. Also towards the end Rand could sense DF's So she would of been exposed had she of been a DF.
  14. Ishy job was to keep humanity fractured. They are right it would of done ishy more good to have the Trollocs destroy Hawkwing then to have Hawkwing win.
  15. It's possible, but you also have to remember ta'veren are extremely rare which is why 3 in one village was such a big deal. The companion says many think ta'veren are the patterns way of rebalancing things. So there might be a dark leaning one, but they still wouldn't have much say on the ta'veren effects that happened.
  16. Yes it can be sidestepped, remember Mats message if he didn't go to the waste, He would sidestep fate and die. There was no backup plan. Tigraine was told if she didn't go to the waste doom would come to Andor. The Aiel had no idea ho she was or who she was going to be, had for some reason they of captured her she would of just of been another wetlander. What if she had stayed in Andor and was assassinated or killed? Tigraine, needed to go to the waste to become a maiden and have the time to be accepted by the Aiel. Had she simply of been a wetlander Janduin decided he liked, she never would of bene accepted by the aiel. People like Rand had no safety net, had he one day decided to jump off a cliff he wouldn't of been saved because of prophecy.
  17. It could mean both, but I don't think the BT was ever really "broken" for long. I mean even under Taim's corruption it was a whole tower until at the end. I took it to mean the WT splitting
  18. His love for Faile allowed him to withstand her compulsion. Slayer to me is one of those people who if they were taken out of the series would they be missed or impact much. Honestly it would of made more sense had Elays done more training with Perin. Maybe it would of shortened his fear of the wolf dream story arc by a few books.
  19. No one is saying she should of come straight to the Two Rivers. She had a lot of leads to wander the land with. What some are saying is that as soon as she met Rand, with his looking so different from other two rivers folks, that she should of known he was the Dragon Reborn. Which is wrong since she had to be sure. What they are missing is was never said the Dragon Reborn was born to an aiel lady, so his hair and eyes didn't mean it had to be Rand. Or just because he looks different doesn't mean his dad wasn't a merchant guard who decided to stay and raise a family etc. Hence why she had to carefully ask about people coming in, family histories, or being born outside. Had she of had more time she probably would of figured out it was Rand, but the Trollocs ended her investigation.
  20. I don't think it works like that, she had to willingly go to the waste and be a maiden, not be kidnapped. If for some reason the Aiel captured her they would hardly let her join the Maidens. Also the Aiel had no idea she was important, there were no visions to wiseones about the chosen ones future mom is on the way. So there was no backup plan, had she of not gone then disaster would come to Andor. The question is why was Luc needed to go to the blight? It basicly seems like he had to die simply for a succession to happen and Morgase take the throne. His dying created slayer which wasn't important, without Slayer everything would still of proceeded as normal, he wasn't needed. So seems like Luc simply needed to be sacrificed so the right people could take the throne.
  21. His big ability isn't simply entering TAR in the flesh, its. he can enter TAR whenever he wants to without channeling. Something he pointed out that even the Forsaken couldn't do. The dreamspikes wouldn't of kept him trapped. He could leave TAR and not set off wards for channeling etc. It's a powerful ability. I agree I would of liked to know about why Luc was told he had to go to the blight, why he was captured, and what happened to him. Isam would of been interesting to learn about.
  22. They mentioned some go to the blight, maidens etc to fight trollocs. So I took it as Janduin went with a group and died, and the survivors came back and told the tale. I see it like a raid, he went up there to die but most aren't going there to die, just to fight some trollocs and return,
  23. Yes we don't know the exact questions Moiriane asked Ny or other people. Imagine a stranger walks up to you and starts asking for personal info about people you know. You would probably be like who is this lady. Especially the stubborn Two Rivers people. So Moiraine had to ask questions but make is so the people wouldn't get suspicious. Moiraine may of had an idea it was Rand, but could she risk it? Could she simply ignore the other two and focus just on Rand? Maybe if she had a few more days in the Two Rivers she could piece it together, don't forget she hadn't been in Edmods field very long so it was limited what she could learn. The when the Trollocs attacked and it was clear they were after all three, I'm sure that added a little doubt in her mind which boy it was.
  24. The companion even says all Trolloc females do is breed and protect their young. They never leave the blight they just stay there and have babies. They don't travel or fight. Where did you get the "The percentage of Trolloc births which are Myrds matches the percentage of human births which are channelers. "? Or that Myrd can touch the source? I didn't miss anything, in an earlier post I mentioned "Yes it's born a myrddraal. They are the twisted offspring of Trollocs in which the human stock used to create Trollocs resurfaced, but tainted by the by the evil that made the Trollocs." Trollocs also can have babies that are mostly human, but those die or are killed soon after birth. Because the blight is their ecosystem. Like the waste, there are things that live just in the waste, so there are many things that can only live in the blight. Other shadowspawn only leave the blight on orders. A worm lives in the blight.
  25. Trolloc and Myrddraal can enter a stedding but need to be forced to. So there is no reason a trolloc couldn't give birth in a stedding and that any offspring would die. Myrddraal cannot channel, the OP and TP were used to make trollocs, but it's not needed for them to have babies, they have babies like everything else man trolloc and female trolloc get together and make trolloc magic. Not sure where you got "Myrds are the result of Trolloc fetai which can channel" from.
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