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  1. I had debated posting that once a day 😁.
  2. Well to be fair Taim just clubbed you over the head with the power when he was upset with you, so spanking is probably better. For a novice it was that they were "children" as an adult it was more of humiliation factor.
  3. Not sure if this has been asked or not, but in TFOH how did Lanfear not know who Avi was? She certainly should of known who Egwene was. She was lurking about the tower when Egwene was there, as Silvie she tried tricking Egwene in the world of dreams, and told Rand about her having dreams of Galad and Gwayne. So she certainly should of known Egwene when she attacked them at the docks.
  4. Spanking an actual Aes Sedai is really rare and for an Accepted sounds like it's rare, but for a novice I think it's meant to symbolize they are considered children and that's how one disciplines a child.
  5. Also will depend on how much liberty that they have been given to expand on stuff that might not be in RJ's notes. The Lord of the Ring series they are doing, they have been told they can't expand on some stuff or change certain things.
  6. My guess is a dreamshard thing, All the companion says about Dreamshards is "A world created by a powerful Dreamer or Dreamwalker, distinct from Tel'aran'rhiod." So the after effects of a dreamshard are different then Tel'aran'rhiod.
  7. It was Mili Skane (Lady Shiaine) who tried to kill Rand and Mat in the barn, Mat spotted her in Ebou Dar later meeting with Carridin.
  8. Also makes you wonder how many episodes a season they are planning on. Book 1 IMO is too important to rush through and try to handle in like 4 episodes. Some books like book 3 and many of the later books you can condense, but there are a few books that are too important to the story to condense too much. But a lot will depend on how many episodes they are thinking of. Say if it was 12 episodes they could probably do a book 1 and 2 for a season.
  9. It was a bit odd anyone was tossing the name Shai'tan about, even for the forsaken they usually don't say it since it's considered blasphemy.
  10. LTT never called him Shai'tan. LTT even said you mustn't say that name.
  11. Not sure how to answer your question without spoilers.
  12. Ahh that could be it, I got Artur and LTT mixed up again. All the companion says is "it was found under a submerged statue, Rand reconized it and took to wearing it". But honestly I can't say I remember Rand wearing it, thought he was wearing the sword Avi gave him for most the series. There is no mention of Rand giving it away in the companion, but it would make sense that was the sword Rand gave to Tam as his farewell gift.
  13. It can't be, later in the series Rand somehow finds LTT's sword and gives it to Tam.
  14. Crossroads of Twilight hands down earns worst. I only disliked The Dragon Reborn because Rand was mostly missing for most of it and the wonder girls blundering about getting captured two more times.
  15. It was meant to be more comical where the tables were turned on Mat, he becomes the one being chased, he is the one getting gifts etc. I don't think he was ever actually forced to do anything he truly didn't want to do, Elayne, Nyn, were never were upset how he was treated. I'm sure had he truly been raped they would of. I simply took it as Mat being more uncomfortable that he wasn't the one in control and gender roles had been reversed. Mat was use to being the one doing the pursuing not the one being pursued. Hence his this is right or decent since women weren't suppose to act that way. I would say he was more subjected to sexual harassment then rape. Had she truly been raping him I can't see him taking it so calmly and ever going to the palace alone.
  16. I always thought that also since it seems clear he never knew the grey man was there until after. I took it to show that rand did indeed kill DF's and not murder some innocent folks. His killing them had a lot to do with these merchants being out so late in the middle of nowhere. Lack of sleep and paranoia from dreams played some part. But I think it was a lot of why would these merchants be traveling way out here at night.
  17. One advantage the Seanchan in Randland have is new weaves. They can now just gateway to their homeland and use the gateways for things such as spying from the sky. We also know from Avi's vision the Seanchan learn stuff like flying vehicles. Randland has the advantage since the schools are open and unlike the damane, Aes Sedai and Asha'man are free to learn new weaves.
  18. I think you can only tell if someone has been channeling using the a'dam. I don't remember it anywhere else about knowing when someone had channeled.
  19. I see it more of why show it, watching an Aes Sedai spank someone really doesn't add anything for a series that's going to be short on time anyway. Some detail is going to need to be tossed aside. Like Eladia being "punished" it would probably be more effective to have someone walk by the room and hearing screaming or something instead of seeing her getting spanked.
  20. They could kill him in every episode then bring him back with balefire so he can die in the next episode.
  21. The DO needed Ishy, Ishy was the only forsaken the DO could really trust not to screw everything up and who could get the others working on the same page. Plus out of all the forsaken Ishy had done the most for the shadow. All the DO needed to do was promise Ishy eternal death to keep him focused on the goal. Also one thing to keep in mind is RJ said LTT isn't always good and Ishy isn't always bad. So quite possibly Ishy might be the lights champion next time. It would go against the free will thing if a soul was always forced to be good or bad,.
  22. True but you should stay sort of true, I mean you could cast the Rock for Mat but should you? Moriaines homeland are all sort of short anyway, so you could cast some 5'5. 5'6 and you wouldn't notice.
  23. I doubt they will need to show it, when the wonder girls were in the tower they didn't get punished much and When Egwene was captive there is really no need to show it happening.
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