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  1. I think a rocket launcher to kill Egwene would be a interesting direction for Wheel of Prime. I never would have seen it coming as a book reader and it would keep me guessing at what would come next. It also would sub-marine Rafe’s favorite character and I would consider that as an act of vengeance for what he has done to characters I care about.
  2. In TGH Rand is most definitely the main character. He gets more time than anybody else and has very good development as “Lord Rand” and Lady Selene actually forces him to level up. Rand has 53% of the POV with Egwene in 2nd at 13.5%. In TDR it is ironic that Rand is mostly MIA though.
  3. Obviously WoPrime plays fast and loose with the rules, but a feedback loop could not be over looked in reality. The pain would build up so fast and so quick once Egwene put Renna in the choking position that Egewne would collapse much faster than she did when contemplated hitting Renna with the pitcher. But she may have survived, because it was only a projected pain and not actual suffocation like Renna experienced. Once Renna died Egwene might have had the pain stop immediately. IMO the scene worked well enough and developed Egwene’s character. But the whole Ishy scene was weak sauce, may be even worse than Rand beating Turak in the books.
  4. I kind of like this change(?), but only relevant to book readers and not even hinted at. Uno in Wheel of Prime is more of a clown than an awesome hero with a vile tongue—he is mocked by green horn and Ogier when he should be a seasoned veteran able to put people in their place.
  5. Don’t give the writers any ideas, we got too many story threads competing for screen time as it is.
  6. Historically people were considered adults when they came of age in a culture, e.g. bar mitzvah for Jewish males at age of 13 which signifies that they are an adult. That may have varied from culture to culture, but we’re expected to act far more mature than “young people” do in western societies in our present day. @HeavyHalfMoonBlade is from a Nordic country? (I.e. The people of Nordic countries may be more mature on average than people in the USA or other western countries?) And may have a different cultural take on Faile and Perrin. I have heard phone techs from India are trained to expect a 10 year deficit in maturity for USA callers. RJ actually signaled the time in which he wrote WoT by the fact that many of the characters act far too immature for their age. I guess it was a recurring plot device that he used it to cause drama, tension, and situations in which the reader will know better than the characters. I think Wheel of Prime has retained that method in some ways. But I look past that and read Faile and Perrin much as you do.
  7. Are you saying I am arguing in bad faith? I challenge you to point to the post I have not responded to your challenge that was a total rebuff to my original statement. What questions of yours have I avoided? It seemed to me you were asking how are they going to dress the captured Sul’dam. I think some details are unimportant (like dressing the sul’dam—see below) while others are important details, but are completely ignored because of bad writing. Liandrin getting 3 unconscious girls to the Waygate is actually difficult depending on where that Waygate is. Half dozen accomplices?….Total fan fiction. Jordan’s writing of this scene is far better than what we got in the show. The whole knock the people out and bippity boppity booing them to the desired location is absolutely lazy, sloppy, bad writing. It would take writers a few thoughts to come up with something better, but I believe the writers wanted a “tune in next week to see what happens,” moment, regardless of the consequences. Privy and breakfast are unimportant details we all take for granted and every person can do those without question. Now the show a’dam is poorly designed because some moron in art direction for the show thought it looked cool without regard for story. But there could be a device with wires or cord that could be threaded through the collar to be used to pull a dress up. Now the wonder girls are not going to have access to that device. Do they have a damane dress to put on the sul’dam? But the writers don’t care about such details and will just ignore it.
  8. Just like how they showed how Liandrin sneaked 3 unconscious tower students past guards, other sisters, and the like to get them to a waygate. Just show the sul’dam in a grey dress in the scene she needs it. Just like you don’t show our cast using the privy or eating breakfast.
  9. It would be hard to do Tear, Wastes, Tanchico, and the Battle of the TR all in one season IMO. Every husband ever, “I am sorry it was my fault.” His friend asks, “what did you do?” ”I am not exactly sure.”
  10. Those of us who are readers know the utter compliance “damane” have. Egwene isn’t special in that regard. She would be made to submit no matter what. No doubt there have been murath damane who immediately followed orders and did what the sul’dam required. I believe under those conditions the suldam obtain obedience and then order the damane to strike them with the pitcher. It ends up being a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. So the compliant damane will still suffer tremendous pain and learn the lesson of what results from violent rebellion. what is the deal with damane and Domani? AIR?
  11. Jordan repeated many things to give us reference. I think it was good for her to remind us who she is/was.
  12. I think they have made Lan this way to give him an arc too. I think we are going to get book Lan if the series makes it the distance.
  13. I would say the way the Sul’dam was talking, “do you feel that?” Or whatever she said as if there was a spiritual connection—like the bond between warder and AS?
  14. My favorite episode so far. All the changes I saw in this episode actually made sense. Seems like so far we are only on pace for 1 book per season.
  15. Seems too young and definitely Alivia was disenchanted with Seanchan life so would not be so enthusiastic about her work. Doesn’t seem right to me for Alivia. I would picture a woman around 40 ish. Edit: after watching S2E6 I actually have hope that this show can end up good.
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