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  1. Well, I have just remembered that when Egwene encounters her first non-Chosen Dreamwalker, Amys. Amys is reliving her Maiden of the Spear days and hunting; a lion is present. So lions may have been "driven" into the mountains and survive mostly in the Aiel Waste and the Spine of the World. From which they are captured and exhibited ...
  2. I've been puzzling about them for quite some time. The only large predatory cats on the continent that we have been informed about were the Ebou Dari leopards, who decamped on discovering that the Ebou Dari were a very aggressive mob not to be trifled with. And the cat Galina Sedai sees hunting while she is being broken by Therava and Sevanna shortly before they pass the judgement of Datsang on her. So where would the inspiration for their name have come from? We've seen (from Tanchico) that Randlanders tend to disbelieve in most of the stuff of the Age of Legends. And big cats are just another of those things ... Of course, before Robert Jordan woke from the dream, I intended to write him and ask, why hadn't he chosen a slightly more memorable name, such as the Pink Panthers? He's already snaffled Andor from one source, Tolkien's Akallabeth: snaffling the Pink Panthers from Inspector Clouseau's esteemed company would merely have needed the signature of President Murkin Muffley, countersigned by Dr Strangelove naturally.
  3. Well, there is also the fact that she has only lived about forty-odd years by this time, and he remembers living several hundred. (The binding rod she swore the Three Oaths on has reduced her life expectancy.)
  4. There's something I read in a book on primatology and anthropology, about the way a troupe of baboons moves, with the males on the outside (where they face predators) and the females and the young on the inside of the group. Evidently baboons are sexist. It's not general ignorance of social anthropology and gender relations that bothers me so much as general ignorance of gender relations in various species. We humans are not an island, but some of us think we are a sizeable peninsular - which we're not. One of our surviving co-pongids, the chimpanzee, is an outright patriarchal outfit; the other one, the bonobo, is a matriarchal outfit. And it is an unpleasant and uncomfortable fact that males are generally more expendable than the females - one virile young man can populate a village in his lifetime, but each woman can only produce a limited number of offspring. (I think the limit is about 14, and that is with modern medical care and technology. Childbirth is quite a risky business - the New Zealand Maori have the proverb : "He puta taua ki te tane, he whanau tamariki ki te wahine" - the battlefield for man, the childbed for woman. Indicating where each gender was most likely to find an early death.)
  5. FWVLIW, I've always assumed it was the fact that an Aes Sedai is more sensitive to things like dreams - being able to sense the Dark One's creatures must have something to do with it - so she must've felt the dream presence of Sammael and Be'lal from a greater distance than other non-channeler characters. then naturally that led to going checking out the source of those disturbing dreams, and triggering Sammael's and Be'lal's reactions.
  6. I think the Whitecloaks are more likely a critical retrospective of the US armed forces in Vietnam - or at least the officer class and the CIA - the "Questioners". Indeed, it's a toss-up between the Whitecloak Questioners and the Myrdraal as to which does the most damage unprovoked ...
  7. Kalessin

    Ajah test

    Well, I made my picks and I asked the magic hat what it thought I belonged to, and it didn't give me anything! Another thing - no Black Ajah!
  8. Well, it's not quite fantasy (no magic) and they are by two completely different authors, but you could try reading Harry Harrison's West of Eden trilogy, followed by Brian Aldiss' Helliconia Trilogy. Or vice versa. Other than that, there's Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series - I love the two Prince of the Silver Hand trilogies, and the Elric of Melnibone series - others swear by the Hawkmoon books - your mileage may vary! 🙂 Failing that you could swallow your pride and enjoy the Harry Potter series ... 🙂
  9. Did Robert Jordan leave enough materials to write any other prequels? Sequels? I would love to read of Mat and Tuon's fortunes in retaking Seanchan and Tuon's shock at discovering that his sister Bodewhin is by now an Aes Sedai ... family feuds, family dramas ....
  10. Hi. I'm Kalessin - old, wrinkled, and still got a lot of fire in me. I'm a WOT fan (also of Ursula Le Guin, Tolkien, Moorcock, and a set of others ...). I first noticed WOT when Vol 6, Lord of Chaos, kept turning up in a bookshop I frequented, and reading the back cover I wondered just who this Rand was, what on earth was a taveren, and so on. Then I picked up a used copy (Vol 6) from the library and was hooked. I bought The Eye of the World, since it was obvious I'd jumped into the middle of things, and then proceeded to go through the series as it unfolded. I'm a muso of sorts - learning the cello with orchestral ambitions, play the trombone in a brass band, and ardently desire to play the Bach Cello Suites and Coltrane on pedal steel, C6th tuning. I also write fiction of sorts, mostly flash fiction - the latest being a couple of stories set in the town of Hullu, East Texas (it was founded by hullu suomalainen Hulkkonen, ergo its name Hullu) concerning the Love Thy Neighbour Guns Ltd company.
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