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  1. 'Fraid so. Am now in Tear, watching Rand and Elayne's Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind ... just before she heads off to Tanchico and he heads off to Rhuidean, and she pens him a couple of very confusing letters ... 🙂
  2. And then is the Great Reveal where Egwene confesses that her name is actually Omlettewene, much to Gawyn's distress and Galad's outrage - "You lied to us!" (She says her parents tried Scrambled Egwene and Poached Egwene before settling on Omlettewene - but Omlettewene insisted that everybody use Egwene ... as is where is. :) )
  3. Besides the obvious - he meets up with Azog the Defiler and becomes his drinking buddy - there's Rand and the Monolith, where he becomes the Star Child; Rand the Master Chef - with his control of the One Paua: Abalone if you really want to know, and the True Chutney - he wins it every time ...
  4. Shaidar Haran is prowling around the halls and corridors of the White Tower when he encounters Egwene. Smitten, he falls to his knees and offers her his hand in marriage - and just by-the-way, the hand of Geofram Bornhald, Jaret Byar, and anyone else she might like ... on being refused, he becomes a C&W singer, wandering the villages of Randland singing of the girl that got away .... 🙂
  5. Well, I'm not much into merch myself, but ... seven seals, perhaps? Or walruses, if they can't manage seals. 🙂 Authentic, natch, and displaying the ancient sign of the Aes Sedai. And a bonsai Avendoraldera, of course, plus Laman's head, likewise bonsai. And the access keys to the choedan kal, authentic ones only, of course! And the Sword that isn't a Sword.
  6. I've just started a re-read, and the thought also occured to me too.
  7. The entire journey through the memory angreal in Rhuidean, seeing what was lost in the Breaking. And the anguish that was suffered.
  8. Not Bunnycroc ... errrr, Faile. I suppose the two young women who most impress me are Min (Elmindreda 😉 ) Farshaw, and Aviendha of the Taardad Aiel. The older woman who most impresses me is of course Suian Sanche.
  9. The point he was getting at in that is, after having set herself up as this terrible, terrible creature who can make people do terrible things to each other, and cause exquisite agony to those who fall into her hands, she has given herself a massive ego. Along comes Cadsuane, sees what she's up against, treats her like a novice again, a very immature novice into the bargain, and puts her down in front of the people she was hoping to intimidate. I remember reading something on a set of cards the US Information Service was distributing to Australian schools back in the 70s, about how the authorities would break people who considered themselves very strong outlaws - by tying them up in front of a huge crowd, then blowing tear gas across their faces. A strong defiant individual doesn't seem so strong or defiant when he's got tears pouring down his face.
  10. I've just run a check over some of my books and my copy of EOTW has it but not TDR, and my guess is that it's a printer's mark, for coordinating separated batch printings of page sets. Or in other words, if you're printing a thousand copies of the first five hundred pages, and someone else is printing the next five hundred pages, and so on and so forth, and you're all going to combine the lot to make a book, having something like that is useful. But that's just my guess - I can't say for certain that is it.
  11. Nynaeve points out that it's the sign of a personal commitment to fight the Shadow. I expect there would be men who wouldn't wear it, though they would not be many, and even Darkfriends would wear it to blend in. Though in the southlands, it's become interpreted as a warning: "Treat with respect. This man may be volatile". I doubt Malkieri would've slept with hadori on, except on active duty in the field.
  12. Stedding Shangtai. Failing that, the Westwood in the Two Rivers. Failing that, and a city being required as the address, Caemlyn. Tar Valon would be next on the list of preferred addresses ... and after that, Rhuidean.
  13. There were some significant authors before Tolkien. Arthur Machen wrote a lot of fantastic literature - mostly short stories or novellas - that would fit into the "dark fantasy" pigeonhole nowadays. Read The Inmost Light or The Great God Pan if you want dark fantasy without 21stC trappings - his trappings are 20thC.. ER Eddison wrote The Worm Ouroboros, the Zimiamvian trilogy comprising Mistress of Mistresses, A Fish Dinner in Memison, and The Mezentian Gate, left unfinished at the time of his death. And then there was William Morris, wallpaper designer, socialist, and fantastic fiction writer - read The Wood Behind the World, and The Well at the World's End if you get a chance to - he's very good. And then you have Lord Dunsany, who wrote a lot of short fiction, and some of it very funny, though some very grim as well: The King of Elfland's Daughter is well worth the reading, and likewise The Hoard of the Gibbelins. And of course, there is the one and only James Branch Cabell, a Virginian of all things, and the writer of Jurgen, Figures of Earth, and a number of other works set in the land of Poictesme. Cabell is most definitely not a children's writer - he's a satirist and very funny. And that's only touched the surface.
  14. I was more amused than offended by Nynaeve and Lan. Min and Rand was "fated" which generally means "contrived for the sake of the plot" - however, Robert Jordan had the skill to turn that into a real relationship between two people. I got sick of the Egwene - Galad - Gawyn triangle, and it got worse imho, when it got trimmed down to Egwene and Gawyn. Egwene getting trapped in Gawyn's dream time and again was not the same as real character and relationship building. Mat and Tuon was the obverse of Min and Rand - "fated", but not enough done to draw it out of the "contrived" basket. Mat was a real person - I felt Tuon was more of a cardboard cutout - quick, what are the usual characteristics of a dictator-in-training, so i can complete this assignment-sort of thing. Thom and Moiraine should have been done a lot better - that is one that might have worked in real life if they had talked a lot more, and it would've been a lot more believable if we had seen the initial contact between the two as holding some potential for development - instead, they are diametrically opposed, and we never see any contacts that might indicate they see beyond that initial hostility, except for that one meeting in the Stone when they take each other's measure - and that is all. FWVLIW
  15. That's difficult, and very much depends on the criteria, but based on the assumption that constant re-reading of a book indicates recognition of its qualities, that would have to be: Lord of the Rings Wheel of Time Wizard of Earth-Sea The Eternal Champion, mostly the Elric and Corum books and it's a toss-up for fifth place between Kristine Katherine Rusch's Fey and Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn
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