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  1. I've just run a check over some of my books and my copy of EOTW has it but not TDR, and my guess is that it's a printer's mark, for coordinating separated batch printings of page sets. Or in other words, if you're printing a thousand copies of the first five hundred pages, and someone else is printing the next five hundred pages, and so on and so forth, and you're all going to combine the lot to make a book, having something like that is useful. But that's just my guess - I can't say for certain that is it.
  2. Nynaeve points out that it's the sign of a personal commitment to fight the Shadow. I expect there would be men who wouldn't wear it, though they would not be many, and even Darkfriends would wear it to blend in. Though in the southlands, it's become interpreted as a warning: "Treat with respect. This man may be volatile". I doubt Malkieri would've slept with hadori on, except on active duty in the field.
  3. Stedding Shangtai. Failing that, the Westwood in the Two Rivers. Failing that, and a city being required as the address, Caemlyn. Tar Valon would be next on the list of preferred addresses ... and after that, Rhuidean.
  4. There were some significant authors before Tolkien. Arthur Machen wrote a lot of fantastic literature - mostly short stories or novellas - that would fit into the "dark fantasy" pigeonhole nowadays. Read The Inmost Light or The Great God Pan if you want dark fantasy without 21stC trappings - his trappings are 20thC.. ER Eddison wrote The Worm Ouroboros, the Zimiamvian trilogy comprising Mistress of Mistresses, A Fish Dinner in Memison, and The Mezentian Gate, left unfinished at the time of his death. And then there was William Morris, wallpaper designer, socialist, and fantastic fiction writer
  5. I was more amused than offended by Nynaeve and Lan. Min and Rand was "fated" which generally means "contrived for the sake of the plot" - however, Robert Jordan had the skill to turn that into a real relationship between two people. I got sick of the Egwene - Galad - Gawyn triangle, and it got worse imho, when it got trimmed down to Egwene and Gawyn. Egwene getting trapped in Gawyn's dream time and again was not the same as real character and relationship building. Mat and Tuon was the obverse of Min and Rand - "fated", but not enough done to draw it out of the "contrived" basket. Mat was a re
  6. That's difficult, and very much depends on the criteria, but based on the assumption that constant re-reading of a book indicates recognition of its qualities, that would have to be: Lord of the Rings Wheel of Time Wizard of Earth-Sea The Eternal Champion, mostly the Elric and Corum books and it's a toss-up for fifth place between Kristine Katherine Rusch's Fey and Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn
  7. Yes. where's a nice, friendly mriswith just when you need him? Hint, for those writing stories where people with shields fight those without - a shield was regarded by Homer, for example, as an offensive as well as a defensive weapon, and several people in both armies, Greek or Troian, had their fights severely upset when they got bashed with a shield - not to forget, their faces smashed in ... he was probably writing from observation. And those soldiers weren't very coordinated, going in separately. No wonder they lost out to Richard.
  8. Well, finding this thread brought a bit of it back to me. I started reading Terry Goodkind with his Debt of Bones novella, and that, looking back, is probably the best piece of work he's ever written. Then I came across Stone of Tears in a public library for-sale bin, and bought it. I was put off on opening the book by the mad creature that haunted Richard and Kahla in the first chapter, though I struggled through to finishing the book. Later I bought the first and second books to try to find if he was worth reading, but decided that he wasn't, and haven't thought about them since. I hated the
  9. But that is why they must join the Dragon's Peace. Their original purpose was to be peaceful and non-aggressive, servants to the Aes Sedai; only the Tinkers still hold to the peaceful part. Aviendha's quite right - the only way to ground their aggressiveness after three thousand years of constant battle against each other, is to give it a purpose, to act as a buffer between the kingdoms and states of Randland and a guarantee of the Peace Treaty's provisions.
  10. Frankly I'd expect the (un)lucky sod who wound up with Sevanna would trapped in a never-ending cycle of come-ons and put-offs and petty rebellions and overly "enthusiastic" crawling, that he'd be only too happy to sell her on to the next (un)lucky sod. And this would continue until her will was broken, or she got onsold to a Seanchan Lady with an iron will and not much tolerance for pettiness or self-pity. At the stage we see her last, she's at the mercy of a Seanchan military woman we know to be level-headed and honest, and is due to be sold and broken. She doesn't have much - exc
  11. Every now and then I wonder, what is the fate of the Shaido Aiel clan? They've disgraced themselves to the extent that they are almost-but-not-quite outcast from the community of Aiel clans, they've gone a long, long way down the road that terrifies Aviendha when she is shown it through the Rhuidean ter'angreal - ji-e-toh without any obligation and certainly no honour, they've tried and failed at the game of conquest and are now off to the Threefold Land to lick their wounds (and presumably to prey on the remainder of the Aiel who have stayed there to look after their clan holdings and territo
  12. Centigrade/Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin? Come on, you've got to state the temperature scale you're using! 🙂 For myself, I've always had a thing for Min. She's probably the calmest of all the women in Randland (or WOT) - though I must admit, if Tuon looks Melanesian (Fijian, New Caledonian, Vanuatan, Solomon Islander, Papua Niuginian or West Papuan) I just might lose my heart to her ... though her attitude's not exactly sterling ...
  13. IIRC, RJ doesn't give us a percentage of how many Trolloc births versus Myrdraal births from each hundred Trolloc matings. So I get the feeling that they are not as many as the Dark One would like. And that is why he can't randomly throw them into every situation he would like fixed to suit him. For that he has to have the human Darkfriends - and if there's enough of them for Trolloc cookpots courtesy of Fain, there's a lot more of them than there are of Myrdraal. Judging from the books, they were "special forces" troops, except at the last throw of the dice, when they could be was
  14. I've just consulted my copy of "The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time", page 79, which is the only place where she is mentioned, and it merely gives her three names - Ilyena Moerelle Dalisar - so the conclusion I came to, was that she had earned her third name the way her husband, Lews Therin Telamon, earned his - through hard work and honourable service. I'm more interested in why she chose to add Lews Therin's name to her own. The fragments of Age of Legend life we see, chiefly through Rand's eyes, do not give the impression that women had to take their husband's last na
  15. I noticed that Gehennah/Jehennah thing too, but since Jehennah plays a very minor part in the entire series, I thought it was just the author, who obviously knew something of the Bible, playing with words (Worth pointing out that Gehinnom was a valley near Jerusalem (The Old City) where rubbish was burnt?). I mean, FWVLIW, in Tolkien's legendarium, he has Moria, which happens to be the name usually spelt Moriah in translations stemming from the KJ/AV translation - but which is spelt Moria in the Catholic tradition translations. In Canaan, Moria/h is a mountain city; in Middle Earth it's a cave
  16. Has anybody else commented on this? That in their final attack on Emond's field, the Trollocs charge, shouting ISAM! (ISAM is an IBM technical term for data file access, "Indexed Sequential Access Methods".) I'm wondering if it's an in-joke of some sort, or perhaps Robert Jordan had a bad experience with an obnoxious IBM staffer or salesman while in service in Vietnam, and decided to make a joke of it? Did he ever explain this?
  17. Perhaps the first Saldaean king's name was Jack? And his wife's was Jill? Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.
  18. But on the other hand you have the stories Thom alludes to, when humanity was brother to animals, and the wolves' delight at finding someone new who can talk to them just like they did way back in the beginning ... My take on it - my .02c worth - is that the Randland that nearly all the action takes place on, is a horribly mixed up - and diminished - Eurasia plus fragments of Africa and most of China. The Seanchan islands are an equally horribly mashed up North and Central and South America with a lot of Africa and South-East Asia thrown in for good measure. While the solitary isla
  19. I've just watched again the 1980s NZ film The Quiet Earth starring a cast of three including Bruno Lawrence in the lead role as a scientist partially responsible for setting up what is intended to be a world-wide standing flow network but instead has a negative effect on the local forms of universal constants within a radius of several light minutes at the very least. And it's the standing flow thing that's got me wondering, was this a film that Robert Jordan ever watched? Did he use it as an inspiration for his own Age of Legends standing flows?
  20. I'm wondering, did Robert Jordan ever give any indication of the effect the cleansing saidin of the Taint would have on the Ways? If their darkening was a result of the Taint on the "algorithms" used to create it, surely cleansing saidin of the Taint would alter the Ways substantially?
  21. Well, when time gets very short, they begin to see each other whenever they think of each other - Mat gets embarrassed at seeing Rand together with Min ...
  22. And then there's the young-old Alivia, 414 years young and having been damane from about 13 or 14, and still thinks of herself as a teenager. Any hint of just how old Lews Therin was when the War of Power swept over the Age of Legends?
  23. Well, I have just remembered that when Egwene encounters her first non-Chosen Dreamwalker, Amys. Amys is reliving her Maiden of the Spear days and hunting; a lion is present. So lions may have been "driven" into the mountains and survive mostly in the Aiel Waste and the Spine of the World. From which they are captured and exhibited ...
  24. I've been puzzling about them for quite some time. The only large predatory cats on the continent that we have been informed about were the Ebou Dari leopards, who decamped on discovering that the Ebou Dari were a very aggressive mob not to be trifled with. And the cat Galina Sedai sees hunting while she is being broken by Therava and Sevanna shortly before they pass the judgement of Datsang on her. So where would the inspiration for their name have come from? We've seen (from Tanchico) that Randlanders tend to disbelieve in most of the stuff of the Age of Legends. And big cats are
  25. Well, there is also the fact that she has only lived about forty-odd years by this time, and he remembers living several hundred. (The binding rod she swore the Three Oaths on has reduced her life expectancy.)
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