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  1. Vultures will definitely eat a creature that is still alive if it is almost dead and can’t defend itself. Vultures eat freshly dead meat too. They have the additional capacity to eat long dead meat that only opossums can match. Vultures may be the Dark One’s eyes, it’s just when they appear, it is too late to remedy the situation. Was it at Dumai’s Wells? When someone killed a bird and Rand, disgusted, told them to stop, “isn’t there enough death?!”
  2. The Portal Stones predated the Age of Legends. The Portal Stones can connect you to the same stone in the Worlds of If (parallel universes) or to another planet in your own universe, the only limit is the power you have to make that connection. The Ways were created by men who have studied parallel universes and made from that a new parallel within our own universe which allows you to travel quicker. It was a gift for the Ogier, and the Ogier have the Talisman of Growing to connect their Stedding to the cities of men where they worked. Skimming is different than The Ways, the Ways contain space, time and other natures of a real universe, Skimming is technically outside the Standard Universe, space doesn’t really exist in the same way. Skimming being outside out universe shares a certain similarity to Ender’s exit of the Standard where the person who creates the Skim controls the world in a very real and complete way, he/she must enter first, exit last, creates a floor based on what they think they can control with their mind and can only take with them what they think they can carry with their mind. The World of the Elves maybe in a universe perpendicular to our universe and also perpendicular to all the Worlds of If. The Worlds of If are parallel to our own. Taint on Saidar in The Ways, I think Moraine only knew of it because she studied it. She probably got that information from a Brown, either someone who traveled the ways herself or knew of a manuscript describing such. Seonid only didn’t know about it because she never tried to learn about the ways. No one did. It was always too dangerous to take a chance, but not for Moraine, not to save the Dragon Reborn, not to defeat the Dark One.
  3. Traveling the ways may have been used for hundreds of years with the caveat that channeling while inside the ways was a bad idea. While not impossible, but since channeling in the blight has no impact on channeling, that seems to imply that the blight impact wouldn’t be enough to damage the ways to taint saidar.
  4. Shadar Logoth 🤪 Punisher And Deathwish resonate with me.
  5. I would presume that she was not only an Aes Sedai, but one of the most powerful. There definitely seemed to a class system, even among the Aes Sedai in LTT’s day. “Little sister” Rand said to Cadsuane, even the women voting as a bloc to not help LTT. Servants of all, but everything in society used the one power, giving the Aes Sedai a disproportionate level of control over society implies a Caste type system. We know powerful channelers come from channeler families, with all the powerful channelers that lived during the AOL, so not truly egalitarian in marriages. Also, had there been more inter marriages, the channeling wouldn’t be so rare during Rand’s time even with the culling of humanity by Aes Sedai not marrying, because everyone would have an Aes Sedai great grandmother or great grandfather.
  6. I think shooting a serial killer in the back as he attempts to flee into a city he can hide and kill again is good. there are mountain top monks (I’m sure many of them are also good people who help others, but I am refuting a caricature) who isolate themselves from the world and try to live up to an ideal and ignore all people and don’t even live a life. That isn’t even a little good, it may even be a little evil, if they can help others and live a good life of their own doing it.
  7. Pardon me, didn’t intend to be impolite
  8. No a fictional world can be a sphere 🤪😂🤣, and they can say the planet pulls everyone to it so the people on the bottom don’t fall off. Theories, fell like quoting Feynman here, theories can never be proved right, they can only be proved wrong. Conservation of energy may be with us forever, but lots of scientific observations contradict Big Bang and the Cyclic theories. As to water levels changing, a land mass doesn’t always have to move. Climate change can lead to growing glaciers sequestering water out of the oceans. The land bridge that existed between Britain and Europe was contemporary to the mile high glaciers over the US Midwest. Far Madding can’t exist tho, because it would turn into another Sodom, Salt Lake, or Salton sea.
  9. VoidHawk, is that what it means to be good?
  10. I definitely have problem with the murders that happens in the white tower. But even tho murder is one of the worst crimes, there is still a difference between murder and a Dark Friend. A regular murderer may not be 1st degree, premeditated, etc. And regular murderers may never be in the situation again. Dark Friends need to murder to hide who they are, they need to murder to serve their master, they have no qualms with cold premeditated murder.
  11. Many lives would be saved if good people would just stab black ajah in the back.
  12. I can’t know, but Tesla may have been the first to create something similar. Tesla set up demonstrations of sending electricity through the air without disrupting people viewing his demonstration. You can get close to some power substations and hold up a long fluorescent bulb and it will start to glow due to induced current today.
  13. Harldin I clicked on this topic planning on saying: “thems fighting words” but after reading you comment... I’m like okay, I see where you are coming from. Worth noting, no one said 20th century earth was 4500 yrs ago. The story survived, but in theory, 20th century could have been many ages prior to the 3rd age. Many opportunities for smaller shifts and more time for natural movements to accumulate a greater change. Changing sea levels also would greatly change the shape of land masses without very much change in tectonic position. Right now the American Northeast tectonic sheet isn’t moving as much as it is rotating. The mile plus ice sheet that was resting on the northern American Midwest, melted. That loss of mass happened very rapidly on tectonic time scales. The American Northeast tectonic sheet had its western half pressed down and the coastal edge was tipped up. Now it is rotating relatively rapidly to a new equilibrium position. Additionally, some of the change in topography can be due upthrusts, not lateral motion. The increased elevation in the Dragonwall may have been triggered in the breaking, but continuing at a slower rate since then. Admittedly, that looks more like two continents colliding much like the Himalayas today which I presume is not typical breaking type changes. The Aiel waste may have been a tropical garden in the prior age. It may have been very similar topology, but without the weather terangreal which regulated the entire planet, it rapidly reverted to a seer desert.
  14. More Spoilers, Rand was right later when he was like we have to balefire them all. I very dislike “the good guys” letting very destructive people escape rather than killing them. Also stilling isn’t that big a deal anymore because healing it is known.
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