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  1. I thought the Aes Sedai sword Rand found was the sword of the Tamyrlin, when Rand said it was his own memory he meant from the pillars and not LTT’s memory.
  2. Unaware of all prediction based literature before today. Every action taken actually brings one closer to the result predicted. The war between the seanchan can’t be completely prevented. The Aiel can be saved only if they don’t fight. They have a societal niche. Passive planters of the tree of life. They have an ancient oath to return to that, their temporary warrishness was required to be tempered with knowledge of their failure and Rand revealed it to them. Ji e Toh taught them to accept abject submissiveness. All of this was to prepare them for their true destiny. They learned bravery
  3. But that’s the point Kal, the vision in the Pillars will come true if the Aiel continue to fight. Purpose is only good if it changes the equation. Avi’s daughter was right, the Seachan will eventually break the peace. The Aiel in the Pillars just shortened the Peace. The Trees can change the future of mankind, not a peace treaty, WWI proved that.
  4. I think joining the Dragon’s Peace was a mistake. Aviendha thinks the Aiel’s purpose is to be warriors. The reality couldn’t be further from that. The Aiel are supposed to be pacifists and plant trees. The trees are needed for a peaceful society, or war is only halted temporarily, so long as neither side thinks they can win. The problem wasn’t the Aiel’s role in the Dragon’s Peace. The problem was the Aiel’s desire to fight. That aggression created the war against the Seachan, it isn’t a tool to prevent war. Aviendha’s Folly.
  5. We all find it hard to face the truth. Sometimes the truth is more palatable than lying to ourselves about reality. Other times, hiding from the truth is easier.
  6. Perrin’s multi day fight against all takers in the world of dreams including killing Lanfear? Birgitte didn’t accomplish that ever and she was rewoven into the Hero list.
  7. Not really, there are limits to wards and you can’t have multiple wards. besides, fine assasinate Aes Sedai when they sleep in an inn. Fades do have a defense against channelers if they can find a shadow, they can disappear in front of the channelers very eyes and reappear behind them.
  8. I was sure we had spoken about this before. Rand is stronger than nynaeve and he can easily use the access key. Nynaeve is just strong enough to use the access key, but perhaps not strong enough to do anything with all that power. Angreal protect the users from drawing more than they can handle, but in a circle when someone draws the maximum the angreal holder can handle for long enough, the angreal itself gets damaged. It’s use as an amplifier gets overused or overheats and the Saangreal on the island is what got destroyed, the destruction of the access key itself was merely a reaction t
  9. The Horn calls the heros that are in The World of Dreams. The World of Dreams is constant, not the Horn. The physics of the universe is constant, that heros get reborn, that they enjoy the World of Dream between rebirths... The horn is just a Terangreal. It is an old one, but it isn’t necessary for the light to be victorious. The Horn could fall into the hands of the Dark and make the job harder for the Light to win, but the light will always find what they need.
  10. I disagree. All the Seanchan ships were different from the Sea folk ships. No reason to believe the sea folk capture any specific ship or that this ship was that ship. that said, it is possible, good eye.
  11. If Sevanna is freed, I don’t expect she would tie herself to an ordinary man. She might lead on her owner, but once freed, she would leave him/her and try to climb again. I don’t see where and how Sevanna can climb, but a burning ambition couldn’t hurt with the goal she has.
  12. A single Fade can slip into any room, there is room without shadow, more light more shadow. The objective is to enter a room which only has one participant and that person sleeping to achieve a 100% kill ratio with zero loses.
  13. Prior to the Bore, LTT and others played with dream shards.
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