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  1. The hillforts weren’t built when Moraine fled Illian with Lan, Perrin, and Faile. Also in Moraine’s conversation with the Adeleas sister, they admitted no one knew anything. There wasn’t books on the forsaken, just whatever they were able to distill from comments thru their research. Besides it seemed Moraine was mostly interested in Lanfear. Egwene had even less ancient information than Moraine, but she also knew who was already dead, by process of elimination...
  2. So as to dreams, I think moraine couldn’t have been visited in her own dreams, those are warded. And while a powerful forsaken may know how to break the wards, it seems that can harm the sleeper. While Lanfear isn’t scared of moraine, she seems to want to avoid people seeing her. A full aes sedai isn’t something to ignore, the girl’s naïveté is workable, but she only met egwene once and it was both disguised and in the world of dreams, when egwene was brand new to the world of dreams.
  3. She interpreted Billie’s dream. And listened to people in Tear too. The Forsaken for some reason weren’t shielding their dreams. Rand learned in Rhuidean after getting Asmodean as a teacher.
  4. Yeah, but in that one a terangreal stole Faile’s soul and stuffed it into the world of dreams in a semipermanent way. She would have died if she wasn’t rescued and her soul released from the trap inside the world of dreams. At the end of the last battle, Faile had no Terangreal, no access to the world of dreams and even had she fallen asleep, and her dream brushed against the world of dreams, it should have been her, not a falcon.
  5. So Perrin knows Faile needs help. He zips around the world of dreams until he finds a falcon and then he concludes she is there in the real world. Why? How? This doesn’t make any sense. my only guess is that Perrin used a God power previously undescribed, he just couldn’t admit to himself he had it so he made believe he found her the world of dreams.
  6. The parallels with Latin abound. Whether the Aiel would speak a language more similar to the ancient language is no problem for me. as to Min, people can study translations and come to different conclusions without learning the whole language. Min also has the advantage of knowing Rand, his friends and situation better than any of those translators. As to guessing right, I’m still not sure if Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom is the true hero of the story.
  7. Has anyone put on a mask, first one ear, then drawn it across the face, and felt like an Aiel going into battle?
  8. I think the old tongue and common are as different as Latin from a modern Romance language. People who don’t study it thoroughly know few words or phrases. That Randland shares one language makes some sense due to Hawkwing’s relatively recent empire, similarly the Seanchan. I am torn as the similarity between Aiel and Common. Logic seems to indicate that the Aiel would need translators to communicate with Randlandians, even their closeness with Cairhein would not lead to them speaking a similar language, the people have been isolated for thousands of years. Villages in northern Iran speak Aramaic, the common language of Jews in the Babylonian Empire of 2000 yrs prior. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Yeah, I don’t see the growing song at risk in cold rock hold, hundreds of miles from the closest Wetlander. The only Wetlander before Rand’s group that entered any Aiel hold was Rand mom. Rand has a new power which replaced his channeling ability, he just gets whatever he wants. He walks into an empty warehouse and he reweaves the pattern that it was always full. He doesn’t even have to walk in it. Rand can travel without gateways. One moment he can be at ex-Shayol Ghul, the next he decides to use his reweave power and he changes where his thread is inside the pattern. This all kind of Jesusy, more than the rest of the story, he wakes up from the battle a God. I would rather the DO’s prison be a more perfect cell by using both powers with Nynaeve or something. Eh...
  10. So many people died, there shouldn’t be a shortage of housing. Except for Camlyn and shienar, very few houses were destroyed. Rand can secretly go to warehouses in different cities at night and fill them up with grain using his powers. it would be cool if the Ogier stay for one spring and summer to help growing things. how do we know the Aiel are singing their plants in cold rocks hold?
  11. It also occurred to me with all the people dying during the Last Battle, there are many fewer people to feed. Also apparently it is winter during the last battle, so expect an early, warm spring with two plantings/harvests especially with interventions like magic and/or Rand singing, but Rand’s thread reweaving the pattern can make food appear too, just no one is allowed to know he did it, but that shouldn’t be a problem because no one’s knows about Rand’s power.
  12. Earl Grey? Don’t you mean Tremalking Black? 😂 any way, I think it would have been better had the sea folk woman said the things we’ll phrase slightly different, I’m not sure how a phrase like than can be altered but still recognizable. Identical words 3000 yrs apart seems like a mistake to me. They aren’t even speaking the same language, right? Sea folk is speaking common and the Aiel is speaking ancient.
  13. I’m with Cap here. Also if they were conceived after the war, they couldn’t publicly claim that they were children of the dragon. Also Avi’s change to the future is to change the name of one of her children, not to stop having kids.
  14. I’m not a geneticist, but why are two out of four kids Rand has with Avi dark hair dark eyes? Not only is Rand red haired and blue eyed, so is Avi and both of Rand’s parents have Aiel coloring, Tigraine is red hair blue eyes, so is Rand’s da. And all of Avi’s ancestry is Aiel..
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