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  1. I tried to explain this to a friend. The Wheel of Time only looks like it is impartial, it secretly twists fate to force the outcome it desires. The ability for the DO to win is a mirage for both the good people and the bad people. Every time someone stumbles on flat ground, falls and breaks their neck, that is the Wheel guiding Randland to the next age. So if Dem has to stay in Merrilor, something will come up to encourage him to stay there, like Taveren, only stronger, and all over the world, not limited in its relation to one individual.
  2. I think associating a Dragon with The Creator is wrong, but we can leave that for now. Judaism also refers to time as being cyclical. Noice.
  3. Time flows differently, so when someone asks for something, they start looking for it and when they find it, they give it to the person. When time flows differently, they don’t have the same constraints. they are part of the same universe/continuum, so the bore in the pattern is actually thruout all of time and space. So long as they stay away from the Bore in all worlds/times they can stay relatively safe so long as the Dark One doesn’t break out completely. the terangreal I was talking about was Cadsuane’s and that Seachan woman wore it during the big fight outside Shadar Logoth.
  4. There are a limit to what kind of wishes or FOIA requests are allowed. nothing can touch the shadow, probably because things too close to the shadow might cause the elves to unravel. also the only person who might be allowed to ask for a seal to DO’s prison would be Rand but only if it didn’t touch the DO and it was an object that can be carried thru the doorway. DO’s prison is a weave that covered the whole of the reality of the world. As to how wishes can be fulfilled, Mat already gave us the solution. The memories Mat got came from hundreds if not thousands of soldiers. The E
  5. SoT was already made into a TV show called Legend of the Seeker and the sword play was amazing.
  6. Came up with the solution to destroy cuellindar. The Dark One can destroy cuellindar. Also it is possible that if it is subsumed into the liquid core of the planet, the extreme pressure and heat combined with nuclear radiation can create a solution in which it can slowly over time dissolve. As to God, I don’t claim that there can never be a possible scientific answers to resolve the Four/Five Big Bangs, but for now, science seems to indicate these things couldn’t have happened. 1. The Big Bang required such a precise magnitude of energy to create our universe 3 separate cosmologists
  7. Perhaps the theory of time being circular isn’t physics based, but a sociological and spiritual theory. much like the representation of history being a series of swings to one extreme followed by a swing in the opposite direction, world populations can follow a similar pattern. Example, Collectivism and it’s inevitable failure has happened many times thru history (Marx didn’t invent Marxism). So the exasperated description of “here we go again!” doesn’t refer to a repetition in time, but the failure of people to learn from history sufficiently distant to them (be that hundreds of yea
  8. Even if that were true, then you still have 10 billion years. Besides aliens could be secretly be removing helium and adding hydrogen from the other side of the sun, but that is too Ankmorpork universe.
  9. The sun isn’t a problem so long as on a long enough scale, the entire universe can collapse and regenerate via Cyclic Universe, very much in line with cyclic time. As to the factuality of our time line, we merely chose to represent time as a line, it need not be so. If you project our travel thru space, we are actually spinning around the center of the planet, while flying thru space around a star as that star moves around the galactic core. Think of a spring that has 365 coils for every 360 degrees it travels around the sun, but that is a helix following the traveling star.
  10. When the Aiel did speak of their ancestors, they did not share the same memories, they only saw the memories of their ancestors. At what point in the past did the Aiel population all share at least one ancestor, probably not that far back. Recent study on European population showed that today’s European population all share one or more ancestors within the last 500 years. That said, the pillars are designed to show the Aiel members a specific lesson. What each individual needs to see to learn the lesson will be different. In a sense, the only way for the pillars to teach each individ
  11. I thought the Aes Sedai sword Rand found was the sword of the Tamyrlin, when Rand said it was his own memory he meant from the pillars and not LTT’s memory.
  12. Unaware of all prediction based literature before today. Every action taken actually brings one closer to the result predicted. The war between the seanchan can’t be completely prevented. The Aiel can be saved only if they don’t fight. They have a societal niche. Passive planters of the tree of life. They have an ancient oath to return to that, their temporary warrishness was required to be tempered with knowledge of their failure and Rand revealed it to them. Ji e Toh taught them to accept abject submissiveness. All of this was to prepare them for their true destiny. They learned bravery
  13. But that’s the point Kal, the vision in the Pillars will come true if the Aiel continue to fight. Purpose is only good if it changes the equation. Avi’s daughter was right, the Seachan will eventually break the peace. The Aiel in the Pillars just shortened the Peace. The Trees can change the future of mankind, not a peace treaty, WWI proved that.
  14. I think joining the Dragon’s Peace was a mistake. Aviendha thinks the Aiel’s purpose is to be warriors. The reality couldn’t be further from that. The Aiel are supposed to be pacifists and plant trees. The trees are needed for a peaceful society, or war is only halted temporarily, so long as neither side thinks they can win. The problem wasn’t the Aiel’s role in the Dragon’s Peace. The problem was the Aiel’s desire to fight. That aggression created the war against the Seachan, it isn’t a tool to prevent war. Aviendha’s Folly.
  15. We all find it hard to face the truth. Sometimes the truth is more palatable than lying to ourselves about reality. Other times, hiding from the truth is easier.
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