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  1. This is great, thank you guys for providing such an interesting discussion. There are many details which had slipped my mind. I guess there is no direct reference to Moiraine (not) returning to the White Tower between the events in NS and tEotW, or it would have surfaced by now. The circumstantial tidbits, and speculating about them, are fun, though!
  2. Do we know whether Moiraine returns to the White Tower between the events in New Spring and The Eye of the World? I'm hoping she sometimes sneaks into the Tower kitchens to catch up with Siuan, but I don't think there's anything to indicate that.
  3. Zaida din Parede Blackwing - Mistress of the Ships Yes, I had to look up her full name.
  4. A month has passed, the trees have been pruned, and the garden is mostly ready for autumn. Some bushes and the lavender still need trimming, and we're going to collect seed pods from a couple of flowers we really liked, but that's it. Although surely, something unexpected will pop up. Oh, like the nice variety of mushrooms that turn out to grow in the grass. My partner doesn't like them at all, but I think they're pretty. That cart looks amazing, Jaimelai! My lower legs fall asleep all the time when I'm weeding. I must have a look to see whether someting similar exists over here. Do you thi
  5. I enjoyed reading the gardening stories and looking at the pictures very much. I'm new to gardening myself. I always enjoyed helping my mom or my aunt when I was a kid, mainly in the vegetable and berry plant patches. But since I started my studies, I've lived in the city centre, in tiny apartments. I got a bit stuck there when I started working. That all changed half a year ago, though. We moved to a relatively rural region that's not too far outside of the city, into a house with a garden. The garden's pretty big (at least to my standards), and it needs quite a bit of maintenance
  6. Prince of the Ravens (one of the few book characters that makes me snicker out loud).
  7. Thank you all for the nice welcome! I've been looking around, familiarising myself with the place. Don't want to be too hasty. But I'll definitely be visiting the pub. ?
  8. Nicola Treehill (probably the most irritating yet relatable Accepted ever)
  9. Hi everyone, I've been reading and rereading WoT quite a few times in the past decade or so, and joined DM just a week ago. On the general introduction thread, people usually point out the social groups, so I came to have a look. And, oh my, an ogier group, about books and food and gardening?! Of course I would like to join. ? I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow tree brothers. Wishing you a lovely day, Caroline
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