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  1. Zaida din Parede Blackwing - Mistress of the Ships Yes, I had to look up her full name.
  2. A month has passed, the trees have been pruned, and the garden is mostly ready for autumn. Some bushes and the lavender still need trimming, and we're going to collect seed pods from a couple of flowers we really liked, but that's it. Although surely, something unexpected will pop up. Oh, like the nice variety of mushrooms that turn out to grow in the grass. My partner doesn't like them at all, but I think they're pretty. That cart looks amazing, Jaimelai! My lower legs fall asleep all the time when I'm weeding. I must have a look to see whether someting similar exists over here. Do you think it needs a hard surface to be able to roll around, or would it work on grass or hard-packed sand too?
  3. I enjoyed reading the gardening stories and looking at the pictures very much. I'm new to gardening myself. I always enjoyed helping my mom or my aunt when I was a kid, mainly in the vegetable and berry plant patches. But since I started my studies, I've lived in the city centre, in tiny apartments. I got a bit stuck there when I started working. That all changed half a year ago, though. We moved to a relatively rural region that's not too far outside of the city, into a house with a garden. The garden's pretty big (at least to my standards), and it needs quite a bit of maintenance, but it's worth it. There are fruit trees (cherry, apple, pear, "sour cherry" and plum), a variety of hedges, low rose bushes and big patches of lavender. We tried out a couple of supposedly simple vegetable plants: zucchini, purple beans and a small kind of pumpkin. Slugs got most of the zucchini, but we have plenty of beans (even though they turn green when cooked) and one healthy pumpkin plant. Since the bees aren't doing very well over here, we also sowed a variety of flowers that produce a lot of nectar. I was happy to see that those patches, and the lavender plants, are indeed teeming with bees (bumble, solitary and honey) and butterflies. Sadly, there are no hummingbirds here. A Canadian friend of mine recently succeeded in getting them to come to her garden to feed. Amazing animals.
  4. Prince of the Ravens (one of the few book characters that makes me snicker out loud).
  5. Thank you all for the nice welcome! I've been looking around, familiarising myself with the place. Don't want to be too hasty. But I'll definitely be visiting the pub. ?
  6. Nicola Treehill (probably the most irritating yet relatable Accepted ever)
  7. Kandor (where stedding Chiantal is).
  8. Hi everyone, I've been reading and rereading WoT quite a few times in the past decade or so, and joined DM just a week ago. On the general introduction thread, people usually point out the social groups, so I came to have a look. And, oh my, an ogier group, about books and food and gardening?! Of course I would like to join. ? I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow tree brothers. Wishing you a lovely day, Caroline
  9. Hi Niniel, and thank you! I've had a look around at the clubs, and I definitely think I'll join one. I have the impression that it's ok to join more than one of them, but I'll start out slowly and carefully. ? Thanks for the info, Taymist! I did notice some references to recent changes on the forum. Starting with the clubs seems like a good idea to get to know the site better. Oh no, what Zeebrugge disaster do you mean? I just did a quick search, is it the one from 1987? I hadn't heard about it yet! That must indeed have been awful, to see close up while so young. I often feel a bit weird, not knowing so much about the recent history of Belgium. I moved here in 2003, and had a lot to catch up on. People still sometimes look at me as if I'm an alien when I don't recognise songs or movies. I guess Belgians are harder on fellow Belgians than they are on visitors. ? But, even though I'm more of a village/woods/fields person, I have to agree that Brussels and Ghent are beautiful old cities.
  10. Hey guys, I started reading WoT in 2008. My brother and a friend of mine had been trying to get me to read the books, but I wasn't sure the fantasy genre would be for me, since I had read mainly sci fi, and only LotR, before then. But, after borrowing EotW from my brother, I fell in love immediately. In the first couple of books, I was mainly excited to see where the story would take Perrin (I guess a bit like Ernest - wolves, come on!) and Nynaeve (I liked her grumpiness, and still do). But as the story and the world expanded, and as I started rereading, I noticed that almost every character and place had something that touched me (either in a positive or a negative way). To this day, I have to force myself to start reading other books than WoT after finishing another reread. There are so many great stories out there (though I have yet to find one that tops WoT), and, sadly, time is finite. I have visited this forum more than a couple of times as a non-member, whenever I was a bit unsure about something and googled a question. Getting here usually meant me realising, a couple of hours later, that I had just read whole threads, or clicked through to other ones, without realising time was passing. I don't think I will be posting a lot (I've always been more of a lurker), but am definitely looking forward to see which topics are still under discussion. My boyfriend is currently reading TSR. He started reading quite a while ago, but didn't get farther than ACoS, so he wanted to start again from scratch. I'm reading Leigh Butler's reread in order to be able to answer his questions. It's nice to be able to discuss the books with him, although I do notice I'm a bit of a zealot, and take some criticisms he has on the stories or RJ's writing personally. ? ("It says it right there! Just read it properly, man!") Since I notice most people on here also post their nationality: I'm Belgian (even though I grew up in Germany), and live not very far from Brussels. We have an old and awesome dog. (Dutch shepherd/border collie mix. In moonlight, her shadow looks a bit like a wolf.) ? And, finally, I do have a question: in the original post of this thread, there is a link to a thread where there is supposed to be a lot of information for newbies to DM. The link doesn't work for me (Error code: 2F173/H). I'll try to find the thread on my own, but I just wanted to let you guys know. And if someone does have the link, sharing it would be much appreciated. (Otherwise, I might just get sucked into another wormhole, and forget what I was looking for in the first place.) Wishing you a nice day, Caroline
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