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  1. The vision from the columns was highly specific. Concrete events occurred that determined the course of the future for the descendents of Aviendha. Specific causes leading to specific events. What it wasn't was a revelation of causation in general. It didn't reveal that the Aiel maintaining their warlike ways was the cause of their demise. It was about specific decisions that her descendents, and ultimately she herself, made, or rather will make, and their specific outcomes. Her children deciding to go to war with the Seanchan. Her granddaughter manipulating the Queen of Andor using dec
  2. Because he's going a little nutty, out there all alone with his paranoia and neverending nightmares and the pressure of a destiny he doesn't want and is still trying to convince himself is an Aes Sedai trick. Oh, and also because they're darkfriends, but I don't think Rand had any real way of knowing that, nor do I recall it being explicitly confirmed (though it may have been), even though they did have a Gray Man in their midst.
  3. Kudos, Mr. Denzel, for a much politer and more tolerant response to the op than they deserve. My own thoughts on this, directed to said op, follows: Shame on you for trying to appropriate ownership or guardianship of Jordan's vision, when his widow and his chosen successor have signed off on and participated in pre-production and given their green light. Who do you think you are, that you get to decide what constitutes "spitting" on Jordan's legacy and world-building, when the people actually responsible for that guardianship, who actually own a stake in that legacy, are perfectl
  4. I'm pretty sure raken and to'raken only have two eyes. It's the grolm and torm that have three, the frog-like thing and the cat-like lizard thing.
  5. My biggest worry right now is that they cut it short. The trend for new streaming series lately has been three or four seasons, and then they cut it off, even if it's popular enough to justify keeping it going. Netflix is the worst about this, but all of them seem to be doing it to one degree or another. I worry that if it's not at blockbuster levels of popularity through season 3, we might not get a season 4. Let alone the 6+ seasons it would take to tell even a highly abridged version of this story.
  6. Much like the vision of the Aiel history seen through the columns, the visions of the Aiel future also follow bloodlines. What Aviendha was witnessing were her direct bloodline descendants, not Shaido, and not just any Aiel. And it was a vision she subverted; it's not gonna happen, at least not in the way she saw it happen, because she made two important changes. First, she resolves to demonstrate to herself at least that such a vision can be subverted by changing the name of one of her future children. Second, she gets the Aiel included in the Dragon's Peace. The latter should work to ch
  7. The point of cutting Egeanin is specifically about cutting her scenes, in particular, those scenes involving just her, or her and another non-main character. Egeanin is major secondary character who goes through significant development in the books. Granted that she only has a couple of scenes where she's solo or with another minor character like the Seeker, she also had quite a few POVs with the main characters, giving her perspective on events. And that's the trouble. TV doesn't do character POVs the way novels do. A TV audience is always in the perspective of some "third pe
  8. Plus, I very much doubt the signatories to the Dragon's Peace are gonna leave the Sharans alone for long. While there's not gonna be a big appetite for war in the immediate future, this is a whole society who sided with the Shadow in the Last Battle, full of powerful channellers who know Travelling, now. That and the luxury trade goods like silk and spices that came out of Shara, which likely won't following the Last Battle, and there will be thirst for retribution and conquest. Fortuona in particular would be thirsty for war there, as she needs new damane to replace Last Battle losses, and
  9. I don't think the Shaido are the "remnant of a remnant" that survives according to the Prophecy. Either they abandon clan to rejoin the rest, or they'll be increasingly crowded out of the Waste as well.
  10. Harriet's not gonna live forever. And I don't believe they have any family to pass their IP on to, the way Tolkien did. That IP will eventually either pass into the public domain, or be bought by a media company, who will be trying to expand the market and franchise for it. Honestly, the best thing would probably be for it to go public if the idea is to preserve Jordan's legacy. Sure, there'll be a proliferation of bad fan works, and a few of the bigger indie studios might try to make an animated series or a few games. And some of that stuff will even be good. But there won't be any majo
  11. We'll, a counterexample to that idea is when Birgitte recounts where she and Gaidal had a nice, quiet, pastoral life as farmers where they didn't really do anything "heroic." Birgitte called it "boring," though she admitted they were happy as they lived it. And yet they remained Heroes. You'd think if they were able to be retired, that it's happen after such an uneventful life. At any given time, depending on population size, there's got to be hundreds, if not thousands of people being heroes and living heroic lives, but almost none of them are called to be Heroes. I believe t
  12. If Heroes can be added, then it must be possible for Heroes to be retired, else in the infinite turnings of the Wheel, there would be infinite Heroes, rather than only around 100. Likewise with turning iron into cuendillar, there must exist some natural process to revert that, else there would be no iron left to turn into cuendillar (let alone things like steel armor and swords) and a whole lot of cuendillar laying about. Really, though, this is just one of the many brilliant facets of Jordan's world-building prowess. He purposefully makes things obscure, vague, mysterious and ou
  13. Most likely, it was because Nynaeve was only just barely strong enough to handle it at all. The ter'angreal access key would have had the buffer to prevent her from overdrawing, even through Rand's link, but that sucker was maxed out to accommodate enough saidar to handle all that saidin. I reckon it melted simply because the buffer was overtaxed.
  14. I'm most looking forward to something rather sedate, compared to the epic battles. Verin's confession. I hope the actress for her really nails that part, and makes us both suspect her, and come to love and respect her.
  15. There is deep symbolism, or at least parallels to historical symbolism, that Jordan took great pains to include in these books, though he was often very subtle about it. The numbers (and characteristics) of Forsaken, the number (and characteristics) of Rand's loves, the number of ta'veren operating through the stories, the number of Trolloc bands, the number of Darkhounds packs, the number of ages of the wheel, and many more, all have connections to the legends and numerology of our own histories. The 13 Forsaken specifically have ties to the 13 vices that Jesus warns of in Mark, chapter 7,
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