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  1. I fully expect there to be big changes for the adaptation. But the point is to remain true to the spirit of these works. All these little changes which don't make one whit of difference to the plot indicate a desire to imprint a distinctive style, distinct not just from other entries in the fantasy tv drama genre, but distinct from the already distinctive style of the source material. This speaks to either a lack of faith in the source, or great deal of hubris in the showrunner. When Peter Jackson adapted the Lord of the Rings, he wasn't trying to give us Peter Jackson's Lord of
  2. In thirty-odd years, Lan is going to be a very old man, or dead himself. His and Nynaeve's children will be grown ups. She will no doubt have the same thoughts as Elayne, regarding handing over the keys to the kingdom to the next generation. And I disagree that Nynaeve would make a poor Amrylin. She grew remarkably as a person and a leader through the series. I'm reminded of her time practicing the 100 weaves with Beldine (? I think it was Beldine?) where she challenged the Aes Sedai tradition of basing hierarchy on strength in the Power, and how she led efforts in caring for
  3. With Egwene gone, and Cadsuane unlikely to make it the next 30 years, let alone the next century, Nynaeve will be the most storied Aes Sedai in existence. The Aes Sedai who, as an Accepted, helped cleanse the Taint from saidin, who Healed Stilling, who as an Aes Sedai Healed the Madness left from saidin's taint. Who aided the Dragon Reborn when he finally sealed away the Dark One. And to cap it all off, who tamed the Uncrowned King of Malkier and married him. Who will still be among the most powerful Aes Sedai in the One Power. I think it's a foregone conclusion that the Hall will eventua
  4. Jordan wanted to finish things out with one more massive tome, rather than the three hefty ones we got. My suspicion, though, is that that drive stemmed more from the knowledge that he was running out of time than out of any confidence that he'd be able to wrap things up in one more book. Had Jordan not gotten sick at all, I suspect we would have gotten four or five more books in the main series, rather than the three Sanderson gave us. As well as the Seanchan outrigger series following that. I also suspect that were Jordan still with us, there would be additional 4th Age outriggers follow
  5. Off in what way? Physically, the descriptions of the characters match pretty well with the actors, from what I see. With the sole exception of Moiraine being almost a foot too tall.
  6. I expect that it is. But the way that it's cut together also gives a certain implication. I think that what's really bugging me about this deep down is the dagger itself, combined with Tam's sword's lack of crossguards, or Thom's lack of a flute. That dagger does not look like what's described in the books. The ruby is supposed to cap the end of the pommel. The handle is supposed to be wrapped with gold wire, not be a cast, or what looks like to me as gold leaf applied over cheap pewter. The quillions should curve forward and resemble snake heads. The blade should be broader
  7. It doesn't become central to the plot. It's only an important part of Mat's plot because of what it does to his memory, and after that, it's merely an appendage to Fain. The dagger could drop off the face of the earth after Mat is cleansed of it, and nothing really substantial about the story would have to change. Indeed, Fain himself could drop off the face of the earth after slashing Rand (which doesn't need to be done with the dagger, Fain is already tainted by the corruption of Shadar Logoth, it's easy to suggest that any weapon wielded by Fain or wound inflicted by him would be likewis
  8. You're missing the point that the treasure is not what's important to Mordeth. Not a single bit of it. He needs someone to accompany him to the outside of the city, and the treasure is just a ploy to get the boys to do that. He doesn't need the dagger, and he never comes to need the dagger. The dagger isn't responsible for his transformation into Shaisam, nor is it what allows him such control over fades and Trollocs. It's Mordeth's own powers combined with whatever the Dark One did to him that do that. At best, it's a particularly handy tool for him that he has an attachment to because
  9. But it's also a completely unnecessary change, and one which changes the significance of the dagger and the nature of the "bargain" made with Mordeth. There's no reason for Mordeth to care about the dagger except that it's an artifact of Shadar Logoth which made its way outside that city (thanks to Mat's impulsiveness and sheer coincidence). There is no reason to elevate the dagger's significance beyond that. It doesn't add anything to the mythos of Shadar Logoth or Mordeth. Mordeth doesn't even care if any of the "treasure" makes it outside the city, he just wants someone to accompany him
  10. Nothing has to stay the same for the show if the showrunners don't want it to. But there's no good reason to make that kind of change if you're trying to stay true to who those characters are in their core. Sure, maybe they're changing Mat. But that doesn't change the fact that changing Mat like that is a bad idea. Just ask Sanderson.
  11. Mordeth doesn't care about the dagger until after it leaves Shadar Logoth. It could have been anything, a cup, a ring, a necklace, as far as he's concerned. He just needs someone to agree to take something outside the walls. That Mat never agrees to do that, that he snatches the dagger up in self-defense as a matter of chance, that the agreement which actually frees Mordeth is made with Fain, is significant. The dagger isn't special until after Mat leaves Shadar Logoth with it. And even then, it is only special insofar as it is an artifact of Shadar Logoth, imbued with the same evil that
  12. My hope is that the audio's from a bit earlier than the interior shot of Shadar Logoth or the scene where Mat opens the dagger's case. From the street level, where the boys encounter Mordeth and he tries to negotiate them into helping him bring stuff outside the city. I'd rather the dagger's case be opened as part of their discovery of the treasure room, so that Mat can take the dagger spontaneously. I hope that the implication here, that Mat is given the dagger as some part of bargain, is a bit of a misdirection. And I would hope that Rafe takes Sanderson's advice, and experien
  13. I don't think it's pulled from a trailer. I think it's a standalone mini-teaser. It looks like clips from three different scenes, and some Mat lines probably pulled from somewhere else entirely as well. I am puzzled by the implied change here, though. It seems as though they're having Mat accept the dagger as part of some sort of bargain. In the books, Mat takes the dagger out of reflex, it's not given to him. And while it may not really matter in terms of the dagger's effects, I think it makes a difference to Mat's character. Mat snatching up the dagger to prote
  14. Over on reddit.com/r/wot lots of folks post fan art from time to time. There was a really good Lan piece posted there recently. Might also try browsing through Deviant Art.
  15. Mat's luck isn't something he can consciously control. And a good part of his luck comes from being ta'veren, which he no longer is after MoL. His luck, whether good or bad for him, serves the Pattern and whatever place it has for him. Having a building fall on him was hardly "good luck," after all. But it is just the luck he, and the world, needed to keep him in the place the Pattern needed him to be in.
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