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  1. Duadhe Wansho

    Did Anyone Notice?

    Thanks for sharing. They are all great pics, but different interpretations.Strangely, the 1st one looks like feathers instead of hair, and the ears are covered.
  2. Duadhe Wansho


    Thanks for the info trashcan.
  3. Duadhe Wansho


    Hi. What is Octoberfest?
  4. What cycle are we trying to break?
  5. Hi. I think my favourite characters are 1 Egwene al Vere Aes Sedai - Controversial, I know (I read the long and intersting thread of arguments about her in the general discussion) 2 Perrin Aybara 3. Moirraine Damodred Aes Sedai Books : 1. The Eye of the world: A brilliant 1st novel to get you hooked 2. New Spring (Because Moirraine is a favourite) 3 & 4. The Great Hunt and the Dragon Reborn Honourable mentions: reading about Egwene's triumphs with the Salidar and tower Aes Sedai respectively in The Path of Daggers and The Gathering Storm
  6. Duadhe Wansho

    Making Alcohol

    I don't brew it myself, but whenever there is a funtion at my wife's family, they brew a barrel (I think 210L i.e. 55 gal) of sorghum beer. (A quick-brewing strong, yeasty white beverage made from maize meal and sorghum meal).
  7. Duadhe Wansho

    First time rereader

    Welcome QWee. The social groups are structured for interaction of people of similar interests, based on the interests of groups of WoT characters. For a start, I would suggest you think of a group of WoT characters you can identify with and look at the posts of that group.
  8. Duadhe Wansho

    hangman.... because every SG should have one of these

    Yes, must be. Well done Cindy! So would you like to post one.
  9. Duadhe Wansho

    Summer reading

    Thank you very much for your good wishes al'Lief. I am in Johannesburg.
  10. Duadhe Wansho

    Summer reading

    I had recently started reading a bit on the train to work. (From which I can also watch the sunrise.) Besides that, I agree it can be nice enough to read outdoors, but at the moment, it's cold and dark when I get home. But I gladly settle for the couch in my living room now that I have broken my knee and can't really leave the house.
  11. Duadhe Wansho

    hangman.... because every SG should have one of these

    Another game at last! Thanks Al'lief! H
  12. Duadhe Wansho

    Spring time fun?

    What's a gravity chair?