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  1. Earth (The foundation for groves, great trees and stonework alike)
  2. No need, though it means recalling long forgotten words: Xylem (Tree singing works initially on the xylem, and and is therefore most effective on woody plants)
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Cindy. I'll give it a try (next Mango season) and let you know how it turns out.
  4. How about Valleys - the most common location for the Stedding
  5. Yes Cindy and Ryrin, I also love Mango (though the best Mangoes aren't the ones they sell). Also wondered what Lassi is. But since I don't eat either yoghurt or honey, I'll have to skip that. But mangoes and cardomom shoudl be an interesting combination. I think I try that next Mango season. (The Mango season here is in April and early May I think, and you don't don't often get them out of season.) It cooled here as well - we had frost for the first time this year.
  6. Thanks Cindy. I enjoy a good curry. Very flavourful!
  7. Excuse my crudeness, but the onvious next word is Tufts (ear tufts)
  8. That's not much more than the blink of an eye in the stedding. But you will still find a few ogier have come and gone. And your writings Outside (in the role play club) has also filtered back to and been appreciated in the stedding Taymist.
  9. Welcome Niniel. I guess you will have seen The Great Library and TO Serve Ogier threads.
  10. Soounds good. Can I have a taste?
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