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  1. Glad to hear about our food crop of tomatoes Jaim. They are always a favourite food of mine. But the air sounds shocking. Hope it improves soon.
  2. Hi Jaim. How is your summer planting growing? Everthing should have grown quite a bit by now. We tried a few herb pots, but only the thyme has survived. The corriander wilted and died almost straight away. The basil, rosemary all got some kind of milldew which I couldn't get rid of. (One of the stalks of the basil recovered and we harvested that one.)
  3. Hope you are all still well? How has everyone been affected? I am still well. But Corona virus turned things upside down at my parents house with my step sister getting it and her "Mom" also getting it and passing away. My parents didn't get it fortunately, but I haven't seen them for months because the're scared of catching it. I'm still working from home most days as well. Almost Everyone else is back full time, but they still let me work from home most days becaus I'm at higher risk.
  4. Hi. Well we've been under a lockdown for just over 3 weeks now. (I go downstairs every couple of days to throw out the rubbish. Otherwise only once been out of our apartment for some groceries). At least I can work from home. (Lots of people I know can't. Some are still getting paid and some not) Still healthy though.
  5. 2Hi all. I'mNot reading right now -too busy. But I read several interesting books over the December-January holidays: The most recent book was "21 lessons for the 21st century" by Yuval Harari. It's not really lessons, but rather some interesting thoughts on what the rest of this century is likely to hold in store for society. Each chapter covers a specific issue or field. For example, the 1st 5 are headed Disillusionment, Work, Liberty, Equality and Community. Certainly an interesting view of the future, although some readers might be offended by his dismissive comments on religion. Actually, my most recent reading was not a book at all, but the daily (almost) blog of the crew of one of the boats taking part in the Cape to Rio yacht race. This gave a really good insight into what life is like on board a racing yacht, and has all the excitement of a thriller - you'll see why. https://www.jmbusha54sailing.com
  6. Good that your greenhouses survived. Growing anything else 8n them besides tomatoes?
  7. Hi Juan Welcome. Easier ways / recipes are most welcome.
  8. Doesn't sound like much fun at all. Sorry for all your trouble with the extremes of nature. Hope yhe rainy season goes better.
  9. Sounds and looks like you are getting a great variety of sweet and savoury fruit as well as all the colourful buttwrflies Jaim. Well done! What are spaghetti squash? (I'm not finding it easy to imagine a fruit which could be like squash and like spaghetti.)
  10. I'll go for T then: Time (what Ogier have more of than humans)
  11. Yes. Strange. But I'm not sure what to believe about coincidences anymore after what happened on Wednesday.
  12. One Power (What the stedding protects us from)
  13. Yes Jaim, they have certainly searched far and wide for talented young actors. At least they have good reputations, though I haven't seen anything with any them.
  14. It must be more than 20 years since I saw it, but the intricacy of the decoration in the Green Mosque in Bursa still stands out in my memory.
  15. Can you keep on using the same starter? (I.e. using part of it and feeding the rest to make up for what you used)?
  16. Welcome treesister Caroline. I wish you a great day too. You will find an interest here in books, food, gardening and the WoT all four, thoungh not necessarily all active at the same time.
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