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  1. Merry Christmas mother and everyone! Love you all! Stay safe and healthy!
  2. Same. Love you all. Im also working in a new job as a Nurse Practitioner in a brand new Cancer center that is 2 hours away from my home. So I am commuting and trying to stay safe and healthy for my patients and my family.
  3. Hedwig, from Harry Potter! Firstly, I love owls. Secondly, I love HP. I have always wanted to have an owl as a pet but that isn't a reality irl so I have to live vicariously through HP. I also love that Hedwig was a gift from Hagrid. That makes her even more special. She is devoted to Harry and even a comfort to him when he is upset or lonely. https://tenor.com/view/hedwig-harry-potter-daniel-radcliffe-owl-night-gif-13986816
  4. I know you to be caring of everyone and concerned for those who go missing!
  5. No worries I am still around! I've just been too busy to keep up with my duties here and IRL!
  6. *Lifts a cup to toast* To the new First Reasoner! May she be reasonable and logical in all things!
  7. “I don't know. They could put up a warning sign or something. Hello. Welcome to Hindstrap. We will murder you in the night and eat your bloody face if you stay past sunset. Try the pies. Martna Maily makes them fresh daily.” ― Matrim Cauthon, The Gathering Storm
  8. I have a hard time deciding too! I can say that I always gravitated to Mat. I love his determination and loyalty. He is also very adventurous, fun and impulsive! Through it all he consistently pererveres. On another note, I love Bela!
  9. "I doubt there is another place men live that is more isolated from the rest of the world" —Pedron Niall When I think of the people from the Two Rivers I really only think of Egwene, Rand, Mat, Perrin and Nyn. I often forget there is a whole lot of people from that area. Do you know who they are? Families of the Two Rivers The al'Caars The al'Dais The al'Seens The al'Thors The al'Veres The Aybaras The Ayellins The Barrans The Barsteres The Cauthons The Congars and the Coplins The Dowtrys The Lewins The Marwins The Thanes The Torfinns There are so many! I couldn't list them all. *wipes brow* Who is your favorite Two Rivers character and why?
  10. Ohh! You are a wonderful dancer! *out of breath* I think I need more mead! Elgee, he's all yours!
  11. The Winter Carnival is here! Its time to have a party and here is Bran and Merin Al'Vere to welcome you to the Winter Ball! They have set out a feast for all to share! And here is the entertainment now! I will be at the bar!
  12. WELCOME TO THE WINTER CARNIVAL IT IS WINTERNIGHT IN THE TWO RIVERS! LETS HAVE SOME FUN! EVENTS: Winter Ball at the Winespring Inn GAMES: Eye of the World Trivia (Daes Dae'mar style) Blacksmith's Puzzles (A few logic puzzles we can post) DISCUSSIONS: The Beginnings of the Wheel: A talk about how The Eye of the World will be formatted to a TV series Favorite Two Rivers Characters
  13. Thank you all for playing! I hope it was interesting and fun!
  14. Yes! And yes...the blind juggeling is awesome. I always thought David Bowie did it and was so impressed. I was let down when I found out it wasnt him.
  15. Ok...Last question! When Sarah and her friends reach the castle doors, there are two "what object" sitting next to it? Hint: It is a Henson trademark.
  16. #6 It was down to just TWO pop stars to play the role of Jareth. David Bowie obviously got the role. Do you know who he beat out for it?
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