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  1. Same. Love you all. Im also working in a new job as a Nurse Practitioner in a brand new Cancer center that is 2 hours away from my home. So I am commuting and trying to stay safe and healthy for my patients and my family.
  2. This is too funny! So my love is my husband, good thing that worked out! The song that goes with the one I love is Hotel California! I’m trying to figure that one out! The song that I sometimes feel about myself is Back In Black! Haha! The song that says how I feel about life is Shake It Off! Mashi...you are my lucky star!
  3. Have you ever taken a CHINESE HOROSCOPE? well.... THE YEAR OF THE RAT, WISHING YOU PROSPERITY AND GOOD FORTUNE IN THE CHINESE NEW YEAR PLEASE FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS - As they come up. Don't cheat, because you'll miss out on something fun and accurate. 1st. Get a PEN and PAPER 2nd. remember-WHEN CHOOSING NAMES, MAKE SURE THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE THAT YOU ACTUALLY KNOW 3rd. GO WITH YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS !!!!! It's very important for good results. 4th. SCROLL DOWN ONE LINE AT THE TIME DON`T READ AHEAD otherwise YOU WILL RUIN THE FUN . READY? GO!!! On a blank sheet of paper, WRITE down the NUMBERS 1 through 11 in a COLUMN on the LEFT. BESIDE the NUMBERS 1 & 2 , WRITE DOWN ANY 2 NUMBERS YOU WANT. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE NUMBER? BESIDE the NUMBERS 3 & 7 , WRITE DOWN TWO NAMES OF THE OPPOSITE SEX. CAUTION: DO NOT LOOK TOO FAR AHEAD or IT WILL NOT TURN OUT RIGHT WRITE ANYONES NAME (like FRIENDS or FAMILY, of any gender.) next to the numbers: 4, 5, & 6 WRITE down FOUR SONG TITLES in 8, 9, 10, & 11 Finally, MAKE A WISH ARE YOU READY? HERE IS THE KEY TO THE GAME THE NUMBER of PEOPLE YOU MUST TELL ABOUT THIS GAME is found in SPACE 2 (you can send this to them, mention it, in person, on the phone etc) THE PERSON IN SPACE 3 IS THE ONE YOU LOVE THE PERSON YOU LIKE but your relationship CANNOT WORK is in SPACE 7 (remember-it might not be the dating kind of relationship, maybe it's the friend kind) YOU CARE MOST about the PERSON you put in SPACE 4 THE PERSON YOU NAME IN NUMBER 5 IS THE ONE WHO KNOWS YOU VERY WELL. THE PERSON YOU NAMED IN 6 IS YOUR LUCKY STAR THE SONG IN 8 IS THE SONG THAT MATCHES WITH THE PERSON IN NUMBER 3 THE SONG IN 9 IS THE SONG FOR THE PERSON IN 7 THE 10TH SPACE IS THE SONG THAT TELLS YOU MOST ABOUT YOU and how YOU sometimes feel about yourself. AND 11 IS THE SONG TELLING HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT LIFE NUMBER 1 IS YOUR LUCKY NUMBER If you didn't cheat, and went with your first instincts, your wish will COME TRUE. SHARE YOUR RESULTS IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO! Not required of course! ~RHEA~
  4. Great work everyone! I saw Oprah on this morning too! Positivity is really helpful. sometimes it is hard to stay positive but I think it really helps with getting that consistency too. I am starting a food log. I have a coach that is helping me with both my diet and exercise. I really need the support and accountability!
  5. I'm here! My biggest struggle is consistency! I am trying to eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of sleep, but its so easy to slip back into bad habits! I definitely need this!
  6. Hedwig, from Harry Potter! Firstly, I love owls. Secondly, I love HP. I have always wanted to have an owl as a pet but that isn't a reality irl so I have to live vicariously through HP. I also love that Hedwig was a gift from Hagrid. That makes her even more special. She is devoted to Harry and even a comfort to him when he is upset or lonely. https://tenor.com/view/hedwig-harry-potter-daniel-radcliffe-owl-night-gif-13986816
  7. I wish I liked pecan pie. It always looks yummy and smells so good, but it tastes terrible for me. I stick with pumpkin!
  8. Good for you @Calindra ! And YES! Individualized programs are important. I really wanted someone that I could count on to keep me accountable as I really don't have anyone in my life that is reliable that way. Plus my coach, Sandi, is an amazing person all around. This is the program I signed up for and I got a great discount! Body and Mind Transformation
  9. I know you to be caring of everyone and concerned for those who go missing!
  10. Mentor: Nynaeve (If memory serves me!) Mentees: Sorhcha and Hallia
  11. Pumpkin swirl cheesecake! Yes, I make it and it is divine!
  12. Happy Birthday squishies to a fellow scorpio!
  13. How exciting!!! I wish I could see the video clips, but they aren't working for me! When is the recital?
  14. I am still here! I just started a new job and I'm living in two places, going between them each week. Its been insane! I am getting wifi in my other place next week so I will finally be able to use my laptop when I am there during the week! YAY! I started a new program 5 weeks ago too. Its called ClassyFit and I have already lost 26.5 pounds! My clothes are fitting so much better and I have a lot more energy! So far all my coach has had me change is my meal planning and its been great! Once I get down to a healthier BMI she is going to start adding in exercise. She also checks in with me every day. I send her my meal tracking at the end of every day and she only has had me weigh in a couple of times. She doesn't want me focusing on that, rather my focus is on eating healthy meals and planning ahead. Plus portion control. I am never hungry anymore and I am drinking a lot more water too. I am really happy with it! I just got off the phone with her and we have a made a plan through my birthday and Thanksgiving. Since I will be going to see family for a few days she wants me to go in with a game plan. Holidays are rough!
  15. No worries I am still around! I've just been too busy to keep up with my duties here and IRL!
  16. *Lifts a cup to toast* To the new First Reasoner! May she be reasonable and logical in all things!
  17. Rhea - First Reasoner I really don't like any of the ones listed but I can't think of anyone else atm.
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