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  1. You may! He/who/_ontro__/the/____e/_ontro__/the/_n__er_e Poorly guessed: B, A
  2. He/who/_o_tro__/the/____e/_o_tro__/the/____er_e Poorly guessed: B, A Sorry! No A in this one!
  3. He/who/_o_tro__/the/____e/_o_tro__/the/____er_e Poorly guessed: B
  4. He/_ho/_o_t_o__/the/____e/_o_t_o__/the/____e__e Poorly guessed: B
  5. He/_ho/_o___o__/_he/____e/_o___o__/_he/____e__e Poorly guessed: B
  6. _e/__o/_o___o__/__e/____e/_o___o__/__e/____e__e Poorly guessed:
  7. New game! __/___/________/___/_____/________/___/________
  8. Oh crap! I just saw this! Is there a punishment for being slow?
  9. Dear Narg, I am tired of snarky coworkers. What should I do about them? Sincerely, RS
  10. Meat's Back On The Menu?
  11. Not sure about the aroma but, welcome! *stabs and jabs*
  12. @Millon Time goes by too fast, relationships take work, and I wish I had worked harder and spent more time with my brother. We always said we’d do this or that but put it off for whatever reason. I regret that.
  13. Rand found himself in the “Crossroads of Twilight: New Moon”
  14. Thank you all. He was an amazing person. He made his corner of the world better than he found it.
  15. You are all the best. There were 5 kids in our family. Four girls and 1 boy. I am the youngest. We have lost our parents, our two oldest sisters and now our brother. Its just me and my sister now. Getting older, losing people, its part of life but its not easy. @Cross When I was talking with my brother before he died he had been working on a big family genealogy project, a projects that he mostly finished. His son is working on it now, but he never got to go to Ireland to see where our family came from. I promised him I would go and would help my nephew finish the project. Sounds a lot like what you did too. My love, my grief, to pour into something new in the name of my brother, it is healing.
  16. Grief has its grips on me again. You see, my brother passed away a few weeks ago. I have not felt like talking about it until now. Until I saw this post and was reading through. Cross, you got me! I have never heard that phrase before. But now I know what I am feeling, and it isn't grief, it is love that has no where to go. Love for my brother. He was there for me when I was little. He was my protector. My big brother. Then we grew up and he was still there, just not every day like when we were young, but still there. No matter how much time passed, he was there. Now, as the days, and weeks are passing, he isn't there. I don't know what to do with this love for him.
  17. What do you get when you cross a snowman ⛄️ with a vampire? 🧛‍♀️ Frostbite. 🥶
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