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  1. It’s hit or miss. I got this notification! This one I find incredibly frustrating!
  2. This has been a tumultuous year for women. There's been incredible highlights and pretty deep lows. From #metoo and the multiple women's marches all over the world to the fight for basic healthcare. Do you have a personal highlight from this year? Do you think the #metoo movement or the Time's Up movement by Hollywood stars was effective and will produce change?
  3. IWW - Small Steps to Progress

    I haven't done anything major but I try in little ways! I have a degree in science and although I don't work in the field I talk about it when jobs come up when talking to a younger girl and let them know that science is an option for them. In my work I'm taking on more of a management role and while I'm nice, I don't make any apologies for being bossy I try to never put down another woman for her choices in life. Working 70 hr weeks to get as much money as possible? Good for her, not for me! Stay at home mum? Got for her, not for me! I talk pretty openly to anyone who asks about being on the fence about having kids and hopefully making it more emphatically known that not having kids is also an option. To anyone that asks I'm quite open about the fact in my relationship with my boyfriend, he's the romantic one and the emotional one. When we get our own flat I know he's the one that's going to have been mentally planning his decor for years and I'm just going to go with the flow. Just really letting people see that you don't always have to follow traditional male/female patterns in the relationship if that's not what works best for you. So really not much - but for me, it's about letting people know and understand the wealth of options available to them and being accepting of their decision.
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's a wrap folks, thanks for another awesome chocolate week everyone. Thanks so much for participating!
  5. For @BFG cos love Cass
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  15. To our wonderful aspies from someone who is watching you at ALL TIMES... (don't forget your chores ;) )