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  1. A Green Aes Sedai called PoetStorm was my mentor. If this helps with the history lesson haha.
  2. One of my favourite memories is when I was 5 I wanted to dress up as catwoman. I was determined catwoman could not have blonde hair like me, she had to be a burnette. So my mum got one of those wash in and wash out hairdyes. Come to Halloween we had a party at school and your parent had to come pick you up. And I remember shouting and waving to get her attention, and it was like she could hear me but her eyes just kept passing over me and it was weird. Afterwards she had to admit she forgot that I wasn't blonde so she didn't recognise me haha.
  3. It is hard but I'm trying to do what I can. There is a note in our building which you can leave details if anyone needs help if they are in self isolation - which we left our details. Making sure to check in with friends and family most days to make sure people don't feel socially isolated - just physically isolated. There has been a few small business in our neighbourhood that have had to close due to restrictions. They are offering gift cards for when they open again so they can still have some income during this time. Although our income has been affect
  4. Completely agree! I just can't wait til everywhere is up to full strength and we can put on some really cool stuff 😂
  5. The Warders used to run a big game show event? Was it even medieval themed, I wanna say Knightmare? And there was loads games like boggle and "guess who's purse/handbag it is" from willing Tower participants and there was trivia games and pictionary and a bunch I'm forgetting. It's a too big of event to run now but I'd love to see it revived in the future if/when we get busier because of the tv show. I can defo help if you need it. This seems like such an important topic Lii!
  6. That's correct! I was born in Britain and although I've visited a bunch of places in Europe, technically the same continent, although I have been off my island haha. The poster below will be an awesome cook.
  7. Oh yes, one and all, it is that time of year again. Prepare to have your (brain's)tastebuds tickled, your puzzling brains awarded points, your heart warmed and to be hungrier than you've ever been. The Browns would love to officially invite you to the years Chocolate Week over on the Brown board. The threads this year are Discussion on Food, Glorious Food Wheel of Fortune Recommendations Chocolate Delivery Service Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  8. Very nice Elgee! They do a similar thing here except with fancy buildings and what not. It's called Open Door week and buildings that would normally be closed to the public are open for tours etc. I always mean to remember it and every year I forget ? But I'm glad you and your sisters are taking advantage of it!
  9. Oh Via they're so good! And they fall more towards mistborn era 2/warbreaker sense of humour than the slightly more traditional fantasy of mistborn era 1/stormlight archive- so I know you'll enjoy them! I super enjoyed skyward actually. And the Reckoners trilogy starting with steelheart is good fun too!
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