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  1. That's great Melisa, I especially liked your answer to question number 4. I'm going to paste section 2, along with some wise words of wisdom from our Sword Captain about this part of the class. Part Two: The Subgroups So what we normally recommend is that you start a post in your class thread and go back and edit it over time, and that the format is as follows: [Ajah/Guild] --[Who is in charge] --[general focus if there is one] --[link to relevant post #1] --[link to relevant post #2] Rinse and repeat for at least five of the eight Ajahs and Warders Guild. * We also ask that for the Guild, you go into the focus of each Discipline. The who, spam, and posts can be for the Guild as a whole. * This part should take the longest as it is the most "work heavy". Therefore if they want to do it in parts or whatever that's fine -as long as all the information is there. However, we want to stress that this section is the most important, as well. The intention is for you to learn about each Ajah, not just quickly jump in, say Hello, and bow out. In the past, some new members had decided which group they wished to join, and so they raced through the others as a mere formality. This is especially true for those that think the Ajah here at DragonMount is identical in scope and role as the Ajah described in the books. That is not the case, and we want to make sure you understand that, too. Otherwise, you might become frustrated that the group isn't to your liking after all, which only causes disappointment and disruption. ~ end of quote. I would also like to add that I know we are particularity quiet here at the moment but try and pick the ajahs/warders and disciplines that you see the most activity in. Also - take your time, this is the chunky part of the course! Good luck and feel free to ask any questions or discussions here or by PM if you need!
  2. Oooh that sounds frustrating. I've not been sleeping as well either cause I'm lazier in the house but not as bad as that!
  3. I'm actually using duolingo! It is a super easy app to use if I can only make myself stick at it more than a couple of months. Lots of basic italian is actually coming back to me which is nice, I'm just struggling with the sentence structure and gendering of things currently but I'll get into the flow of it eventually lol! Sorry to hear about your trip - fingers crossed it doesn't need to be cancelled. Cool! Why those languages?
  4. Oh so a long time WoT fan! Glad to have you here, aspies are a lovely breath of fresh air! Are you looking forward to switching to English teaching next year? When you get a chance here is the first part of the class Part One: The White Tower 1)What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do? 2)What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you? 3)What in the heck does PG13 mean? 4)What is Thread-Hijacking and Spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that?
  5. I hope it's just stress that will go away when you're settled in your new house. Sorry you're having a hard time. Sending love your way
  6. Hey, let's celebrate our new Brown Mentee, Melisa Come in, introduce yourselves and more importantly, enjoy some chocolate
  7. Hello Melisa! Welcome to your own personal White Tower/Dragonmount Class. The class is done in 3 parts but first we do the introduction! I'm Blank, I've been on DM for about...7/8 years I think? I've had a variety of jobs in the White Tower but currently I am the Head of the Brown Ajah. In the real world, I have recently entered my 30's, I work in the hospitality industry but have a background in both science and retail. I enjoy lots of inside activities like netflix, games, the internet, cooking but my biggest hobby (almost a Brown cliche) is reading! I would love to hear more about you and then we will get into the class lickedy split!
  8. It is hard but I'm trying to do what I can. There is a note in our building which you can leave details if anyone needs help if they are in self isolation - which we left our details. Making sure to check in with friends and family most days to make sure people don't feel socially isolated - just physically isolated. There has been a few small business in our neighbourhood that have had to close due to restrictions. They are offering gift cards for when they open again so they can still have some income during this time. Although our income has been affected, it's not as bad as other people so I've bought a couple of these to support our local businesses. If anyone has any other ideas, i'm definitely open to them!
  9. So, it's been a terrible time of it recently. I think probably every one we know has been affected and it's big and twisty to deal with. But I still want to rant about the silly things! I tried to dye my hair pastel pink. Despite being a light blonde - my hair just didn't accept the dye? 😂 So I'm still a blonde and not a pastel goddess. Please share your little inconveniences and we can commiserate and ignore the bigger problem for a bit 😂😂😂
  10. I've been reading The Demon Cycle by Peter V Brett and I loooved it. It's nice to know that there's still excellent fantasy series still out there for me to discover!
  11. Cooking! I am not a very good or experienced cook but in normal times, I just make the fastest meals - but recently I've been putting in more of an effort and it's been cheering me up as the food is nice and it feels like I'm achieving things. Trying to learn Italian for like, the 4th time.
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