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  1. Oh Via they're so good! And they fall more towards mistborn era 2/warbreaker sense of humour than the slightly more traditional fantasy of mistborn era 1/stormlight archive- so I know you'll enjoy them! I super enjoyed skyward actually. And the Reckoners trilogy starting with steelheart is good fun too!
  2. Absolutely not. There is this place near us that is a pancake house and you can have as many of the 60 toppings on it. Last time I got bananas, caramel, chocolate and mascarpone cheese. It was crazy good.
  3. All I've got to read is the White Sands graphic novels I think. Graphic novels are not a good medium for me personally but I think Sanderson is planning on writing the books at some point?
  4. I have to say, agree to disagree here guys, I definitely prefer the more traditional fantasy type books Sanderson does over the more humourous ones. That being said, I still love the other ones, I am actually currently rereading Alloy of Law and having an absolute blast! Really? I'm trying to keep away from Stormlight 4 spoilers. I know the flashback sequence protagonist/s and I keep up to date with the writing speed but other than that I want to know as little as possible to get the full effect!
  5. I found the first Mistborn book in a charity shop back in 2009 I think? Just picked it up by complete chance!
  6. I love that tradition! I really love going out to eat in general. It's my partner's birthday this weekend so we have lots of nice food related plans haha.
  7. I love a to do list. Whenever I have a lot to do I always place stuff on it that I've already done so it reads more like a list of all the stuff I did that day rather than a helpful tool haha. Things have been a little better for me this week! I was not deliberately being evasive on what's going on, I just don't want to jinx myself! If everything all goes to plan, then me and partner will have bought our own flat! So far so good...
  8. Having a bit of book slump at the moment, but decided to bust out an easy read to help kick start me again! Currently reading and loving Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson.
  9. I can't believe how big he's getting! And he has such good taste haha
  10. Me too! Maybe it's just the way that my brain processes things but I find plays hard to visualise. I have a few friends who went to go see it on stage and they said the difference from reading it to watching it was phenomenal. It's very polarising in the Harry Potter fandom 😂 I enjoyed it but a lot of people said it read like fanservicey fan fiction but that didn't bother me haha
  11. At first I thought this was a digital drawing, so now I'm even more impressed that you painted it! You make very efficient use of your spare time haha
  12. Hey Brownies, I'm making Mac and Cheese for dinner tonight, plenty of chilli flakes and paprika. Really looking forward to it. What are you all having for dinner?
  13. I know a lot of people weren't a big fan of the ending as it was a little too much "tied up with a bow" but I agree with you, I thought it was very nice!
  14. Well I've had the absolute privilege of having read the book so I know that the forest was a good place for the party 😂
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