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  1. blank

    I sentence you to Checkmate

    I think this is nice. Teaches people a new skill and also gives people more confidence in themselves.
  2. blank

    Supercon - The Dresden Files

    Oh I do love Karrin. And Michael. Maybe Michael is my favourite. He's just so good. Question 3. Dresden files deals with a lot of wizards, werewolves and vampires etc. Certain books revolve around certain groups. Do you have a favourite? In this book series mine is the Fae. I really love what Jim Butcher did with the whole Court systems. In most books I'm usually a staunch werewolf fan so this surprised me!
  3. blank

    SuperCon: Cosmere Character Discussion

    I was coming here to type this, I love Adolin! He gets such a bad rap when actually he is a very nice guy. He's my second favourite. I'm a big Dalinar fan. I think he's awesome. Also side note, I always pronounced Jasnah with a hard "J" sound but apparently its more "Y" sounding. Like Yasnah.
  4. blank

    Supercon - The Dresden Files

    I totally get you! I’m a big fan of urban fantasy though. But I would say it’s different from the usual fare but I’m not sure if it will be different *enough* for you hahha Question 2 Do you have a favourite character? Mine is Thomas. Cant resist a tortured soul.
  5. blank

    Supercon - The Dresden Files

    I'm going to try and pop in with a question about once a day but feel free to get the discussion going and ask your own! Question 1 What made you pick up the Dresden Files? Or If you've not read it...what's stopping you?
  6. blank

    Supercon - The Dresden Files

    The Brown Ajah invites you to take part and geek out in our first ever SUPERCON This year we will be hosting a Dresden Files discussion! For those who don't know the Dresden files is an urban fantasy series written by Jim Butcher and without giving too much away has wizards and vampires and wolves oh my! Well, werewolves to be more precise. It currently has 15 books with more to come. Spoiler Policy. General stuff is ok. Example, "I really like the character Mary Sue, she's funny and tough and I identify with that." Specific stuff is not ok. Example "I really like Mary Sue because of that time she punched the main character in the face because it was revealed he was her long-lost husband who died in the war." I do love spoilers so feel free to use spoilers tags. If you are very vigilant about avoiding spoilers do not follow this post by email as spoiler tags do not show up in an email. Alright, here we go!
  7. So sorry to hear about the accident Elgee. I hope he makes a speedy recovery
  8. blank

    [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    If you’re up for keeping going I think we should! It’s fun!
  9. blank

    [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    Oooh I have a line(unless vertical lines don’t count, I’m not sure on real bingo rules )! But i think Chae might have gotten there first
  10. blank

    [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    7. Cow 8. Rabbit 9. Giraffe
  11. blank

    [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    Just to double check Kaylee, are we playing for a full house or a line first?
  12. blank

    [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    1. Gopher 2. Tiger 3. Platypus
  13. blank

    [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    I’ve got three so far!
  14. blank

    [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    Oooh more difficult than I thought it would be! 1. Monkey?! 2. Polar bear 3. Elephant
  15. blank

    [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    Me too!