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  1. Hi!!! I'm currently at a wedding but I'll try and merge Monday at some point! This weird but Brown Ajah library has always been home!
  2. Valentine's day was pretty tame, to be honest, we swapped presents at the weekend because I'm like an actual child with gifts and can't wait to give and receive them haha. Your meeting sounds fun, is that something that you go to regularly?
  3. To @haycraftd Really appreciate you helping out with chocolate week and being willing to jump straight in with both feet! The warders are lucky to have your type of chatty enthusiasm to swell their ranks
  4. For @Lethira Thanks so much for helping out with chocolate week, I've loved getting to know you a bit more. I especially loved your over the top intro post, a woman after my own heart haha
  5. For @Cross Thank you so much for your wisdom and enthusiasm and creativity - and most of all, thanks for sharing it with me
  6. For @The Bard Babe I'm always so happy to see you in the Brown again
  7. For @Mrs. Cindy Gill I'm so happy you're here
  8. For Blank thanks for the chats and fantastic feedback. you’re appreciated, cross Thanks so much lovely
  9. To @Mrs. Cindy Gill and @Basel Gill have a wonderfully cozy and quiet night in, cross
  10. aw yes that one was really cool! There once was a man made of chocolate,
  11. This isn't quite as impressive but it certainly fits with the WoT theme
  12. I tried to make mousse once it and went absolutely terribly. In fact, if we're being honest, I'm terrible at baking anything including chocolate haha
  13. For @Ryrin Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. You light up my day when I see a message from you! From Elgee
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