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  1. As the terrible year of 2020 draws to close a lot of people tend to get introspective. I'm not here for soul searching - I'm interested in your favourite book of the year and the one that disappointed you the most. My favourite book of the year was The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, it is the sequel the The Handmaid's Tale. It was the very first book I read this year and I genuinely thought it was wonderfully done. My biggest disappointment of the year is another sequel. It is the book Postscript by Cecelia Ahern. The first book PS I Love You was incredibly moving abo
  2. Where - Will be in Brown Ajah I think but I'll advertise it on the front page. When - It's in February close to Valentine's day. Who - The Browns in general and specifically me a lot of the time because I love events. Why - Brownies. Also Any questions haha?
  3. For the first time in about a decade I'm not going to make my reading goal. I'm sitting at 65/75 books and I'm not in any hurry to spend the rest of the year feverishly reading to try and make it. I won't be a lot off but I still won't make it. 75 books has been my goal for at least the past 5 years, but maybe I need to adjust it for next year!
  4. I am very intimidated by Dickens and very much put off by his archaic style. However my friend bought me a nice copy last year that I've not touched. Maybe I'll have a look - thanks Piper!
  5. Hello - yes sorry I'm late. Also you 100% do not have to ask me permission, I dunno where we got this rumour but I am very chill. Browns are very chill. SUPER CHILL. Jokes, but we are not over formal here, so please relax and get comfy.
  6. Oh this is so lovely! And Blue is a great match for you - congratulations!!
  7. Blank Aes Sedai, Head Brownie. Pigs in blankets and fancy cheese.
  8. A Green Aes Sedai called PoetStorm was my mentor. If this helps with the history lesson haha.
  9. That's super cool! I'm not a writer per say but sometimes I enjoy an odd writing challenge!
  10. Yiisss, I love it when people agree with me haha Oh yeah, I've seen a few of those competitions where people try and compete to tell the saddest/scariest story in lowest amount of words and that Hemingway quote is always there!
  11. Sad to hear this but alas, I understand what it's like when you no longer have the time for staff positions. Thanks for your work JB and so happy to hear you'll still be around.
  12. Well on a personal level I tend to stay away from short form stories because of my own personal preference. I feel like short stories are all about the plot, about making a specific point (in comparison to themes in longer form literature.) I feel that this is to the detriment of other parts of the story that I personally enjoy more. I cannot get enough of characteristion and character arcs and relationships. I feel like this can only truly be explored in longer fiction.
  13. That's great to hear Jea! Congrats on finishing grad school, that's awesome.
  14. Me, I'm super science, specifically biology - as that's where my degree is! Genetics specifically. I also enjoy learning about history and usually a time period will capture my interest for several months. Off the top of my head is been in the past, ancient greece, ancient rome, tudor monarchs, revolutionary France, celtic myths, post WW1 Russia and the list goes on. Currently I'm not in the midst of a particular obsession but open and willing to be swept up haha. During pandemic times I got super crafty so have opened a tiny handmade jewellery business so that's been
  15. I didn't know that about you, that's super cool!
  16. Apparently popular Gladiators in ancient Rome used to be celebrities of the time. People used to think their sweat was an aphrodisiac and sometime women would mix into skin creams haha.
  17. Not even surprised, although the best one is a lantern carved out of a pineapple, they're terrfying
  18. I think for the first time in about a decade I am not going to make my reading goal this year. I have still read plenty this year but the mood of the entire year has really thrown off my reading groove. Anyone else feel similar?
  19. You are always welcome StarRisk and feel free to rummage about and learn about Browns of the past. As you know we love love our history around here. But please don't necro threads that are too old. My orderly heart could not handle it.
  20. Blank Brown Are Sedai It's my birthday month! Also Rhythm of War is out this month. Woot! Edit: how is autocorrect still ruining my life haha.
  21. Whoohoo! I'm so pleased for you lovely! Welcome to Novicehood, it's a blast
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